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Browsing that sub always gave me a headache, even before I peaked. I was particularly confused on how ""afab"" nonbinary people could be lesbians if transwomen were also 100% true and honest, oh-so-totally valid, lesbians. Wouldn't the inclusion of enbies reaffirm that lesbianism = sex based attraction, not gender? Hmmmm. Anyway. 11/16 mods there are male, which really says it all I think. They even have a handy guide on how not to be a transphobe, here's a tidbit:

Things which are not transphobic:

Not being interested in, or not dating, a specific woman who does not currently have the genitalia you prefer.

they actually think the surgical attempt at recreating female genitalia, or a neovagina, is equivalent to the real thing? shudder.

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That sub and r/Lesbians is reason why I thought there were no Lesbian community at all on Reddit. Until, well, TL was banned, and I saw that on news. I few times checked reddit for lesbian communities few years ago, and only saw either lesbian porn subreddits, or AL, which was filled discussions about dicks or some weird discussions about either non-related stuff or some gender theories, which made me very uninterested in sub very fast.

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There was post asking for tips on going down on a girl and the top comment was what to do if its a “neovagina”. Vom. 🤮 I feel bad for young lesbians having that as their only exposure.

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A lot of them really seem to push that narrative. It’s truly deceitful and harmful not just to others but themselves as well the way they hide the reality of it.

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It's really sad because they believe their own lies and then permanently damage their bodies. Neovagina disasters was such a great sub because it showed reality. For some transwomen, the dysphoria is so strong they just want to get rid of their penis and don't care. They know it's not the real thing. On the other hand there's so many young and impressionable teenagers that fall for the fantasy.

I know a lot more transguys than transwomen and none of them got SRS even after 5-10 years of transitioning. They usually date bi or queer women that are okay with what they have. I guess it's ancedotal but it seems transmen are way more connected to reality. Gaybros calls out transmen all the time and they didn't get banned.

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Yeah, it's true. Very sad for the kids that fall for this and scary as hell that there are parents pushing it on their children, some starting as young as 3 years old!

with regard to the "neovaginas"... I was wondering why, if it's strictly a dysphoria issue, they wouldn't just remove the penis (and create a hole for the urethra)? The pseudo vaginal cavity that is created during SRS is nothing like an actual vagina. Wouldn't having an obvious 'fake' just create even more dysphoria?

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It does and that's why there's so many stories trans then detrans then trans again and then sometimes detrans again. The only real solution is acceptance. Denial also works sometimes but it will eventually catch up.

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Was on there today and the usual top post about trans being valid and loads of comments like: "Oh i needed to be told this today" "Oh i wasnt gonna post this as im not sure if i'd be welcomed TEEHEE" "As a lesbian, trans are totally valid, probably more valid than lesbians"

Even when i first joined reddit 3 years ago i knew something was seriously off about that sub.

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Lots of them are very unwell and likely to be causing themselves harm even being there. People who are not lesbians will never be more “lesbian” than a lesbian. I hope the young ones don’t get pressured into things. Validating “trans lesbians” and then never dating them is actually mean, at least we are up front about not wanting to date them. They probably get this idea that it’s possible to find a lesbian to be with when it’s really not. That is kind of sad, in a way

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Of course... I was driven off that sub by all their "girldick" although I originally used the sub to find TV shows to watch. It's such a shame r/truelesbians was banned for no reason at all and without any warning too.

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Holy shit, over 50%!
I didn't realise it was that bad.

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I don't think that tool exactly shows what percentage of the users are subscribed to the other subs, as the site says:

The scores listed are "probability multipliers", so a score of 2 means that users of the inputted subreddit are twice as likely to post and comment on that score=2 subreddit.

I'm terrible with numbers but I believe that means that the users posting in r AL are 50x more likely to also be posting in MtF than the average user. Which seems... Pretty fucking bad still.

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That makes it even worse lol

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So sadly true. No real lesbians left on Reddit unless they are stealth.

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Reading one of their daily transwomen are valid threads is like watching the Twilight zone. They're all shouting the same regurgitated ideas over and over and all their flairs say theyre trans. All the women on the sub stay quiet because they don't want to get banned. Once in a while there's a bi girl saying she's dating a transwoman and considers herself a lesbian. Take that turfs!!!1!!

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why are there even lesbians on these subs full of mentally ill creepy male fetishists? Are they that masochistic? Why would they want to be part of this shit? So many women are such people-pleasers it's mind-boggling

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I think it's just that. They don't want to hurt other people's feelings or don't want to be seen as mean. I noticed the type of people on our sub is mainly butches who were given shit their whole lives for being butch or femmes who date other femmes. They got shit for looking straight and getting hit on by dumb men invalidating their sexuality. A lot of us were also abused or had some kind of trauma in our lives. This made us stronger so now we won't let anyone bully us.

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There's so many creepy threads by men fetishising lesbian relationships. They post their fantasies on there nearly every day and it's just disturbing. 95% of the time you can tell it's a man - you just check their post history and it becomes obvious.

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Lmao the actual actuallesbians are all here now. Well, most of them. I know some IRL who are on r/actuallesbians and who have drunk the Kool Aid.

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I checked out AL for the first time and yikes. I mostly saw cringe anime memes with extremely young looking girls, endless circlejerks over how trans is valid, served a alongside a strong paranoia about terfs (two minutes hate).

It seriously feels like 1984 over there. You can’t even state the obvious that lesbians like pussy. Not sure why any self respecting individual would participate in that community.

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The way they expect lesbians to put transwomen on a pedestal is sickening. It feels more like a sex cult that a community for lesbians. Besides, I don't see how a males with dysphoria can feel so comfortable talking about their dick over the internet so much.

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transpassing? more like trespassing am i right?