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Here's some additional supporting evidence that corroborates this claim. Old Newspaper Says SIX MILLION JEWS Died in 1915-1938 Before Holocaust.

It appears that prior to WW2; the 6 million victims estimate had been bandied around in various newspapers for decades. Public foreshadowing propaganda similar to highjacked airplanes, WTC attacks, Arab terrorist Patsy's, etc.

The behind-the-scenes leadership are masters of the long game.

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Meh, the Rothschilds and the other elite Jews aren't the big deal when compared with the jesuits. If you look at these records for example, it becomes clear that even the Jews themselves were slowly brainwashed into accepting the mainstream version of the Holocaust narrative.

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What do you think was the most diabolical Jesuit operation, in contrast with the most diabolical Zionist operation? I'm not that familiar with Jesuit ops.

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There isn’t one because the Jesuits are a psyop designed to gatekeep you from realizing it it zionism and world jewery. Zionists and neoconservatives stemming from Irwin Kristols communist days (trotskyism) did 9/11.

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PNAC, Rebuilding Americas Defenses... Israeli Jews and zionism control the US.

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Are these various groups (Malta, Zion, Jesuit) in opposition to each other? Are the examples of decisive victory(s) in any opposition campaign(s)? Cut and dry outcomes, etc. Sorry for all the questions.

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They sometimes work together, they sometimes fight each other like many groups. check this post of mine for how the two of them got to the relationship they currently have:

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Except for the fact they wanna kill religion and anyone with tradional values; oh and push reprehensible content till it makes you sick. The Jews are the deceivers

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Its a trap. I grew up in NY and personally knew many people who survived Nazi death camps. The concentration camps were real. As for the number killed, its kind of irrelevant to the people who suffered.

So lets say there was only a million killed and the number is inflated 600%. It doesn't change what happened to the million. Sure, it's propaganda, but its a losers argument to have. It's like finding a rape victim and then arguing with them about how many times they were raped. You still look like the asshole, and when you think about - does it matter how many times the victim was raped? Was it only three times and not the eighteen times they are claiming?

Nazis really did all this shit to Jews. Arguing about the details is a distraction and makes you look like a Holocaust denier. I spent years working in tech with old Russian Jews who would, with great sadness, tell their stories. They all lost tons of family. They all survived camps. They mourn those who didn't survive. I guess someone could try to convince me that all these people I have known and loved all made up their stories, and that they for some reason chose working class life as immigrants to NYC in exchange for getting to pretend something awful happened, but I think I can tell when people are lying and so I believe them.