US: A BILL To impose sanctions on foreign persons responsible for violations of internationally recognized human rights against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) individuals, and for other purposes. by one1won in politics

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Thank you for your stating your position.

My own is that this bill Will be used to politically target non adherents to Gender Ideology. I’m suspicious of an elitist and corporate backed ideology that has such tactics and aims as described in the Dentons Report.

from the Spectator article about the Report:

For example:

‘In Ireland, Denmark and Norway, changes to the law on legal gender recognition were put through at the same time as other more popular reforms such as marriage equality legislation. This provided a veil of protection, particularly in Ireland, where marriage equality was strongly supported, but gender identity remained a more difficult issue to win public support for.'


Although it offers extensive advice about the need to keep the trans-rights agenda out of the public’s gaze, the report has rather less to say about the possibility that advocates might just try doing what everyone else in politics does and make a persuasive argument for their cause. Actually convincing people that this stuff is a good idea doesn’t feature much in the report, which runs to 65 pages.

This is not about LGB, whenever the T is attached. Has there ever been a Civil Rights movement with this much money, media, established organization (NGOs and charities), corporate, or political support? Has discourse been discouraged to the extent we’re seeing(/not seeing)?

They are mutilating physically-healthy children with severe mental disorders by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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Proud. Proud?

I cannot type what I am thinking.

GC: Should GC men identify as "transgender", to expose the fact that every man meets the non-existent requirements? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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At first, I thought the Penn swimmer Lia Thomas was doing just this. Sadly not. As with the Babylon Bee, we’re seeing reality is outpacing satire. Though, maybe if a critical mass of GC men could be organized…

The Transgender Debate is Over. by SnowAssMan in GenderCritical

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My New Year’s resolution is to leave flyers about town. (Stickering can be charged as vandalism here.) May I print your words to leave in Women’s restrooms? In full or in part? Inquiring with respect. :)

This is why the 'true trans' approach is a problem by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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There is no such thing as trans/cis outside organic chemistry.

There is a Gender Identity Cult, which now is being made a state established religion (funding and enforcement by government), unconstitutionally in the US.

I was just texted an opportunity to advocate! by one1won in GenderCritical

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1000 characters

Gov. Kate Brown signed a law to allow Oregon students to graduate without proving they can write or do math by jet199 in politics

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So, just identify as a literate person?

Both: Where do you see the gender wars in 10 years? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I am Gender Critical.

What Debate? I’ve seen a No Debate Gender Identity Ideology movement.

I am, also, considering the global political machinations and media and institutional captures.

How about some pessimism. Addressing your “gender debate” question specifically.

I think (those formerly known as) women and children will be sex-on-demand units for males.

I think medical experimentation on the traumatized, mentally unwell, young, or genetically XX will expand. Money talks, compassion will walk, orders will be followed, opportunities taken.

I see the Gender Identity Ideology movement as a men’s sexual rights movement. By men, for men, but ultimately for the rich and powerful men. It’s a grift; Trans identified people are just as much pawns in this scam as anyone else. It’s Big Dick energy and $$$$$.

By 2031, either you’re potentially useful in some way, or you’re… , um, in the way. Men’s sexuality unbridled may lead to the end of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

I sincerely wish I am wrong.

This is why I have a hardline stance on language, public access, and against the public acceptance, or legislation, of the Ideology.

Greece mandates COVID injection for adults over 60, monthly fines for those who don’t comply by [deleted] in news

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Pure ageism. My 80something yo mother already called this. Add this to the Saidit post of the three separately coded vials, guess which lot the elderly will get. Doesn’t Greece have a pension problem?

(Can’t find post, so dropping this article)

It begins. FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board elections! by one1won in GenderCritical

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I saw the similar claims. However, law enforcement used to investigate prior to taking such extreme actions. I tend to believe this woman hasn’t the tech know how or election access she was accused of having. My experience and cynicism says it’s “shut her up by shaking her up” under the guise of “suspected election tampering”. Garland’s Department is committed to addressing the “problem” of recalcitrant parents.

California lawsuit alleges a “faith-based belief system” by HelloMomo in GenderCritical

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Excellent article. Detailed and sex correct.

(FYI: WOLF matching grant fundraiser occurring now)


The lawsuit is backed by a slew of supporting organizations, including Keep Prisons Single Sex, the Family Policy Alliance, Concerned Women for America, the U.S. chapter of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, the Independent Women’s Law Center, and the California Family Council.

And yeah Amy Ichikawa, the Woman II Woman founder!

The mother of the queer teen rapist in the Loudoun County debacle looks exactly as you'd have imagined she would by wristaction in politics

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What does Daddy think of his offspring? Let’s hear from him, too.

Abolish the Jury System – Amelia May Johnson by [deleted] in politics

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I addressed your post according to my perception of it. My perception of your writing.

You can't argue than twelve, random people will be well-verse in the law — it's statistically unlikely to the point of being nearly impossible.

Who, other than you, expects jurors to be well-versed in law? I offer:

The jury is the fact-finder, but it is left to "find" facts only from the evidence which is legally admissible.

With due respect, I find this article more informative and thought provoking than your opinion piece:

You don’t take disagreement with your writing well, it seems. I foolishly bought into the good faith discussion/pyramid of debate rhetoric of Saidit. Silly me. Good faith is multiple “straw man” accusations from you. Ok. I’m out.

Favorability Voting is the Best Electoral Method – Amelia May Johnson by [deleted] in politics

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I’ve long thought something like this (or actual conscription for a term) should be the process to fill the House of Representatives, leaving the Senate as is. Balancing people and power. (Or, at the very least, spreading the graft cash)

Abolish the Jury System – Amelia May Johnson by [deleted] in politics

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Hard disagree.

Most Countries Don’t Use Juries

So what? But, Mom, no one else has to wear snow boots! Not a strong argument.

Juries are Uneducated

I’ll be right there to say the mentally incapable (non-PC: stupid) probably ought not be on juries. But I reject your “uneducated” label, I find that classist. It has happened that sound, detailed, careful thinkers have been labeled “uneducated” by elitists for not having an “advanced degree”/a college, or even high school, education, discarding the “school of hard knocks” and self initiative learners. Most legal cases that even make it to a juried trial aren’t that tough. Your position is only persons trained in law should decide? So a “specialists only” perspective? If one hasn’t a degree, that one is incapable of applying thought, experience, and hence intellectual discrimination? Wow. Just wow.

As I understand, both defense and prosecutors have say in seating juries in America. Perhaps the rules of jury selection may be reconsidered, example: number of jury candidates objections/rejections in the selection process. Why scrap rather than improve?

All problems you cite of a jury system can absolutely be retained by shifting to judges panel system, and indeed, become even more entrenched- harder to address.

Demand more/better of the system and citizenry rather than creating greater gulf between citizens and (constructed) society.

So, No. Nuh uh.

Do individuals with CAIS have female sex organs? Or do they have male sex organs? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Roy Clark - Malaguena, one of the most difficult songs ever. A wild take on an old classic. Roy has never gotten the recognition he deserves because he was never that well known outside of Country music. He is, quite simply, one of the best guitarists who has ever lived regardless of genre. by Chipit in music

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Filmed live, before a live studio audience The Odd Couple TV show. I remember.

Amazing sound in this video!

Roy Clark was a true master with stringed instruments.
I hated Hee Haw, but I loved the chance to watch and hear Clark play. Mesmerizing and joyful.

Disappointed in Vanessa Vokey by shinnygummy in GenderCritical

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Didn’t even listen to the song, did you?

"Sunshine" was an energetic, happy-sounding statement of protest and independence. "It was just at the time of the Vietnam War and Nixon", Jonathan recalls. "It was looking bad out there. That song meant a lot to a lot of people during that time--


General Comment "Sunshine" is the feeling one gets from true freedom. "Some man" is THE MAN... the government AND the establishment. He takes control of your life, taxes (robs) most of your income, then uses marketing gimmicks to suck up the rest. Furhtermore, he drafts you and your children into foolish wars! The system sucks. Nothing satisfies anymore, because you're NOT free. The sunshine is gone...

Not a conservative position at the time.
If this is “conservative” now, then f yeah, cause I’m neither a sheep nor a robot.

My, how you reveal so much about yourself in your comments!

Disappointed in Vanessa Vokey by shinnygummy in GenderCritical

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This song for you to consider. Stop shilling for “the man”

Battle Hymn of the Women by one1won in GenderCritical

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Women fire up! 🔥


Battle Hymn of the Women by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Women fire Up! 🔥

While Dem women whine about being politically homeless, yet “needing” to stay with the Democratic Party…. Ffs. Vote with your feet! Your actions, your choices! Reward only those who will hear and stand with women’s concerns. Screw parties. Issues!

Gender Identity… by one1won in GenderCritical

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I should have posted exchange like this, I guess…

Colin Wright · Aug 29 It's OK to not have a "gender identity." I don't. Most people likely don't either, but are simply interpreting it as a reflection of their affinity for sex-related masculine or feminine stereotypes.

You can reject the entire concept and just live your life. That's an option too.

Oregano Jones, Lawperson. · Aug 29 I originally had one, but sadly I was a victim of gender identity theft.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Aug 29 Replying to @OreganoJeauxns and @SwipeWright Totally stealing that.

Kethaera Aug 30 Replying to @OreganoJeauxns and @SwipeWright That's rough buddy. Did they get the pronouns too?

Control Freaks vs Respectful Autonomy by StillLessons in propaganda

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Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference. -[Jim Butcher, Vignette (The Dresden Files, #5.5)]

My observations of Americans since the 1970’s: as disease and injuries became less likely to be experienced or fatal, daily conveniences and entertainment avenues for the individual multiplied, the will to act effectively diminished. Common sense and intellectual curiosity have been derided; education has been allowed to morph into indoctrination. Those who can’t be bothered to care will bear the consequences also.

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times. [G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain (The New World #7)]

About accommodations… by one1won in GenderCritical

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While listening on a YouTube channel discussing TW in women’s sports, I’d heard a Olympian, of decades past, raise the question of Hubbard’s accommodations, so I was uncertain whether housing was an individual, team, or IOC decision. I hadn’t heard anything else on the matter. Hubbard is an economic outlier. I’ve, since the OP, found an article stating Simone Biles, and the entire US women’s gymnastics team, had all chosen to stay in a hotel in Tokyo.

As to the second item, I was thinking college dormitories and what used to be called boarding schools (are they still? I haven’t children). Shared room assignments are to be by gender identity, not sex now, for any institution receiving federal dollars, correct? (Where do NB go, anywhere they please? So, people without a gender identity are self limiting or assigned gender at matriculation?)

I’m wondering whether more American parents may be surprised, this fall, by the impact of Biden Administration actions.

Or is COVID lockdown resuming?


Found this school district pretrial motion- nightmare described. First link below. Horrifying. (The lawsuit was given up in 2019. Trans prevails. Over six year battle). But, yikes, this reasoning: an effectively “compelled affirmation policy”? “Nowhere1 in the constitution is the Right to Not be seen naked”, without consent? Perfectly legal for strangers to look on your body, but don’t touch!?! Federal constitution wise. Note this is argument is based on a case about incarcerated persons…

1 Except for religious exemption, that’s likely viable. Until that’s outlawed as a consideration (see Equality Act)

Considering just deleting the post. Feeling pretty dismayed. No one told me clothes were for weather or fashion, only, not for modesty. Had no idea.

Dems have gender identity language and protection in the Infrastructure Bill by one1won in GenderCritical

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You paint people with a broad brush. Enough with your criticism. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t happen. Be gone!

Next day edit. I reported shzprm for trolling. Account either did not read my submissions or did not engage in good faith. I refer back to their use of “you people” also. Fedposting accusations? I’ve seen no conspiracy to illegal acts submitted here.

Dems have gender identity language and protection in the Infrastructure Bill by one1won in GenderCritical

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Thank you! I have only mobile. The “section 20” threw me.

Dems have gender identity language and protection in the Infrastructure Bill by one1won in GenderCritical

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section 20 249(c) of title 18, United States Code."

Searching federal documents is a pain. Title 18 refers to CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE. That’s prisons, if I follow the sections, though I’ve yet to find the referenced section with GI wording.

Dems have gender identity language and protection in the Infrastructure Bill by one1won in GenderCritical

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I express my opinion while I still may do so without legal consequences. I refer you to this post.

I posted here about legislation! And the wording and intent of same. And I called my Senators offices today. FFS

A lot of you still don't understand that.

WTF. “You” who?

Oh shower (me, us?) with the wisdom I/we so lack. /s

Are you a bot?

ETA: TLDR: my expressed opinion in the OP was not meant as a TLDR for you. The post wasn’t that long or involved.

AGP is not an orienation! by PotatoCake in GenderCritical

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I’m a hardliner, myself, but such a course might also put the kibosh on self ID/gender fluid BS, yes. Might. Sigh. Still doesn’t address institutional capture or the “orientation” classification question or sex stereotypes (Equality Act definition of sex is also sex stereotypes, ffs!). Couldn’t sex stereotypes be used against homosexuals just as well as against women? So mightn’t help enough.

AGP is not an orienation! by PotatoCake in GenderCritical

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The Equality Act currently states

“(5) SEXUAL ORIENTATION.—The term ‘sexual orientation’ means homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality.

For Now. Yes, I agree, if there would be Any good faith by the promoters of the Act, they would make or agree to protections such as you mention. Make it explicitly biological/sexual and bar fetishisms as we currently know them.

My fear is with public acceptance of AGP individuals as “Trans” (used to seeing them), combined with an official professional standard stating AGP as a sexual orientation, we’d be on that slippery slope of “but they were born that way/can’t help themselves” legal “recognition”. And pedophilia could piggyback. It would be open season on women and children.

European police leads coordinated raids on people's houses as a means of censorship. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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A tweeted picture of colorful Ribbons tied onto a wrought iron gate may be Malicious Communications? Police show up at tweeter’s door. Possible 2 year sentence if found guilty!

This is fear and intimidation to control and wrest power from the governed! Political speech is being silenced.

ETA. Get a load of pending Canadian bill C-36. Up to $40,000 (in US $ for reference) fine for Hate Speech on Social Media! Canada to deliver what amounts to a bounty on perceived hate speech.

And, in the US, can you express your opinion on your own time without being fired from your government job? Free speech at stake.

This is an incredibly important case on multiple levels,” said Ray D. Hacke, PJI’s Oregon-based staff attorney. “The Supreme Court has made clear that educators don’t check their freedom of speech at the schoolhouse gate when they accept employment with public school districts – they have as much right to speak out against district policies they consider harmful as any other citizen. The school district erred egregiously here in punishing Rachel and Katie for daring to take the stand they did.”

AGP is not an orienation! by PotatoCake in GenderCritical

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I personally don't have a problem with describing AGP as a sexual orientation

Um. About Biden Administration’s Equality Act, proposing to replace, in law, the word sex with gender identity and sexual orientation, et al

So, if AGP may, or may not, be admitted as being in “gender identity” but if it is considered a “sexual orientation”, the Acts definition of sexual orientation could be amended to include...

To whom are legislators and power brokers listening? The LGBTQ activist orgs, persons in the TQ community, and TQ allied “experts” in professional fields. Is “AGP is a sexual orientation” rhetoric being normalized in the TQ community? IF it is, it would be with this AGP inclusion intent in mind.

You Have Heard About High Value Women, But Do You Know About High Agency Women? by rudeboy96 in GenderCritical

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Women as a title and afterthought.

CardiB as a high agency woman? Nah. I submit

A MUCH better read.

Right-wing women saying they're "radfems"? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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While few occurrences are “impossible”, have you considered there may also be bad faith actors set on creating division, animosity, and chaos? (Larpers, liars, and bots). I’m just suggesting cautious skepticism rather than taking all online claims as true…

ETA. I’m unclear what you’re saying. You state, this group is “claiming to agree with radfems”, and also

I don't know how they can claim to be feminist

Are “they” themselves claiming to be feminist? (Historically, extremist factions you mention would Not make that assertion). Or, are other people labeling them “feminist” for not swallowing the woowoo? Either way, why the alarm? Do you hate being agreed with? Again, perhaps take online unsubstantiated claims with a pinch of salt.

Exhibitionistic males make yet another "LGBTQIA" story about them. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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I mean, something like: The event host — grown adults who advocate for the right to expose their penises to children in girls' changing rooms — had planned to rent out the museum ...

Yes! Out OutNebraska!

Exhibitionistic males make yet another "LGBTQIA" story about them. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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The event - a drag queen story hour - was scheduled to take place after the museum closed on Saturday, the news outlet reported. The event host, the LGBT group OutNebraska, had planned to rent out the museum and hold the event for several hours.

"The Lincoln Children's Museum is an equal opportunity facility and supports inclusivity. Cancelling this event and not having the children in our building to create, discover, and learn through the power of play breaks our heart, but the safety of ALL of our visitors, our staff, our exhibits and our building is and always will be our priority," the museum added in its social media post.

So, the Lincoln Children’s Museum is in full and hearty support of child grooming. Got it. Terrifying! Hope this prompts a forced removal of board and top officials of this museum.

Federal Judge Halts Arkansas Ban on Sex-Change Procedures for Minors claiming “irreparable harm” to minors by scrubking in corruption

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Judicial activism

Language is a reflection of the way we think by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Thanks! I enjoyed the roast in the comments! Gender specials do set themselves up…

The web is nothing but a picture box now. by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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“conservation”? Drunk or spell checker?

Stagecoach Mary Fields by RupertTaylor493 in history

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JK is going to peak the planet by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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"If sex is real, then everything is based on sex, and reminds us of sex, which is a bad thing so sex is not real"? by TheCoolestAlphabetic in GenderCritical

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Made a new account to try again, eh? Reported

If every cell in the body can become a sperm or egg in laboratory, does that mean everyone is already both male and female? by BigSecret in GenderCritical

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You’ve posted this in the debate sub. To post here is trolling. Reported.

What's the name of this awesome oldies style rock n roll weather song in this video? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Huh. It’s Frank Ifield.

(Classic Tex Ritter = better voice, IMO)

Violence erupts outside LA spa as Antifa defends customer showing penis to little girls by [deleted] in politics

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a person allegedly exposed their penis to women & girls.

If a “person” has, or had, a penis - he’s a man.

Transgenderism is a cult. Antifa being part of it proves transgenderism is being used to destroy societies around the globe.

And who spawned those “youth”? Shameful little, soft-cushion, ingrates.

Facebook employees were caught spying on female users to stalk them by WildApples in GenderCritical

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Last sentence of last paragraph:

They’ve been working to improve our staff training, harassment detection, and preventative processes since 2015.

Subtle cry for help, or did copy-paste carelessness bite article writer, Cindy Harper, in the ass?

The way most women hate other women by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Mental illness. Reread the first sentence.
They’re among us.

Majority of Scottish Government civil servants say they'll never add pronouns to their email signatures by usehername in GenderCritical

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A spokeswoman for feminist campaign group ForWomen Scotland said: “It is frightening that the government would seek to politicise the civil service and co-opt public employees into an ideology that has no basis in law: this can only serve to undermine the impartiality and professionalism of the service.

“We would go as far as to say that it is a deeply stupid and undemocratic proposal, pushing sexist, dystopian ideas which are profoundly at odds with truly liberal progressive goals. It is also further evidence that this government only pretends to consult and ditches any views which conflict with their predetermined policies.”

Name it. Yes!!!

TIM brings a man's dead wife into the conversation. Unpleasant behavior. No one on her side thinks she crossed a line. by JasonNecks in GenderCritical

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Wow. TRAs really showing themselves.

Little Pigs,the Crane and a Wolf by kiemeo in Introductions

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"The thing about the internet is that everyone on it is horny. Everyone on the internet is horny all the time." Brian Feldman, Intelligencer by [deleted] in quotes

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Brian Feldman: “only men use the internet”

r/NZ celebrating the removal of a woman definition billboard. TRA bingo aplenty by EventideSky in GenderCritical

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Nope. “They’re Men”.

I’m not giving up the word Women at my age. Let em make the news pummeling an old broad.

r/NZ celebrating the removal of a woman definition billboard. TRA bingo aplenty by EventideSky in GenderCritical

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If you're in Wellington please come to our peaceful rally on Thursday. 5.30pm outside Michael Fowler Center. Cos fuck TERFs.

When I checked the pastel MRA fbook page, 308 protesters planning on showing up. To me, it seems a bad look for a self proclaimed oppressed group to outnumber their “evil” opponents in the public eye.
These men just have to show everyone exactly who and what they are.

“Cis women only” sub allowed on Reddit if it’s goal is to degrade women by Happy_face_caller in PinkPillFeminism

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Transphobes, transphobes!

Oh wait - dick rules, whatever the dick wants, the dick gets. How many of the 456,000 members ARE women, (one is too many!)

I’m down for degrading men. (But, only if they HATE it!). Aw, wee sausages!! All men! #menhavenouse

UK mom sentenced to Life in Prison after learning husband sexually abused her kids, 1 of whom committed suicide! by Lostkey in GenderCritical

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Courts are renown for their FAIRNESS and absence of sexism…

The average prison sentence for men who kill their female partners is two to six years (the illustration here takes the midpoint of those values). By contrast women, who kill their partners are sentenced on average to 15 years. Despite its widespread use, the statistic is dated. It was first published by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 1989. It remains true that most women who kill their partners cite self-defense as a motive. In fact, 70-80% of incarcerated women report intimate partner violence. But there doesn’t appear to be any recent analysis of sentencing to see if this gender gap in sentencing remains the same.

Since the statistic was first published, one of the clearest changes in the US prison system has been the dramatic increase in women’s incarceration rates. Research also suggests that women are given harsher punishments when they have committed crimes that are perceived as more masculine, such as murder.

Just saying, perhaps this woman weighed the realities.

UK mom sentenced to Life in Prison after learning husband sexually abused her kids, 1 of whom committed suicide! by Lostkey in GenderCritical

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Not to make light, but such instances always make me think of this

“He had it coming…it was a murder, but not a crime”!

Maybe should have been 3 years MAX. This woman’s sentence is a crime!

ETA: she is one smart cookie having used sugar

The F-ing morons of Trantifa think they've won the Battle of Wi Spa by BEB in GenderCritical

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Oh, thanks for the info!

The F-ing morons of Trantifa think they've won the Battle of Wi Spa by BEB in GenderCritical

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Antifa wouldn’t dare show up in my neck of the woods. “around the world”? Hahahahaha!!!

The F-ing morons of Trantifa think they've won the Battle of Wi Spa by BEB in GenderCritical

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Facing large numbers of menopausal women having a bad day - the verbal “violence” would decimate Antifa!

This might sound kinda mean... by BEB in GenderCritical

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I read same on Ovarit. Ffs. If women don’t speak up now, their ability to speak up, ever, will disappear. What’s happened in Scotland, C-36 is drafted in Canada. Why do women remain with a party they don’t trust to speak with openly!!! What’s the point in trying to influence policy and platform by telepathy?

There’s always been people huddling in corners while others take the blows and mockery. People can only act if they are constitutionally capable of doing so. Perhaps, left leaning women in America have more a larger number of vocal (easily seen) huddlers among them than do the right, center, or independents.
That’s okay, I guess. They can be the ones being nice, cause I’m not capable of that. LOL

"Women can have autogynephilia too" by Wangchuck in GenderCritical

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I remember when perverts were shamed and told to keep their fetishes out of the public realm, not to force them on other people.

How did we go from #BelieveHer to ‘all women who disagree should be {insert violent act here}’ by wokuspokus in GenderCritical

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Still the Patriarchy…

It’s always been “all women who disagree should be” {repercussions}

BelieveHer wasn’t an action, it was a sound bite.

I promote to always first ask the question, “And how does this impact women/girls?” Demand an answer.

ETA. This is why our right to name ourselves as women/female is So important.

We should all come out as trans by weavilsatemyface in GenderCritical

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I will not capitulate to gender identity ideology. I deny it. I will speak and work against the ideology and its foul influence and impacts. I will not erase myself.

Another Wi Spa incident - brave young mother just released a video talking about how she and her 6-year-old daughter also experienced Surprise Penis at Wi Spa by BEB in GenderCritical

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I need a banner, billboard, megaphone, and T-shirt to say: “Women, don’t submit to perverts!” “quit placating gender specials” “sex, not gender”

Straight women need to drop the T, also!

1984 is here! Gender propaganda outlet NBC "News" uses "HER PENIS" in describing Wi Spa incident. Don't know whether to laugh or cry... by BEB in GenderCritical

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Some of the protesters, according to images and videos from the scene, included apparent QAnon supporters with T-shirts that mention the term "Pedowood,"

I spent much of Saturday watching the videos of the protest. I purposely searched for any/all sources. Found right wing, (they were there because antifa was there - not because of the Spa incident) but not Q related. I didn’t see any Q T-shirts, did anyone else? NBC conflating this protest with the Washington event they linked. Propaganda