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I don't think high culture will be at the top of the box office in any culture. I also don't care if a hostile ethnic group is making bad movies. In fact this is good because it is one less outlet for escaping the reality of White ethnic replacement. I am also glad the propaganda isn't subtle anymore because it makes it easier to stop watching movies. It doesn't sneak up on you anymore, you can see it with clarity which makes it easier to explain to normies.

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Horror movies have had a nice resurgence lately. They tend to be less expensive to make so I think there's more room for risk taking and creative choices. Fear Street, The Babysitter, Happy Death Day... There's too many to name them all.

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Happy Death Day? You are fucking kidding aren't you? That piece of shit was one of the worst films I've ever seen. Groundhog Day but with horror and a vapid, terrible bimbo lead. Genius.

Off to the gulag with you then.

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Pop culture is pure sewerage.

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Is EOWK 'our' guy? I remember he at one point identified as a centrist, but his research activities led to such scathing attacks on him from ignorant Leftists like those at "RationalWiki". Which, incidentally, just read like people having emotional tantrums, being very distant from anything rational.

In a less moronic world he would have eventually became a world-reknowned researcher.

The slowing down of progress to the point that everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy and no new ground is really being made, was already foreseen a long time ago. Hauntology and to some extent hyperreality relate to this. We can see the decline when we compare the copies to the originals, e.g. the Charlie's Angels and Ghostbusters remakes being box office failures. The woman behind the former predictably blamed "sexism" for her movie's failure.

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I think he is just a truther

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"There is nothing new under the sun." ~ Ecclesiastes on human endeavor

"The bigger the humbug, the better people will like it." ~ P. T. Barnum on marketing

That said, theater movies mean nothing now, and didn't mean much more decades ago. More than movies repeating themselves, news outlets pretending they're important (mostly because they're paid to) is remarkable.

The same thing happens with pharmaceuticals, but no geriatric SAG members are proposing to force me into theaters at the end of a gun.

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Besides Mark Fisher's hauntology, there haven't been any significant analyses of why this is the case, which is a shame because I think it's a very interesting phenomenon. The common explanation, that of "Hollywood having run out of ideas", isn't enough.

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I think it's just as simple as hereditary elitism failing. All the people producing culture are just the children of people who produced culture rather than there being a selection system that actively finds talent it's just an incestual caste system.

It's the same with the generational gap between jews generally, the TRS guys always talk about how Johnathan Greenblatt contrasts to last generation's jews. He's far less clever and conniving, he's just out in the open bragging about how he's censoring and oppressing people and bringing attention to himself. In the past jews were much more covert despite having the same sadistic constitution and desire to inflict suffering and humiliate people. This decline in self awareness, general intelligence and such is evident in all institutions.

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I wonder if a good portion of it is that we have been bullied into non-innovation. Of all the movies we consider classics and objectively good, not even a handful of them would be able to be made today.

The logical end goal of multi-culturalism is no real culture at all - a bland pandering of the non-offensive.

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We truly live in the world of the last man.

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I think the culture is still changing a little bit. For example, did you hear music like this 10 years ago?:

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Hollywood would much rather keep hashing out the same franchises they know will make money rather than ever take a risk on something new

We'll have Star Wars and Marvel Movies for the next hundred years at this point lmao