Sick of Reddit misogyny? Are you Ovarit? Come join us at our permanent new home for Gender Critical women! PM me for an invite code! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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That's amazing! I can't believe how quickly this is happening.

Investigative Journalism into the funding behind TRAs by goodbyeplanet in GenderCritical

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Absolutely agree! I think everyone on this sub should have a gander. It's essential reading.

TRAs know Rowling has researched both sides extensively and wonder why she is still gender critical by RoundFrog in GenderCritical

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I am so sick of this post truth age we live in. Thanks to the internet, now everyone has an opinion and all opinions are equal, except for the ones that are bigoted. The truth is that not all opinions are equal. Some have evidence and context and some don't, actually that's the difference between opinion and critical argument. It's rather telling that all their "arguments" consist of conversation-ending catch phrases, with absolutely no basis.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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Interesting take. Those who are transgender and their supporters do seem to be overwhelmingly white. There's something about the self righteous culture going on in the West, it's a social currency to be righteous. I can't wait for people to get fed up with it.

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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Perhaps we should suggest they do the same to man lest they dont believe in equality and that transmen are men, the lesser parroted phrase. Might get enough panties in a twist to put a spotlight on the stupidity of it all.

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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As individuals they dont have big spending power but to lobbyist groups (read:pharmaceutical) they're walking piggy banks. Life long patients reliant on hormones as they are on water. More than average surgeries, health complications due to hormones, it can all be capitalised on.

Men following GCF by woodrup in GenderCritical

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This was a nice read.Thank you for your respect. It's important to remember that for young people, their social circles are often worth more to them than ideals. If all your friends say the sky is green and curse those who disagree, well you're left will little recourse if you aren't willing to socially transplant yourself and potentially lose your job. I know I've bitten my tongue more than a few times.

Can we have GenderCritical on a female-owned and female-run site? by TwinkleTitsGalore in GenderCritical

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Wtf where did you see that? I can't believe reddit would lump such a distgusting statement together with fact, woman = adult human female.

Misogynist Moderators in Women's Subreddits by LeyMio in GenderCritical

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I can't wait for some expose or documentary to come out on this in the future.The hidden in plain sight power structure working behind the scenes and coordinating the silence of dissent and the seeding of their ideology, it'd be fascinating to know the scope of it all.

Transgenderism: The Murder Of The Self by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Thought provoking. Shame it's on a right wing website. It does tap into a disturbing part of the trans psyche. To absolutely destroy oneself and start anew with a new welcoming community- it's too good to pass up for a lot of self hating teens and young people, even those without dysphoria in the beginning. You see those posts, "I want to be trans but I don't think I'm dysphoric enough," it's an easy panacea for the naive and desperate.

Adam is savage by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Ugh, I looked up to him and the other co hosts as a kid growing up. I find this harder than usual to stomach. I mean the terf statement could be chalked up to ignorant crowd pleasing but this... I don't know that's a disturbingly young age. How does a trial like that even work?? For something done so long ago by a nine year old?

Reddit banning GC caused me to Peak by PostmodernJukebox in GenderCritical

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Wow crazy, when I subbed I think it only had 20 something thousand. I do think our growth put a big fat target on our back unfortunately.TRAs cannot stand dissenting (logical) opinions simply existing, they dont give a rats ass about conservative rhetoric that vilifies men for being feminine.

Reddit banning GC caused me to Peak by PostmodernJukebox in GenderCritical

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The worst part is I think that authoritarian crap is what puts A LOT of people off actual women's rights. People who otherwise believe in equal rights take one look at the whole carbuncle that is modern "feminisim" and will say "I'm not a feminist," to avoid be lumped with the crazies.

Banfemalehatesubs banned, banmalehatesubs still up by GrendelsScaryMom in GenderCritical

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I feel like the internet is kind of the new frontier. It's absolutely under regulated and as a result women lose out.

Argument with boyfriend last night about Reddit's censorship of women, and he called me a transphobe by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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Good grief. He obviously hasn't thought about this critically and seemingly isn't willing to plus it shows a lack of empathy for parties other than himself. I wouldn't stay with a man who would resort to name calling before trying to understand his partner. It just shows immaturity all round.

We need this showing up on Google for a gender critical search. So pardon me but here goes. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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The fact that Google is trying to stop people from seeing our opinions is truly sinister. You can easily find truly offensive content across google and the reddit but we're the ones to censor? Only because they're afraid people will agree if they only see.

Was a lurker, now a poster... by sallytomato in GenderCritical

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I am another like you. It feels nice to just speak my mind finally. It's sad that so many women are afraid of having opinions. The repercussions are far harsher for us than for men. The world hates us we stray the smallest bit from the mainstream, amicable disposition that women are socialised into from when we are small.

Welcome to the new Gender Critical! by radfemanon in GenderCritical

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I never posted on reddit, always just lurked. GenderCritical was where I felt like there was some sanity left. Frankly I always wanted to interact but was kind of afraid. But with what's happened now, fuck it. I'm mad. How can they be so blatantly biased? Is absolutely terrifying how much weight they have to swing behind the scenes.