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I have also been seeing individual US military recruiters complain about a dearth of recruits recently. It is an interesting phenomenon. If this turns out to be a long term problem, that could be a serious crisis.

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It's like the late Roman Empire. Absolutely no one in the western Roman Empire wanted to join the army. They'd go as far as mutilate themselves to avoid a conscription and landowners paid huge bribes to keep their work force from conscription.

Ultimately, they had to recruit German mercenaries and we know how that ended.

This trend repeated with several other empires down the line.

The Arabs at one point stopped being warriors and hired Turkic mercenaries to fight instead. The Turks took over.

The Eygptians stopped fighting and hired slaves aka Mamelukes to fight their wars. The Mamelukes overthrew them.

The Ottoman sultans recruited Christian slave boys from balkans to be their private army, the janissaries. The Janissaries over time became the de facto ruler of the empire, killing and dethroning Sultans at will.

As one Sultan put it, "I have become a subject to my own slaves"

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That's why traditionally the warrior caste rules over the merchant and labour castes. Ultimately, the social order depends on military power to sustain it.

I don't think there is anyone that even could fight for the US outside the US military, though. There would need to be some explosion in the number and quality of PMCs for something like that to become viable.

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There would need to be some explosion in the number and quality of PMCs for something like that to become viable.

PMCs have a strong incentive to run or skip serious conflicts. Killing some nigs in Africa to secure an oil well? Sure. Fighting the Russian army in the Baltic states or the Chinese in Taiwan? Sorry, no point in getting gibs if I'm not alive to spend it.

That's why traditionally the warrior caste rules over the merchant and labour castes

Yes. Generally they ruled societies for the simple fact that they held the sword and no other caste could oppose them. The advent of industrialization and democracy inverted this dynamic. Countries like France, Britain, and America became oligarchic republics where the merchant class ruled from the shadows. The electoral process was and is dependent on oligarch patronage, so these countries became merchant-run regimes. This in turn opened the doors for the Jews to decisively take power.

Since Jews controlled finance, they could control the industrialists and traders, who in turn controlled politics.

It's not a coincidence that Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia were the only great powers in Europe on the eve of ww1 where Jewish influence was not heavily felt at the top.

The Prussian military aristocracy ran Germany and the Russian aristocracy ran Russia.

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PMCs have a strong incentive to run or skip serious conflicts.

This is true and it is also the reason why mercantile civilisations generally decline. Given a lack of other options, however, I think PMC could be one choice that the USA could recourse to, at least hypothetically.

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Maybe they'll just drop standards completely and start recruiting ghetto thugs.

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I think in case of war the US military would almost certainly have to drop its standards. I recall reading that apparently about 80% of military age men in the USA are unfit for duty. It is difficult to see how the army would be able to deal with such a massive problem.

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Imagine George floyd driving a tank. Lol.

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The US tried to build an army of Afghans and Iraqis, but failed miserably. Kurds are defending US oil/Israel interests in Syria and Iraq now. The fight against Russia is being fought with Ukrainians and to some extent Poles. Eastern Europeans are the last white people who actually believe in western liberalism and who are willing to fight for it. If the US ends up in a war with China expect a lot of Poles and Lithuanians to do the fighting.

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This might not be due to ideological reasons.

It could be due to economic factors. Plenty of jobs available, so no need to enlist.

Other possibility is potential recruits are worried about a real war. It was easy to recruit people to fight afghan goat fuckers and iraqi sandniggers, but less are interested in trading punches with China or some unknown future Russian proxy.