John Oliver - hypocrite by BEB in GenderCritical

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I liked his show. However, many on the left have given this issue no real consideration whatsoever.

They see it as an extension of LGB rights and don't question the ideology further.

Then they congratulate themselves on what great critical thinkers they are.

We’re Raising Our Daughter Gender-Neutral, but She Only Wants Pink Dresses. Where did we mess up? by turtleduck23 in GenderCritical

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I do get tired of traditionally female clothes and toys being seen as 'lesser', often by those in the feminist community. It is perfectly possible to wear sparkles and climb trees - there's nothing inherently wrong with sparkles!

I liked the advice given.

Americans - let's get on Twitter (anonymous if necessary) to save our rights - GC Brits did it and WON by BEB in GenderCritical

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Twitter helps, as it is visible push back. Writing to your politicians is more helpful. They are the ones who shape the law.

Eddie Redmayne flips and flops depending on which way public opinion looks to be going. Almost as if the streak of piss went to the same school as David Cameron and Boris Johnson. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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That article! JKR's 'rambling diatribe'?

There is a difference between reporting news and writing an opinion piece. This journalist seems incapable if recognising the distinction.

Link from Ovarit: Paper about Uterine transplantation in males / challenges & opportunities by Comprehensive-Ad-579 in GenderCritical

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Can we not focus on preventing infertility in women first? Why are we looking at uterus transplants for men?

Well biological women are screwed. Might just go back to being a man. by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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What women's rights would he even need? Maternity leave? Contraception? HRT for the menopause? Medical insurance for dealing with heavy periods?

Not one of his rights has been affected in any way.

Merriam Webster dictionary changes meaning of "bisexual" to make it more Gender Cult friendly. Erasing LGB one word at a time... by BEB in GenderCritical

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Merriam Webster is just a joke, really, isn't it?

A welcome shift in the transgender debate by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Good article!

Good News: Brand-New Guidance from UK Government Says New Relationship & Sex Ed in Schools Must NOT Promote Gender Stereotypes & "Born in Wrong Body" Myth, Expose Kids to Inappropriate Materials (Porn), Ignore Safeguarding, Override Parents, or Favor Any One Group Over Others - Must Be Fair To All. by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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I think this is just one battle. The war isn't over, and Labour (main opposition party) still seems hellbent on self-id. Scotland as well seems keen to go down the Canada route wherever it has power to do so.

Success has been achieved by many, many individual women pushing back. I would advise:

  • write to your politicians. Especially if you normally vote Democrat, make it clear that this is a big issue for you that will affect your vote.

  • if you are under 30 DEFINITELY write to your politicians. There is a belief that all young people are on board with the TRA narrative.

  • donate to crowdfunders for lawsuits that challenge this ideology. In the US I would really support the girls in Connecticut who are being denied sporting scholarships because they have to compete against biological males. This issue is bigger in US than UK and drawing attention to their cause may raise support.

  • write to your children's schools if you are concerned about anything. Band together with other parents and push back as a group. Ask to see what is being taught and see whether regressive stereotypes are being promoted.

  • Keep the focus on women and girls. Make male politicians have to defend the belief that women who have suffered sexual assault or Muslim girls must be forced to share changing spaces with male-bodied people

  • try not to get sidetracked into discussions about bathrooms, as this is easiest for TRAs to defend. ("We just want to pee"). Keep the focus on changing rooms and women's refuges. Bathrooms are just the thin end of the wedge.

  • support women who speak up. JKR spoke up more loudly after she received cards and emails in support after she defended Maya Forstater. Thank your senators and representatives when they defend women's rights.

  • read the feminist boards on Mumsnet. It's a UK site but you might get some useful tips. (You have to watch your language carefully, though, so don't post unless you are sure you're keeping to the rules.)

  • phone radio talk shows if you're brave enough!

  • do not accept labels such as 'cis' or answer a survey question about 'gender identity'. Don't let this nonsense become normalised.

It takes lots and lots of individual women (and men) speaking up about this for years. However, the more who do, the more the shaky foundations of this ideology will begin to crumble.

Good News: Brand-New Guidance from UK Government Says New Relationship & Sex Ed in Schools Must NOT Promote Gender Stereotypes & "Born in Wrong Body" Myth, Expose Kids to Inappropriate Materials (Porn), Ignore Safeguarding, Override Parents, or Favor Any One Group Over Others - Must Be Fair To All. by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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I think it was Liz Truss actually listening to the women who wrote to her. Boris, I think, would have done anything for an easy life.

Liz Truss is the Minister for Women and Equalities.

Askamamager is down. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I think it's just an example of people following the crowd.

Atheism is the default setting for a lot of people in the west these days (esp UK, but in a lot of coastal cities in the US now as well). Being an atheist when everyone else is also an atheist is not a sign of a freethinker.

Being a Christian when nobody else in your social circle is one is actually more indicative of freethinking.

I think you are right that for some young people trans ideology serves as a new religion. It also serves as the new Civil Rights movement (biological reality be damned).

Askamamager is down. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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In fairness, Alison sometimes clamps down on debates on her site. For instance, if someone needs advice with a boss who is in favour of the right to bear arms, she will ask to keep the advice focussed on the topic at hand rather than getting derailed into a discussion on gun rights.

I can understand why she might not want people debating trans ideology on her site, but I'm not even slightly surprised that she thinks JKR is a transphobe.

Askamamager is down. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Her readership has always skewed liberal, but since the election of Trump it's become worker than woke.

My suspicion is that a lot of her not-so-woke readers have gradually drifted off.

In truth, her advice, while good, is fairly repetitive. After you've used her site for a while, you can usually predict what she's going to say. There's no real reason to keep reading the site, especially if you tire of the commentariat (which I did, in the end).

Askamamager is down. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's a shame. I used to read her blog daily, but the comment section was getting soooo woke and liberal-left that I stopped following it about a year or so ago.

When the commentariat started calling people out for 'kink-shaming', I knew it was time to move on.

It's a pity - I did learn a lot from her. However, I am not surprised that she takes the view that JKR is transphobic.

What bothers me is the amount of commentators on her site who congratulate themselves on being critical-thinking atheist feminists, but who are wholly unable to see the sexism and illogicality of trans ideology.

The neuroscientist shattering the myth of the gendered brain by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Some people seem to be insinuating Gina Rippon is male. That's not true - she is female and well-known for her work.

Just another laydeee committing a laydeee crime... by BEB in GenderCritical

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I think it might be against the rules (if not the law) to 'misgender' such a person. Believe me, the Daily Mail would say it if they could.

It's the Emperor's New Clothes. Worst of all, the crime will go down as having been committed by a woman.

The false, dangerous kindness of Nora Mulready | Glosswitch by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The entire 'I know a transperson and they are lovely' is the weakest argument in the world!!

I've known a couple of transpeople too, and actually they're part of the reason why I'm very sceptical about the whole 'woman's brain in a man's body' narrative, and wouldn't be comfortable with either of them in women's spaces.

My personal experience doesn't negate anyone else's; it's just that 'I know a transperson and they are really nice' is not a sufficient basis for re-defining the word woman or for changing laws. It needs to be based on a dispassionate look at the facts and grounded in reality.

I don't have words for the rage. Male bodies do not have periods. Or monthly cycles. Or anything of the sort by TurkishCoffee in GenderCritical

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That is the most delusional thing I've ever heard. These trans-identified men do not know the first thing about women's biology.

I had a sudden worry that I need to share... by LesbiSilly in GenderCritical

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Same in the UK. All-women shortlists for the Labour party are open to trans-identified males.

Males who have been socialised as boys, who never have to deal with menstrual pain every month, who will never have to deal with pregnancy and childbirth or take on the 'carer' roles that are more likely to be carried out by women. Anything that affects women specifically does not apply to TiMs. These reasons are more likely to hold women back in the workplace - not the fact that they might wear a skirt or have long hair.

Personally, I don't agree with quotas and all-women shortlists. However, if you're going to have them, the positons should go to women. The old-fashioned xx-kind who don't have penises.

Jennifer's story: An interview by Graham Linehan. A harrowing account from a woman who escaped the grip of her abusive trans-identifying AGP husband with whom she had children; Who groomed her for years to satisfy his private fetishes. by MarkJefferson in GenderCritical

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Such a harrowing video. I wish politicians would see it before parroting the 'transwomen are women' line.

Who is a woman: Jennifer or her ex-husband?

Study on The Psychology of Gender Critical Feminism by GenderCriticalStudy in GenderCritical

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This survey does not say what its purpose is or what institution is behind it.

Most people are sane by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I'm sure Elizabeth Warren is just naïve. However, this really isn't good enough. People in public office with the power to influence laws need to take the time to understand the arguments on both sides and grasp what changing the law will mean. Naïvete is a terrible trait in a would-be President.

I peaked after dating a trans girl and need advice on how to leave by lunemoonjune in GenderCritical

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This isn't a healthy relationship. You wouldn't stay with a woman like this - you shouldn't be guilt-tripped into staying with a TIM. By staying you are treating this person differently from a woman (which is transphobic and not what they would want, right?)

I'm not sure if you should bring up their anatomy in the break up. I don't believe that we as a society should be participating in the collective delusion of men who think that lesbians should be attracted to them, but you do have to think of your own safety. If you think this person might get violent over the fact that you don't like their penis, you can omit that bit.

Quite frankly you have enough reasons to break up with this person. The depression, insecurity, lack of hygiene, lack of job - none of this screams 'great catch', does it? How long do you want to put up with this? If you don't break up with this person now, what do you think will happen?

Top Canadian sex researcher quits scientific group after being blasted for views on transgender issues by sallytomato in GenderCritical

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'Wayne State University PhD student Jami Pittman said “I would just like to express a great sense of violence that I feel from being exposed to this conversation.”'

A PhD student who can't handle opposing views or being challenged in any way. It's an absolute joke.

'First Day', the drama about a transgender 12yo, shouldn’t be on the BBC children’s channel. It’s harmful, shameless propaganda by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Will they show the surgeries Hannah will go through later? The fact that when Hannah grows up, Hannah will have a 'neovagina' that will be partly fashioned from Hannah's arm or colon and will need to be dilated everyday?

Will they show the long term health issues that will arise from a lifetime of oestrogen?

Marsha P. Johnson Probably Didn't Start Stonewall, and Might Not Have Been Trans. Does It Matter? by Skipdip in GenderCritical

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I haven't read the article.

I would say that Stonewall only added the T to LGB in 2015. If the Trans element was so important in the early days of the movement, it would have been LGBT from the start.

"OP is a TERF" "Oh TERFS are the worst!" by RedditHatesLesbians in GenderCritical

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It's the politicians who go along with it, that's what I can't understand.

I'm in the UK and during the Labour leadership campaign I watched Lisa Nandy wittering on about 'denying transpeople's right to exist'. I'm sorry, what? How on earth is believing that biological sex is real 'denying transpeople's right to exist'? As you say, it's all ideology built on a house of cards.

Refusing to participate in another person's delusions is the sensible thing to do. I am so tired of politicians whose minds are so open that their brains have fallen out.

Posie Parker's "I lost my daughter to this cult" video has been removed from YouTube for "hate speech" by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I watched it before it was deleted. It wasn't hate speech. It was a woman talking very openly and honestly about her daughter's transition.

The stuff on it was heartbreaking - at one point she describes her daughter calmly explaining that she would need to have a hysterectomy after five years on testosterone (her daughter was 20 or 21 at the time of the conversation). Because heart disease runs in the family, which can be exacerbated by testosterone, the mother told her daughter 'you might be dead by the time you're 30'. Her daughter replied, 'it will have been worth it'.

The interviewee also describes a mother she met who was told 'it is better to have a live son than a dead daughter'. The mother acquiesced, trusting that the doctors knew best. She went along with her daughter's hormone injections and double mastectomy and supported her daughter's transition. Except at 21 the daughter realised she had made a terrible mistake and should never have transitioned. The daughter is grieving. The mother is distraught.

If you can find the podcast on SoundCloud, Apple or Podbean I recommend listening. See for yourself if it is 'hate speech'.

When did your friend/family member peak? by PeakingPeachEater in GenderCritical

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Surely the fact that you went through it - transitioned and detransitioned - gives you a lot of authority on the subject?

I think it will be detransitioners speaking out that will turn this tide.

Poem I wrote about my experience with detransitioning as a teenager. Hope this is okay here, I don't know where else to post it, and I hope it makes someone feel less alone. by DetransLesbian in GenderCritical

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Very powerful and moving stuff. Thank you for sharing.

I'm not sure what country you are in, but voices like yours need to be heard. You should send this to your local representative. Make them think about the devastating effect this ideology is having on young people's lives.

This isn't a game.

Detrans female— Is there space for me here? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Yes, Laura Reynolds and Leoaica speak powerfully about their experiences, as well as Elle Palmer.

Interview with Scott Newgent. "I am a 47-year-old transgender man. I was 41 when I began the process to transition from a woman to a man, and it has begun to concern me greatly that kids as young as my three children are now being encouraged to transition." by fijupanda in GenderCritical

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"I have a transgender friend in London who began to transition in ‘83. She’s now in her early 60s, disabled, is unable to walk, living in unrelenting pain. Her quality of life is not good, pain levels off the map. She had surgery on her spine in ‘76 to treat an abscess, but over the years she has developed Degenerative Disc Disease, a separate issue that has been accelerating at an alarming rate. Her physicians think that it may be due to the transition all those years ago. She was 26 years old when her life changed, & at 62 she is a physical wreck."

Why are we putting CHILDREN on this path?!

Buck Angel calls out reddit for banning r/detrans by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Doh! Thanks!

Fat fingers...

80% of people think men should not be allowed into changing rooms via self ID by GConly in GenderCritical

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Who are the 20% saying that males should be allowed in women's changing rooms even if the women object? Good grief.

Journalists sign open debate letter to denounce JK Rowling and co.'s free speech pledge by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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JKR is rich enough never to have to work again. Publishers could refuse to print her books forevermore and it wouldn't matter.

JKR is speaking up for those who can't because their jobs would be at risk.

Mother throws second gender reveal party for transgender child by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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Haha, it's the upside down world in which we live! Actually I slightly regret the saidit title. I copied the article and blamed the mother for the party. It's clear that both parents were responsible for it, though 🙄

Mother throws second gender reveal party for transgender child by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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There is absolutely, definitely no gender stereotyping here at all.

Any of you ladies have any knowledge/thoughts/advice on birth control for a teen? by Yayme in GenderCritical

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A guy who won't wear a condom is not a guy your daughter should be having sex with. That's a message she needs to hear.

She doesn't sound at all ready anyway if she got flustered over kissing with tongues.

Buck Angel calls out reddit for banning r/detrans by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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I agree. Debbie Dayton also says sensible things.

r/terfisaslur, r/GenderCriticalGuys, and r/LGBDroptheT all just got banned by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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There is a mtf columnist in the UK. Used to be David Thomas but transitioned to Diana Thomas. He writes about his transition. In one column recently he described enjoying watching his new breasts bouncing as he ran up an escalator.

Because that's what women do.

BBC Distancing Itself from Mermaids, The LGBT Foundation, The Gender Trust, and The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (cross-posted from by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I hope so. A lot of our politicians still seem to be oblivious though.

BBC Distancing Itself from Mermaids, The LGBT Foundation, The Gender Trust, and The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (cross-posted from by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I liked Harry Potter but I do think the writing and the storylines pick up from book 3 onwards.

If crime is more your thing, she also wrote the Cormoran Strike books under the pen name Robert Galbraith. It's about a private detective. I've just started reading that series. Seems pretty good so far.

Help! Any advice for talking to my little sister about gender ideology? by warriorwombyn in GenderCritical

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Also, if she brings up clownfish and seahorses, ask what other characteristics humans share with these creatures (can we also breathe underwater? Are our skeletons similar?)

Ask if she can provide an example of mammals changing sex.

Help! Any advice for talking to my little sister about gender ideology? by warriorwombyn in GenderCritical

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I would agree with this. Ask questions which no trans person can answer: 'so what is a woman?' 'What does it mean to 'identify as' as woman?' 'So is Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv a woman?' How can you tell the difference between a trans person and someone pretending to be trans?'

Be patient and just keep asking the tricky questions. Maybe play dumb. Also, look into autogynephilia and ask her about that.

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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I'm not sure it's that clear cut: "the nice ones are genuinely trans and the ones I don't like are not trans". I like what I've seen of Blaire White, for example. However, uncomfortable as it is, it would be very difficult to set down in law why Blair should be treated any differently from a TIM who doesn't 'pass' and who struggles to understand boundaries.

Private, invite only, women's health subreddit gets banned after 3 days for secretly talking about periods. by Pixie_Waifu in GenderCritical

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Interesting thread on Twitter. I was on board with the idea of taking legal action against Reddit over this. It is clear sexism. However, I was disappointed that it was suggested a 'feminist lawyer' (who would almost certainly be female) should take on the case pro bono. Very few men would be expected to provide their services free of charge. I don't think women who have trained hard to be lawyers should be expected to work out of the kindness of their hearts. Apart from doing women a disservice in their careers, as lawyers are compensated according to how much billable work they bring into their firms, it reduces the pool of lawyers available to take on the case. Furthermore, lawyers willing to work pro bono tend to be less experienced and have to juggle pro bono work with paid work. Consequently, the quality of work often suffers. Crowdfunding is a much better option. (Sorry - appreciate this is something of a derail.)

what happened on r/PCOS in screenshots by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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This is insane. Women do not benefit from this ideology at all.

JK Rowling just spoke again. She's fighting back by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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J.K. Rowling

c/o Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

50 Bedford Square



United Kingdom

JK Rowling just spoke again. She's fighting back by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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Email I wrote and got a little reply back.

JK Rowling just spoke again. She's fighting back by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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Which is why you would think her former fans would pay more attention to what she is saying now!

Is it more likely that she is: (A) a closet Nazi who is creeping out of the right-wing closet after 20-odd years of left-leaning politics or (B) someone who has thought deeply about these issues and who is troubled by the logical consequences of trans ideology

Emerson Spartz, founder of Mugglenet, steps up by NDG in GenderCritical

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Yes, I have secret hopes for Tom Felton

For people who say women lose nothing by saying transwomen are women, here is a list of sex-based rights and protections that are in conflict by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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So true. I need to write to my MP about where he stands on trans rights (though he's the wokiest of the woke, so I'm almost not sure it's worth the effort.) That list would be a good starting point.

Pretty much 99.9% of people are "TERFS" by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The vast majority of gc people want trans people to live free from prejudice. It is right that someone cannot lose their job for being trans (except in very rare circumstances where sex matters to the job). Trans people have the absolute right to live in safety. Their human rights should of course be protected. It is a myth that "terfs" object to any of those things. It is also a (bizarre) myth that GC people are denying trans people's "right to exist".

But - as you are aware, there are conflicts between women's rights and trans rights. I agree that transwomen are transwomen (not women). I don't want to change alongside a transwoman in a communal changing room at my local gym. I feel sorry for 12-year-old girls trying to deal with their periods for the first time in bathrooms that include natal males. I don't want to see women losing out on medals and scholarships to biological males who retain the advantages of male puberty. I don't want crime statistics to be manipulated to show that a rising number of females are now paedophiles and rapists.

I have concerns that the umbrella of 'transgenderism' is very broad and includes cross-dressers and men with autogynephilia (agp) as well as those with gender dysphoria. I know that many try to deny the existence of agp, but it exists and certain transwomen even admit to having it (Debbie Hayton for one).

As for preferred pronouns - well, let's be honest. It is a polite fiction we engage in so as to make life just a little bit easier for the person with gender dysphoria. It's the nice thing to do. However, I do believe this ought to be a choice. I am not in favour of compelled speech.

Pretty much 99.9% of people are "TERFS" by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Some of these detransitioners on YouTube were only 15 when they started on hormones! Can a 15-year-old can give 'informed consent' to making irreversible changes to their bodies that may well render them infertile? Some of them actually had hysterectomies (albeit they were probably older than 15 when that happened).

However, even 16 is too young to make that decision, imo.

Emerson Spartz, founder of Mugglenet, steps up by NDG in GenderCritical

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Good to see so many people supporting him on Twitter!

I think it's extra hard to support her if you're in the US - everything is SO polarised there.

Pretty much 99.9% of people are "TERFS" by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Oh, interested in the prospect of detransitioners suing - I hope they do. Is this something under serious discussion and in the pipeline?

It's the only way the US will pay attention to any if this.

Are these dudes trolls or just incredibly selfish? by stitchedlamb in GenderCritical

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I wouldn't vote Republican. BUT if people continue to vote Democrat anyway, even if they are not happy with trans ideology, what incentive do the Dems have to change course?

The Dems want to be woke and progressive. They want to be nice and court TRAs and their allies. If they go against this movement they will be accused of being 'on the wrong side if history' and no better than Trump.

If there is no risk of them losing votes from natural left-wingers, especially in swing states, why on earth would they do anything differently?

Germany makes 'upskirting' a punishable crime by Otak in GenderCritical

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Why is the accompanying picture of a woman upskirting another woman?

I mean really - how many women carry out this offence compared with the number of males?

Have courage, sisters! Greetings from a Seattle GC woman. by SusanBee in GenderCritical

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Thanks, Seattle!

I think these issues are starting to come under scrutiny in the UK. Scotland is the biggest worry. The SNP seem hellbent on pushing through legislation without considering the long-term consequences or addressing legitimate concerns. I'm sure part of it is just a case of trying to disassociate itself from England's policies as much as possible.

I'm in despair at Canada.

Update from r/GC Mods on Twitter: "busily working on a new site which will restore our opportunity to speak freely about issues that concern women." by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I think this is true, especially if people write it off as a niche site for feminists. Those who don't regard themselves as 'feminist ' or think that women are overreacting to the whole thing won't bother going there.

That said, a site run by GC women would at least not risk being taken down.

I guess a three-pronged approach might work? 2 1. Continue to drop GC points into conversations on reddit and other boards which are not GC but which have a wide reach. 2. Encourage people to use fora like saidit and parler to help bring them into the mainstream and not just a gathering ground for conspiracy theorists and extremists. 3. Look for places which are pro-women and hosted by GC women to exchange information and receive support.

A collective of feminist lawyers based in the UK have created a website to give feminist analysis of law and legal analysis of feminism by trw365 in GenderCritical

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Ooh, looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Came from The_Donald and... by Nordic in Introductions

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Huh. I came here for the feminist perspective.

Male takes female spot in election, petition yanked for being transphobic by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Utterly disgraceful. It is shocking this is being allowed to happen.

Gender Critical and Atheism by -thedarkhorse- in GenderCritical

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This is what gets me. I am Christian and when I was younger I used to spend a lot of time on theology boards (mainly lurking) to watch the debates between atheists and Christians. I also read some of Richard Dawkins' books such as The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion.

The atheists claimed to have Science and Logic on their side. They were all so proud of their rationality and critical thinking skills.

Now I see that Dawkins, Philip Pullman and Sam Harris have all signed up to 'twaw' to a greater or lesser degree and I just raise an eyebrow. I used to have a suspicion that super hardcore atheists were driven as much by emotion as by logic and this just supports my view.

I think the cognitive dissonance will have to get some of them in the end, though. If they are as rational as they say they are!

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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Actually, I think they have. The definition is just as circular and makes you ask 'but what is a man'?

That a dictionary can have such scant regard for definitions is incredible to me. We need precise definitions in order to enforce the law.

I suppose I focused on the definition for 'transwoman' in my original post because there seems to be more pressure to redefine 'woman' than 'man' (menstruator, birthing person, person with a cervix, etc.) Also I think more laws protect women as a class - allowing males into 'women's' sport has a more devastating impact on the sport as a whole than allowing females into men's sport.

Still, the creeping Orwellian nature of these changes is affecting language overall.

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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Interesting - I'm not on Twitter. I expected more from Merriam Webster. Oh well! I still think it's worth writing in and pointing out the logical inconsistency of their definition.

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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I know! Merriam Webster is supposed to be a serious, respected dictionary!

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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