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La Creatura

El Atrocidad

El Monstruosidad

La Luz Extinguido

El Abominacion

El Goblino

El Ogro de las Americas

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What dominant race would you consider Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay to be?

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Paraguay & Northern Chile are overwhelmingly Mestizo. Southern Chile is slightly more White.

Again, Argentina & Uruguay are whiter than the USA at this point.

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White, Spanish/Italians/Germans. Can be found all over Latin America but especially in Argentina, Uruguay & South-Eastern Brazil where they are the majority.

Mestizos. Mixed Spanish & Indigenous. The vast majority of the hispanic population.

Mulattos. Mixed from Spanish & black Africans

Indigenous. Various Native ethnicities that have not mixed with Europeans.

Black African. At the bottom of the Spanish caste system, almost all are descendants of slaves.

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Would it be reasonable to call nations like Argentina White/European nations? It should be noted a lot of the populations there self identify as White despite more than likely being Hispanic.

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Yes I absolutely do consider Argentina & Uruguay as White nations (They are whiter than the USA is today!).

Brazil was historically a White nation too, obviously mainly due to the Portuguese but also the government’s efforts in the 19th century to intentionally increase the White population through Italian & German immigration. Hence why Southern towns like São Paulo are full of gorgeous Blue eyed Blonde haired models. Sadly however this policy was abandoned after WW2 & white Brazilians are a minority.

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No. They're all too mixed. Even more than Brazil.

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The conquistadors did nothing wrong.

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They clearly did given that negroes are there and that there's still so many indios.

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Europeans historically were far too merciful to their enemies, at least by the standards of the times.

If the positions were reversed, the Indians would have genocided every white man women & child without a second thought. Instead we sought to Convert these beasts to Christianity, out of the misguided belief that we could “save their souls”...

We gave them literacy, efficient agriculture, infrastructure, architecture, medicine,the wheel, even military technology. & for what? Nothing.

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There's a youtuber named massaman that goes into this. My understanding is that south american is a mix of natives (ancient siberian asians), and Spanish. There's also some african in areas that saw heavy import of slaves. Many of these people though are not descended from high quality spanish and Asian stock. They seem to be degenerated.

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Uruguay is to this day mostly White with a few Mestizos and Mulattos.

Argentina used to be a White country until the 1960s/1970s but differences in birth rates and indios mass migrating from the north and Bolivia/Paraguay to White settlement areas has since turned it into Brazil lite, except with mestizos and castizos at the bottom instead of mulattoes and quadroons. Still has a White identity and culture, but riding the metro in Buenos Aires one will quickly realize that except for the upper and middle classes the demographics are no longer european, as much as they hate to admit it.

Southern Brazil: certainly whiter than Argentina at this point, historically overwhelmingly White but there is increasing immigration of nonwhites and even haitian negroes into this region due to it having first-world living standards and a booming economy.

Southeastern Brazil: middle and upper classes are White, but the average citizen is a quadroon.

Paraguay: Castizos

Chile: Mostly Mestizos with a few Whites.

Bolivia and Peru: Unmixed Indio majority with a mestizo elite

All the Rest: a mix of Mulattoes, Indios, Mestizos, Quadroons, Castizos and a few remaining Whites who are likely to go extinct soon.

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Chile is largely Castillean as far as I know

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Spics and nigras.

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Human, mostly

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They are some mix of european, african, or amerindian depending on what their ancestry is

We call all that "hispanic" (or "latinks") in the US b/c its useless like the rest of our bureaucracy