Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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Now come on, don't do that. Black women have globally been spat on for hundreds of years, please list all of these countries where black women's voices are actually valued. If I, a black woman go to Ukraine will I suddenly be swimming in privilege greater than a white woman's? If not there, then please tell me where this magical country is located. White woman are globally regarded as the most "respectable" voices among women and you know that.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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I wasn't aware of this one, hopefully it survives the ban sweep!

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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I can't really provide any concise ideas, I definitely think white women who feel guilty about their privilege want to latch onto a cause that puts them unquestionably on the right side of history as you say. I'm sure the trans rights movement is the easiest to support because they can simply shout TWAW into the wind, receive a cookie, and then go on with their lives. Their success changing policies and forced language change has made them unbearably bold when speaking to us though.

Recalling the times a white/trans women irl/online has tried to speak to us about TRA rights, it does very blatantly come off as a someone coming to share the light and salvation of their lord trans christ with a group of savages. They are so sure we are just ignorant and unaware of how we "should" be treating trans women. When they realize that we reject the ideology BECAUSE we have seen where it leads and because we know what giving them even one inch of would mean for our community, the kill the TERF screeches and chest-thumping begins.

The few white women I have dated have tried to "educate" me about transphobia assuming I simply didn't now anything about TRA activism, and I know damn well they would never date a transwoman either. I honestly don't know why there is the overwhelming assumption that black women support trans rights, I thought that the recent Black Girls Rock fiasco made it clear we don't vibe with the movement.

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