What would happen if we sent people to Mars, it's a huge success, and then the Martians develop into a separate species? by Alduin in AskSaidIt

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Take a look at the Martian 1 image returned by the NASA Curiosity Mars Rover on Sol 127, December 14, 2012, that the Martian bears a strong resemblance to Ernie one half of the Sesame Street Bert and Ernie brotherhood, is evidence manned missions had been to Mars by the time their characters appeared, which predated the NASA Rovers by decades. Life on Mars Update.

Iran rejects anti-Semitism allegation by Pence - Iran on Saturday rejected accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against it by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, saying it respected Judaism but opposed Israel, which Tehran said was acting like a “killing machine against the Palestinians”. by magnora7 in WorldNews

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AntiSemitism nuthin' ..

The Holocaust was an inside job Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews.

Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere is guilty of treason and shall suffer death. 18 USC Ch. 115, §2381.

Since Jews attacked the US on 911 AntiSemitism is a patriotic duty and a moral responsibility, thus true patriots insist the Jews who perpetrated the attacks be charged and brought to trial under the above statute, where after a jury conviction they suffer lawful execution.

With every member of the political, law enforcement and news dissemination hierarchies that spurn the evidence, and will have it the attacks were by mad Arabs with boxcutters .. that means VP Mike Pence as well.

Iranian AntiSemitism is False Flag hoax controlled opposition AntiSemitism, if the Iranians wanted to take the battle up to Jews thence Israel & Zionism in any way, all they need do is mention the Holocaust was an inside job that Hitler was a Jew and that Jews did 911.

 In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.
 Cast truth at falsehood..
 The Koran, Chapter 21 verse 18.

As well the Iranians fail to "cast truth at falsehood" as per the injunction in the Koran, which identifies the whole lot as False Moslems and unbelievers.

More on the dynamic atmospheres of our gas giants by Anonfamous in science

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Go to this link and click on the image files, you will encounter all manner of proof of life and former advanced civilizations on planets Mars and Venus, some of which has been extant at least since the 1980's .. trust NASA no way.

More on the dynamic atmospheres of our gas giants by Anonfamous in science

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The Hubble Space Telescope went into orbit with an incorrectly ground primary mirror, none of the fixit missions made any improvement and the thing has been space junk since it was launched .. some say the images attributed to Hubble have been taken by the SOFIA Airborne Observatory, that would be these images of Neptune and Uranus as well.

Montage: The Other 911 Killfest, The Sister of Jared shot taken before the killing began at the Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory, Sept. 11, 1857 - Some one hundred and forty Arkansas & Missouri immigrants slaughtered under a flag of truce after Mormons decked out as Indians attacked their wagons by RoxannaHardbutt in MartinTimothy

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If the Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre of about 140 California bound wagoneers by Mormons disguised as Indians had been prosecuted to its fullest potential, there would be no Mormons today since Brigham Young and the entire Mormon hierarchy would have been hanged!

Forty two white men were hanged at Gainesville, Texas in 1862 for failing to support the Confederacy, the same year thirty eight Santee Sioux were hanged in Minnesota, after five American settlers were killed by Indians whose case rested on their assertion the settlers had fired first.

Eighty five Irish traitors were justly hanged in New Mexico in 1846, they deserted General Taylor’s command and joined Santa Anna’s forces in Mexico, the deserters then crossed back into Texas and slew eleven of their former comrades from ambush on the northern bank of the Rio Grande.

Fifty four Mormons took part in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of whom thirty two were from England, Brigham Y was up to his neck in it all as well he received livestock and property looted from the wagons .. John D Lee Mormon Bishop and adopted son of BY was the single Mormon executed by firing squad in 1877.

The Paiutes Deny Involvement .. Brevet Major Carleton, "[the scene was] too horrible and sickening for language to describe, human skeletons, disjointed bones, ghastly skulls and the hair of women were scattered in frightful profusion over a distance of two miles, the remains dismembered and flesh stripped from the bones by wolves, then only such bones were buried as lay scattered along nearest the road."

Salt Lake City solved ts homeless problem by rounding 'em up and allegedly knocking around 22,000 of them off, FEMA genocide centers are said to be located at Provo Utah .. they are not averse to killing their own ppl, so it seems the rest of us would have little chance if they ever got the Soros financed upper hand, I call them "Followers of the False Prophet."

Richard Burton as Shakespeare's Hamlet, the Gravedigger Scene "Alas Poor Yorick .. John Gielgud's 1964 production with RB in the lead role was the longest running Hamlet on Broadway, Burton appears to have been "star whacked" just months after his role as O'Brien in Michael Radford’s 1984 film 1984 by RoxannaHardbutt in MartinTimothy

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Richard Burton's role as O'Brien alongside John Hurt as Winston Smith in Michael Radford’s 1984 production 1984 was his last major performance, his death on August 5, 1984 in Céligny, Switzerland is believed to have been a "Star Whacking job, no less than George Orwell's demise at age 46 on January 21, 1950 just months after the publication of 1984.

William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge, Defending FBI Snipers: The hearings for Attorney General nominee William Barr have focused heavily on Barr’s views on Robert Mueller. But nobody is asking about Barr’s legal crusade for blanket immunity for federal agents who killed American citizens. by Orangutan in politics

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All of the Ruby Ridge data I have encountered says the Ridgers fired first at a dog accompanying officers who were there to serve papers, regarding failure to appear in court to answer charges relating to the unlawful manufacture and sale of a sawed off shotgun.

When officers arrived to investigate one was shot dead, until that time no officers had fired when they did return fire there were civilian casualties in the persons of a mother and her young child. Link.

Trucker Jukebox Drone Video: Casablanca New Mexico, 8:22 a walled compound has an officer type in command of men assembled in open square formation, suggesting militia training or even a firing squad! by RoxannaHardbutt in MartinTimothy

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Feedback says, "that's Laguna not Casa Blanca, the courtyard is connected / near to the Mission San Jose de Laguna, it looks like the original town plaza.

Lee Harvey Oswald Innocent, Else He Can Be in Two Places at Once - He was standing in the doorway of the TSBD when the shots were fired at the President, he was still there when The Three Tramps were marched by hours later similarly exculpating him for the murder of Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit by RoxannaHardbutt in MartinTimothy

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The Moorman Photograph taken at the scene of the John Kennedy killing as the shots were fired shows Martin Luther & Coretta King, black Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden and Andy Warhol standing with shooters on the Grassy Knoll.

17 yo George W Bush was photographed in Dealey Plaza five minutes after the shots were fired at 12:35 pm, his sire George HW Bush was also at the scene of the killing and is widely supposed to have fired, it seems he did also.

A Cruise Missile slammed into the Pentagon September 11, 2001, in an attack blamed on a mad Arab in a Boeing passenger jet. The Assassination of John F Kennedy.

The Tragic & Untimely Demise of Diana Princess of Wales by RoxannaHardbutt in MartinTimothy

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When an armored limousine is speeding on the down ramp the front suspension is placed under enormous stress to keep the vehicle level, which causes a large and widening gap between the road surface and the body of the vehicle .. steering will be practically non existent as the car careers downhill.

The front suspension will lock at full extension while the rear suspension gas assisted and under extreme stress, will shoot the car upward as the speeding and by then out of control vehicle loses contact with the road, the car then crashes back down onto the roadway and is shot upward into the roof of the tunnel with the momentum of the vehicle..

As the by now recharged suspension firstly absorbs its full weight then launches it skyward .. the driver's judgment was clouded by alcohol and it was bad driving that caused the crash, no murder.

Feedback: Just one question .. how did the suspension affect the cameras in the tunnel and how was it able to cut off the police radios in the area.

Who says the cameras in the tunnel were switched off or that the police radios were immobilized, police testimony is notoriously fickle maybe it is the norm in Paris at that time of the night, that police communications are difficult and traffic cameras are mostly un serviceable.

So both those random assertions are beat together, and pretty soon you have a story where you can cast slander and innuendo willy nilly to the four winds, with absolutely no physical evidence to back it up. Clogging the news service outlets with this sort of nonsense is no new thing nor is it confined to this one story.

However here ill intentioned people have taken the opportunity slander the Queen and her son Prince Charles estranged husband of the deceased Princess Diana, in a matter so sensitive to their sensibilities as her tragic death in an automobile accident.

Forensic evidence is used to determine the cause of traffic accidents in most cases, French accident inspectors gave professional opinions at proceedings in France which influenced the French Coroner’s decision, that no warrants be issued regarding this death.

The latest slander doing the rounds is that MI6 somehow persuaded an Al Fayed employee to get full of liquor, then drive like a lunatic until he crashed a three tonne armored limo into a reinforced concrete pillar in a freeway underpass, in a plot to kill a VIP guest of the boss’s son ..gimme a break.

Feedback: Frankly you must be an idiot .. do your own research without rose tinted specs about Royalty, I didn't notice royalty respecting my grandfather's sensibilities when he was sent to die in the trenches to maintain their turf wars.

The fact that someone's grandfather like so many of his generation enlisted under the colors and served in the lines, by no means give that person the right to assert the CRE has in any way avoided the sensibilities of her comrades in arms.

Surely no other person has attended more memorials, laid more wreaths or accepted more flowers on behalf of the war dead and of serving military personnel, than has she as Commander of the Royal Engineers.

I would further suggest that same warlike grand parent would likely box the ears of any delinquent grandson who had the temerity to suggest otherwise, or to suggest it is a mater of idiocy to demand evidence in the face of groundless assertion.

Update A photograph that has disappeared from the i'net showed Princess Diana in the immediate aftermath of the accident, she was in the left hand rear seat of the limo behind her security detail who remained similarly uninjured, her seat belt was done up and she appeared to be totally unharmed, her body language was .. "well what next."

Video: The Sandy Hook Hoax, Proof Police Made Up The Existence of Adam Lanza - The father said "I wish he were never born," except he wasn't ever born except in the minds of those who planned the hoax by RoxannaHardbutt in conspiracy

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The Macbeth Gambit is blaming an innocent dead party for murder..

As has happened here no less than in the assassinations of Benazir Bhutto, who was allegedly killed in a suicide bombing despite video showing Charles Sobhraj fire a pistol at her head, and President John Kennedy whose alleged assassin Lee Oswald was in the doorway of the TSBD when the shots were fired.

MacB was a nobleman in King Duncan’s Scottish Court who slew the King and two of his loyal retainers in dead of night, when morning came he told all the retainers had done the deed and that he had killed them in just retaliation, he was thereafter crowned King himself.

He did not get away with it and met his own death as he had lived by the sword wielded by Duncan’s more loyal kinsmen, who told Macbeth just where he could shove his story and who made immediate war on the new King. Read Wm. Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Macbeth. Edit.

How Did the ‘Great Dying’ Kill 96 Percent of Earth’s Ocean-Dwelling Creatures? by [deleted] in history

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Video, The Permian Extinction .. Dr Roger Smith of the South African Museum shows where the dark Permian soil has been overlaid by reddish post apocalyptic mudstone, that delineates an event that wiped out around 95% of all species 252 million yrs ago.

Shots returned by the NASA Rovers indicate Mars' seas actually boiled away caused by an absolute drop in atmospheric pressure, postulate the same solar flares caused both catastrophes. Link.

Earthly creatures that survived the Permian disaster include the coelacanth, certain types of marine shellfish, sharks, bryozoans which are a group of small animals resembling corals, crinoids relatives of starfishes and ammonoids including the chambered nautilus. Wiki.

Despite Mars' very shallow seas boiled away completely and its atmosphere vaporized, on Earth the actual period of lessened atmospheric pressure that caused the lakes and rivers and the top layers of sea water to boil off, was fairly short.

Water pressure in the deep seas and in the deepest freshwater lakes and rivers prevented their boiling, while the atmosphere had regained enough pressure to halt the process before the wave of boiling gained the depths.

Those creatures that survived on Mars like the progenitors of the Martian Fox from Opportunity Sol 985 and the Mars Snake, were sheltered in caves when disaster struck. Edit.

Scottish Cannibal, Sawney Bean by ruperttaylor in MurderMostFoul

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There has never been a single piece of evidence either for the existence of Sawney Bean or for the deadly deeds of his family. In the Lair of the Cannibal King, by Tom Doran.

What chance has NASA of finding life on Mars? by OldManCorley in space

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How does a fox exist in a mostly carbon dioxide environment.

You will observe the fox is looking at the Rover thru an opening in the mudstone wall, the theory is such life that survived the Solar Flares which were concurrent with the Permian Catastrophe on Earth 252 million yrs ago, which vaporized Mars' atmosphere causing its seas to boil away, retreated underground where indoor type vegetation which does not require sunlight to photosynthesize, absorbs CO2 and breathes out oxygen purifying the air and enabling the animals to survive.

What chance has NASA of finding life on Mars? by OldManCorley in space

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Before anyone gets past the gate with me as a serious researcher he or she will need to give a rundown on the Martian Fox from Opportunity Sol 985, and any of the large number of other proofs of life on Mars I present in the links above, until then naysayers, prevaricators and procrastinators stay in the dog file with the Flat Earthers. Ancient Greeks Knew the Earth is Round. Edit.

What chance has NASA of finding life on Mars? by OldManCorley in space

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This is the most cynical post yet .. NASA has been concealing massive evidence of human life and past civilizations on Mars and on planet Venus at least since the 1980's, as per data returned by the Soviet Venera Spacecraft and the NASA Spirit, Opportunity & Curiosity Rovers. Link. Reddit.

Dr. Thomas Cream—Jack the Ripper Suspect by ruperttaylor in MurderMostFoul

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According to the late British novelist and composer Anthony Burgess, Jack the Ripper was Prince Albert Victor Duke of Clarence and Avondale the grandson of Queen Victoria and heir to the British Crown.

Burgess says when authorities became aware he was the felon he was lured to Sweden where he was murdered by the Queen's Equerry and interred with little ceremony in that country, that his body was exhumed at a later date and returned to England.

It is less well known the Ripper sent numerous handwritten letters to the Metropolitan Police, behavior criminal psychologists say is typical for a killer who wants to be apprehended, the handwriting should be compared with the Prince's to find out for sure. Link.

Earthquake & Tsunami Hits Palu on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi Sept. 29, 2018, time lapse footage shows advancing liquefaction devastating everything in its path - Be suspicious the satellite was in situ to record the footage, tsunamis have struck there from at least July until Dec. 22, 2018 by RoxannaHardbutt in conspiracy

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The series of devastating tsunamis accompanied by ground liquefaction that struck Indonesia some entirely without warning between July 28 & December 22, 2018, are highly suspicious in the same vein as the DEW Firestorms that have ravaged targets in California and world wide at least since 2017! Indonesian Tsunamis 2018.

The moon is 1/400th the size of the sun but also 1/400th the distance from Earth which results in the moon and the sun being the same size in the sky, a coincidence not shared by any other known planet-moon combination. by Orangutan in whatever

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The well defined eclipse shadow seen on Jupiter does indeed prove the eclipsing body subtends the same angle in the sky as the Sun, a similar sharp shadow has been imaged on planet Uranus during an eclipse by its satellite Ariel proving both bodies have the same angular dimension, that eclipses on planet Mars never produce sharp shadows is because neither of its moons has sufficient angular width to cover the disc of the Sun, likewise if the eclipsing bodies on Jupiter and Uranus were smaller or larger their shadows would never be in focus. Edit.

The moon is 1/400th the size of the sun but also 1/400th the distance from Earth which results in the moon and the sun being the same size in the sky, a coincidence not shared by any other known planet-moon combination. by Orangutan in whatever

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..the Moon and the Sun being the same size in the sky, a coincidence not shared by any other known combination.

I disconcur .. the sharp eclipse shadows photographed on planet Jupiter by various spacecraft, indicate the eclipsing body and the Sun are the same relative size in the Jovian sky, just like the Sun and the Moon seen from Earth.

The Murder of General George Patton - World War II was a staged conflict for the purpose of German genocide and to partition Europe into two camps which would play scripted roles as mortal enemies! by RoxannaHardbutt in history

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The False Flag August 1939 Gleiwitz Incident with some two dozen similar staged incidents, led to the German invasion of Poland and the start of World War II.

"The Communist / Bolshevik was movement completely devised and executed by Jewish master minds, or partly Jewish like Lenin to full Jewish like so many of the Secret Police Chiefs all the way to Marx & Trosky," Dietrich Bronder.

Jew Lazar Kaganovich was the real master of the Kremlin during the Stalin era .. Jews set the Russian and German ppl against each other in WW2 as part of a master plan that includes the extermination of the white race.

Jews put corrupt gentiles like Bush, Obama and Donald Trump into nominally powerful positions then surround them with their people who wield the real power, so when things go south they can scapegoat their Gentile puppets for their sordid malfeasances.

Just as Jews had infiltrated Russian politics so were they simultaneously running things in Germany, Adolf Hitler and all of the senior Nazis were Jews.

Jews infiltrated German politics then perped the Holocaust in the name of the German ppl, like they infiltrated US politics perped 911 then established the bogus War on Terror, like they infiltrated Turkish politics then perpetrated the Armenian Genocide.

Their comeuppance will be by way of legal arrest and just trial under the capital anti terror strictures of existing US Law, where after a jury verdict of guilty so will the lot be brought to lawful execution .. anticipate a death toll among Jews to rival Hitler's tally.

Fugitive says 'cops have more chance of finding Madeleine McCann' after months on the run by Vigte in WorldNews

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Madeleine McCann was reported missing in Portugal May 2007 aged under 4 yrs, she has since emerged as CP model Miss Alli.

We Might Have Been Looking for MH370 In the Wrong Place This Whole Time by Vigte in WorldNews

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that disappeared in flight March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was an identical Boeing 777-200ER which crashed near the Ukraine / Russia border, while on a regular flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur July 17, 2014.

We say they were the same plane ..

Some bodies among the smouldering wreckage of MH17 were visibly in a state of rigor mortis / graphic indicating death took place some short time prior, insofar as RM alleviates itself within hours.

Sources on the ground in the Ukraine say other bodies that rained down from the stricken aircraft were in an advanced state of decomposition, which indicates the months old MH370 corpses were in the cargo hold of its alter ego MH17 when the passengers joined the flight in Amsterdam.

Postulate Flight MH370 was hijacked in mid flight March 8, 2014 that the cabin was depressurized causing the passengers to lose consciousness and die, before the plane was flown to the island of Diego Garcia and kept incommunicado in a secure hangar.

Using the same Rabbi Dov Zakheim pioneered tech which allowed remote controlled planes to be flown into the Twin Towers at the WTC Sept. 11, 2001, where after it assumed the identity of Flight MH17 and was flown into a waiting ambush before it crash landed in the Ukraine.

CloakedTruth.com - New Evidence MH17 was MH370.

Update: The same tech is thought to have been used to cause the July 16, 1999 plane crash that took the lives of John F Kennedy Jr his wife and her sister, which was allegedly to ensure Hillary Clinton's elevation to the US Senate. Link.

The Crash of CE Flight 2574 Revisited - The co pilot's gung ho handling of the aircraft was blamed when it caught fire and broke up over Texas Sept. 11, 1991 - Co pilots were blamed for numerous other air disasters, many of which took place on dates allegedly favored by Satanists for human sacrifice by RoxannaHardbutt in conspiracy

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I do not see how the loss of a strip of metal off of the horizontal stabilizer which was blamed for the crash, could cause the plane to be on fire or to break up in flight.

Witnesses said shortly after 10 am they heard an explosion that apparently ripped the left wing and engine from the Brazilian built twin engine turboprop, they said the mangled plane burst into flames and plunged into a cornfield. LATimes.com.

The allegedly recorded banter between Ground Control, First Office Rodosovich and Pilot Captain Patridge is unsafe, particularly the alleged line from Rodosovich at 2:44 "pushin' this descent makin' like the Space Shuttle," which is way too cute.

As well co pilots were blamed for the following disasters..

All new aircraft civil and military whether built in China the US or elsewhere, have computers that allow the plane to be electronically hijacked in mid flight and controlled from a remote location, the technology was pioneered by Rabbi Dov Zakheim, and was used to fly aircraft into the WTC Twin Towers in New York City, September 11, 2001.

Late Qantas First Officer Paul Whyte blamed for the Cessna crash, officially represented the Australian and International Pilots Association at Civil Aviation Safety Authority meetings, his demise could signal a shift in policy for that body.

The Richard Branson and Egypt Air disasters occurred on October 31 in their respective yrs, which is allegedly a time for Satanic human sacrifice, the March 24 timing of the Germanwings crash and the March 21 timings of the alleged Paul White suicide gives rise to more suspicion.

It looks like there was a bomb on board Continental Express Flight 2574, and that the coverup has been underway since day 1.

Noam Chomsky Turns 90 - Jews deployed nuclear weapons against the US Sept. 11, 2001 then went on with bs about Al Qaida, Osama bin Laden & 19 hijackers .. Chomsky who says "the concept of a False Flag op is not very serious," has been another hair on the arse of the conspiracy since that time - JFK by RoxannaHardbutt in conspiracy

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Chomsky has repeatedly expressed arrogance and contempt towards the 9/11 truth movement which according to him peddles "arcane and dubious theories," and speaks of "crimes far more serious than blowing up the WTC," belittling the deaths of thousands of Americans in the attacks, along with millions in the Moslem world and thousands of US troops in the wars launched under the pretext of 9/11 that followed.

He maintains Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who shot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas Texas in November 1963, totally in contempt of video and photographs that show LHO at the doorway of the TSBD when the shots were fired in the first instance, and when The Three Tramps were marched by hours later, similarly exculpating him for the murder of Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit.

The Hidden Truth Of The Elongated Skull - Mystery History by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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A carved bust photographed in Gusev Crater on Mars by NASA's Spirit Rover in 2008 shows a robed figure wearing a crown, that he could pass for a modern man turns Charles Darwin's Descent of Man on its head, as well it refutes Adam and Eve and the notion men evolved from Ethiopian ape brutes .. discern the King has an elongated head. Link.

Egyptian Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti 1370 - 1330 BC, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten whose name means "the beautiful one" who ruled Egypt after her husband's death and attended to affairs of state in the nude, was also possessed of an elongated head many more of which have been photographed on Mars by the NASA Rovers. Link.

From this we extrapolate Earth and Mars were colonized by "Long Heads" from outer space who installed themselves as rulers on both planets.

Carl Jung on Neurosis. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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If you had received a "sound Swiss thrashing" from someone particularly a doctor or a "health care professional" you had approached on trust, surely you would want him or her hauled before the courts, how many ppl did Jung "thrash," how often did he administer thrashings and what else did he do .. because he sounds like a violent psychopath to me.

Carl Jung on Neurosis. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The wall of text is not gonna get you anywhere .. hit the edit button and put in a few paragraph breaks just so ppl can read it.

Psychoanalysis identifies the problem be it conceit which it very often is, whereas Fool on the Hill types who hate everybody and want to rub their noses in filth, were treated by acknowledging the patients illness is incurable then sending him or her off to the pensions office.

Where in anticipation of a guaranteed income sans labor he or she undergoes a remarkable recovery, that's if they are recoverable, mental illness of any kind does not grant license to kill .. under Common Law if you did it you hang without mitigation or MI pleas.

Carl Jung on Neurosis. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Jung .. Schmung /

Dear Professor Freud, 2 June 1910, I was amazed by your news. The adventure with "Schottlander" is marvelous; of course the slimy bastard was lying. I hope you roasted, flayed, and impaled the fellow with such genial ferocity that he got a lasting taste for once of the effectiveness of psychoanalysis. I subscribe to your final judgment with all my heart.

Such is the nature of these beasts. Since I could read the filth in him from his face I would have gone for his throat. I hope to God you told him all the truths so plainly that even his hen's brain could absorb them. Now we shall see what his next coup will be. Had I been in your shoes I would have softened up his guttersnipe complex with a sound Swiss thrashing. Carl Jung Letters, the Adventure with Schottlander.

Just as churchmen got away with generations of child abuse, torture and murder, the same sh*t was underway in psychoanalysis clinics and psychiatric hospitals world wide. Link.

Just as Popes Bishops and Cardinals should have been prosecuted for outrages carried out as "Sacraments," so should Doctors [PDF] and others within the mental health field who have been up to no good since forever been hauled before the courts, Carl Jung no less!

25 Strangest Sights on Google Earth by fred_red_beans in science

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Clickbait ..

Stalin Was A Jesuit Priest by useless_aether in history

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Jesuits are the product of Jewish infiltration of the Vatican thence Catholicism .. Joseph Stalin's real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, the name Stalin was derived from combining "stal" the Russian word for steel with Lenin, in the Georgian language "Djuga" means Jew "shvili" means son of.

[PDF] The Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre, a Dark Day in Utah History by Rodney Dalton - The attack then seige of a wagon train by the Nauvoo Legion of the Iron County Mormon Militia, culminating in the slaughter of all but seventeen children after their surrender - Paiutes deny involvement by RoxannaHardbutt in history

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The Paiutes Deny Involvement .. Brevet Major Carleton, "[the scene was] too horrible and sickening for language to describe, human skeletons, disjointed bones, ghastly skulls and the hair of women were scattered in frightful profusion over a distance of two miles, the remains dismembered and flesh stripped from the bones by wolves, then only such bones were buried as lay scattered along nearest the road."

NZHerald.co Beats the Madeleine McCann Drum - She was reported missing in Portugal May 3, 2007 aged under 4 yrs and has since emerged as CP model Miss Alli - Scotland Yard and the MSM spurn the evidence like they spurn proof the MLK's and Andy Warhol were part of the JFK assassination - Jews did 911 by RoxannaHardbutt in news

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As well I have photo montages regarding the..

None of them are "garbage" and all will be used in evidence resulting in millions of prosecutions thence death sentences being handed down, only after fair trials in legally conducted courts convened under existing US Law.

I post 911 truth that inculpates Jews in solidarity with others who have been persecuted for doing the same. Edit.

NZHerald.co Beats the Madeleine McCann Drum - She was reported missing in Portugal May 3, 2007 aged under 4 yrs and has since emerged as CP model Miss Alli - Scotland Yard and the MSM spurn the evidence like they spurn proof the MLK's and Andy Warhol were part of the JFK assassination - Jews did 911 by RoxannaHardbutt in news

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The Moorman Photograph shows Martin Luther & Coretta King, black Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden and Andy Warhol standing with shooters on the Grassy Knoll, at the assassination of US President John Kennedy in Dallas Texas, Nov. 22, 1963.

It’s important to remind people that we still don’t know what happened on September 11, 2001. What is known about 9/11 is that there are many incredible facts that continue to be ignored by the government and the mainstream media. Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11. - By Kevin Ryan by Orangutan in 911truth

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We do indeed know what went on in America September 11, 2001 the day of the 911 attacks, Kevin Ryan denies knowledge because he is controlled opposition and part of the misinformation brigade.

There were no hijackers .. the planes that struck the WTC Towers were piloted by remote control using hardware developed by Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who with Zionists Jerome Hauer and Michael Chertoff engineered the whole project.

Bush & Cheney were patsies, the 911 attacks were carried out by Jews who have infiltrated the US social and political order at every level, along with traitors in the CIA and in the halls of Government.

The under 3000 dead line is one of the mainstay falsehoods of the entire conspiracy, 2:48 PM September 11, 2001, estimates of 50,000 dead in New York were bandied about.

NIST Engineer Shyam Sunder said, "on 911 there were between 8,500 and 9,000 occupants in each building," ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings while the drama was still unfolding said, "the normal total of workers at the WTC Towers was around eighty thousand."

Sunder's total of between seventeen and eighteen thousand in the Towers, makes some sixty two thousand or so absent using Peter Jennings figures.

Evidence of Mossad Treachery at the WTC, by Ed Toner .. Nearly 500 foreign nationals from over 80 different nations, were killed in the World Trade Center.

As a center of world trade and finance this is not surprising, it is known many Israelis work in the field of international trade and finance, the laws of probability dictate there should have been a considerable number of Israelis dead.

Alon Pinkas Israel’s Consul General in New York, confirmed one Israeli dead in each of the planes that crashed into the towers, and one more who had been at the WTC on business.

Lt Richard Smiouskas FDNY, November 27, 2001 .. after the North Tower air strike "an engineer got me onto the roof of WTC 2, I saw people in the windows they weren't jumping they were being forced out."

The NYPD refused to attempt helicopter rescues for those trapped in the burning towers, while the official death toll of some under three thousand is to fit the four hundred dead Jews on the official list.

Who were the ones who stayed and threw others from windows according to Smiouskas testimony, who were sold out when NYPD choppers never showed up.

The shots of the Pentagon taken after impact and before the facade collapsed showed a hole about the size of a suburban garage, no sign of a plane at all..

And no plane in Pennsylvania despite assertions the Happy Schmooligans blasted Flight 93 out of the sky, plenty of paper littering the landscape and burn marks in the trees but no plane.

We talked to people who were with Larry Silverstein on 9/11, he got a phone call telling him not to show up at work, he called his daughter and she never showed up either. Rudkowski, Prison Planet.

 Hey there Honey get rid of them blues
 Daddy’s getting money you’ll be wearin’ new shoes
 Turn on the telly it’ll be on the news
 Stay at home today like the rest of the Jews

 Cause today were gonna blow… Woo Woo /
 Down the freakin buildings go Woo Woo /
 We collect the dough Woo Woo /
 Stay at home and watch the show… Woo Woo Woo Woodledoodledoo Rip it up Frank

 Hey Man you say that four thou were away
 That’s a lotta bodies at the end of the day
 This is the way I see it don’t wanna be crass
 There’s a whole lotta Jews thatta gotta get put on trial ///

The American Securities and Exchange Commission says Israeli citizens sold short a list of stocks, that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the attacks.

Operated out of stock exchanges in Canada and Germany their profits were in the hundred$ of million$ of dollars.

It was via the buddy system on Odigo software which allows one to communicate to a large group of people that share a trait such as the Hebrew language, that thousands of Israelis were warned not to go to the twin towers on 9/11. Christopher Bollyn.

Odigo and Mossad are based in Herzliya north of Tel Aviv, after 9/11 Odigo was taken over by Comverse Technology another Israeli company, within a year five executives from Comverse were reported to have profited by more than $267 million from “Insider Trading.”

Then we need to take a look at the "Celebrating Jews of 911" Yaron Shmuel and Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, who were arrested in New York on 911 filming the attack in their words to "document the event," all of whom were residents of Brisbane Australia.

I intend to jump about in glee as they, the entire Mossad cell in Brisbane that spawned them and the Australian political hierarchy that grants them free passage, are brought to just trial and legal execution under the same US Laws were breached on the day! Edit.

Former Ark. Political Party Spokesman Arrested for Child Porn by useless_aether in pedogate

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What material did he have, there is a difference between underage nudies that have no sex or violence and the rapine, cannibal and snuff porn material that abounds on internet sites, whose webmasters remain at large while the FBI looks away.

There are hundreds of thousands of CP photographs and videos on the i'net, that have been available for free download since forever.

I became beguiled by the sight of Anya's bare ass since it popped into view on a Google Image search some yrs ago, there after tracing its origin and effecting a download.

I was immediately in possession of thousands of pics and about a dozen videos of her and her young friend in the countryside, at the beach and doing the housework all in the nude.

Very soon the downloading increased and along with Anya and her friend, I had about a quarter million pics and hundreds of videos of underage chicks on my 'puter, just waitin' for a knock on the door from the FBI.

A dude in New Mexico got life, another in Kentucky got twenty five yrs reduced to fifteen on appeal for having the same material on his machine.

I obliterated my search and download history and scrubbed the data away, hoping my story would hold up and keep me out of jail, that somehow I innocently obtained the material and as soon as I saw it was under age nudes I deleted the lot.

However in the fullness of time I still access the same download sites and check the sample pics, none have sex or violence unlike numerous sites that do, while the case against the FBI for allowing cannibal and snuff porn ops to survive should see the entire echelon off to the gallows.

Nixon-era White House counsel John Dean: Nixon was 'corrupt,' but Trump is 'evil' by voter in politics

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President Nixon brought John Dean into the White House from the Attorney General's Department to "clean up the mess" of the Watergate Burglary which he knew nothing about, Dean's disloyalty and snobbery - re the Camp David affair - toward Richard Nixon identified him as the most vile actor in the entire drama. Link.

Dean was to go thru the available evidence, identify the White House ppl responsible and recommend their sacking thence prosecution .. instead of doing that he hopped onto the play dumb bandwagon and left Nixon to stew in his own juices.

Had John Dean fulfilled his obligation to Richard Nixon in the first place, the entire JFK assassination conspiracy which Nixon called the "Bay of Pigs" would inevitably have come tumbling down, insofar as lead Watergate burglar E Howard Hunt who had an office in the White House also took part in the assassination.

See the hatted figure in the Moorman Photograph firing on the President, standing to the left of Martin Luther & Coretta King and to the front of black Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, Andy Warhol is nearby.

Call JD Mr Smug .. Jews did 911, neither John Dean nor Donald Trump seem to care about that or about the JFK situ.

Which puts DT out on a limb as a President who countenances the murder of one of his predecessors and allows Jew terrorists right of way, making him liable as a capital offender not John Dean. Edit#.

Timeline of the Jewish Genocide of the British People, Jews financed warlords William the Conqueror, Oliver Cromwell & William of Orange their latest puppet is genocidal abortionist Theresa May :( by RoxannaHardbutt in WorldPolitics

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Theresa May enters Northern Ireland abortion debate speaking openly about her support for abortion and a woman's right to choose. Link.