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It's thought provoking, even if the question is quite rhetorical. It is so blindingly obvious why they won't cast a TIM in a leading lady role in any movie where they hope to attract the male demographic as anything other than the stereotypical man "dragged along by his girlfriend to a chic flic", but lets still take it apart and look at the pieces for shits and giggles:

Straight men, in general, are homophobic as fuck once you even hint at them, personally, having any sexual or romantic interest whatsoever in someone who is in any way, shape or form coded male.

No amounts of chanting "trans women are women", makeup, or "gender affirming surgery" is going to convince the vast majority of straight men that a relationship between them and a TIM, no matter how "passing" they are, is heterosexual and that having such a relationship isn't homosexual (likely phrased as "isn't gay"). And he knows that it most assuredly won't convince his straight male friends that it isn't.

If passing well enough, a TIM may fool such a man, and his friends, that he's really a woman and have them go along as if he were, but that's different. Once the subterfuge is revealed, and it'd be hard to keep up the pretense for any extended period of time even with fairly oblivious and dense guys, the relationship will definitely be over, no matter how "well" things had been going thus far.

Once revealed, I also suspect that the TIM would find himself in significant danger of physical harm and even death, both from the victim of her ruse, as well as from his friends, as to many men such a situation would deeply wound their self-image and "masculinity", and many would feel a need to demonstrate to their peers how hard they reject the implications/accusations of homosexuality that the situation would raise, at least in their own mind.

Same thing with having a TIM leading lady - none of these men would want to identify with the "hero" if he's having a relationship with another man, nor fantasize about being in such a relationship themselves, no matter how dolled up that man is to look like a woman. So there, already, you've lost much of the draw of this type of movie.

It goes further, however, and for a large number of them, just being "caught" watching a movie where such a relationship is prominent is bad enough. Why would you want to see such a movie, if a relationship like that is not something you personally would be interested in? What would other men think about him if a supposedly straight male went and watched the movie? How could he not be at least somewhat interested in same-sex relationships, how could he not have at least some homosexual attraction?

Not only will this kill interest in seeing the movie among this group - which is also the main audience for that genre of movie - but while a man might go along with being "dragged" into watching a "chick flic", this is a movie he'd very actively resist going to see under any circumstances. So even in the much smaller demographic of women interested in watching this genre of movie, many won't end up watching it since many of their spouses, boyfriends and even straight male friends, will resist joining them to watch it and instead diverting them to other, "safer", movies to jointly watch.

So, in the end, it's pretty damn obvious that casting a TIM as leading lady in such a movie would be economic suicide for the studio, and any money spent on it may as well have been put in a pile, doused with gasoline, and set on fire.

I think even the dumbest of TRA realizes that trying this route, or any other route that pit them head-to-head against straight men, will not only fail miserably, but also backfire on them in a huge way. If you look a bit closer at trans activism, it quickly becomes very clear that not only aren't they targeting straight males, they're actively excluding and avoiding anything that might make this group take notice and start seeing this as an issue impacting them and their lives.

The most vocal advocates are TIMs, and they are naturally focused mostly on female spaces, female rights, female protections, etc. I doubt many straight men really think this through, but every new TIM created, is one less man competing for straight women. They either go for other men, or for lesbians, and even the ones going for other men don't tend to bug regular straight men very much, but rather men that are already on the fringes.

Really, the only threat to straight men from TIMs is in potentially triggering their homophobia. Which, again, is a good reason not to try to slip any TIMs in as James Bond's love interest in the latest movie.

And as for women? Who cares about women and their problems? TIMs don't, few straight or homosexual men really do, and there's even a large chunk of women (including most libfems) who care less about other women than they do about what men think about them. Hell, even a fair number of lesbian women seem willing to go along with the insanity rather than speak up and admit that a man, with or without a penis, just cannot be a woman and certainly not a lesbian.

TERF WAR: Dictionary.com Enters the Chat by puffball in GenderCritical

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Fascinating to see who are willing throw in with the TRAs and in the process completely destroying whatever credibility they may previously have had as a reliable impartial reference source.

Can't take it anymore. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Oh yeah! Did you see the transmaxxing document I linked in another post? It's basically a manual for incels and similar on why and how to go trans to improve their chances with women.

Attitudes and even vocabulary of TRAs/TIMs and incels also have substantial overlap, and I guess I don't need to tell you that it's not normal men who decide to go trans in the overwhelming number of cases.

There are those who, because of psychological trauma or mental disease end up dysphoric. Not normal, but not necessarily "wrong" in any way.

You have a large number of autogynophiliacs for whom the trans thing is pretty exclusively about their fetishes and sexual frustrations. Not normal by any standard.

And finally, you appear also to have the "strategic" incels/nice guys/criminals who have decided that no woman they would deign to date will have them, and who try to get around this, as well as benefiting from the oppression olympics by turning themselves into women. Not normal, and often downright dangerous. I'd bet the majority of trans rapists come from this catergory.

Top 7 reasons JKR is transphobic (via twitter) by puffball in GenderCritical

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#4 will surprise you!

Words for "lesbians with the temerity not to be attracted to transwomen" by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I would just like to, once, hear a rational explanation for how me turning a "trans woman" down, even if it is for being trans, causes a "trans woman" to be assaulted and beat, or killed for that matter.

While I will admit to there being a fair number of them who I now actually would like to see dead, or at the very least beat up, that is not a result of me turning them down, but rather of what they did to me after I turned them down.

So unless you are claiming that it is a physical impossibility, which I'll definitely be willing to accept as a postulate based on experience, for a "trans woman" to hear a rejection without turning aggressive and violent, I'm not sure I see a clear causal link between me rejecting a "trans woman" and me wishing them hurt or dead, either.

Nor do I see how me not being interested in dating them would make me want to exclude "trans women" from places they have a right to be, but I suspect that my definition of which places they actually have a right to be is quite different from the "trans women"...

What narcissistic crybullies the "trans women" are.

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Are men in general just reaching an all time high of being really chitty?

I honestly don't think so, but shitty men are reaching all time high levels of being really shitty.

In part, I believe we now mostly see and hear from the shitty men, because "we" have inadvertently silenced many of the non-shitty men. They've been reflexively smacked on the nose so many times for "speaking out of turn", especially by libfems, even when perhaps they had a valid point, that now they've largely stopped speaking out at all unless it's very obviously about something directly affecting them. (Then again, most women have also been silenced, e.g., when trying to speak up about the whole trans mess, and most are just hunkering down.)

Since cis men aren't getting much of the grief from TRAs, unlike women in general, and us lesbians especially, I guess they figure that since they often have been told to sit down and listen when women talk about their problems, and often rightfully so, they're now figuring that they'll stay out and do just that.

Can't take it anymore. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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As if that would make them look more like an actual woman? It's as if they genuinely believe that nobody can see their male bodies with their male skeletal structure and male kinetics, only their surgically modified male heads and jaws.

Like, sure, with makeup and filters and stuff, you might be able to fool someone in a still picture. Maybe. But once we can see you move, it's not even necessary to be close enough to make out facial details to peg you as a man in drag.

Can't take it anymore. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Isn't it fascinating how these trans women, who allegedly are women, so consistently completely fail to act and behave like a woman would, but rather behave almost exactly like the worst of incels and "nice guys"?

"netflix is now owned by Abbott Laboratories, maker of Lupron aka puberty blockers so expect more of this propoganda" by [deleted] in GenderCriticalGuys

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That's just silly people being silly. Netflix isn't owned by Abbott Laboratories, and never was. The true facts are that an investment company that holds a small stake in Abbott Laboratories, also happen to own a small stake in Netflix. Using the same basis as this claim, you could just as easily make the claim that Netflix owns Abbott Laboratories. And both would be equally wrong.

The fact that I hold a small amount of stock in Apple, as well as a few stocks in Google doesn't mean that that Apple now owns Google, nor vice versa.

There is no doubt about the fact that Netflix recently started shoehorning trans people into every production they can, but please, let stick to facts and reality here. Leave denying reality and making shit up to the TRAs. OK?

This made up shit in no way helps our cause.

Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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It was an attempt to explain something that is very hard to imagine for someone not personally affected. Spoons were just a currency to help keep track, and if they'd been sitting somewhere other than a restaurant, something else would have been used to denote the currency.

The real point was only the idea of energy/willpower/ability to act being a severely limited resource that some of us need to carefully manage throughout our days, lest we find ourselves at a deficit before our day ends. And where such a deficit will usually have serious, often catastrophic, immediate consequences.

As metaphors go, it's actually a pretty good one and captures the essentials pretty well, as long as you realize that it IS a metaphor, and that the "spoons" just as well could have been pebbles, pencils or damp pieces of navel lint.

If the use of cutlery as the currency is what's confusing to you, then I don't know what to tell you other than that metaphors probably isn't something you're quite ready for yet.

Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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It bugs the hell out of me when people self-diagnose and then turn around and use their status as a weapon to silence others, to gain favorable treatment or exceptions to rules. Not just because of the dishonesty and despicable acts they try to have excused, but more so for the incredible damage it does to those who are actually diagnosed and suffering from the consequences of their actual, real, ailments.

These assholes' abuse of their appropriated status turns the very real problems and suffering of those who actually are affected by these ailments into a joke, a stereotype and significantly erodes the average person's willingness to make the allowances and provide the help that the real sufferers so desperately need. Not only that, but they also soak up many of the scarce resources intended for those with actual diagnoses.

And as a final "fuck you" to the actual victims, when these fakers eventually get caught out having faked their illnesses, the result usually is for the general population to treat everyone who claims these ailments with skepticism or even outright dismissal, again making life even worse for the actual sufferers.

If reading a list of symptoms cause you to think "Oh, that's me!", go see a freaking doctor about it, don't update your damn Facebook and Twitter status with your newfound "diagnoses". It's what you'd do if you thought you genuinely had cancer, so why are these illnesses any different?

TiM switches to "boymode" to access male privilege. Cause you know, they're just sooo much more oppressed than actual women are. I wish I could opt out of womanhood whenever some sexist douche discriminated against me! by _UngodlyFruit_ in GenderCritical

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They become so wrapped up in their identity that it becomes the single defining aspect of them as people. It is the only thing they talk about and they have to be the center of attention.

It tends to be the case with most of the TQ+ that their identity is the entirety of their personality, and that narcissism abounds, but the T really seem intent to turn that up to 11. Even before things started going off the rails completely with the Ts, my experience was that most were b o r i n g people. Try to talk to them about anything other than trans "issues" or their personal "struggles", and... there's nothing there.

The somewhat older ones who had gotten educations and jobs prior to transitioning might be able to discuss topics related to that, but in many cases, it seems that transitioning wiped out any passion or interest they may have had for it. So the net result would pretty much be the same.

Aargh, so tired of being preyed upon by the trans mafia as a bi girl by GCurious80 in LGBDropTheT

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Everyone knows bi:s are the ultimate sluts and will fuck absolutely, positively, anyone. So you turning someone down must be due to phobia, racism or similar. No other explanation possible. /s

Can't say I'm surprised, what you're experiencing is the kind of manipulation, shaming and general assholery we've all come to expect from incels turned transbians. They were, after all, told that if only they went transbian, women would stop shunning them for their piss poor personalities (and hygiene), and start falling all over themselves to get with them.

So you refusing to follow the script, and especially since you're bi and thus can't even use their shriveled up penis as an excuse to turn them down, drives them positively crazy.

Hence, the narcissistic rage comes out in all it's impotent glory. Oh, and anyone pulling something like this is most certainly not a friend of yours, however much they may previously have pretended to be. It's the same old Nice Guy SOP, except with a dress on.

Kick 'em to the curb and don't look back.

Straight men won't sleep with me!! When a straight guy says he is not into me, nor other trans women, I feel butthurt–emotionally and, unfortunately, not physically. by joeytundra in GenderCritical

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I can tell, even in the face of their horrendous writing, that they're really, really trying not to be overtly rapey. To avoid spelling out what their true feelings are - that these men should be required to be attracted to them. Unfortunately, it seeps through the cracks all over the place, including their professions to the contrary, that they are really bitter about not being able to coerce sexual intimacy and attraction from their "crushes".

All that, layered on top of what is just staggering amounts of entitlement and narcissism. Topped off by the hallmarks of all the worst of male socialization and resulting thinking.

And yet, in this day and age, I suppose I ought to be thankful that they are at least TRYING, no matter how badly they fail.

Worth taking a peek at, if you were wondering why "trans women" seem to hate women so much. by puffball in GenderCritical

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I got it off /r/transmaxxing on Reddit, where it was posted by one of the moderators.

Making sure we keep transphobia out by ThiccDropkick in LGBDropTheT

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Whatever your personal experiences have been, the fact that so many of these supposedly "good" trans people refuse to speak up when the "bad" ones speak in their name, and continue to provide cover and comfort for the ones responsible for attacks on anyone who won't submit 100% to their ideology, means I really can't tell the supposedly "good" from the "bad".

Anyone of them who watched, e.g., what was done against J.K on twitter and elsewhere, and did nothing to speak up against what was said and done in their name, are almost as bad as the ones attacking her.

All of those who are celebrating the ban of r/lgbdropthet are objectively homophobic; they are celebrating the erasure of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, along with their culture. Imagine turning on the people who made your fucking community. You weren't asked to force yourselves into our group. by Smolders1 in LGBDropTheT

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The TQ+ community honestly makes me wish I was just straight, they are a fucking hassle to deal with and they don't deserve to have their mental illness validated, nor should they be congratulated for disempowering LGB culture.

Being straight would, at best, only have given you a short respite. These people are NEVER satisfied, nothing will placate them, nothing is ever enough. Personally, my biggest fear is that when the backlash finally comes, because they have subverted many LGBTQ+ communities, it won't actually be the TQ+ that gets targeted. They are, after all a small minority, even in the LGBTQ+.

No, it will be the LGB that get hit with the brunt of the ire caused by the TQ+, and you can bet the TQ+ won't hesitate to try to use the LGB as their meatshield.

Worse still, unless more of the LGB wake up, start speaking up against the TQ+ insanity, take steps to clearly and publicly distancing from the TQ+ demands and agenda, and basically stop providing cover for them, it won't be entirely undeserved.

We were banned on Reddit on July 10th, shortly after 11:30am by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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Oh. Yeah, I see what you mean, now.

You certainly don't seem like one of them, but there are so many straight women (and men) who seem to think little of what's going on with TRAs and (mainly) lesbians affects them, basically going "not my circus, not my monkeys". They try to "stay neutral" or "not get involved", not realizing that not only ARE they affected, but what they're seeing now with LGB is just the short preview of what is coming for them, in all its full-length glory, later on.

We were banned on Reddit on July 10th, shortly after 11:30am by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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Even though I have no dog in this fight, the fact that same sex attraction has become viewed as some sinful and bigoted thing in many LGBT circles breaks my heart.

No dog in this fight? They are already going after heterosexual women six ways from Sunday. Sure, you probably won't be subjected to their homophobia and conversion therapy, but all things considered, and especially as a woman, you have as much to lose as the LGB from the TRA agenda.

We were banned on Reddit on July 10th, shortly after 11:30am by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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and set the gay rights movement back centuries at this rate!

No, unfortunately not. While there have always been a minority who have seen LGB as the enemy, the vast majority of people never cared much either way. They'd parrot the party line, and if they'd been fed a lot of it, maybe they were a bit uncomfortable when aware of being in the company of LGB people. The real hate and vitriol, however, was limited.

This is why the broad reversal of public acceptance was possible. For the majority, people being LGB just wasn't something that affected their day-to-day life, and their aversion, if any, was in the abstract and mostly fueled by rhetoric based on "facts" that could not hold up even to a casual examination.

What the TRAs are doing now, however, affects the general public in many direct ways in both direct and indirect ways, with the bulk of the negatives not being immediately obvious, which is why we haven't seen more of a backlash yet. And they are doing all of this under the LGBTQ+ banner, which means that when the backlash comes, it will not target the TQ+ specifically.

Instead it will refer to the evils brought on the public by the "homosexual agenda" etc, since the old LGB-hating minority will most likely be the ones ready and able to lead the counterattack under the battlecry of "we told you so!".

Unlike the previous times they've lead the charge, this time much more of the general public will have a personal stake in the outcome, their own grudges to settle and feel that they previously tried "live and let live", and tried giving an inch, only to have LGBTQ+ advocating violence against them and coming for the whole arm.

Unless the LGB and its allies can successfully divorce themselves from the TQ+ in the minds of the general public, by separating from the TQ+ organizationally, publicly calling out and opposing the TQ+ insanity, and show how the LGB is at least as much of a victim of the TQ+ agenda as the general public, I fear that we will the ones who end up taking the brunt of the backlash, once it inevitably comes.