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Holy shit I love you, this site is amazing lol.

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Thanks Lord, it's great to have your support.

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Amen brudda.

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The BRAVE Beta browser is essentially a more secure Google Chrome clone, though the Brave folks would be insulted about that as there's so much more behind the GUI we don't know about. So Brave Beta can do most if not all the Chrome addons you like.

I followed the Chrome instructions with success.

I have one error:

Unrecognized manifest key 'minimum_opera_version'.

It displays a window with code in it highlighting just one line in yellow:

"minimum_opera_version": "48",

I'm guessing this is inconsequential.

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So several things come to mind now that it's installed. A tips window pops up and will do so every 24 hours until I click for it not to. I read a few of them and realized I'm not in a reading mood right now, and fortunately it will come back tomorrow. But some things I need to write down.

1) The Welcome Tip Window could be updated to say "SaidIt" instead of "Reddit". Not a big deal.

" Welcome to RES, a community-driven unofficial browser extension for Reddit. You can turn on, turn off, or change options for RES features using the gear icon link at the top right. For feature requests, or just help getting a question answered, be sure to subscribe to /r/Enhancement. "

" If RES has enhanced your reddit experience, please show your appreciation by donating or contributing! "

2) In another Tip it stated the RES development conversation was happening at r/somthing. This made me wonder...

Is there a way to auto-mirror select r/ conversations on s/ ?

3) Going furhter, is there a way to overlay r/ conversations with s/ where SaidIt folks can participate in Reddit conversations without leaving SaidIt, perhaps in a serverside frame or whatever? This would likely require SaidIt users to share their Reddit login data with SaidIt unless it can be browser managed. Already this is complicated.

Why is this important and how could this be a game changer? If SaidIt can overlay Reddit, who's to say this can't be done for other things. Naturally SaidIt content would need to be very distinguishable from the Reddit content incase someone forgets they're in the "hypersensitive" Reddit zone thereby prone to censorship or worse. Other things too, for example, InfoGalactic is very inefficient by trying to copy/mirror the entire encyclopedia, but have articles that are a couple years out of date. Furthermore, they have ZERO indications whether you're reading a WP or a new uncensored IG article, so if you were to look at an article, unless it's been edited/forked or original you are going to get a corporate WP version, and even an edited/forked version my only have been revised in a very limited capacity. There are a lot of ways to treat/resolve this wiki issue, but this is not the place for it.

Naturally some people may not want the Reddit or Wikipedia at all. Solution: under preferences.

InfoGalactic and Gab may not want to "overlay" on Wikipedia and Twitter, and perhaps SaidIt wouldn't want it either over Reddit or Voat. Maybe it's a new overlay paradigm. Or maybe this is a stupid idea.

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Glad you got it working! I was just wondering yesterday if anyone is using this RES feature. As long as it works, I'd ignore those errors.

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It works.

Initially I found it annoying because I finally was feeling accustomed to SaidIt and all of a sudden there's all this extra stuff messing it up. I'm sure I'll grow to appreciate these features. I like features.

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Any chance of Safari too?

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No. Sorry. But what we are doing is taking the features from RES and porting them over to be native to the site, so hopefully eventually RESAE won't even be necessary at all.

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Even better. Thank you.

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RES works on old safari only*, it's deprecated:

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FYI it still works, as, Safari 12.0.0 is yet to be released publicly (alongside macOS Mojave). But yes, theres no future for RES on Safari.

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If you really want it I can try to build it for you, or you could give it a shot. Here's our process for changing it from reddit to saidit:

I have no Safari to test it on and it would certainly be a dev build and not something in the official Safari extension list.

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Thanks for the offer, but there's probably not much point since RES features will becoming native on SaidIt. I'm happy to wait haha.

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Cool man. Yeah figure out what other features you'd like ported from RES and post them somewhere so we get them onto our todo list.

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Only thing I can think of right now is being able to use the keyboard for various things, such as, Save (S), upvote (A), downvote (Z), expand (X), etc. Thank you.

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has username tagging become native yet?

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Nope RES only still

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I think there are some steps missing from these instructions (like where to unpack the zip file to and where the /dist/chrome folder is).

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I think you can unpack the zip file in to the /chrome/dist folder. I'm honestly not sure where that is though, I apologize.

/u/d3rr can explain this more, he wrote the instructions and ported RES for saidit.

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Here's some better instructions. It's kind of broken right now, scores aren't displaying. What feature from RES do you want to use the most?

/u/magnora7 will you update this page? I made better install instructions, but the scores aren't showing with our voting model changes. It's probably a good few hours to figure out how to fix it.

New known issues: scores don't display

### Chrome

* Download for Chrome (or Opera) here:
* Open the zip file and copy the contents to a new folder, named something like SaidIt
* Go to the Chrome Menu -> More tools -> Extensions, and tick the "Developer Mode" checkbox
* Click "Load unpacked"
* Navigate to the folder you created earlier and click Open
* You should now see "Reddit Enchancement Suite for SaidIt" installed

### Firefox

* Download for Firefox here:
* Open the zip file and copy the contents to a new folder, named something like SaidIt
* Go to Firefox menu -> Add-ons
* In the gear/settings dropdown menu on the right, choose "Debug Add-ons" (or navigate to `about:debugging`)
* Check the "Enable add-on debugging" checkbox on the Add-ons tab
* Click "Load Temporary Add-on" 
* Navigate to the folder you created earlier and click Open
* You should now see "Reddit Enchancement Suite for SaidIt" installed

### Microsoft Edge

* Download for Edge here:
* Naviate to `about:flags` and tick the "Enable extension developer features" checkbox.
* Click "Load extension" on the extensions menu
* Navigate to the new folder you created earlier and click Open
* You should now see "Reddit Enchancement Suite for SaidIt" installed

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Sure I'll update the instructions, thanks.

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I think the zip can be unzipped anywhere... and the dist folder is inside it? We'll try to improve these docs.

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For firefox, you have to do it every time you restart your browser huh? It does seem to be temporary. /u/d3rr

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I'll give it a test. It might act weird if it's installed in developer mode and not as an official extension.

Edit: yep, since the extension isn't officially released, you can only load it temporarily until you shut down. If you are into RES and want to use it, we can prioritize getting RES for SaidIt released properly.

There hasn't been much interest in RES so it's been on the backburner. The long term goal is to build RES features into the site directly, like how we have image expandos in comments now. What do you want to use the most from RES?

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What do you want to use the most from RES?

I guess mostly the tags and vote tallies on individual users. I use the macros a lot on reddit.

I don't really notice stuff till it's gone, but looking through the settings the formatting links is another. New comment count + highlighting of new comments.

/r/toolbox addon is just as important as RES IMO.

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I tried it but it screwed with the upvoting icons and when I removed it screwed with settings I had on the actual RES for Reddit.

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Ah sorry about that. Are you using firefox? /u/d3rr you may want to be aware of this

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Yeah, I'm on Firefox.

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Question, why didn't you just add the extension to the chrome store itself? Also, do you have a public repo to make contributions?

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I think we should un-sticky this and sticky this instead:

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Good idea, done.