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Wow. Outstanding list. Thanks for putting this together.

I'd add that several high profile government officials including generals and President Eisenhower didn't even mention the 'holocaust' in their memoirs. The idea of the holocaust didn't even seem to gain any traction until the 70's when a bunch of marketing executives came together to promote the idea. There's a book called the Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein that goes into great detail about this industry.

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I'm glad you liked it. Not only do the Germans have to still pay for it, but the stigma has extended to white people as a whole, which is just absurd considering the Germans didn't do the things they did for no reason and the really low denialist figures are at least possible. What about the crimes the Jews themselves committed? People don't get that the mainstream narratives are a joke.

Either way, I've been the conspiracist with some of the largest amount of research related to the Holocaust but I went dark about it for a while to focus on the Vatican but due to having something like a fall out with d3rr recently I decided to share my research with you guys, so make good use of it.

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We appreciate it! We'll try to circulate.

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17 . has been debunked yet remains a favorite of holocaust denial. There is no special meaning of 6 million for Jews and reference to various millions of Jews in danger in pre WW2 articles is just as common as references to 6 million.

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How has it been debunked lol? 6 million was specifically referenced as was other fake numbers, doesn't mean the fact that the 6 million number is a fake made up one has been debunked.

It's fake and gay, if jews lying using other specifics was proof that another one of their lies isn't debunked then this paradox would make everything jews say true due to the fact that everything they say is actually a lie which will legitimise everything else that has contradictions with the specifics of that lie.

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Their claim is that is the 6M number was chosen because it represents something important to the Jewish religion therefore it proves the holocaust was fake because it was referenced in articles before the holocaust.

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Sure, doesn't change the fact that the number is referenced and still fake af

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Their claim is that is the 6M number was chosen because it represents something important to the Jewish religion

It does. Its a prophecy from the Torah about the return of the Jews to Israel (after they were forced into yet another exodus). The passage was: ''You shall return minus 6 million.'' The Jews have always interpreted this as meaning that 6 million of their people would need to die as part of a ritual sacrifice, before they could return to Israel.

They were trying to invoke that prophecy for many decades prior to WW2. Jews would write articles about 6 million of their people being in danger, suffering, starving, or even dying. They didn't strike gold until WW2 and the Holocaust happened. BTW, the etymology of that word is very important. Holocaust means a burnt offering.

It really puts the whole thing into perspective.

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That's right, what authority are we supposed to believe in, the Jewish ones in this case? The number six does has a relevance to the Jews and that passage can at least be interpreted that way.

I already shared the records of the 6M figure showing up in different places as well so I don't know what that guy is on about, lol...

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No, it wasn't debunked.

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I honestly don't care how many were killed, or what method was used. They deserved it.

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Meh, I don't see value in taking the life of someone who can't fight back. Either way, even if you see things that way, I don't think It's the smartest thing to do politically.

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I don't think It's the smartest thing to do politically.

All of the meaningful resistance to "anti-semitism" is from political groups the jews themselves control. They are golems whose purpose is our destruction. Whether or not we or the parties we create or comprise advocate or endorse positions like those Ethnocrat expressed (which I'm heavily inclined to agree with, mind you) they will relentlessly attack us like rabid dogs, because they essentially are the rabid dogs of judeo-satanist modernity.

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Why is this comment not getting any insightful votes? I think people are overlooking the Jews a bit and not understanding their ultimatum.

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The Jews will never be able to fight back; they are cowards and resort to mentally fucking the masses through the form of material and phsychological things.

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I'm going to leave your comment up because technically the holocaust didn't really even happen so you're not really wishing 'violence' on a group of people. The "holocaust" was largely an effort to protect Jews from wartime violence/petulance. Many Jews volunteered to go to the camp. It was part of an extended effort to get them out of Europe. If the German government had not provided the camps and provided the exit ramps many many more would have died from chaos caused by Europeans learning about the heinous crimes of the Jewish people.

You do seem to be implying that ALL German Jews living in Germany at the time deserved punishment. I would caution that at all points in Jewish history whenever they exploit the local population there are lots of innocent Jews, I call these 'small' jews, caught up in the politics and don't know they are destroying their host. Sure there's always a degree of responsibility that you can put on people but by that logic ALL american citizens are responsible for the terrible atrocities committed by the US government. The reality is that 'Big Jews' are doing a terrible disservice to their people by constantly fucking over their hosts. It's the Big Jews that need tried in a court and sentenced not the little Jews. (Do I want little Jews in a future ethnostate? No but that's another topic).

I disavow your comment that "every Jew living in Germany/Europe 'deserved it'" even though I think that many of them were intimately involved in generating and perpetuating conditions that caused Wiemar, the great depression and WWII.

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Anyone remember a screenshot from an unclassified FBI document about the six million and illegal immigration being underestimated? Was supposedly from the 1960s or 1970s iirc.

edit: found it

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Regardless of it. I'm sure a lot of Jews simply migrated to the US and other places illegally, with many changing their names. This is probably the reason why a lot of Jewish families think their own were "extinguished" during the war.

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This was the document/image I was referring to

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Thanks a lot for sharing.

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What about the 'Holocaust by bullets' on the Eastern front? The Einsatzgruppen killed 1.5 million Jews in the occupied territorys of the USSR. The Soviets found the mass graves after the Germans retreated.

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I would take anything the Soviets said with a grain of salt. I'm sure there were confrontations between enemy Jewish groups and the Germans, but I'm only talking into account if the Germans actually killed innocent civilians or not. The Soviets made a lot of shit up to blame the Germans for their own crimes.

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The Babi Yar massacre was well documented. In September 1941, the Germans rounded up over 30,000 Jews and executed them by gunfire. That was done by Einsatzgruppe C, on the orders of Otto Rasch.

They were responsible for similar massacres in the Ukraine that year: At Kamianets-Podolsky, Nikolaev, Berdychiv, and Odessa.

The Soviets made a lot of shit up to blame the Germans for their own crimes.

The only time the Soviets did that was with the Katyn massacre, when they executed thousands of Polish officers and tried to blame the Germans.