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President Nixon brought John Dean into the White House from the Attorney General's Department to "clean up the mess" of the Watergate Burglary which he knew nothing about, Dean's disloyalty and snobbery - re the Camp David affair - toward Richard Nixon identified him as the most vile actor in the entire drama. Link.

Dean was to go thru the available evidence, identify the White House ppl responsible and recommend their sacking thence prosecution .. instead of doing that he hopped onto the play dumb bandwagon and left Nixon to stew in his own juices.

Had John Dean fulfilled his obligation to Richard Nixon in the first place, the entire JFK assassination conspiracy which Nixon called the "Bay of Pigs" would inevitably have come tumbling down, insofar as lead Watergate burglar E Howard Hunt who had an office in the White House also took part in the assassination.

See the hatted figure in the Moorman Photograph firing on the President, standing to the left of Martin Luther & Coretta King and to the front of black Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, Andy Warhol is nearby.

Call JD Mr Smug .. Jews did 911, neither John Dean nor Donald Trump seem to care about that or about the JFK situ.

Which puts DT out on a limb as a President who countenances the murder of one of his predecessors and allows Jew terrorists right of way, making him liable as a capital offender not John Dean. Edit#.

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Fuck John Dean. What does he think about 9/11 or the athrax attacks. Scum bag.

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"I'm not guilty, they're guilty!"

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How can Americans sleep at night while the USA is collapsing?

Soros, Obama, Clinton, and Trump all support endless wars, debt, and tyranny. What's the difference?

Has Trump opposed trade wars, starting wars with Iran, Mexico, China, Russia, and North Korea, driving up the debt, ending minimum wages, opening concentration camps, banning free speech, religious freedom, freedom from warrantless searches, freedom from torture, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, DNA databases, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, and Jade Helm?

Has Trump arrested the bankers, decreased taxes, kicked out the illegal aliens, ended the Fed, ended the wars, ended welfare, ended Obamacare, and restored the Bill of Rights?

Trump doesn't work for you. He works for the elites.

The time for supporting Trump has ended and the time for buying gold, guns, and food has arrived.

Wake up. Think. Spread the word. Dark times are coming.