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Wow, our stories are very similar. I'm an Indian and when i 'tried' to come out to my parents they asked me if i wanted to be like 'those people' living in the west, then they proceed to show me pics of the most stereotypical blue haired 'queers'.

I'm very angry that lgb people as a whole are now being judged because of the self proclaimed 'queers'

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It is so hard to find desi GC people. A discord group I was a part of had people aligned hardcore with the western queer movement and it was so suffocating. Ultimately they made a trans person the mod of that group and it all went downhill. That trans person wouldn't engage in any conversation but was there to post articles and "teach" people.

But anyway.. Hello!

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Oh hi! :)

Yeah i agree. I don't think I've met a single desi lgbt person who didn't identify as queer or subscribe to TRA ideology. I'm afraid that the more conservative people in the country will be put of by their nonsense. I've seen this happening in English speaking countries and i don't want India to have the same fate :(

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I'm Indian too and this is my greatest fear to ever come out

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Well good luck for whenever you plan to come out!

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I think your post finally made me realize why the over the top sexual extravagance of most pride parades today bother me. You know, like the people wearing nothing but bondage gear etc. They're making it hard for the kids who haven't come out yet to come out! I see pictures of pride parades from the 80s/90s and it's just a bunch of regular looking people, because that was the message. "We're here, we're normal, we're your neighbors and coworkers and friends and family." I think now many people in the lgbt take for granted that they're "accepted" and so they turn pride parade into pervert parade, forgetting about those who aren't out of the closet yet and will probably stay in the closet because they don't want to be associated with that.

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This is exactly what I feared. All this TQ and woke crap is hurting gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Because most people are such light switch brains and they won’t listen. I’m just glad I came out to my parents years before the T became prominent.

Hopefully your parents will listen to your explanations. Hopefully they will eventually accept you as you are, allow you to date women and support you. Until then, focus on becoming financially independent of them so that there is nothing they can do to stop you from pursuing happiness. Maybe write a letter and leave it for them to read. You see, if you write a letter, then they cannot interrupt you. Parents often do that when their children speak to them, because they jump to conclusions about their children and ignore the nuances or think that their children talk nonsense. Just write the letter, explain in it that you are a lesbian and that you disavow anything and everything to do with all this queer crap. They can’t interrupt a letter.

Do not feel stupid. I remember coming out of and going back into the closet when I was 15 and 16 because my parents wrongly assumed that I was only saying I was gay to appear special and they accused me of being insensitive to "actual gay people", or assumed I was only thinking I was gay because of Wikipedia. They went as far as to claim that all gay men were effeminate and only hung out with girls, which is ridiculous. But boomers tend to believe what television says without question, just like how millennials are with social media. Eventually, I just gave up and just said I was doing it for attention, and pretended to be straight. Then my parents saw the signs. I befriended this girl, and it was clear I had no interest in being her boyfriend. Among other signs. Then they started asking if I was gay. I kept shutting down the conservation because I was fed up. A year after dodging the conversations, they said that somebody came out and assured me that they would support me no matter what. Then I came out as gay. And the conversation is over. I’m gay, everybody knows, and I’m myself. I’m even more masculine now than I was before I came out. And much more conservative, ironically enough. Maybe I should have been more assertive, or have written them a letter, but it’s all in the past. I have a great relationship with my parents now, and that’s all that matters. The point is, it will take time for your parents to accept that you are a lesbian, and learn that not all homosexuals are like what the telly portray us as. For now, your priorities should be your hobbies and doing well at school. And saving up money. Eventually your parents will have to start questioning what they’ve been told by both woke activists and homophobes alike. And start asking you questions. And listen. But if they do come around, make sure that they do not overcompensate by going woke and worshipping TRAs.

I wish you the best of luck. We’re here for you.

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There is another Polish person on this sub, maybe you two can talk. (I'm horrible with user names.)

It really sucks that when they hear LGB they are thinking TQ+ because it feels like you all are on the same page about the TQ+! Some news has come out of Poland (English language news, so who knows how accurate it is?) about TQ+ acting like complete assholes and vandalizing property and making everyone around them miserable, all while hiding behind LGB and that's really annoying and unfair. This is the #1 reason why we need to be separated. I'm sick of LGB being blamed for TQ+ nonsense. Innocent people like you are getting blamed for the disgusting things these creeps are doing.

Maybe you and your parents can find common ground talking about how awful the TQ+ are and you can slowly try to show them how LGB really has nothing to to with TQ+. I'm 41 so they're probably of my generation, so they remember a time when LGB used to be just normal people. (I hope?)

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    Yes! You!!

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    Also me 👋☺️ I fucking hate how TQ is hurting LGB in Poland. I just want a normal gay (not queer!) Life.

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    Legitimately I was on board with supporting the gay movement in Poland until genderspecials showed up. I mean I still support LGB case but I don't wanna support what T stands for.

    It's also funny to observe the rise of Polish girls suddenly identifying as nonbinary after that one nonbinary activist Margot got the news report coverage. Not a trend not at all! It's not a phase, mom! It's who I really am! Lol.

    Also the so called inclusive language is just newspeak to me.

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      Also me but I am just an ally here

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      'm sick of LGB being blamed for TQ+ nonsense.

      THIS a million times over! They are hurting LGB so badly.

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      This makes me so angry. I'm so sorry you're going through this. If you ever want to talk, feel free to pm me.

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      You are not stupid even if you feel that way right now. I am so, so sorry your parents reacted so poorly, and I am super proud of you for knowing who you are and for trying to come out, even if your parents reacted poorly.

      Homophobia is not your fault. And the existence of the homophobic transgender ideology, is also not your fault. This all sounds super stressful, especially when you're 17 and don't have a ton of autonomy-- do you have any close friends or anyone supportive who would be safe to talk to and vent about this topic?

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      <They were fine with gay people before the rise of the TQ but now they think the whole of LGB is a joke by association >

      Maybe this site should be DroptheTQ? I keep seeing reports that the general public has a lower opinion of LGB these days because it's always presented as LGBTQ. I'd say support for LGB is way up, actually. TQ movement is like a parasite that kills the host.

      LGB is just part of biological realism. TQ is not. Team Reality vs Team Insanity.

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      I'm so, so sorry. This is a prime example of why the T needs to be dropped. They latch onto other movements and kill them from the inside.

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      Gay pride used against gay people since forever. Isn't a new thing. Your parents are antigay. Polish people are bigot as fuck. I come from a conservative place too. My parents arenot omfortable, but they accept me for who I am. Accepting a child doesn't mean being ok with everything about them, it means loving and supporting them regardless.

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      Sending you lots of hugs—thank you for being here and sharing your story. I look forward to your liberation from that environment into one where you can be yourself. <3

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      It sucks that your parents reacted the way they did and compared it to the trans parade.

      I made another comment on my thoughts on that in particular: Religious Parents But I am making this comment to impart some advice, and apologies if I come across as a kibbitzer.

      If you feel unsafe or that your parents will toss you out of the house if they think you're "engaging in bullshit", I recommend to find someone you can trust to talk to(ex. Relatives, friends, etc) and make plans to live over there to be safe.

      Otherwise, lay low and don't bring up that topic again and lie if you have to about your sexuality...

      I only say this speaking from experience that when my parents suspected that I "look gay" they threaten to lock kick me out of house and give me a beating. I'm also a closeted non-religious person. If I would've admitted to them I was not Catholic, I would've received that same treatment.

      Please take care of yourself and reach out to your support.

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      I agree with this 100% I've never come out to my parents about being bisexual or about being ex-muslim. Your safety and wellbeing is the top priority. You don't owe the truth to people who will use it against you to punish you.