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It's obvious nepotism is a part of their power, I would say education either from exclusive access to wealthy, private schools and their parents pushing them contributes. It's silly though to act like Jews are just inherently intelligent and their over representation is "natural".

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So do you think jews have the same IQ as black people?

Even without pulling up numbers, just use your eyes and you don't much see much jews occupying the lower rungs of society (i.e homelessness, menial work, petty crimes etc). Or just look at the State of Israel in general, and it has more in common with Western countries than next door Africa or the surrounding Middle East.

It's like people in the far-right forget asians also exist and have a higher average IQ, but no one is arguing to replace ourselves with the japanese.

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The methodology is simply false. They're not testing for IQ. They're testing for Educational Attainment.

We live in a jew controlled school system, so thinking that using white GWAS as an unbiased estimator for jewish educational attainment is hilariously flawed.
Let whites control Education with zero jewish influence for the next 100 years, then run the same test and we will see an entirely different genetic group of people succeeding in Academia.

Modern day Academia selects for clown world genetics, ie. jewish aligned genetics, so it's no surprise that they score highly on this. It's flawed data science.

It's possible that ashkenazi jews are higher IQ but the data analysis is deeply flawed and very lacking.

Also Ubersoy, who he quotes is jewish, and the substack you quoted is likely jewish too looking at his name.

And yes, jews are overrepresented due to nepotism.

Let's remember that jews were unable to pass the tests to enter university so they had to cheat the test by knowing the answers in order to get a foothold in US universities. It took them a long time to penetrate the universities due to this, but somehow we are to believe they are magically super high IQ? I'm not buying it. It's oddly convenient.

On top of that, we have Christian groups, like the Anglicans, that score higher than everyone else.

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There is only one large representative sample of ashkenazi Jewish IQ scores, and it is from Israel, and it effectively destroys the myth of abnormally high Ashkenazi IQ. They averaged 103. Basically average. Dutton focuses on American Ashkenazi Jews for some reason, but admits there arent any large representative samples of them so goes on this long torturous and highly dubious explanation for why he thinks its probably 110.

I remember reading an article from Dutton on a subject I have personal knowledge of that was based on a claim I knew for a fact he was mistaken on, and this could be easily proven just from mainstream media articles. So the fundamental thesis of his article was based on something he got completely wrong, and which actually supported nearly the exact opposite of what his article claimed. I stopped taking him seriously after that.

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And if they're using the small subset of American Ashkenazis that have been tested for their PGS for 'Jews' in the genetics test, then it's no wonder they're scoring so highly.

Do you have a link to the large study? I'd like to share it with my friend

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I don't have a link handy. I believe it's not from one particular study, but rather various samples from Israel that were used in IQ and the wealth and Nations and an updated follow on study from that book.

One thing that stands out to me is this. There are supposedly something like 6 million AJs in the US. That's a pretty large number. Yet the samples we are talking about when these high IQ numbers pop up in some cases consists of just dozens of people. Larger samples from the early 20th century are apparently just thrown out as conveniently unreliable(and not surprisingly these are ones that tended to show AJs as below average). So we aren't talking about samples of hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands, or even thousands. We're talking about a handful of studies, each usually comprising like dozens of people, taken from things like Jewish private school admission tests from the 1950s.

The OP lists some Wisconsin study that is supposed to be earth shattering because it has a sample that includes DNA confirming they had ashkenazi ancestry, but this is a strawman unless you somehow think there is an epidemic of people posing as Ashkenazi Jews and this somehow drags down their scores, but I've never realized that was a thing, or that it somehow adversely affected the tiny sample scores we do have. So the genetic confirmation of this small Wisconsin study is irrelevant. Much more relevant is the small and geographically specific sample of this study, which because of its small size and lack of wider geographic representation (from a state that isn't really known to have a large Jewish population) isn't significant. I'm also curious what else this Wisconsin study shows. Were these mostly AJ's with German ancestry? Is the proportion of European DNA the same as AJs from say New York? And specifically what European DNA did they have and at what percentages? What the hell even is Ashkenazi DNA? My impression is that Ashkenazis are mutts. I hear around 25% non European-be that "khazari", "semitic", or whatever- but then I also hear they have some genetic similarities to Southern Italians. Is that Southern Italian like DNA considered part of the 75% that is European? It all seems to be subject to the whims of what the particular Jews conducting the studies prefer the truth be, or prefer to emphasize. Ultimately I don't even give much of a shit. I dont find Jews to be particularly interesting, although their massive wealth and influence, and the consequences it brings, kind of forces you to give a shit.

What the actual truths are regarding Ashkenazi genetics and even intelligence are less important to me than what Jews themselves believe and how it shapes their modern day behavior.

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The methodology is simply false. They're not testing for IQ. They're testing for Educational Attainment

Then why do the IQ scores (a la GWAS educational attainment) line up perfectly for all races - including Jews? (Piffer 2018). Are we to assume this data is accurate for all groups - excepting Jews?

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Half of Israeli Jews are AJs and yet their average IQ is only 95. That means the other half of Israeli Jews have to be more retarded than negroes. Does anyone believe that?