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Kanye is going about it all wrong associating with Milo and Fuentes. He should have taken Warren's idea and worked with the Nation of Islam. They have more inroads into black voters that would be a better support base for Kanye rather than conservatives who are just going to vote for ZionDon or ZionRon.

If he played his cards right, he could throw the whole fake and gay democracy into complete chaos. He can't win, but he could peel off enough black voters to fracture the Dem voter base and by extension the black/Jewish alliance while also mainstreaming the JQ. If it were to play out that way, it would be the most beneficial political development for White Americans in a century (1920s immigration restrictions). It's not the potential for the red ZOG bot to defeat the blue ZOG bot that is intriguing. It's the metapolitical shift and chaos. Imagine if Jews would have to start cracking down on blacks because of concerns about anti-Semitism. It would expose so much about the system and take the heat off of /ourguys/. There is much potential.

Sadly, I think it will be a much milder metapolitical win than that. I think the Red ZOG team of Milo, Fuentes, and Trump is succeeding in derailing him. It's still a win to be sure, but not a the massive one it could have been.

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Who are you btw

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I think I used ArchVileRespawns here, but I'm not sure if I remember that right. It's been a long time.

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If Kanye runs for president, he will lose badly. Still, I think a Kanye campaign would result in considerable metapolitical benefits, and what is more, the lion's share of those benefits will probably not go to Kanye himself or even to America First.

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He needs to run now to test the waters. If he loses, then he can regroup and do better next time. If he puts it off It's never going to happen.

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I don't think he could win no matter what, he'd probably get shut down by fundraisers, parties, media, electoral authorities, etc. He's best seen as a conduit to mainstreaming any parallel ideas he has. That said he probably has the best intentions and is least morally compromised between him, Biden, and Trump so I'd honestly really like him to win even if that's impossible.

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Right hence he should go as hard as he can

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My gut feeling is that Kanye doesn't know what the fuck he is getting into. I bet he's not even aware of how close he came to being drugged up by that Israeli 'personal trainer' kike. He seems seduced by the idea of being President without realizing that it's a bit of a trap and you don't have the power you think you do.

Do I think Kanye is 'controlled' like normie candidates? No, but he's also an art type which can be easily manipulated by multiple sides.

In general I think it's good for us because any increase in awareness of jewish power is good. I don't think Kanye has a chance at election and if he was elected he wouldn't really know how to navigate Washington. He'd probably surround himself with all the wrong people like Trump. His presidency will probably just be bogged down by manufactured 'scandal' like Trump and then he will go down as a weird historical footnote.

I'm not going to take the Bronze Age Pervert position and say it's bad. Anything is better than status quo.

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My gut feeling is that Kanye doesn't know what the fuck he is getting into. I bet he's not even aware of how close he came to being drugged up by that Israeli 'personal trainer'

Oh he knows. If you watch the interview with Tim Pool he says flat out that if he had consented to all the drugs his "trainer" wanted to give him he would be dead right now and they'd be talking about how it was all a tragic accidental overdose or suicide.

I lost all respect for Tim Pool over that show. I get he's a civnat and if you don't want to name them, fine, but he kept trying to interrupt Kanye and spew Jonathon Greenblat's talking points. He could have let Kanye say his piece and then said I disagree and leave it at that, but he had to go above and beyond whoring himself out for the tribe. It was embarrassing.

Milo actually came across well in the interview and did a better job of pointing out Jew hypocrisy than Kanye. I can stand Milo a hell of a lot more than Nick Fuentes. Milo is at least smart. Fuentes is an immature dimwit and should not be leading anything.

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I heard on FTN that BAP is a Jew.

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If he can make it to the debate rounds and bring up Jews/White Genocide in front of Biden, that's a massive victory.

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It should be proclaimed in every town square...

Here Ye! Hear Ye!

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I think it's retarded but I hate the Republican Party so go for it fuck it

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Don't know why so many right winged people like trump. Financially supports ISRAEL and the jews and is advised by jews and is surrounded by them. Jared Kushner and cuck Mike Pence surrounding him. The only reason trump is a republican is because he couldn't make it in the democratic party. He is getting his strings pulled by the jews surrounding him.

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The Great Negro