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"You can't reject a trans person for having the wrong genitals because you don't know if they've had bottom surgery"

Ok, how do I put this. A trans man, regardless of whether they've had surgery, does not have a penis. They either have a vagina or they have an arm flesh roulade sewn to their groin. Which one of these options am I expected to be attracted to?

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It's the same for dating transwomen. Anyone who thinks a neovagina is the same as a vagina does not have much experience with or knowledge about vaginas. I saw a transwoman talking about how they were surprised that vaginas need to be cleaned all the time, and I'm like, "no, they really don't." It was sad to read. It feels like people are having these surgeries without being given a full enough picture of human biology, the complications that may result, the realities of daily maintenance, etc. This lack of knowledge may result in them genuinely not understanding other people's sexual disinterest relative to their expectations.

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You can't reject a trans person for having the wrong genitals because you don't know if they've had bottom surgery

"As a whole, less than 5% of transgender men have had procedures to create a phallus (8,32). One survey distinguished between the surgical options, reporting that 3% of transgender men have had phalloplasty"


Oh no, someone made a generalization that is correct 97% of the time! The horror! The bigotry!

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The literal violence! Think of the millions of trans people killed by this correct generalization!

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I just do not get how they think a lump of arm flesh is anything like a penis. If I had the tip of my big toe cut off and sewn onto my groin, would it become a clitoris? Would it respond to stimulation. Would it bring me pleasure? Really what the fuck are these aresholes on?

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The arm flesh roulade is gross. Saw how it is done in a Mister Metokur video and I could not eat for hours afterwards.

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A non-functioning arm flesh tube, at that.

I'm not a "top". It's not buttholes I'm attracted to and/or lifeless penises or penis-shaped constructs that don't do anything. Even in biological males if their dicks didn't work that'd probably be a dealbreaker too.

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I am so upset by this. Also I know for a fact he’d never be able to have sex with a biological female despite his claims. This is exhausting. It all started because a trans “man” on TikTok told me not dating trans men is homophobic and I screenshotted it and sent it to my friend thinking he’d find it as laughable as I. Nope...

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It's performative wokeness, plain and simple.


ok then, let's see you go down on transman pussy


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This ^

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He’ll just lie about having done that before. So say that he is “saving up for marriage”. Or use some other bullshit excuse. People like him try to worm their away out of situations where they could be exposed as being hypocrites.

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From personal experience, they won't explicitly claim they have had sex with females. They usually start by saying something like "I-I've never dated one, but I swear I'm open to the idea!" (then proceed to go their entire lives sleeping with males). It's when you get graphic and tell them to "enjoy pussy I guess lol" that they go full nuclear because they can't deal with the cognitive dissonance, like the guy from the askgaybros thread.

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Ally in the streets, TERF in the sheets. Even other trans people don't want that man pussy, it seems

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"Is Refusing to Date Trans People Transphobic?"

"Betteridge's law of headlines. Betteridge's law of headlines is an adage that states: 'Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.'"

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The gaslighting!!!! First: " this article is not to suggest in any way, shape, or form that people “owe” transgender people dating opportunities or sex. "


"Similarly, imagine a date that’s going well. There’s mutual physical attraction and definite chemistry. Then you find out they’re transgender via conversation, and end the date right then and there. for the fact that the other person was transgender. This is discrimination against the transgender person for being transgender."

So no one owes transgender people a date, youre just discriminating against them by not doing so.

My favorite lolz, was the idea that gay men do not want to sleep with transmen for fear of giving up their "gold star" status. Ah yes, the illustrious privilege of being a gold star in the gay community, it is too great of a privilege to risk losing it.

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Trans whiners don't DO irony. They seem to think the "gold star gay" thing is actually REAL, like we have them recorded in our files and get a certificate or something. Stupidity reigns.

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I'll be honest, another gay guy was pressuring me to answer why I wouldn't sleep with a trans guy and I did pull out the Platinum Star Gay (tm) as a reason I didn't want to. It was either that or start getting mad at him for suggesting I sleep with a person I'm not attracted to...

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I'm not easily offended, but man, that part about the "gold star" thing offended me. How fucking shallow does the writer think gay men are? Such prejudice and stupidity.

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I can't believe I made it to the end of the article. And I also can't believe someone would be so adamant at denying that sexual attraction is real, based on sex, and it can't be changed. I'm really sorry your friend got swept away with this bullshit. I hope he comes to realise how mistaken he is.

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I hope so too, I tried to reason with him and explain how I have no control over who I am attracted to, he calls it a preference.. I’ve been trying for 19 years to be attracted to women, that’s not going to change just because they call themselves a man. I’m just really upset because he’s so open minded about other things so I didn’t expect it at all :(

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I can't believe how much damage the trans community/movement has done to us. It even brainwashed us to be against each other, hence why some actual homosexuals believe it's bigoted to not be attracted to the opposite sex, even when they are in the same situation themselves and they know it deep down. I'm sorry :(

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It's nothing but pure homophobia. The notion that your innate sexuality is just a "genital preference" that can be changed if you just "unlearn" your "bigotry" is preposterous and is not qualiltatively different from the kind of justifications used for the medical torture inflicted on gay men by psychiatry in the 50s. Next, they'll be suggesting electric shock aversion therapy to help you be "re-educated".

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new age homophobia. new age conversion therapy. these people can go fuck themselves tbh.

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I’ve noticed that there is a huge similarity between TRA’s and most religious thought. There’s just too much similarity between the two - the abusive language, the abusive rhetoric - I’m wondering if there are religious extremists using TRA’s to get lesbians to fuck men and vice versa with gay men fucking women. I say this because I have noticed that the religious people that I’ve talked to seem to be fine with trans individuals but aren’t okay with LGB people. i.e in the Middle East it’s okay to be trans but not okay to go be gay and some places have even government funded transitions for trans people but will kill gays.

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Holy books don’t mention trans, so it’s like a loophole.

I always think it’s funny how tras claim that people who oppose the trans ideology as right wing bigots, when all I hear when they spew out there nonsense is a right wing bigot. 🤷‍♀️

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I have been attracted to a transman, facially at least, but once I found out she was not actually male, all interest waned immediately. This is not a "preference".

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You don't like boipussy or forearm skin wrapped flesh pole? Shame.

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In what universe does one person's sexual orientation or preferences - not the same thing by the way - affect another person? How is that any of your former friend's business? What is up with him?

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He’s an sjw so he believes that trans people are the most marginalized and need to be protected/centered and that lgb must be inclusive, even in the bedroom.

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SJWs are the most pathetic people on the planet.

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So no more than 3% of straights are would be open to dating trans people. I don't see a huge amount of outrage over that by TRAs. Why the lopsided tolerance towards straight "homophobia"?

Don't give in to the fragile delusion. The more resistance they get towards their coercion, they less they will have the galls to do it. It's just that the LGB have been too accommodating. It's time to push back against their demands.

Also: "In another study, 348 cisgender college students were shown pictures of 48 cisgender members of the opposite sex. Each picture was randomly assigned a fake biography, which included whether the person in the picture supposedly was transgender or cisgender. The college students were then asked to rate the attractiveness of the people in the pictures. The researchers found that participants were far less likely to find the people in the pictures attractive if they thought they were transgender."

That's because they know there's a good chance that something is gonna be OFF down there. Either genitals that don't match their pretended sex or surgically constructed genitals. Either way it's a complete turnoff.

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Alternate Title for This Article: They Told Me There Would Be Sex

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Good riddance to that “friend”, who of course is dating a dickless transman as we speak. Nothing more sickening than a woke grandstander whose middle name is Hypocrite.

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In the book, Brave New World, people weren’t allowed to say no to sex with anyone for any reason because any reason would be based on discrimination. I feel like that’s where we’re headed.

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trans porn is one of the most popular types

Just want to point out that what's attractive in porn isn't always attractive in real life. Some people, like myself, keep a good separation between fantasy and reality.

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Most of the people jerking off to trans porn are “straight” guys jerking to ladies with dicks. Not gay men jerking to guys with pussies. Make of THAT what you will.

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This is it. A lot of the "straight guys" who date trans women seem to have a lot of the symptoms of closet cases... I was even in a Facebook group where TRAs were pointing out that there are a lot of "straight" guys that pretend to dislike gay and trans people and then want to sleep with trans women.

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Also a lot of men like trans porn because of the power dynamics. Its a man dominating a feminized man (power) . Or its a feminized man dominated another man (shame) . Same reason there's a cuck porn category. Its an outcome of toxic masculinity.

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That article was so whiny, I could barely get through it. Pure nonsense.

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Holy fuck, I have never thought the homophobia will evolve in such a horrendous way🤦

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What a stupid fucking article. God it's like this shit never ends.

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Oh my God I am sick of this. Who do you have to be to call someone phobic for not wanting to date you? Like seriously what the fuck? You're no better than calling a woman a bitch for refusing to sleep with you.

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Scary to see policy being pushed by incels...

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It was very clever of the TRAS to turn sexual orientation into something bad and replace it with preference. I used to read the Advocate occasionally. Now? It is complicit in the erasure of our orientation.

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I don’t understand the trans are having trouble dating with all the activists out there screaming TWAW and TMAM. It’s almost like they don’t really believe the mantra either.

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There's not much more irritating than another faggot trying to tell me how to be a faggot.

Has The Advocate put out any articles about how it's homophobic for straight people to not want to date homosexuals?

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And yet I am still getting people in r askgaybros saying that it has literally never happened in the history of the world

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Probably the one good thing about the article are that most of the comments (probably 90% of them) trash the writer for writing a piece that's obviously just trying to guilt gay people into dating/sleeping with trans people. There are a handful of folx (I really hate this spelling of an already non-gendered word and use this with the utmost sarcasm) in the comment who's only argument, are literally, just accusing people of being TERFs or transphobic, and responses to these are like, "That's all you have, huh?" It gives me hope that more and more people are seeing through all the b.s.

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No offense to anyone but the vast majority of people who have been nasty to me about my sexuality have been gay males. I don't know why or what it is, maybe generally them being more likely to be left leaning and having that desire to be "progressive", but yeah. It's not straight people I worry about, it's actual self proclaimed gay guys telling me I need to like "man pussy" or enjoy being some "daddy dom's plaything."

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Far left gay guy here. Trans ideology is nuts. Sex is immutable.

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Anyone telling you to submit to what is essentially corrective rape is not your friend. Whether it's shaming a woman into accepting "girldick" or shaming a man into fucking "boypussy".