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Kravitz is a Negro-Schlomo whose 'interpretation' of Catwoman is as bisexual (see, for example, ): it's a sort of triple whammy. Yehuds wearing blackface while playing queer roles? Yep, sounds about kike.

She also has some hilarious identity issues. I remember reading something about how she didn't really know whether she should identify as Negro or Schlomo. I think the answer is flagrantly obvious: just identify with the one that benefits you most at the time. Mayo-Schlomo hybrids have perfected the art of shapeshifting par excellence. Why can't Negro-Schlomos do the same?

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They are really pushing black women hard off late. My guess is that its a function of various factors :

Black women are more oppressed.

Encourage more soyish white men to get blacked.

Punish white women for their "treachery" in elections

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It may seem trivial but Batman was my favorite super hero as a child. I also have fond memories of batman 1989. The Nolan ones were pretty good too. Julie Newmar as catwoman is a sort of avatar of white women womanhood and is a sex symbol to this day. I remember seeing her when I watched the show at 7 and knew I liked girls.

It is a mind fuck, and expresses and intention to replace use things we remember and liked

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Yeah. Batman was my favourite too. Mainly because I grew up on Batman the animated series. It was truly legendary.

Catwoman was always a blue eyed, brown haired goddes who you'd jack off to.

Now it's an ugly mulatta who you'd avoid making eye contact with at work.

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Catwoman was always a blue eyed, brown haired goddes who you'd jack off to.

Catwoman has green eyes and black hair.

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The Arkham games were great too.

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It's ritual humiliation. They want white women to feel ugly.

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You forgot that Gordon is also african.

You also forgot the mayor asking for gibs from Wayne.

"white peepo gimme gibs"

Also kravitz says "white privileged assholes"

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I have not seen it yet and will not pay to see it. I have heard these things as well.

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I also did not pay to see it, saw it on streaming with bad quality, it will be watchable in couple of weeks.

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At three hours running time, I am not sure I want to see it. The worst part is such blovuatwd rehash is getting good reviews.....

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It's honestly a not good not bad movie, definetly not worth your time.

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Yeah I make a point to watch things aI know I'll hate just to get a pulse, eg those reboot abominations Cruella and Riverboat Cruise, both just god awful. But I feel that I already know what this without having to see it's and that I can discuss it with as much intelligence as if I had seen it. Mind you, I never pay to see stuff. I did lay to see Bladerunnwr 2049 and glad I did but that is the rare exception of true cinema I want support.

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I'm more upset that the Penguin wasn't allowed to have a cigar. Ridiculous

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No, having cat woman culturally appropriated is much more important.

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I mean I guess, but that happened a long time ago, wasn't Halle Berry Catwoman years ago?

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Right but that flopped so hard it was basically taken out of canon, of longer exists with these retreads. Eartha Kitt was also forgettable bc she could not hold a candle to Julie Newmar. The old Batman is far from Breaking Bad but first two seasons have something to them whereas thied final season the Julie was already depleted. In other wkedsz both black Catwomen were mistake and it is hardly reason to do it again.

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It flopped because Halle Berry is a terrible actress.

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Pfifer was decent as well. She came off as too crazy tho. Anne did it well and was likeable enough. Halle berry Catwoman is not the DC Catwoman, its a separate story.

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As a smoker I appreciate movies that don't have smoking in them, seeing smoking makes me want to light up.

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I can appreciate that, it just seems odd that a studio making a movie glorifying vigilante violence draws the line at a legal but unhealthy behavior. Im not expecting batman movies to make me feel warm and fuzzy

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Does the mayor look like the mayor of Chicago?

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When you ruin perfectly good franchise characters you destroy the franchise. Comic books tried LGBTQ+ shit and sales went flat. Get woke go broke is very real.

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So far reviews are favorable bit that is always the case with over the top lefty bullshit. I think they are manipulating user reviews. Also wokwsrers like it so are reverse review bombing it.

Hollywood is nonetheless creatively bankrupt, unable to redo anything other than reboot after reboot, with ham fisted propaganda laid on really really thick.

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This view confuses me a bit as the Alt Right does not consider Jews to be White. Batman and the majority of the characters in it were created and developed by jews so what's their to be annoyed about?

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That may or may not be true, I know Superman was. Unfortunately this what we have. America is culturally bankrupt to be sure. Even so, Batman is what I grew up with and I don't like seeing it fucked with.

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Are you a jewish woman or a white shitlib woman? Or perhaps yellow or brown?

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White Male. How is that relevant to what I asked?

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Curious is all

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(((White male)))

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Of all of the blackwashing fueled by niggrolatry, Batman has to be the least surprising. This shit isn't new -- they literally did this thing with Batman in the 70s.

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Eartha Kitt was no good either. It was just as much a mistake now as then.