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Why not go after specific groups of people instead of this generalized group of 13 million?

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Jews? Oh, so like my awkward, jewish half-friend that use to do my homework in highschool for a small fee? Is he involved? No, he’s not and so aren't most Jews. So, name them. Tell me WHO was involved. And yes, most of them were Zionist Jews.

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Okay, I read it and it does name names. And doesn’t blame Jews as a whole such as your title does. In my research, Rabbi Zakheim is most suspect and had all the connects regarding remote guided airplanes, if that is the theory you believe. He worked for a remote guided systems company. Also, gelitin and the Jewish Austrian art students are suspect.

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Hey, Martin what do you think about Christopher Bollyn, he exposes Mossad and Israeli involvement but in his presentations he will spread disinfo or misinfo sometime that I wonder. I watched three in the past two days and I wonder about him, he says a lot of truth and then he gets some things wrong that could be accidental or deliberate. In zionist oppositions they have the mainstream narrative parroted by the infiltrated zionist controlled corporate media. Followed by the zionist controlled anti-war leftists that will blame the US only whilst they ignore 9/11 truth or degrade those that question it. Then you have the controlled oppositions, cointelpro agents and gatekeepers like Alex Jones. Followed by the subtle controlled oppositions that will give you 90% of the truth with detailed information even names but will skew facts and outright change or lie about info to confuse and disengage the viewer.