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Hey man it's disgusting that you think, the leaders of a country would WANT or plan for their citizens to be captured hostage, children to be beheaded, fucking holocaust survivors to be driven around gaza as a mascot.

It's a sign of disarray in a government which has faced a high level of resignations because of the supreme court issue. For you to assume that, Saturday's events are a sign that the Israeli government wants their children decapitated is fucked up. You're fucked up. The world doesn't work like that

Edit + to the people replying to this comment. The mods of this sub banned me so I can't debate any further. You should ask yourself why they stifle debate on this sub. It's an important question

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Manufacturing and spreading unverified atrocity propaganda in order to promote genocide is beyond the pale. You are literally spreading misinformation with genocidal implications, while trying to pretend you have some moral high ground. If you have proof they were beheading children then share it. Obviously that is unacceptable and if it occurred anyone involved should be held accountable for war crimes, but this should work both ways. We all watched as the Israelis repeatedly and intentionally brought down entire high rise apartment complexes, presumably burying everyone alive who was inside, including women and children. This isnt something new either, we have seen the Israelis do this repeatedly, wiping out entire families. Tell us how this is not a war crime, and why not one Israeli has ever been held responsible? Both sides commit insane atrocities, but one side does it with US money and backing and faces no accountability.

Mainstream media is currently spreading a story that 40 babies were killed by Hamas in a village, providing no evidence beyond some IDF officer claimed this happened. The story I saw said they were trying to identify the bodies using bones, as if DNA testing doesn't exist, so it sounds sketchy. On faux left wing reddit I have seen non stop unhinged calls for genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from obvious shill accounts, with many of these being boosted to the top of the front page. We always knew reddit was just Jewish propaganda, but this confirms it. No self respecting genuine lefty would call for the genocide and the final ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, or allow it, yet its all over reddit.

We are now finding out the continually repeated story that a woman's naked dead body was paraded through the streets of Gaza turned out to be false, and the woman is now presumed to be alive, but they spread this lie across the internet and media in order to drum up hatred and work people into a frenzy. Obviously taking this woman captive is a crime regardless, but that wasnt good enough, you guys just had to embellish it for political purposes. You are the one who is fucked up, not people exercising warranted skepticism.

Also, why would Israeli intelligence be distracted by the supreme court issue? We now know the Egyptians warned the Israelis about a Hamas attack, but you think the Mossad just said I cant deal with this now because this supreme court issue we have no involvement in?

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You are replying to Socks.

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I can take socks a lot better than Salos. Socks at least doesn't pretend to be something he isn't, like Salos/Nasser.

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What do you mean? Salos IS 69 year old English actress Judi Bowker.

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Salos has a very recognizable speech style, how do you know this is Socks?

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Stylometry analysis matched previous text.

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I verify the facts I cite.

You do not, clearly.

We can talk about the other fake facts you cited too

brought down entire high rise apartment complexes

Congratulations dipshit, the IDF mistook your identity and you're now installed as chief of Israeli defence staff. Everyone is looking to you for orders. You have potentially thousands of hostages in Gaza, you're at war with militants who are possibly inside Israel, and there are 5000 rockets being fired from Gaza every day.

What are ya gonna do.

Israel have a policy of SMS texting the building and doing a roof knock.

Are you gonna change or keep the policy. How the fuck could any nation on earth do it better than they are? Or more humanitarianly?

Edit - they banned me from the sub, because I debated the alt right, and that's not allowed here

Edit2 - yeah they banned me from the site on u/site_sux and it was since admitted that that (like this action) was politically motivated. Kind of cringe that the poor altright snowflakes can't stomach any dissenting voices in their safe spaces.

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IDF saying something doesn't make it true. Show the videos.

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I verify the facts I cite.

These claims have been not been verified. Jews claiming something happened does not make it true.

Edit: They banned you from the SITE for threatening prize winning journalist, Tucker Carlson.

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We always knew reddit was just Jewish propaganda, but this confirms it

It's owned by a jew

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Welcome back Socks and shalom brother.

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banned him

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If I knew it was possible to save all [Jewish] children of Germany by their transfer to England and only half of them by transferring them to Eretz-Yisrael, I would choose the latter- because we are faced not only with the accounting of these (Jewish) children but also with THE HISTORICAL ACCOUNTING OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE.

  • First Prime Minister of Israel Ben-Gurion, informing a meeting of Labor Zionists in Great Britain in December 1938, a month after the Nazi pogrom against Germany's Jews, known as Kristallnacht. Yahya, p. 149

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children to be beheaded

Jewish children beheaded by Palestinians? This is atrocity propaganda. BTW, you should know that your precious CNN has since retracted those claims.

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Let them kill each other. The more energy they put into fighting each other, the less energy they have to fight us.

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Good point. I don't really care about the plight of the Palestinian mooslim. If they have a problem, pack up and move to Jordan or Saudi Arabia.

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Until they engineer it to the point of forcing us into the conflict.

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Wouldn't surprise me, only question is why would Egypt want this? Aren't they dealing with overpopulation with the government basically only being held up by Saudi funding? How habitable is Sinai, I doubt Egypt would want millions of their people to starve or dehydrate to death in the desert?

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Apparently, the plan is to give the Palestinians the Sinai peninsula and their own semi-autonomous state. The Sinai is sparsely populated and only marginally habitable. But even so, no country relinquishs its land freely. Israel must be offering some heavy compensation to Egypt to make this deal happen, if that is in fact the plan. Maybe they'll get the Americans to foot the bill for resettling the Palestinians?

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It seems possible that the Israeli government engineered this conflict to take place

The Israelis are known for false flag attacks, so it's reasonable speculation

It is more likely that this conflict has been pre-planned by the Israel government to achieve a solution to the Palestinian problem

You stole my thoughts exactly

very soon, they may begin carpet bombing the entire area

Looks like they already are carpet bombing.

I lack sympathy for Muslims because they are hostile to my interests and my people, but they have almost nothing to defend themselves against a modern U.S. funded military like the IDF. They will be slaughtered.

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I really do hope as well for this conflict is that our people have restraint and don't fuck up by engaging in hate criminality against Muslims as is the case here with this 71 year old subhuman -

I don't know if he's White or jewish but the surname doesn't sound like a jewish one. Hate criminality committed by Whites honestly frustrates and depress me the most, our people are in an optics war we are in cannot afford this and I hope there will be similar incidents to this and that it will not gain much traction. Remember as well Ashkenazi jews are considered White in the modern mainstream whenever jews engage in negative actions/atrocities. Any ruthless actions actions they undertake against Palestinians will be blamed on us.