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Back in 2020, when there was a shortage of toilet paper in Weimerica, I went to my local Sam's Club to stock up on some essential goods. There was a queue at the Sam's Club because it was a Saturday morning and lots of people showed up. Many of these people were spics. There was one particular spic child (I would guess his age at around 6 or 7 years old) who had to go the bathroom, but the restrooms were all occupied and unavailable to use. Instead of waiting, he eventually just pulled down his pants and started urinating on the floor.

I have never seen a 6 or 7 year old white child urinating in public, even if his parents are useless and he is very undisciplined. Actually seeing low-inhib behavior in real life is something you will never forget. The idea that all the diverse peoples of Weimerica can assimilate and become generic "whites" is hilarious. Weimerica is doomed.

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Yikes. That is so disgusting. Rip society when over 25% of the country will be these low-IQ people.

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The conspiracy theory about 'white' being some kind of mystical label that the powers that be use to refer to themselves, and these powers that be are The Majority no less, is just ridiculous on its face. Of course the almighty, omnipotent masses will begin to recruit more groups into their legendary 'white' conspiracy in order to continue holding down their mortal enemy, the black man. For, if the all-powerful self-labelled 'whites' are not 51% or more of the population, they magically lose their super power.

When you really think about the implications of what they're saying with this stuff it goes to show you just how retarded liberals are.

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They're not White. Their IQ scores are worse on average.

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I'll take the bait. Does that mean that people with higher average IQ scores can be White?

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Those are Asians.

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Do they become White?

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No. They stay Asian.

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Hispanics that are more Spaniard genetically are white. I live in an area with a lot of Americanized Hispanics so I really don't see much of a problem with them integrating into white society. That being said there's been a concerted effort to bring in low quality Hispanics as part of the cultural and economic war against whites in the United States. Of course I oppose that. Unfortunately, we are knee deep in this type of immigration and we sound like lunatics politically if we say we need to deport every single hispanic from the United States.

I consider both asians and Hispanics white adjacent. Which means that it's more politically expedient for us to work with and co-opt these groups as allies against our globbalist enemies. Under the right conditions asians and hispanics can be talked into the values of nationalism and racial preservation. To a degree even collaboration with blacks against Jews is possible. I think hispanics and asians would be better and more reliable allies though. As far as race mixing goes I'm more tolerant of whites that breed with asians and hispanics vs other races like blacks. That being said breeding with non whites should always be discouraged. I'm just wondering how we're going to do that if we have no political or cultural power at all going forward.

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What region has Americanized Hispanics? I live in the Northeast. I have never seen that. They are constantly speaking Spanish, behaving like animals, etc.

I thought it is even worse in the South and rest of America..

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The American southwest and Texas.

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Hispanics behave normally there? Any data? I find that hard to believe. I thought they would be even worse with larger populations.

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Tough topic to talk about because I don't want to dox where I live (not even the state). I don't really like talking much about my younger life either but I have written on this board about dating Hispanic women in high school (pre redpill), getting to know their families, and I will say that in my current career I have to work with lots of non whites including Hispanics. Hispanics are absolutely a few steps above blacks. They certainly have a better work ethic than blacks. They seem to appreciate traditional masculine and female roles with more respect towards traditional family dynamics. They have less homosexuality than blacks. Although the homosexuality rate in Mexico is quite high. Many Hispanics in the southwest are multi generational and they aren't all migrant labors. Many are in construction, auto, service industry, education, etc. I rarely meet Hispanics, even educated ones that like to read so that's a big obvious difference from Europeans. Another downside is that there's a big range of nationalities and genetic backgrounds in the umbrella of 'hispanic' and a good chunk of them (like guatmalens) are closer on the spectrum to niggers than other clusters. My understanding is that this is a result of the Spanish caste system. I think I've just lived my life around Hispanics that come from higher caste and so my opinion is probably biased. On the other hand it seems to me like most american that live in the midwest or east coast only get to meet non english speaking mexicans working in janitorial or restaurant trades.

The one big thing hispanics have going for them is they hate progressivism/liberalism and they are natural fascists (see the alt political scene in mexico). Mexicans like civilization and would get behind a strong leader to purge the criminal element or low class element from a society. Mexicans really want to be Americans and own things (i.e. maintain things) and be part of European type civilization. Mexicans are significantly better military counterparts as well compared to blacks IMHO. Mexicans/hispanics have strongly rejected all the LGBT shit and under the right circumstances could be strong allies to a white nationalist power structure.

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Have you been to El Paso?

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What region has Americanized Hispanics?

There isn't one. I've lived all over this country and Mexicans are Mexicans, the same, wherever you go. Mexicans are not as bad as blacks, but putting them in the same ballpark as East Asians and whites is insanity.

It's also worthwhile to look at historical accomplishments. Mexicans don't science or engineer like whitey. It's because they are lower intelligence, on the average. Mexicans aren't depraved like blacks, but they were never going to figure out differential equations on their own.

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Yeah. I know what you mean. Maybe Puerto Ricans or Cubans are closest to being Americanized Hispanics. I can't recall meeting those. Just Guatemalans, Hondurans, Mexicans, and similar problematic ethnicities.

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A lot of them are either white, or are white aspirational.

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The elites? Maybe. The ones in the US? Barely fit for scrubbing toilets with few exceptions. When Trump said Mexico wasn't sending their best he was kinda right because Hispanics in America are all retarded ghetto trash while at least in their home countries they're somewhat better.

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How are a lot of them white? I don't know what you mean by White aspirational. Most of the Hispanics I knew were lazy,dumb, and always speaking Spanish.

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This is silly. There isn't any magic dirt on this side of the border that will make Mexicans white. Mexicans are still Mexicans in America. This can be demonstrated by the past 60 years of immigration.

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The more Americanized hispanics will become "white" in the same way people see asians as "white": mostly harmless citizens who exist in an ambiguous state that allows conservatives to bludgeon nigger lovers for their pets' lack of self-control while those liberals bash back with cries of "racist standards". They won't be seen as white, but they'll be seen as easier for whites to associate with. The brown ones will be seen as lesser, but still defined against negro behavior.

Regardless, assimilation of asians and non-White hispanics into White society doesn't actually help White Americans much. It still marks the decline of Whites in America, and could possibly accelerat that decline. It may help against further degradation on behalf of negroes though.