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Big Pharma and the worlds health care industry now works with elite banking. Lost your job? Big finance will look the other way as the US prints trillions more fiat dollars. We know who these people are.

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I apologize, Timmy. That was shitty and mean of me. I like your comments.

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It takes a big man to cry and an even bigger man to laugh at him.

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^ This.

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In the UK we reckon that we've had 70k covid deaths. That's 1% of the population. Of course most of these are actually people who've died of other things. I don't even mean people with underlying issues. If you get hit by a car 28 days after a positive PCR test you are counted as a covid death. I've even seen relatives have to argue with doctors trying to put people who had died with a negative test result down as a covid death because "it looked like covid."

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If it looks like COVID, smells like COVID, and tastes like COVID, then you've likely swallowed the Kool Aid.

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Well, its 0.006% BECAUSE there are lockdowns.

Without ANY lockdowns, it would likely be closer to 1% between deaths and serious long-term health implications. Its not just about deaths.

Question is, why do we STILL not know about all those allects that Covid has as side affects.

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Have you any definitive proof besides the corporate media says so?

Actually, there's an abundance of proof the lockdowns have made it worse.

" Its not just about deaths. "

Correct. It's also about "cases" for their casedemic to foster fear.

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Let's see your definitive proof.

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The first link gives me page not found.

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Right-click save as worked for me.

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Lockdowns are useless.

The side effects are the same as the flu.

Take your vitamins.

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that could be explained that we don't know what the long term effects are yet cuz it's still new and we're not in the long term yet

I'm worried also about how other viruses like herpes, which is pretty widespread, is often said to be no big deal, but it is actually what causes mental problems like schitzphrenia and alsheimers. And those are common too. But no one cares about the people that have it. You don't die right away but it ruins your long term quality of life.

This covid virus attacks the lining of your blood vessels. That's important. I bet it just reduces life expectancy.

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There is no superbug.

Covid is a hoax.

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True, there are a lot of other viruses that would deserve a similar or even more attention.

Also, I am somewhat worried about what will happen when things re-open. People's immune systems didn't have to deal with many other people (and their germs) close by for a year. It may be quite a hard hit for some.

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I think the lockdowns suck for social and economic reasons but it's good for our immune systems, because yeah when things open back up other viruses and diseases will spread again, but us humans haven't evolved that much past being cavemen yet and we were never meant to have so many social connections in the first lace. We'd be with our tribe and that's it. All thru the history of life on earth viruses have been destroying life, this is why skin evolved, to keep them out, but they can get in thru things like the mouth and nose. The less viruses we catch the better. Sure there is herd immunity but that just means having a virus and not dying from it, it's still better to not catch any in the first place.

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I agree firmly with the intention of this image, but it was made several months ago. Current "official" worldwide death count is at around 1.8 million and that estimate will stay about that for 2020.
That number will increase in 2021 by some estimates, up to a total of ~3 million.

This would be 0.023% (0.038%) of the now 7.8B world population (depending if you go yearly or estimated total). So... worse than the 2018 flu season, but absolutely nothing like the 1918 Spanish flu.

Of course, this is all dependent on the reliability of the data recently collected, and the data collected in 1918.

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So that shows it's about 3x as bad as a bad flu in terms of mortality. That matches up with calculations I've done before on other data

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Seems so, approximately.

I wanted to expand on how much worse the Spanish Flu was, but estimates vary so much from study to study that it's silly to say much more than it was significantly worse. As /u/TheJamesRocket mentioned below, the the 1918 world population may have been higher than OP's image suggests. If experts can't even agree on what the population was in 1918, anyone's guess at the specific mortality of the Spanish Flu is pretty questionable.

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Not to mention the large number of deaths that were from Aspirin, which was the miracle treatment at the time, and was overprescribed and killed so many people through liver and kidney malfunction

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Friggin' Scanners...

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That's pretty good.

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Actually, the world population in 1900 was 1.6 billion. It would have been greater in 1918.

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A+++ Saved!

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I wrote about my ex BIL dying from covid. He was obese with respiratory issues from when he was a firefighter, and had diabetes.

I didn't like him.

I still didn't wish death upon him though. He has a 18yr daughter who now doesn't have a father. You know what it's like for a girl to lose her father?

You guys are super cavalier about this when it doesn't affect you.

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that my grandparents had covid and got better. This past week, my grandfather got sick again and passed away. He was surrounded by masked faces, and my family did not have the time to reach him after getting the call that he was getting worse (he lives in the South, we live in the North)

Guess what? He was against all this mask and lockdown nonsense, and so am I. My grandmother has said that she finds it suspicious that he died rather than her, for she was in much worse health beforehand. If this were any other historical pandemic, they both would've died.

This does affect us. Everything that has happened has affected everyone who lives. These are the times we are living in, dammit! I don't care any less for those who have passed away, just because I despise these draconian measures. However, death is as natural as birth, and no less sad. What is sad is that my grandfather wasn't surrounded by mask-less loved ones, smiling at him and holding his hand.

That meme someone put up a day ago, the one about the red-haired girl crying over her dead father and there are nurses and doctors dancing in the background? That's how I feel right now, except I'm not weeping in front of the partition window. I'm living my life a proud healthy human being, as my grandfather wanted me to do. Edit: Thank you.

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Oh my god I'm so sorry.

He was surrounded by masked faces,

That bothers me. No family, no human contact. Dying in front of masked strangers. Fuck.

However, death is as natural as birth, and no less sad

Births are sad?

Who cares if it's natural, apple seeds are natural. Bolts of lightning are natural. Don't mean you want em hurting you.

It's different if your grand father lived a good long life. It's not all black and white. If someone dies at 80 I don't feel too bad for em, that's a decent life.

I don't know, my wife lost her father to a brain fungus (yeah seriously) young. That still affects me. She was hurt bad. And you can't fix it. Fuck. Well, that's enough depressing shit for one evening.

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See, that's my gripe with modernists, death is something that depresses you if you ever find yourself discussing it or dwelling on it. That's why you guys never figure anything out about it. What do you have to be sorry for?

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What do you have to be sorry for?

I feel for your loss.

I find myself much happier when I don't dwell so I try not to. Maybe I'm missing out on greater truths but it's not worth being miserable for.

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I really appreciate it, Muskrat. How old are you? Next time, just say "I feel for your loss." You have nothing to apologize for, my guy.

I would say that you would be less miserable after discovering the greater truths, but I am definitely biased in this regard. I didn't answer one of your last questions, I'm sorry. Birth is sometimes sad (not because of any physical problems with the birth, although that is always horrible to hear about or experience, this coming from experience) and that's because many people are born into life and they never once acknowledge the precious, life-affirming moments in life, and they become nihilistic and half-cynical, or they become drone-like. As the great band Toto says in their song I'll Be Over You, they say: "Some people live their dreams, Some people close their eyes, Some people's destiny, Passes by."

I would fix that and say: Most people ignore their life-affirming destiny and accept the life-negating one that is easier. As you said, it's not worth being miserable for most people, even if it is only for a season.

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I'm 40.

You like Air Supply? That Toto song reminded me of them. Quintessential 80s.

As a child I was fascinated by death and dying. I was a smart little fucker. Too smart. It made me anxious, depressed, and miserable. Luckily I have managed to kill many of those pesky brain cells that were making me unhappy. I'll leave the deep thinking to those better able to deal with it.

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You are an interesting fellow, Muskrat.

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Thank you. Inspiring. Stay strong. Resist as long as much and as hard as possible.

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There are more folks like me than people realize. We don't need to get the 99% to understand, not yet, at least. We just need enough brave people to combat the 1% and any goons they hire.

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Lockdown doesn't affect us?

That sucks for your ex-BIL (whatever that is) and his daughter, but we didn't make him obese. If we could help many of us would. But expecting us to give up our freedom and months/years of our lives for Grandma or ex-BIL is ridiculous.

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BIL is Brother In Law. I don't/didn't want special bs for him, I never liked the guy. My point was just it's easy to be cavalier about it when it doesn't effect you but that doesn't mean we should all go into bunker mode.

Very rarely are things black and white.

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I'm still confused.

Paraphrasing: "It's easy to joke when it's not you, but don't get hysterical."

The problematic part is "but".

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A number of things seem varying degrees of true to me at any one time. I guess I have a hard time explaining it. Like if covid was s sliding scale from no worries to we're fucked I think we're near no worries but not completely.

My parents are both old. We're close too. So I worry for them.

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It's not the fall that kills him, it's the landing.

It's not the COVID that kills society, it's the hysteria and reactions.

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Where are you getting 488K deaths? My first search shows 1.7 million covid deaths.

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I googled "covid deaths".

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Google, one of the largest corporations in the world. None of the corporations have been even remotely harmed during this scamdemic that has been pushed on us by the corporatocracy. Google who owns YouTube who censors all skepticism on COVID, election fraud, etc.

Google is the last source you should trust.

Perhaps the number is correct but even liars have to tell the truth sometimes. Google, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc should be the last places you trust even if it's the first place you go to see the "official" narrative you're supposed to believe.

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You do have a point about Google. What information source can I trust, though?

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