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I kinda love how this thing backfired so spectacularly.

That's one thing about chronic liars--they lie to themselves first, and don't realize that their own little ego-supporting fantasies are so transparent to everyone else, because they've convinced themselves so totally that it's an airtight story.

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The royals are a fucking cancer upon this earth.

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IMO the disastrous interview is just another part of the theater. There's no way he knew this wouldn't backfire... just like Epstein knew he was going to be arrested when he flew back to the US. The idea is to make us think our governments and justice systems are unraveling, to feed the global unrest of whatever they're planning to come next.

I mean this guy is obviously a scumbag and should go down if he participated in this at all. But also I think they are maybe playing their parts... Like Shakespeare said "All the world's a stage"

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I agree. He had every opportunity to edit this footage, and everything was deliberately rehearsed.

just like Epstein knew he was going to be arrested when he flew back to the US.

Good call. This is a crucial point.

The public's outrage can be directed at this backstage royal while Epstein is chilling on a yacht somewhere.
It's like a controlled burn of royal with an expendable reputation...

It also serves as queen's version of a public spanking for her nasty little boy. He's in trouble cause he was caught...

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I also see there are protests around the world, and being able to pull rip-cords like this to tear apart countries are a good way to coordinate unrest to bring in a new hierarchy of power. Like the Arab spring, but most of the globe

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Like a regulator on a pressure cooker.

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Yes exactly, good analogy

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New world order or New Economic World Order where multilateralism takes the throne, with unilateral internationalists on board with this outcomee. Of course the unipolar/unilateral antithesis is only a charade to bring about a world government body as the UN founders envisioned and which thr Zionists and Chabad Lubavitch cult desire. The Neoconservatives called for the total reformation of the UN, and knowing how untouchable they were and still are, they will slowly infiltrate it and reform it themselves or are the lower minions in a changing world that seeks an interntionalist body akin to eurasianism. I have to find the paper, but a Neocon pushing a unipolar world, wrote that the goal is to Balkanize the middle east with American military might. This will allow a multilateral economic order to emerge by first fostering infighting between Islamic sects, which will in turn lead to easier exploitation and their later destruction. But he wrote something quite interesting and that is that the Ameican military might and its empire will need to fall, to ALLOW world government! So, these warhawks, are using the US military for an INTERNATIONALIST agenda! Of course, the MIC, war-profiteering, mass migration of refugees from intentional war torn regions is always part of the plan. Order out of chaos. We are currently in chaos, and order will emerge after the US economy implodes, multilateralism takes over European energy market and all internationalist bodies with the help of the Chabad Lubavitch Cult, directly connevted to Trump, Putin and Netanyahu; Orthodox Churches, Zionists, Russia and the BRICS as well as Internationalists in the US come together to impose an SDR or gold backed BRIC equivlent digital currency.

It WILL NOT BE COMMUNISM!!!! They are not that stupid to impose such an overt system of control, such as Stalinism, Maoism, Trotskyism (world revolution in the form of spreading democracy, whoch they are soing but by unipolarism), or National Socialism like a lot of the Zionists and labor Marxist zionists claim is coming.

It was only after I came to understand the roles of the Left Hand and Right Hand that it started making sense.

They long for a world government and the erasure of soverign states. And the solution will be grand. The synthesis will entail, at the surface level, a desirable outcome. People will accept the solution because it brings about order and security.

Spirituality and Religion:

It is the job of the Left Hand, like you see in the photo above, i.e., Luciferianism and what ever the controlled opposition alternative media defines as Satanism to make the Right Hand look desirable.

So in the case of organized Luciferianism cults, Satanists, and the lot, you have another controlled opposition front of the Occulted Powers. Just like in politics, these spiritual movements are led by sellouts and dupes who direct those trying to escape the mainstream spiritual prison onto a path that leads nowhere.

The term “creative destruction” refers to the globalist concept and practice of using their Left Hand Path (Dark) minions to create chaos and destroy existing order so their Right Hand Path (Light) minions can step in and construct new order. We can think of this as the revolutionary lodges. The concept is symbolized by the phoenix, which bursts into flames, falls to ash, and is reborn. They don't hide this symbol and would like you to see what they plan. For even if we do understand the future they have planned, we are a small minority, and the predictions are not crystal clear.

In this particular iteration of their creative destruction process, we are in the “burst into flames” phase. And the globalists’ Western minions are playing the role of the Left Handers who create chaos and destruction so the globalists’ Eastern minions (Putin and his BRICS cohorts) can play the role of the Right Handers who save the day and construct the real New World Order, with unipolarist internationalists in on it, to create a one world government.

Given this strategy the globalists are employing, their efforts to bring about a schism in the Roman Catholic Church is about purging the Church of the Left Hand Pathers (the “socialists, communists, leftists, Luciferians, even the traditional Jesuits, ‘Synagogue of Satan’ Crypto-Jews, etc.”) so the Right Hand Pathers can rebuild the Church in partnership with the Russian Orthodox Church. They are also employing this strategy in broader society by having the “leftists” run wild and outrage everyone so the populace will react by shifting to the “right.”

The real New World Order will be ruled by right-wingers and Austrian Economics, not left-wingers and socialism/communism.

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If he is still alove? What was the very last photo taken of him with an exact ID match in the US? Was it the kangaroo court sketches? Or the purple ear that looked nothing like Epstein? If he is alive, than what is the covert agenda in these stories?

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I didn't really lean on the photos of him for any degree of certainty about his death.

My social calculus assumptions:

  • Estimated total number of wealthy men Epstein has blackmail material on who with at least half a billion dollars in net worth (minimum criteria for a local/regional US oligarch). My guess is in the low triple digit range..
  • Organized Half-billionaires (or wealthier) can accomplish close to anything in the US.
  • Epstein has a dead man's lock with each of the men's name on the list.
  • Each man on the list would stop at nothing to prevent the blackmail material from reaching the public/courts.
  • Blackmail material hasn't been released.
  • Some random person supposedly claimed Epstein's body.

Therefore Epstein is alive.

I think the agenda was/is get him out of the spotlight, because the US public was closely watching, and demanding justice.
Cause they weren't going to risk killing him!

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Hmm, I can see your side with some of his 'friends/people' egging him on to do this but him thinking it's a good Idea sounds like a detached royal/noble in my play book: I make a statement and it will be so.

This happened too:

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Yeah I agree, I could see it going either way. They are quite detached. But if his PR advisor was obviously telling him not to, then why did he do it? Was someone else telling him to, or was it just a terrible decision he made all on his own?

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Yes his secretary (according to that 'PR-assistant article')

Andrew’s private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, had pushed for him to do the interview as a way to set the record straight and end the controversy that has become an embarrassment for the British royal family.

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So he listened to his secretary over his PR guy, and it cost him dearly. Interesting

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"Sources close to Buckingham Palace."

"BECAUSE ITS ON THE NEEEWS, hey... cause I'll just believe it, I'll just believe, without a doubt in my mind."

Like most sources, should we believe anonymous ones, when the messenger, source or broadcaster can just lie?

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The British press and the Royals is a real thing on its own, especially the British.

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And The source is?

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It says so right beneath the photos: "Picture: Coleman-Rayner Source:Supplied" Probably some gossip magizine from back then.

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Good times.

Oh to be young and slutty again...

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You old slut!

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Indeed. You know me so well. Intimately. Almost like we had a past...

Lemon party anyone?

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It's nice to have another jokester around.

Cheers! ;-)

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Jokester/asstroll = same diff to som7

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Good times indeed