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    Yeah, I saw some data posted on lgb-t the other day that acceptance of LGBT has actually gone down in the last few years. I know it's hard to prove, but I seriously think these oppressive, aggressive people who force radical views and demand constant media attention over things like gender identity have legitimately made people feel less connected and accepting of us as a whole. It's a damn shame.

    Sadly it doesn't matter what stats say because these sorts of people don't want acceptance, they just want attention, and to be the ones who do the oppressing rather than ending oppression.

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    The woke-left would call your efforts “emotional labor.” Apparently being kind and patient is a sin. I don’t agree with the wokies because I think compassion is key. Your story is lovely, thanks for sharing.

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      Yes, I agree. If you’d done what the woke-left proposes you’d have perpetuated hate and fear. You did the right thing.

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      This guy deconverts Nazis just by hanging out with them and chatting to them. His appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience is worth watching.

      We don't have to be afraid of just talking to people if we know we're on the right side.

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      That guy is the definition of "Christlike".

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      He should literally be sainted already. If deconverting a high ranking member of the KKK doesn't count as a miracle I don't know what does. Patron Saint of Lost Souls.

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      This is one of the main hurdles I'm seeing. The prejudice people that could have their minds changed by forming relationships and being educated are just being shouted at, insulted, and attacked. It's only going to make them dig their heels in and fuel their hatred for those groups. It's also going to drive them underground and then we'll have secret racists/homophobes/whatever that will be prejudice in ways that are harder to overcome. Things like systematic racism or passing bills that don't allow certain groups to do certain things, indirectly.

      People see those prejudice people getting 'cancelled' and think that's going to stop prejudice, but it's just making it worse.

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      Yay sciencey people! Welcome to life beyond Reddit.

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        It's not. They debunked that in 1980 when the APA and several other medical groups through a meta analysis of studies determined this belief to be inaccurate and declassified it as a medical condition.

        That said, this is not the case for gender dysphoria. Homosexuality is not gender dysphoria though.

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          What the fuck even is that video. Lol

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          That's because sex is real and g-nd-r is fake.

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          A certain percentage of the population is born gay. This has always been the case. There has never been successful therapy that changes sexual orientation. This has been tried repeatedly and the results have been disasterous.

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          That's why the laws banning ex-gay therapy are useless unless they ban both the religious and secular kinds. It's the same shit out of a different asshole.

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          Heterosexuality is violence against women.

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          The only issue I have with gay people is that I don't care that you're gay. Base your identity on something more meaningful than your sexual proclivities.

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          Hey and wecome!

          The no filter by race is a news to me and it's both amusing and shitty. What's next? Can't filter by weight because it's not body positive or is fatphobic?

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          This is my favourite take on it so far.

          "It's racist for white people to filter out black or asian people, however this change is insensitive to people of colour who want to find other people of colour."

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          What's next? Can't filter by weight because it's not body positive or is fatphobic?

          Unironically, yes. It is quite clear and logical that in the woke religion where "discrimination" is viewed as the ultimate evil, any preferences at all that disfavor "marginalized groups" will ultimately be seen as evil. This means, effectively, that it will be disallowed to filter potential partners by:

          • Race (if not excluding whites)
          • Weight (if not excluding thin people)
          • Attractiveness (if not excluding attractive people)
          • Wealth (if not excluding rich people)
          • Gender (if not excluding men)

          You'll see disagreement here from the intersectionalists and the queer theorists - the queer theorists will want to break down ("queer") the categories and remove them entirely; the intersectionalists will want to "center authentic dating profiles" by giving a boost to poor, fat, unattractive transgender lesbians in the app targeted at gay men.

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          Sooo true.

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            Fundamentally what the woke left thinks about sex doesn't matter - natural selection will obliterate their shit ideas on the individual and societal level because they are utterly anti-natal.

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            Sex isn't "assigned", but gender is.

            Gender is a socially generated set of expectations and limitations assigned to people by society according to their sex. It includes things like words (him/her), stereotypes (be a nurse, not a doctor), and inequalities (make X% less money as a woman).

            Sex is a biological reality. Your sex is medical information. Some people are kind of in between, but the vast majority of people are clearly either male or female.

            So your gender is... maybe a bit malleable. A man can try to adhere to a woman's gender expectations and limitations, and he can have surgery to look more female, but he'll still be a man even if he "passes", and he'll reinforce bullshit gender stereotypes for everyone. He also won't escape any limitations of gender, he'll just swap one set for another- but only partly, because studies show that men who transition maintain much of their male privilege.

            Again: Sex is medical. Gender is social.

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            See the difference is that those stereotypes "man doctor," "woman nurse" were being worked towards being abolished. Now people are trying to push this concept of going against the stereotype means you aren't the same gender any more or you're shunted along some spectrum based on extremists ideals of genders, like a male nurse is part woman or genderfluid and shit. I reject that idea.

            And, like all forms of philosophy based entirely on a man-made concept, my opinion is just as valid as anyone elses, and boils down to as many contradictions when questioned far enough. Trying to create hard and fast rules for these things never produces a concrete, infallible law of nature, and any given theory is an valid choice.

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            Exactly. Changing your gender to "reflect your identity" reinforces gender-based limitations and expectations. It's regressive. Just wear what you want, do what you want, and acknowledge physical reality like an adult.

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            Horse Shoe Theory, Horse Shoe Theory… I'm starting to think the Left is turning into the new Right.

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            It's more like everyone threw all their policies up in air at once and then caught what they could. No one has any genuine convictions these days. Even most people who say things like "PUNCH NAZIS IN THE FACE!" aren't genuinely that passionate, they're saying it because they believe it will make them look good. It's rare to find anyone who actually gives a shit about anything.

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            the alt left of today is the extreme religious right of the 80s/90s. They are no different, the left are completely fascist.

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            Welcome, tired gay guy. Enjoy your freedom of speech and freedom of association.

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            God damn you are so fucking on point man. Keep fighting the good fight.

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            I support everyone's right to not accept homosexuality as ok, and I would never feel the need to force my gayness upon you, shame you for not feeling the same way or even really give a shit if you feel the need to speak out against it.

            This is what the left now days does not seem to understand. People have a right to disagree with the idea homosexual relationships are gay sex as okay things. They are forcing EVERYONE to accept this, no matter the cost, no matter if it goes against freedom of religion or infringes other people's freedoms. In Britain, they basically put LGBT propaganda in children's schools, and don't allow parents any choice in the matter, like this:


            If this is happening today, what will happen in the future in these societies?

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            Honestly I think it's fine for them to teach that in schools without the parents getting a say. I think they should be allowed to teach it, but then if the parents really don't want their kids to know then they can keep them off for that day or something. Just to be clear, I don't think kids should be forced to learn about it if the parents really don't want, but I also don't think some parents should have the power to stop it from being taught to all the kids. Teaching kids about it is just giving them the information, they can decide from there whether they agree with it or not, so I don't think that's the same as forcing them to have certain viewpoints, unless they get in trouble for disagreeing with something of course. Sort of like how all kids are taught about evolution, but then they can decide from there whether they want to accept it or not.

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            Here here to everything except the asexuality part. I have been sexually assaulted for being asexual, and told "oh, you'll find someone someday" and "you just haven't experienced it yet so you don't know," etcetera by men and women alike (even rape victims themselves, the fuck). True asexuals, the ones who have near zero libido, suffer the shame of not being driven to have sex, in a sex-filled world. It's even worse that the other siblings are gay and so I'm the only one with even a chance of producing legitimate offspring from my combination of parents (thus passing down the bloodline). I will admit that the LGBT community has destroyed the notion of what asexuality means just like the Ts have destroyed what it means for you to be a gay man or how you think or act.

            Aside from that, I definitely hear you. Filtering by race is so important. I'm interested in Japanese only; I can only imagine being forced to sift through the 90% of other men as infuriating (I look for relationship rather than to bang). That would be time to move to a different platform! One that is not so woke. Discrimination is what leads humans to procreate with the humans they desire. Lack of discrimination would be madness. Discrimination in mates is found in just about every living species on this planet.

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            True asexuals, the ones who have near zero libido, suffer the shame of not being driven to have sex, in a sex-filled world.

            Shame is an unpleasant self-conscious emotion typically associated with a negative evaluation of the self; withdrawal motivations; and feelings of distress, exposure, mistrust, powerlessness, and worthlessness. Look here:

            Sounds like you're basing your own self worth on what you think society wants, rather than deciding your own worth for yourself.

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            You're right, I am. I do feel shame in that I can't perform in the same way that others can. I want to be able to please my partner (when I eventually get one) as well as to bear children but the act of sex is such a non-interest to me that I feel I'll only fail my partner if I end up in a relationship. I read all over that sex is integral to the health of a romantic relationship (whether or not that's true, IDK). I don't want me to be the reason my partner is so unhappy, because I can't provide something that nearly every other person on this earth can.

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            Add to that their recent announcements that we will no longer be able to filter by race. I have nothing against specific races, but I almost never feel an attraction to some, and forcing them to be visible to me won't make me more interested in them, just annoyed that I have to scroll through 50 people I don't want to bother with to see one I might when a filter USED to exist to skip that hassle.

            That feature sounds annoying to me. How does it factor in mixed people? Many people these days don't fit neatly into racial categories, so I think it is better to judge looks created by race on the looks themselves, rather than race.

            No seriously, tell me "asexual" person; when were you ever scared that your family and friends would disown you?

            TBH, many gay people these days don't experience that either, or at least don't very strongly… or at least that's my experience being gay in Southern California, born in 2001 and coming out around age 14 or 15. Other places, like Saudi Arabia, are much worse though. It all depends on time and place, I think.

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            This is about the only part of this I semi don't agree with. Everything else is so spot on.

            I support everyone's right to not accept homosexuality as ok, and I would never feel the need to force my gayness upon you, shame you for not feeling the same way or even really give a shit if you feel the need to speak out against it.

            Like, I wouldn't force anything on anyone either, yet I don't support peoples' past violence and prejudice towards anyone. People can dislike something and pick to not be involved with something, yet they don't need to go out and seek to physically harm others like they have out of nonacceptance in the past. I think people need to accept others' existence as a thing, even if they don't take part in it. That said both sides should always remain neutral towards each other and stay out of each others business for things to remain peaceful. That goes with anything.

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            I agree with you, but if a person does not like same sex orientation that is their decision. As long as they do not discriminate against gay men. I am so over the thought police wrecking people's lives.

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            let me ask, do you get offended when people use the word "gay or faggot" when they obviously dont mean homosexual people???

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            No. Faggot has had tens of different meanings through time, and if it just means "bad" now instead of a negative connotation of "gay," then that's something to be celebrated.

            Gay by this point is a colloquialism for bad and by context can just mean bad without meaning "this is bad, and gay is bad, so this is gay." I know plenty of gay people who say it as much as any straight person. Bringing it up and getting all holier than thou over it is really causing more damage than fixing anything.

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            I like you. I dont get why people get so fucking offended at words. Its like "retarded" I wrote a whole piece about it on my site about retarded ( Words like anything evolve. People want to live in a past they were never even privy too.

            I look at how homosexual and woke people act today such a disgust. There are so very few issue they have to deal with as opposed to those who came before them, be it sex, race, religion etc etc. I think the way these people act today is due to "survivors guilt". They cant take what their previous generations did and build upon it, they have to tear down what they fought for and try to start again because there just isnt a need to outright fight like there was. Its sooooooo odd to me. Im Italian and think, what if every italian in this country turned around and start bitching about having to face discrimination, the issues through ellis (my grandparents told me all about it), then the hardships they faced coming up. Italians were lynched just like black people, italians were rounded up in WW2 just like the japanese (but you never learn that do you? oddly) People need to stop walking back progress just to rewrite it like their the victors. Never EVER agree with these people. If Iwere you I would start deciding now who you are going to vote for (if youre in the US).

            I also dont "think" most people say "Gay" or "faggot" to mean "bad". I think it almost borders calling someone retarded. Like why are you acting, goofy, absurd, embarrassing, stupid..... but no one is ever equating those words with someone who is homosexual..... I mean unless theyre also acting fucking retarded.

            A while ago my buddies and I started spelling them "ghay" and "phaggot" just to be more polite lol

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            This is how I feel about 'autistic'. I'm on the spectrum and I don't really care if people use it as a pejorative term. I think most people who use the word know autistic people don't (all) behave in that preconceived way, so why take offense to it? I also just don't care what people think or say, which is kind of a pro/con of the tism

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            It so often feels like the ones getting offended over those terms aren't the ones who those terms apply to, but the ones with nothing better to do than to get in an argument and get offended on someone elses behalf.

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            I joke all the time I have Asperger's lol. Mostly because I'm an asshole and then I say it when people call me one to throw them off. I do

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            /r/rightwinglgbt was also pretty neat ... before it got banned.

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            /r/rightwingLGB is still around.