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So, we’re outlawing homosexuals from gathering? It really does feel like we’ve been cursed to live in interesting times.

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In the past, homosexuals weren't allowed to gather because it was against Abrahamic religions, which decreed that sex was for producing children only. Nowadays, homosexuals aren't allowed to gather because they're a fetish for straight people who want to have sex with them so bad that they are attempting to erase the reality that homosexuals can't feel attraction to the opposite sex. Sexual fetishism has begun to replace religious fetishism in our society.

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Tasmania comes full circle. I hear they were extremely bad before 1997.

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Hold lesbian only spaces anyway. Holding them in your house or your flat. And if the police come, refuse to let them in, because you don’t have to let them in if they don’t have a warrant. We need to stand up for ourselves. We had to break some laws to get homosexuality decriminalised, after all.

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Hold lesbian only spaces anyway. Holding them in your house or your flat.

Hold them in your private yard and flaunt them. Your house,your guests.

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I saw a documentary of an American couple visiting Havana on holiday in 2019. Although it’s impossible to run a business there, because it’s Cuba, there were a lot of people making and selling products from their homes. Locals were selling coffees and pastries through their kitchen windows. If that can happen in Cuba, then we can just host our LGB spaces on our homes.

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And we're back to gay people having to hide because it's illegal to meet in public. Fantastic.

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Isn't Tasmania like a very backward place? How come they are supporting gender stuff

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They were forward thinking in the 2000s. They did legalise civil partnerships in 2004, the first state in Australia to so, and probably the third jurisdiction in the Southern Hemisphere after Buenos Aires and Rio Negro in Argentina. That reform came with stepchild adoption rights, which was also revolutionary for Australia back then, because the only other state to grant some adoption rights to gay couples in Australia was Western Australia in 2002. Apparently, that was all just a phase.

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Rural Tasmania is somewhat redneck but otherwise no it’s not backward.

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A study just came out where they found that about half of Tasmania's population is illiterate and their income is about 26 percent under the national average, making them the poorest state. Maybe not backward, but not forward either.

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Yes I saw that, It's a bit scary. It's definitely underdeveloped by Australian first world standards but if you went to Tassie you wouldn't experience a rednecked backwater unless you went looking for it. A bit like far north Queensland. Although you wouldn't have to look so hard there.

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I haven't been down there yet, but I can imagine you'd have to go out of your way to find the backwater parts, maybe in the mountains?

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It's all pretty mountainous but some parts are very remote from civilisation in the western half.

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Didn't you just answer your own question? Backward place = supporting gender ideology. (Are you Italian? That user flair lol!)

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I am :D

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"Very backwards thinking" is exactly what needed for supporting gender stuff. Look at Iran.

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What a hideous inversion of priorities and complete abandonment of reason. If the trans community wanted to have "trans only" events, I don't think anyone else would complain. This is about forcing validation from others under duress and it's the absolute opposite of fair or just. Welcome to bizzaro world.

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The hilarious and sad part is the trans community is actively damaging itself with this kind of thing. Previously it was tolerated with reasonable boundaries but pushback against trans activism is becoming more mainstream as a result of batshit crazy antics like this. You're not allowed to say trans women are not literally women or female lest you be a bigot, and you're not allowed to even ask for recognition that people might want to gather based on their biological sex, rather than their self declared "identity".

This won't make lesbians want to host gatherings, and it certainly won't endear males who identify as trans to them. It'll only drive them underground where they don't have to worry about being attacked by males with personal identity issues.

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In some of these situations it's difficult to tell if the judge is doing some legislation from the bench or if their hands are tied due to enforcing legislation as written.

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This one reads a bit like it's the latter.

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If that's the case it's deeply concerning when the law is not allowed to recognize or acknowledge biological sex as an objective fact.

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We are having laws written which are worded in a way to make that explicitly difficult because they hire "experts" to go over the language in the legislation... But the experts are just the most crazy of the gender crazies.

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