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Plastic surgery. The US middle-class and wealthier young (and I'd say middle-aged and older now) are addicted to it.

I was shocked at how much surgery a young friend (mid-20s) has had - without blinking an eye, and completely unnecessary too. IMO it looks awful.

She looks like a middle-aged TiM instead of the beautiful young woman she was. The Drag Queen makeup that young women favor doesn't help.

Remember, these are kids who think that they will never regret neck tattoos, and now face tattoos...

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The Drag Queen makeup that young women favor doesn't help.

Yeah, I don't get the appeal of this either. To me these young women do look like drag queens, and have all the appeal of Tammy Faye Bakker (which is to say, none). Remember when "the natural look" was all the rage?

About plastic surgery: Long before the gender vendors came up with the anodyne & baby-talk terms "top surgery" and "bottom surgery," cosmetic surgeries in the US had become normalized (& the risks minimized) by such phrasing as "she's getting some work done" or "I had my eyes/face/tits/[insert other body part]done."

It's like how cosmetic rhinoplasties have always been known simply as "nose jobs."

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Girls in my high school decades ago used to get nose jobs, but now it's the full package - nose jobs, breast implants, lip fillers, cheek fillers, jaw work, liposuction and then the Drag Queen makeup to top it off.

But it's now in the middle-class and as normal as having your teeth cleaned, and affecting men too, when before it was somewhat limited to women who were wealthy and older. Sad.

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Have you seen that TV show Botched where a team of plastic surgeons fixes the mess left behind by previous botched surgeries? Though they try not to overstate it, those doctors are clearly aware that some of the people who come to them have serious mental health problems, and they turn down some of the requests they get for bizarre body modifications.

This made me think just now for the first time: Is there a continuum between the women who want bizarre plastic surgery to give themselves unnaturally huge breasts, butts, and lips and the women who want all those things removed? Is one the flip side of the other? It's as though one side wants desperately to exaggerate markers of being female to the point of caricature, while the other side wants desperately to erase those same markers.

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I haven't seen Botched. I have just noticed that among women, even among women my age and older, there's this drive to "fix" their looks, that might have been always there but is now taken to the extreme.

Of course, the constant pressure from being exposed to the images of the beautiful doesn't help, but I think that plastic surgery has been normalized to the masses to the extent that "everyone" is doing it.

That's kind of understandable with women my age and older because we are morning our lost beauty. But all these very young women getting fillers and breast implants and liposuction and...when they are fresh and young to begin with and should enjoy their vibrant healthy look while it's there, instead of looking like dead-eyed, late middle-aged, Drag Queens.

And I do think that the normalization of plastic surgery (which is related to mental issues in some) has led to the idea of transgenders being more accepted, because the thought that's become pervasive (in the US at least) is if you don't like your body, or your YOU, just change it!

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I think plastic surgery was always associated with older women or men but as time passed they started to market it to younger people too, as a magical way for you to get rid of your insecurities and build your ideal self.

I think Kyle Jenner was a big part in normalizing plastic surgery for young women, considering when she was 17yo she looked completely different from what she used to look like

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I agree; the Kardashians in general did a lot of harm to young women, and I know that probably wasn't their intention.

Kyle Jenner is such a sad case (despite being a "billionaire") - after all that surgery she looks like a 45-year-old plastic surgery victim when she's all done up.

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Yeah its fucked up, I have body dismorphia and if I leave it unchecked I get very obsessive about my appearance so I always wonder how many ppl who get lost on doing so much to themselves also have that and a whole market is there to profit off it :/

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I don't think you're alone. Probably ever since magazines became widely available, women especially have been encouraged to obsessively compare themselves to others. Now, with the internet, plastic surgery, make up, filters, etc., we are forced to look at images of "perfect" people everyday.

But do try to learn to love your body. One thing to remember is that you are most probably judging yourself way harsher than anyone is judging you. This sounds shallow, but if you'll notice, many famous movie stars have very imperfect bodies. Their confidence blinds people to their flaws, so try to be like them - focus on your good points and try to take your mind away from your imperfections.

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Yesterday I saw this awesome quote which was: my body isn't the most interesting thing about me, so why should I care so much?

And honestly that helped lol, I never looked at it like that

And for sure... even close friends now use photoshop/face tune, its widespread to oblivion

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That quote is great; I'm glad you're taking it to heart.

Seriously, next time you see a big star take note of their imperfections. I know that sounds very shallow, but what I'm trying to get at is that no one is perfect, so give yourself a break.

I've met dozens of celebrities and they look so different in real life. Many you could have walked right past on the street and not recognized. There are only a few that I felt had "star power" in person, and yes, their bodies (and faces) are often nowhere close to perfect IRL.

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It's shallow and misogynistic. Supposedly, women need to make every inch of their body perfect, all so that they can have different variations of the same exact face and the same "curvy yet skinny" body.

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As u/BEB correctly pointed out it will 100% be plastic surgery. And here’s the kicker, especially for older folks here, the majority of people have no idea how bad it’s gotten because they’re not on the same platforms as these surgery obsessed kids.

I’m 26 and I’m still young I swear mom!! But basically I’m a Boomer to these Gen Z kids especially when I’m on TikTok yelling (lovingly) at these young women that they don’t need surgery, what they need is to acquire some self worth and some dignity that isn’t based in appearance.

Kids growing up watching Kardashian’s, looking at shopped images, and TikTok is literally just... I don’t know maybe China’s global agenda? Pure evil? Interspaced between funny haha videos there’s young women having completely unnecessary surgery and arguments about how communism is good actually. I must be getting old if my thoughts are primarily along the lines of “where the hell are your parents???”

I saw a young woman the other day who was obviously very anorexic, she looked about 17 and maybe 35kg, complaining about how flat her chest was and how she was booked in for breast implants.

It broke my heart, I don’t know what we can do to reach these young people. We are failing them as a society right now.

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I'm around your age and I have also noticed how the current generation of kids/teenagers seem to think we are "shriveled up prunes" already. I don't remember thinking people in their mid 20s were old, when I was a kid. I wonder what happened.

Interspaced between funny haha videos there’s young women having completely unnecessary surgery and arguments about how communism is good actually.

How do they reconcile plastic surgery with communism, though? Or is it normal for these type of people to hold multiple conflicting view points/ideologies at the same time? Could be an age thing, since they are so young, but something tells me it's a more severe failure in basic critical thinking.

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When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to be in my 20’s, it’s like a golden era of time that you’re still spry but you also have independence and freedom!

I wonder if they just wholesale absorbed what the press said about us. We went from “oh those blasted millennials ruining everything” to “zoomers are just so precious and the bestest” LIKE okay... I’m fairly adjusted to being kicked in all directions, but it does hurt most coming from the younger gen.

I want to help and mentor them the way older generations did not do for us, and they’re fully not interested.

As for the Communism, that’s very curious to me. I was watching an Atheism panel from ‘09 yesterday which touched on this brilliantly and it talked about how the gap left by Christianity is filled by other religious streams of thought, usually; radical islam or Communism. I would say transgenderism qualifies too just on a smaller scale. Check it out if you’re curious;

Maybe in their Brave New World the state will pay for your rhinoplasty and boob job. Make every body like a cookie cutter, no better way to strip people of their individuality than physically carving it out of them with a scalpel.

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I read a comment somewhere from a teacher that said he had trouble teaching Brave New World nowadays to his students because they see it as an ideal world - one which to strive for.

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Well that makes me feel slightly hysterical but less surprised than I really would like to be. These are also the kids that think Orwell’s 2+2=5 is the people who are telling them men can’t become women.

Don’t think I’m the only one wishing we could resurrect Huxley and Orwell to set the record straight.

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OMG - frightening!

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As for the Communism, that’s very curious to me. I was watching an Atheism panel from ‘09 yesterday which touched on this brilliantly and it talked about how the gap left by Christianity is filled by other religious streams of thought, usually; radical islam or Communism. I would say transgenderism qualifies too just on a smaller scale. Check it out if you’re curious;

Thanks for the video recommendation! It sounds really interesting.

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no better way to strip people of their individuality than physically carving it out of them with a scalpel.

Made me remember this Twilight Zone episode

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When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to be in my 20’s, it’s like a golden era of time that you’re still spry but you also have independence and freedom!

I love that you used "spry" here. A word that means "active, lively - especially of an old person." But I think most people in this context think that an old person is 70 or 80 or 90, not 20 something.

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Ah yes I do generally know the definition of words that I use, thank you Twaniac I’m not sure what exactly you are getting at here. As I and several other people here pointed out the kids and teens really do seem to think that we are geriatric by the time we hit mid twenties.

50 is considered decrepit, 70+ and you’re basically half dead and useless. That’s the gist I get from not just the youth youth but a lot of my generation too.

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The communism thing... I think it's because these kids want to spend all their time on their phones and the internet but they don't want to work. Communism to them would mean a universal basic income where someone else would fund everything for them (kind of like all those GoFundMes that fund surgeries). This way, they can be on TikTok or YouTube as a career. Even if they only make a few dollars from it - it would be okay, because they have the UBI paying their rent/food. All the TIMs I know still live off their parents' money even though they're in their 30s, so I've seen this play out in real life. The TIMs are "professional gamers" but when I ask how much they make from their streams, they say nothing. Mom and Dad pay for rent/food while the government paid for their surgeries. The next step is for the government to pay for everything once the parents are out of the picture. They're basically kids who never grew up and need a higher power to take care of them and coddle them.

I feel like so many of these people are navel-gazing to the point where they have no real-life skills and can't work for themselves, and they don't see anything wrong with this. They feel entitled to everything - which includes the best parts of capitalism and the best parts of communism, but none of the downsides of either.

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When you put it like that, it makes more sense. I've also considered that it might have something to do with the fear of "growing up". Which I think is a pretty common fear (I still feel inadequate and like I'm not doing "adulting" the correct way, oftentimes), but they appear to have a more extreme response to it.

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I very much agree that the fear of growing up is definitely a factor. Used to be, in males this was called the "Peter Pan complex." But back in ye olde days, there were definite advantages to growing up, such as being able to have a social life with IRL friends & a sex life with IRL partners & also the pride & power of earning your own money. Now all the social & sex life stuff is occurring virtually online - & the money stuff occurs electronically. Electronic money transfers & using mom's credit cards are entirely different to the experience that earlier generations had of getting a paycheck they worked their asses off for, or stealing bills from mom's purse, dad's wallet or the household kitty jar.

I'm sorry you still feel inadequate & that you're not "adulting" in the correct way. Could this be "the impostor syndrome"? IME, a whole lot of people feel like frauds & inadequate nincompoops at various stages in life. I'm old now, & I certainly feel I am not "senioring" the correct way.

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You make a really good point about the virtual vs physical life.

I found out about "the impostor syndrome" a few years ago, and it definitely affects me. Thankfully, it's not so bad that it incapacitates me, but it can become quite frustrating. I like to remind myself that it can serve a purpose, if you don't allow it to overwhelm you, because it can make people a little more self-aware, from what I've noticed.

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Interesting take. I can see it.

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I remember being 28/29 in the 1980s & people in their late teens & early 20s (both male & female) acting shocked when they found out my age. Typical comments were, "But you look so good!" and "You must live in a refrigerator."

Once I turned 30, I dated a lot of hot guys who were 20-23, so obviously the view that others of their age had about "older" women was not universal. When I finally married at age 36, it was to another hot guy nearly 8 years younger. But none of his friends - or our kids - ever noticed the age difference. When for one reason or another one of his friends found out, they were flabbergasted.

In situations when I had to use my passport or driver's license, my kids when they were young would remark in alarm that my DOB year was wrong & always blamed the government for making a mistake. This wasn't coz I ever overtly lied to them, but coz they simply (& sexistly) assumed I must have been born the same or an earlier year as their father. I never disabused them of this notion coz I thought the whole thing was hilarious, & I am evil & duplicitous.

When I became eligible for Medicare due to old age, they were like, "How can this be, you're only 57 or 58!" So I finally 'fessed up that I am in fact rather older than they thought. They were pissed & still are. LOL

On FaceBook, I chose the earliest birth year option available - which when I signed up was 1910. So in FB years, I am 111.

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I'm 27 and I already feel like these beauty standards are completely beyond my reach. I didn't grow up with the level of pressure that these kids are growing up with. More than that, as isolated as we were, and as much time as we spent alone in our rooms with the internet, it's so much worse now. I can only imagine how painful the wake up call is going to be when aging starts to show.

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They’re beyond anyone’s reach! I have frown lines on my forehead and smile lines forming around my mouth. Ageing is a sign of having lived, growing old gracefully is letting inside beauty shine through. Looks are fleeting!

I know what you mean too, we were already cut off and locked into the online bubble and it was awful. The best parts of my childhood were outside playing in trees, in the dirt, sneaking out to get drunk in a park at 16. Are the kids even doing that anymore? And don’t even get me started on the iPad babies, it makes me really upset to see 4 year old like zombies on devices.

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Even intelligent people are using ipads as baby sitters of very young kids. I was shocked at one of my friends, an older mother and scientist, when she admitted that she's so burned out by the end of the day she hands her three-year-old an ipad.

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There was a case of an older man who was hospitalized for advancing dementia. He flipped out when he was there because he ended up forgetting the part of his life where he had decided to pretend to be a woman for a number of years. He thought that his caregivers had secretly given him breast implants and snipped off his dick without his knowledge. Even his family couldn’t trigger the memory that he had done this to himself. He reverted to knowing that he was male and he couldn’t stand the body modifications he had done. So now he will spend the rest of his days living in fear of his caretakers “doing” more things to him while he sleeps.

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I just saw something on this, but I just glanced at it - something like how nursing homes are preparing for transgenders who don't remember they transitioned. Might have been from the BBC?

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I read about this case last year.

They’re going to need some strong sedatives and people to control this kind of male rage in their preparations. I hope female workers aren’t subjected to the TIM violence.

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The same sadistic bozo, California state senator, Scott Wiener (who calls himself the lgbT senator) responsible for the California law that allows men in women's prisons, got a law passed a few years ago that allows men in California women's nursing home facilities.

So a woman suffering from dementia, who had very likely been sexually assaulted, if not raped, in her past, could very suddenly be subjected to the presence of a male in a space in which she should feel safe.

Or a TiM suffering from dementia could be placed into the women's facilities and rage, because he's forgotten he's a "woman."

Scott Wiener's law also made it illegal for a carer to repeatedly "misgender" with a punishment of a year in jail and (or?) a $1000 fine.

I fucking HATE the California state legislature for these laws. I hate the Democrats in the California state legislature.

I hope that Scott Wiener, his co-conspirator (and lesbian) Toni Atkins, and every Democrat who voted for these laws (I don't think any Republicans did) gets locked in a room forever with some of the TiMs they are responsible for transferring to women's prisons. After all, every trans-identified man is harmless, according to them. Let them prove it with their lives.

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Wow. All I can say to that is JFFFC. What a total POS.

Totally onboard with your idea of locking all of those people up in a room with TIMs. They should be forced to work in care facilities with TIMs for at least a year too.

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There's a GC twitter user who claims that in Oregon or Washington (can't remember which) TiMs are working as aides in women's nursing home facilities as if they are women. What an insult to elderly women, who deserve dignity, privacy and safety in their last years.

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JFC once again.

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There's a been a big push for this to happen for a number of years, led by a organization in the midwest called the Transgender Aging Network or TAN, founded & headed by biologically female person who used to be a lesbian.

One senior care facility said:

“As I am only part-time in each gender, I am worried that I will be in some situation that will force me to be considered totally masculine... like being assigned to ‘the boy’s room,’ meaning exile from femininity.”

More generally:

TAN employees regularly host workshops and trainings on transgender aging issues for health-care professionals, elder-care providers, and national aging organizations. The most common questions, she said, are ones about segregated living spaces: “People want to know, ‘What gender roommate do I give [a transgender senior]?,’ ‘What bathroom do they use?’,” she said. “There’s still a basic lack of understanding of how gender identity trumps biological sex, and that people should have access to facilities that match their gender identity.”

The roommate question, in particular, can be fraught with complications. Brett [a 69 year-old TIF who has spent most of his/her life in institutions] recently experienced what life might be like for him in a long-term care facility when he checked in for a temporary stay in a St. Paul nursing home to recover from a back injury. After a week in a single room, he said, he was assigned a male roommate—but he worried that a roommate of either gender would soon discover that he was transgender, a fact he didn’t want to be publicized.

"A female would have a problem with me, and I’d have a problem with a male,” he said. “I wouldn’t want him to know about me … And with the gossip in nursing homes, that secret would last about a week.”

Rather than take a roommate, Brett left the nursing home and went to stay with his daughter, who took over caring for him as he recovered.

Bet Brett's daughter was thrilled to have her mother who is now pretending to be a man moving in with her & demanding care & catering.

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Have you run across this resource yet?

Nightmare examples, of males

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This made me laugh until I read your other comment. Those poor caretakers shouldn't have to deal with his shit.

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Their entitlement always has the most negative effects on women.

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Yeah I struggled with identity as a kid too and the ravages of age and especially pregnancy really change that perspective. There is nothing wrong with these kids experimenting but acting like we are the stupid ones even though we have been through the same shit... Well that's when we lose respect.

I just got banned because I said a parent had the right to tattoo a kid's name on themselves, yes even a "dead name".

I told some kid to get therapy when they admitted being so obsessed with their birth name that another person having it on their body would make them want to kill themselves.

I get blocked for THAT.

I went through childbirth and if I want to memorialize that with a name on me be it a kid that survives, a miscarriage or a trans kid I fucking will.

They were saying they would put their parents in homes if they got a dead name tattoo. Fucking little pricks. I would disown one of those punks.

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Wow what awful little infants!

I feel so bad for their parents

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Eh, I'm far more concerned about young women under 30. They think 30 is middle-aged (45-65). I used to chat with a Redditor (who fucking doxxed me) who wants to die because of how she looks at 25. I was flabbergasted.

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I aggree. These young physical reality deniers are likely to find a long life quite a shock. Cosmetic surgeries and certain procedures only go so far.

Aging means change. The article below mentions some of the changes. Individual experience will vary depending on past physical stress or trauma, and genetics. (I miss the plump, bone protecting fat pads at the balls of my feet, sit bones, and finger tips)

Edit This PBS/FastForward episode shows younger adults "experiencing" being older.

Follow four millennials and their parents as they travel through time wearing an MIT-produced “aging empathy suit” and working with professional make-up artists to navigate the realizations, conversations and mindset required to age successfully.

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Yes, this. I got distracted because I’m so sickened by the plastic surgery hype, but I do want to add that we are probably going to see the younger gen go on a completely transhumanist warpath. They’re going to want bionic bodies, or digital worlds, without time or age.

And I also want to say that this is not separate from transgenderism, the trans movement is just laying the groundwork of how much we mess with people’s bodies and how socially acceptable the denial of reality is.

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I don't identify as someone with hip pain and lower back pain, waking up with hip and back pain. I don't identify as someone with grey hair. In fact, I don't identify as someone with a mortal body that will die. someone make me a flag and build me a movement please.

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Also, what's going to happen to them in their fifties after 3+ decades of hormone replacement?

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There was already one relatively longterm study on wrong sex hormones effects on transgenders which found that there was increased risks of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes - I think that was on females taking testosterone, but I might be not remembering correctly.

It's not hormone REPLACEMENT, because transgenders are not replacing hormones, they're adding abnormal amounts of opposite sex hormones to their bodies.

[–]hfxB0oyA 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

It's not hormone REPLACEMENT

Very good point. This is Frankenstein-level stuff.

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TiMs and their supporters and Big Pharma like to call TiMs taking hormones "HRT" because that implies that these TiMs were born women and so are only replacing the levels of hormones their bodies forgot to make. Oops.

Just more linguistic manipulation from Big Gender.

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I was thinking something similar yesterday. I remember myself and my peers being vain in our teens, but I was in the grocery store and I saw these girls dressed up and dolled up like they were getting ready for some e-girl photoshoots. I'm reaching my later twenties, still so young, and yet, I'm starting to feel outside the visible spectrum when it comes to modern beauty standards. How much are these kids gonna struggle when they're even more isolated from peers, even more inundated with falsity and vanity..? This fixation with self image has become completely out of control, and I imagine that kids growing up with TikTok and Instagram are going to struggle far more than we did.