"The Matrix Reloaded: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition" by Wisecrack (2017-06-10) by JasonCarswell in MediaAnalysis

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Whhhaaaa The movie didn't go how books say a movie should go. Sure that might be true, but that's not what the movie is. Cringely comparing it to Star Wars made me think he would like Metal by Numbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chiVMrWMHko

The whole part about Neo's agency is still a big thing in our current time, Free will isn't a thing, not in the material sense anyway.

Merovingian Cause and effect speech is Karma explained.

The agents aren't in direct control of the architect, they are autonomous agents (like bots) The architect made them, he does not remote control them. The don't know anything about the plans of the architect.

The architect scene is like Lovecraft spewing tentacles right into your ears, something to behold and probably not comprehensible when you watch it the first time. {I had to wait for the DVD because of age, and I had to turn on the subtitles, rewind and couple of times and get a dictionary and I believe an encyclopedia.}

And it cuts short, the final scene is another plot-point in all (Neo's powers in the real world) ... Also the BANE plotline never mentioned (only shown in a quick shot of him lying in the medic-bay at the end).

Also, the twins and the vampires... pretty cool commentary on old myths, totally missed that part.

Ah, probably going to take some time to view the revolutions one. But man, reloaded is my favorite movie. Because it gives so many perspectives on determinism and how it related to the material world (aspects as love, choice, are you really good/bad or just so by design, if you don't know the design is the illusion of choice not what one drives?, What is designed?, If your whole body is designed and your whole life is, is there something not designed? )

This is a review on how to not make a movie by the books illustrated by The matrix: Reloaded as example.

[So it should be: what went right?]

"The Matrix Reloaded: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition" by Wisecrack (2017-06-10) by JasonCarswell in MediaAnalysis

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It's good for the conversation because it's a thing a lot of people say 'the sequels sucked'.

I really liked reloaded (and revolutions, I will handle in a bit) because The Matrix (the first one) was about freedom and the analogy in part 2 that is made with freedom being another system of control. Something akin to the 'narrative' in media, it's just a word to guide people. Thinking about freedom or acting upon your concept of freedom isn't freedom, freedom isn't freedom, it's just another concept to compartmentalize yourself.

This movie (reloaded) set me off thinking about the whole system, for the system to be free does that mean it's parts are supposed to be free as well?

YouTube is Still Enabling the Sexualization of Children (and It’s Being Monetized) by RavAshi in conspiracy

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The problem is basically the BIG channels on youtube (as with a lot of YT stars for kids) their lively hood is dependent on youtube income. So you may get people to move who don't make ad money or who are no dependent on it.

Edit: also it doesn't come with your smartphone when you buy it, so the big audience will never know anyway.