Richard Spencer on Millennial Woes by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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Richard Spencer is useless for any kind of opposition, but is useful for the ruling regime.

NJP Imploding by IvanIlyich in debatealtright

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No, it has nothing to do with ideological differences. It is purely due to "personality issues" and conflicts over internal management. Basically, grown men still acting like immature children and unable to work together to achieve a common goal.

NJP Imploding by IvanIlyich in debatealtright

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wypipo ain't got shit no mo

How deep does the Irish Catholic Slave Morality go? Van Neistat (Spirited Man) helps us find out. by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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The Bible itself, both the old and the new testament teach a materialist nationalism and the supremacy of the male, the importance of obtaining wealth etc... this was the leading view in the Protestant nations until the masonic revolutions, in which the Jesuits had a leading role

Are you familiar with Drake Shelton aka the Southern Israelite? He has a very similar viewpoint.

Do you believe this story is true? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Yes, I believe the story is true. Not only that, I am very deeply concerned by this story. I hope everyone else is deeply concerned as well. Verily, this is a matter of the utmost concern.

What is your first impression when a mainstream news article has the word "Black" in the title? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Oh my God. This is so concerning. I think we should be really concerned about this. Is everyone else also concerned?

It's been nearly 2 weeks since Hamas attacked Israel, and the Israelis still haven't committed their ground troops into Gaza. This mere fact by itself has exposed the weakness of Israel. by Islamofascist in debatealtright

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Of course Israel has a military/political goal. It needs to destroy Hamas, if for no other reason than to show that it is strong and can retaliate against a direct attack on its soil. This is what Israel said it was going to do soon after the attacks, and Israel mobilized hundreds of thousands of troops, which is very expensive and taxing on Israel's economy. Everyone assumed that there will be a large-scale Israeli ground operation in Gaza, but that has not been forthcoming.

I don't know how much you know about life in Gaza, but civilian life has already been insufferable before this war. Gaza was basically cut off from the rest of the world. The unemployment rate among young people (under 30) was over 60%. The vast majority of people had no real prospects in life. If the Jews just want to terrorize Palestinians through air strikes, it's not going to solve anything. They can't commit a "genocide" unless they use chemical weapons or something (which I wouldn't totally put past them, but if they do that things will escalate very drastically). Hamas won't be eliminated through mere air strikes. And if Hamas is not totally eliminated, Israel will look very weak, especially after the damage that Hamas managed to inflict on the Israelis.

It's been nearly 2 weeks since Hamas attacked Israel, and the Israelis still haven't committed their ground troops into Gaza. This mere fact by itself has exposed the weakness of Israel. by Islamofascist in debatealtright

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To put things into perspective, the United States and allied forces began combat operations in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) on October 7, 2001, less than a month after the 9/11 attacks, and the capital of Kabul fell on November 13. And Afghanistan is a landlocked country located on the other side of the planet as America, while Gaza is a tiny strip of land located right next to Israel.

After this week I no longer care what happens to the French by 14MJOLNIR88 in debatealtright

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France is doomed anyway lol. Most babies being born in France are blacks. French men and women are too busy cheating on each other to create families.

A perspective on the Russian point of view by jerryk in WorldPolitics

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That's true for ordinary human beings. But Jews think they are special and "God's Chosen People". So 1000 dead Jews is the equivalent of 1 million dead goyim (ordinary human cattle). That's why Israel and the Evangelical Christian cucks who support Israel are so angry.

Hamas begins land invasion of Israel, on the same anniversary as the Yom Kippur War. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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This is certainly being orchestrated by some external force, probably Iran and/or maybe Qatar. Hamas by itself can't pull off something like this without receiving a lot of intelligence, and simultaneously also having counterintelligence against Mossad.

What is most important to note is the recent attempt by Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel and to push through the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), which would pass through Saudi Arabia and have the port of Haifa in Israel as the endpoint on the Mediterranean. Iran and Russia are pushing an alternative called the International North–South Transport Corridor (INSTC), which would connect India with Europe via Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia. The recent Palestinian operation will basically force Israel to retaliate hard and probably launch a full-scale ground operation and occupation of Gaza, which will greatly damage Israel's normalization efforts with the Arab world.

Did Jean Francois Gariepy murder his wife? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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Isn't his wife mentally retarded? I think I remember seeing her a couple times.

What are the main arguments against miscegenation/legality of interracial marriage? by Nasser in debatealtright

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In general I think it's best to stick to someone who shares your ethnic background as well as your religion/values, with the latter being more important. But I also think it's a waste of time to police or legislate against interracial marriages. Some people will always marry outside of their own race, and it won't be the end of the world because of it.

What are the main arguments against miscegenation/legality of interracial marriage? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Blacks are very likely to abandon mixed-race children. I mean, they are quite likely to abandon black children as well (something like 70% of American Negroes grow up without a dad), but for mixed-race relationships that number is even higher. Rates of abuse and violence are also much higher in interracial relationships. The fact of the matter is that xenophilia is a mental illness, especially when dealing with races very different from your own. I am sure that most white women in relationships with blacks have some sort of trauma or daddy issues. They also are very likely to have tattoos, for some reason.

Real life experience at security conference by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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Being anti-China is not politically incorrect. It is mainstream and accepted among both leftists and right-wingers.

A big silent intellectual change of the past quarter century. The West got rich because Westerners are different. People from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic societies are WEIRD. The most important argument: this came from the Catholic church, which banned cousin marriage. by Chipit in books

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All of those Westerners will be extinct within a couple hundred years, except maybe the Amish (who are the least westernized of the Westerners). The future belongs to the Black Muslim.

Why has Israel not banned pornography? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Secular Jews consume their own poison, and most of them they are mentally deranged. Orthodox religious Jews are different, but they are also mentally deranged in their own way.

Israel is a very secular country where Jewishness is basically just an ethnic identity and justification for the nation-state. Tel Aviv has one of the largest concentrations of faggots in the world (and consequently, of HIV rates).

Russia signs military deals with 40 African states by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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So what? If anything, making the West more inhospitable (due to mass migration) will encourage more whites to consider migration to Russia, which will likely be the last large white country in the future. Putin has no obligation to do anything that helps the West in any way whatsoever.

Fascism Question: Is North Korea fascist? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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North Korea's central news agency (KCNA) has previously released a bulletin where they condemned multi-racialism as a "poison" intended to destroy the Korean nation. They view the South Korean government as cucks and traitors to the Korean nation because they allow American soldiers to have sex with Korean women and allow different races to live in South Korea.

Here is the official statement of the KCNA:

Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- A strange farce to hamstring the essential characters of the Korean nation and seek for "multiracial society" is now being held in south Korea. In this regard Rodong Sinmun today runs a signed commentary, which censures the farce as an unpardonable bid to negate the homogeneity of the nation, make south Korea multiracial and Americanize it. To deny the peculiarity and advantages of the homogeneous nation now that dominationism and colonialism are posing a threat to the destiny of weak nations is a treacherous act of weakening the spirit of the nation, the commentary says, and goes on: The south Korean pro-American traitorous forces advocating the theory of "multiracial society" are riffraffs who have not an iota of national soul, to say nothing of the elementary understanding of the view on the nation and social and historic development. If the homogeneity of the nation is not kept, the nation and the destiny of individuals cannot be defended from the U.S. dominationist moves and the attempt of the Japanese reactionaries for invasion of Korea, which is revealed in their claim to Tok Islet, cannot be checked. The theory of "multiracial society" is a poison and anti-reunification logic aimed to emasculate the basic idea in the era of independent reunification. The anti-national logic is advocated in south Korea, contrary to the aspiration of the fellow countrymen. This is ascribable to the criminal attempt of the pro-American elements including the Grand National Party to make the north and the south different in lineages, block the June 15 era of reunification and seek the permanent division of the nation and the manipulation of the U.S. behind the scene. The commentary calls upon the people from all walks of life in south Korea to decisively reject the anti-national moves of the sycophantic traitorous forces to tarnish the lineage of the Korean nation and obliterate it, bereft of the Juche character and national character.

Archived link:

Russia signs military deals with 40 African states by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Those blacks won't be allowed to flood Russia, only the West. Why should Putin care about what happens to the West?

Will Hispanics in America become White to prevent any minority-white nation? Why do so many liberals believe that? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Back in 2020, when there was a shortage of toilet paper in Weimerica, I went to my local Sam's Club to stock up on some essential goods. There was a queue at the Sam's Club because it was a Saturday morning and lots of people showed up. Many of these people were spics. There was one particular spic child (I would guess his age at around 6 or 7 years old) who had to go the bathroom, but the restrooms were all occupied and unavailable to use. Instead of waiting, he eventually just pulled down his pants and started urinating on the floor.

I have never seen a 6 or 7 year old white child urinating in public, even if his parents are useless and he is very undisciplined. Actually seeing low-inhib behavior in real life is something you will never forget. The idea that all the diverse peoples of Weimerica can assimilate and become generic "whites" is hilarious. Weimerica is doomed.

Prominent Researcher Richard Lynn Dies at 93 - Obituary by Jared Taylor by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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Want to hear something funny? It's been 10 days since Mr. Lynn died, and his Wikipedia article (as of July 27) still hasn't been updated to reference his death, because the only sources that have talked about his death so far are right-wing or alternative media sources. One of the leading editors on Mr. Lynn's article is some genderqueer faggot who reverts anything that uses those sources, even for something as simple and objective as a person's death. So as far as Wikipedia is concerned, Mr. Lynn has not actually died, because his death cannot be substantiated by any "credible sources". This means that Mr. Lynn will live forever.

Is Islam the most JQ-aware religion? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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It's almost entirely because of Israel and common anti-Muslim views. Hindu nationalists are anti-Christian and anti-Muslim but tend to be pro-Israel. They have no reason to be anti-Jew, since their opposition to Christianity and Islam is based entirely on those religions having a large and increasing presence in India, while Judaism doesn't proselytize.

Is Islam the most JQ-aware religion? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Yes, in principle Islam is the most hostile religion to Jews, while Evangelical Christians and Hindus are the most Judeophilic. But many Muslims (including Muslim intellectuals) are still quite ignorant about Jews and their role in modern civilization. On Youtube there is a popular Iranian Sunni fundamentalist named Daniel Haqiqatjou (he goes by the moniker "Muslim Skeptic") who is very good at attacking and deconstructing Liberalism, Feminism, and Secular Modernity more generally, but even he basically avoids the Jewish Question. He once had a debate/discussion with Mark Collett, the famous British White Nationalist, and while that conversation was productive and both Mark and Daniel agreed that Liberalism was evil, I don't think Daniel was willing to accept the enormity of Jewish influence on modern Western civilization. He continued to attack the spectre of "Liberalism" without looking at the actual actors who played a crucial role in propagating the liberal, feminist, and secular values that Daniel attacks. I think Jung's maxim is very apt here: people don't have ideas, but rather, ideas have people. And Liberalism undeniably has Jews as its "brahmin" caste, its intellectual defenders and propagators.

If I had to judge which Muslim groups are the most Jew-aware, I would say the Lebanese Shias and Palestinians (for obvious reasons) are at the top, followed by Iranian Shias who are pro-Islamic Revolution. The Houthis of Yemen also deserve a mention.

Can anyone explain the fertility rate of central Asia bucking the typical demographic shift trend? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Islamic resurgence plus expanding economies. It's most notable in the case of Uzbekistan. During the Soviet and immediate post-Soviet period, Uzbek fertility rates collapsed from nearly 7 kids per woman to just over 2 kids per woman. This was due to poor economy plus promotion of secularization, female education, and birth control. Since the 2000s, the number of practicing Muslims has increased significantly and the economy has also grown quite rapidly, averaging nearly 7% GDP growth per year. The result is increasing fertility rates.

If I had to weight those two variables, I would give much bigger weight to religion and culture than economics, because other countries that also saw rapid economic growth did not see increased fertility rates. China is the most obvious example. China's economy grew even faster, yet Chinese fertility rates fell by nearly 50 percent between 1990 and 2020, from 2.51 to 1.28. So clearly, an expanding economy is not sufficient to induce people to reproduce. There also needs to be a sociocultural preference for starting families and making babies.

When is the best time to have kids? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Men and women aren't equal, so this question has to have two separate answers for each sex. Men should get married after their mid-20s, because they need to first prove themselves in some way. This usually involves demonstrating that they can be breadwinners and provide for their wives and children. In traditional societies, a man would have to pay a dowry before his prospective wife's father would accept the marriage. If we look at the Biblical dowry, it would be equal to about $100,000 in modern terms. The fact that hardly any young man can afford that shows that modern society is screwed, and men will have to delay marriage further (into their 30s or even 40s). However, the good news is that, unlike females, a man can can still sire children when he is older. If he maintains a healthy lifestyle and builds his wealth, he can easily acquire a young concubine or two (if not a wife) when he is older. This is why God allows older men to marry younger women, as we see in the case of many great men in history like King Solomon (pbuh) and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). God is loving and just, and does not want to see men suffer from celibacy and lack of sex or children. Men are the most beloved creations of God, which is why when God created Adam, He ordered the Angels to prostrate before Adam. If God is ever harsh on men for deviating from His Law, it is only because God wants the best for us.

As for women, most of them should get married shortly after they become sexually mature, which is traditionally at the onset of their menstruation. I would say at least two-thirds of women should already be married or engaged by the age of 16. If a woman shows exceptional academic ability and high IQ, she should be allowed to pursue higher education, and find a husband who has a similarly high IQ (since you cannot except an exceptionally intelligent woman to be happily married to a mediocre or stupid man). However, I believe that education is wasted on the vast majority of women. What need do most women have for calculus, differential equations, or abstract algebra? Most women would be much happier if they are at home and pregnant with a man that they can respect and rely on.

Afghanistan is the only country that has a future, because it is the only country that recognizes the truth of what I have written. Even the Great Satan could not conquer and subdue Afghanistan, despite spending trillions of dollars to wage war against poor and destitute cavemen. Is this not a sign that God loves those who fight for Him?

Lol, I love how many of them think this cope is fooling anyone. by Mr9to5 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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California literally is a shithole. You can't walk through their cities without encountering human feces. I even saw homeless people openly defecating in train stations. Even some cities in India aren't as filthy and disgusting as Los Angeles and San Fagsicko.

HAPPENING: Race War in Paris, Sirens turned on for first time since WW2, IEDs and Attempted Prison Break by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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Let France burn to the ground.

How accurate are these 2023 IQ numbers for American ethnic groups? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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High IQ is only a good thing in a moral and Godly civilization. In a filthy Satanic society like America, there is no benefit to having high IQ. People with exceptionally high IQ like Dr. Theodore Kaczynski and Terry Davis (the smartest programmer who ever lived) either go insane, become social recluses, or kill themselves. In a proper civilization, those people would be the next Isaac Newton, but that's not possible in a Satanic society like modern America.

Importing a bunch of Chinese and Indians with decently high IQs is a disaster, because these people will be used to perpetuate the Satanic system as a middling managerial class (though few, if any, will actually become part of the true elite). Since most Chinese and Indians are materialistic idol-worshipers, without any grounding in Abrahamic religion or morality, they are totally useless for any kind of real revolution. Instead, they will buttress the existing political system. It would be far better if America imported a bunch of Somalis instead, because a large population of Somalis will have an immensely destabilizing effect on America, and such people cannot be used to perpetuate the system. Instead, the system will have to stretch its resources to accommodate them. Thus, from the perspective of someone who wants the system to be destroyed, Asian immigration is the most dangerous precisely because of their higher IQs, and because it is most beneficial to the ruling elites.

Why does globohomo love weed so much? (And hate tobacco?) by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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Just look at the typical person who smokes weed, and you will get your answer.

Ancient wooden penis could be a Roman dildo, scientists say by [deleted] in history

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The joke's on them. If Romans were a bunch of fags, what does that say about the people who were thoroughly defeated, subjugated, and enslaved by a bunch of fags, and not recovering even after 2000 years? lol

Why do "pro-life" Christians fanatically support the genocide of Palestinians? by Idoloboretz in debatealtright

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There's actually quite a few hardcore Christians who are pro-Palestine. Pastor Steven Anderson is one notable example who I'm familiar with.

A wake up call for Boomers: how will they react when all their Nursing Homes are full of non-whites? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Most boomers deserve to spend their final years in a living hell, before they are sent to the real Hell by God. And when I turn 70 I won't be staying in a retirement home lol. I will be living with my grown up children who will take care of me, just like I take care of my parents. If you want to live a gay individualistic lifestyle, then you should be prepared to accept the consequences of that lifestyle. That means dying alone with no one around to love you or take care of you.

Nietzsche on Aryans, Jews, and the Genealogy of Morals by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Regardless of what one thinks of Nietzsche, he most definitely was NOT a historian. He had some knowledge of Classical Antiquity due to his background as a philologist, but was never a historical researcher (though he did work on the philosophy of history, this is a very different field from history proper). I think for Nietzsche, history existed mostly as allegory, not as a sequence of ascertainable facts.

The world is such a bizarre place I wonder if it's real by sneako in RealIncels

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I truly cannot believe this shit. I can't believe that life originated as algae, then turned into fish, then turned into monkeys

That's because it's not true. The mainstream theory of evolution is fake and gay. We are not the result of random processes spanning billions of years. We were created deliberately by God. And God also intended that the world in which we exist has both pain and pleasure, both suffering and joy. Nothing in this world is an accident.

Suffering is not inherently bad. On the contrary, suffering is necessary. God intends that we suffer, so that we can become stronger. Our Imams give the analogy of iron being melted in a crucible, so that it can be purified and forged into stronger steel; in a similar way, humans must suffer in this world as a crucible (test), so that they can rise higher. The meaning of our life in this world is Jihad, which means Struggle. It is our duty to struggle in this world, and God loves those who struggle with Him in mind. Jihad has both internal and external dimensions: one must struggle against oneself, to purify your own soul (this can include fighting against pornography and other addictions, for example), and at the same time, one must also struggle against worldly enemies, such as feminists, liberals, and other types of filth. Both of these aspects of Jihad are very important.

Scientists have reached a new milestone on reverse aging. Could this cause more harm than good? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Is this why Kissinger hasn't died yet?

I'm Lost on the Way to NoFap by OPStolen in RealIncels

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Sounds like you have high testosterone and need an outlet that isn't jacking off. When I was in similar situations, I found that exercise helped a lot. It cleared my mind and made me feel much better afterwards. For me, studying or trying to focus on some mental task didn't work. I needed to be physically active in order to focus mentally.

Are we pro or anti white women on this forum? by sneako in RealIncels

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White women are overrated. Most of them age like milk, and have a body count equal or higher to an escort.

The only "white" women I am attracted to are Sicilian women, because they remind me of Middle Eastern women.

What do you people feel about your parents? by sneako in RealIncels

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I have the arms of a dude that's 5ft 9. My arms literally reach right above my knees. I notice when other people are walking that their arms don't go past their waist. I have the arms of a dude that's 5ft 9 or 5ft 10 but I stunted at 5ft 7.

Were you fat during puberty, and/or have a shitty diet? Do you have large feet relative to your height? It sounds like you were meant to grow to be at least 5'9'' but some environmental factors stunted your height. Having a large wingspan relative to your height is a typical side effect of stunted growth.

Thoughts on this article and thread alleging Russia set up a torture chamber for children in Kherson? by Nasser in debatealtright

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This is too stupid to even warrant a response. I was honestly expecting anti-Russian propaganda to be better quality than this. But I guess the average libtard has been lobotomized to such a degree that it doesn't matter anymore. You can literally say anything you want, and libtards will believe it if it confirms "Russia bad". These worthless sheep deserve the life of abject slavery that is waiting for them.

Less than half of England and Wales population Christian, Census 2021 shows by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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I myself reject the Nicene Creed and consider it to be theological corruption, but yes, a religion can still "work" if only a handful of people know that the creed is fake while the rest of society genuinely believes in the religion without knowing or caring about the fine points of theology and any possible corruption that might have taken place. But it's pretty much impossible for a phenomenon like that to exist in the modern world.

Less than half of England and Wales population Christian, Census 2021 shows by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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On one hand, I was never a fan of Christianity, and see it as just as much as a Middle Eastern invasion as Judaism and Islam are.

But on the other, it's obvious that whatever else will fill the vacuum could be much, much worse and lead to further cultural rot.

I honestly wish Europe had stuck to its own native religions instead of having to rely on these forced imported ones.

Or even better, create a new religion that supports blood and soil, like what Ben Klassen did.

You can't "create a new religion". A true religion can be revealed by a Prophet from God, but not invented. Following an invented religion which everyone believes to be invented is just stupid LARP. I have more respect for atheists than pagan LARPers.

Also, no one forced Christianity on England. The Anglo-Saxon kings were willingly converted to Christianity by Christian monks, beginning with King Ethelbert of Kent who converted shortly after Augustine of Canterbury's mission arrived in 597. And regardless if you are a Christian or not, it's obvious that Christianity had a positive influence on many aspects of civilization, especially when it came to family life, regulating sexuality, and keeping a check on social violence. Ever since Christianity has been overtaken by its heretical grandchildren like Liberalism and Communism, Western civilization has gone to shit.

Reddit post descends into a chorus about how evil conservatism is. What are your thoughts on the arguments presented? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Who cares what these people think? Libtards on reddit are the least likely people on earth to procreate and have children. Liberalism is like a virus that can only spread by infecting the minds of new generations, since libtards themselves are barren and don't reproduce. That's why the future of America will belong to highly conservative groups who have large fruitful families and deliberately self-segregate from the putrid mass of American libtard "culture". The Amish are the best examples of this, and they are basically the only White people who have a future.

Prediction: Christians in the US will convert en-masse to Islam or Darwinism by Vulptex in politics

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Liberals don't like Islam. The only reason they don't hate it as much as Christianity (depending on the person) is because Islam is mostly a brown people's religion while Christianity was traditionally a white people's religion. But if that ever changes, and white people convert en masse to Islam, they will hate Islam more than Christianity. You can go on reddit and see for yourself what libtards think about Islam, or pretty much any religion that actually believes in something.

Not altright but trying to understand your perspective. by gloomy_bear in debatealtright

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The only true Aryans are Iranians and some Afghans. They are the only people who used the term "Aryan" in the past as an ethnic self-designation. No Europeans ever identified as "Aryan" before the 19th century. The ancient Greeks used the term "Ariana" (land of the Arians) to describe the territory between eastern Iran and the river Indus, which encompasses all of modern-day Afghanistan. That was most likely the homeland of the Aryans/Iranians. See:

As for the Alt-Right, they use the term "White" as a shorthand for "people of Christian European background". The designation "White" only became important in America, due to the presence of "non-Whites" which were in constant juxtaposition with the "Whites". In ancient Europe, no one identified as 'White" because there was no need to do so, just as no one in Congo identified as "Black" or "African" before the arrival of Europeans. But in modern times, due to the presence of large numbers of non-Whites in Europe, we might see the emergence of American-style White Nationalism in Europe as well.

How do oldcels cope with the feeling of being underdeveloped? by Mazurro in RealIncels

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Are you on the autism spectrum?

Is the US behind the Nord Stream destruction? by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Jews have an intense hatred for Germans in particular, and want to see Germans suffer this winter. So yes, the American Empire is almost certainly responsible for this.

Finally, the Russians are taking off their gloves and completely destroying Ukrainian civilian infrastructure by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Libtards on reddit are saying this is due to Putin's "impotent rage" at Russia's "catastrophic military failure."

Anyway, why didn't Russia do this from the very beginning?

The fate of r/nonmorons by trident765 in nonmorons

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Why did they ban it now? The sub wasn't active for a long time and was closed for new submissions. Maybe some tranny was looking through old posts and got offended by something posted on there?

The myth of a Judeo Christian Tradition by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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Christianity is very much "anti semitic" (this word is in itself misleading, because the jews aren't semites. In fact Europeans are)

What does this even mean?

Russian soldiers talking by a fire chat- We are fighting for white civilization and a white Russian empire by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Europe and America are not white nations, they fuck niggers, Arabs, and chinks

Many Russian elites have Asiatic blood, and some are even Hapas. The current Defence Minister of Russia who is Putin's close confidant, Sergei Shoigu, is half-Mongoloid (from his paternal side) and half-Slavic (from his maternal side). But these Russian Hapas are different from Western Hapas. The Western Hapas are mostly the product of loser white men who have to marry a Chinese or Vietnamese wife because they can't get white women. Most of their fathers don't actually respect Asians, they just want Asian pussy. As a result, poor relationships between race-mixing white fathers and their Hapa offspring are common in the West. In extreme cases, this results in people like the "Supreme Gentleman" Elliot Roger.

However, the Russian Hapas are different. For one thing, it is more common to see Mongoloid men with White women in Russia, while in the West the great majority of Asian/White relationships involve a White man with an Asian woman. Mongoloid groups in Russia like the Tuvans, Bashkirs, and Kalmyks tend to be have highly masculine men while Slavic women are of course noted for their femininity. Neither group has issues with self-esteem, or seeks partners outside of their traditional homeland due to sexual desperation. Whenever such pairings occur between Mongoloids and Slavs, they occur naturally as a result of living in close proximity of each other. Thus, we see that Russian Hapas are far healthier than Western Hapas.

Reddit regiment gets slaughtered by Russians, surviving soy rambos are deserting in terror by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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I hope more Americans go to The Ukraine and come back in body bags.

Are you sympathetic to Ukraine or Russia? [POLL] by DisgustResponse in debatealtright

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Now, Putin can lock up the Russian analogue of the DR, be a Jew, have a bunch of corrupt Jew oligarchs running everything (all of which are likely to be true, just look into Putin's mother's surname)

Putin's mother is of Russian Christian origin. Jews never name their daughters "Mary" or "Maria".

Grades are stupid by trident765 in nonmorons

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Grades are a great way of determining which students are most likely to suck up to authority figures to advance their own status. That's why grades are very important for determining entrance into elite universities.

I'm Leaving BitChute (Subscribe on Odysee, Links in Description) by trident765 in nonmorons

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Jewchute deleted all of my videos and my channel for being pro-Hezbollah.

HBD spergs I have a question about ginger men by Markimus in debatealtright

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are Scandinavian, German, Dutch etc gingers also more prone to extremism, impulsive violence etc?

One of the most influential Salafi preachers in Germany is a convert named Pierre Vogel. He looks like this:

The good thing about dictators is that they can't be bought by [deleted] in nonmorons

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It says the video is unavailable.

Soyientific American: Pedophobes are hidden pedophiles by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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They won't ever normalize young girls marrying older men, because that will go completely against elite interests. That would strengthen hardline religious fundamentalists who hate the system and who already push girls to marry as young as possible. What the elites want is to normalize young girls posting borderline pornographic pics of themselves on social media or pimping themselves out on OnlyFans in their teens. They basically want to turn girls into e-prostitutes as young as possible to destroy families and normal sexual relationships. The elites themselves already have ample sexual access to young females, as the case of Jeffrey Epstein makes clear, so they won't benefit from lowering the age of consent. If anything, I think elites get a rush from breaking laws.

Another thing that the elites will definitely promote is pederasty, i.e. sodomite relationships between older men and younger boys. This will destroy the soul and mind of young boys and turn them into broken, traumatized slaves of ZOG. That should be clearly differentiated from pedophilia, which has become a largely meaningless phrase thanks to its stupid use by modern scum. According to modern scum, a 30-year old who is sexually attracted to a 16-year old girl is a "pedophile", and a man who is sexually attracted to a 2-month old infant is also a "pedophile". They use the same word in reference to both people, which shows how stupid modern people are.

The great convergence: Late-stage capitalism has effectively morphed into communism. by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Jordan Peterson is as conservative as they get

Jordan Peterson is a "Classical British liberal" according to himself.

Chinese government forbids under-18s from playing video games for more than three hours a week; calls it ‘spiritual opium’ by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Very impressive, although it remains to be seen to what extent this decision is enforceable.

The government doesn't need to enforce it to the letter. You underestimate the extent to which citizens will voluntarily follow the government's dictates if they respect that government, especially in a collectivist society like China. Even in the United States, there was a time when millions of Americans would voluntarily buy war bonds and ration their own household supplies just because the government said so. That would be unthinkable in modern-day America.

What's the relation between Christianity and liberalism? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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It sort of goes back to that Hitler quote -- which I think Schmitt or Heidegger may have said first -- that Bolshevism was the bastard child of Christianity which I sort of agree with but ultimately think is misleading.

The quote is "Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism." And it was said by Oswald Spengler.

Also I would argue that there is an innate hostility most liberals posses towards Christianity which is because of a proper recognition of just how fundamentally opposed to their worldview Christianity really is but then again people could counter and say that it's merely two sets of high priests jostling for power and reflects that and not a fundamental conflict of ideals.

Liberals hate competing religions in general. The reason why Western liberals hate Christianity so much is because Christianity was the dominant religion of the West and thus forms the backdrop of Western society. Similarly, liberals from the Middle East and North Africa hate Islam because Islam forms the backdrop of MENA societies, and liberals from India hate Classical Hinduism because Hinduism forms the backdrop of Indian society.

I'd say Protestantism was definitely a precursor to the rise of liberalism though. Whatever one may think of the current Pope and his idiotic liberal musings at its core the Catholic church is profoundly illiberal. Protestantism gave rise to hyper-individualism and the idea that any mad freak could just interpret and practice the faith in any kooky way they chose. I see nothing fundamentally liberal about the way most Orthodox Christians practice their faith either and that's something the 'Christianity is cucked' people don't seem eager to explain.

It is astonishing that on this forum, which is based on the "Alt-Right" ideology, you give so much credence to theology and religious ideologies over racial biology. Doesn't the Alt-Right consider culture to be downstream from biology? If you consider Protestantism to be "definitely the precursor to the rise of liberalism", then from where does Protestantism emerge? Why did Protestantism specifically take hold in Northern Europe and not in Southern Europe or the Mediterranean? How come countries like Ethiopia and Armenia, which were Christian for much longer than any place in Northern Europe, never saw a movement like Protestantism even though they also had a Church similar to the Church of Rome?

Don't pussyfoot around the answer. Protestantism - and therefore liberalism - is a specific product of the Germanic race. An Ethiopian Christian could have never produced an ideology like Protestantism. The fact that Jews were involved in Liberalism and Marxism is a secondary effect. Jews were around for many centuries, and they were irrelevant for most of that time. Jews became prominent only thanks to the ascendancy of the Germanic West. In other words, the rise of Jewish power is concomitant with the rise of the West. Thus, what will it take to destroy Jewish power?

There's the final red pill for you.

What's the relation between Christianity and liberalism? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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The ban of cousin marriage lead to the situation, that people had to marry others, who were more distant to them. Hence, people identified less with other relatives and this fostered individualism.

Based. This is one of the reasons why I support cousin marriage. With modern genetic testing and screening, any possible downsides to cousin marriages can be easily mitigated. All over the world, cousin marriage is directly correlated to higher ethnocentrism, in-group preference, and stronger kinship bonds.

2020 US Census shows White population has DROPPED by 8.6% in a decade. The first ever in U.S History. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Read a theory that White Californians deliberately refused to participate in the census in order to make California lose a house seat.

Cope. The fact is that your filthy country is dying.