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Exactly my point, and people wonder why the “trans” suicide rate is so high. Because when we find out the truth we’re supposed to kill ourselves, and then people can say oh no this is because we didn’t drug and mutilate them sooner! This is because we didn’t accept their faulty reality! Feed the children to the machine!

When you figure this out I humbly ask that God will be with you and you will find the strength to keep going. You deserve more than this, you deserved better than what has been done to you.

I’m not trying to accuse you of transitioning for sexual gratification, some men do but I believe you when you say that’s not your story. I was more talking about companionship, we all deserve to be in intimate loving relationships that’s a very hard thing for trans identified people. Check out this article, it’s written by a male who identifies as female so I hope it’s more convincing on this point than I am; https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59121c06e4b0e3bb894d5b47

A question for the community. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I’m not a feminist, I actually think the conception of “gender roles” led us to this exact problem, that was my point so no you’re not correct. I’m also a very traditional woman so you are hot outta luck trying to convince me that confused men can be my “feminist allies”.

I don’t want men to be feminist allies, I want men to be men and women to be women.

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I really just am so heartbroken for you. You can’t get out of a cult unless you see it for what it is, and to do that you have to be willing to accept reality. I ask God for strength because I believe he is the only thing powerful enough to defeat evil. I realise people don’t appreciate that but I’m religious anyway, so yeah. The power of Christ compels thee.

Just follow me for a second if you can. If you realised that you were a man what would that do to you? What would that mean for you? Like really think about it, I understand why I can say these things that it just bounces right off; it’s a self defence mechanism. If you saw the truth it well, that’s a real reckoning. It’s a real horrorshow, I know that’s why I left the trans community.

I myself was also in this community also suicidal and I know that transition seems like a solution, but it’s not, it’s just a distraction. And like I said hormones are very powerful, but what are you going to do when that glow wears off and all you have are your fantasies and an infertile body that is repulsive to 99% of people?

I’m not saying this out of cruelty, I am very genuine when I say that I care about you, I care about every person that identifies as trans because you have all been lied to and you are all being hurt.

You can leave and you can have a normal life, assuming you haven’t inverted your penis (please never do that to yourself by the way, I’ve seen a neo-vag in real life and it is grotesque) but it’s very hard and you will have to be very brave.

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Because “gender” is a term for language and sex is a term for the body. The idea of “gender” as something different from sex came from feminist scholars who were taking about the “gender roles” as imposed on females, from there post modernists divorced it from sex to create “gender identity”.

This is what happens when we extrapolate and extrapolate, we lose and misunderstand the meaning of words. Now we can’t even agree on what they mean. However it’s very bold of you to come here and assume that gender is something different to sex; we don’t think that. They’re two words that refer to the same principal, male and female, they’re only different in their grammatical context.

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You’re knit picking, we both know that what you mean. And what you mean is that you want doctors to treat men on cross sex hormones like women, which is not possible because that’s not how medicine works.

As one heart to another I am so sorry that you have been taken in and brainwashed by this ideology. I truly am so sorry for you and I will keep you in my prayers that God might find a way to reach you.

Any life that you have as an imitation of a woman will be just that; an imitation. You might be enamoured with the affects of estrogen now because hormones are very powerful, but you are on a drug just like the fictional meth addict.

Transition can take you a long way, it can give you a lot mentally and physically but you do it at great expense. You do it by making yourself less than what you are, by cutting off parts and changing the shell. But you will always know what you are, even if people look and see a woman there will always be this feeling inside of you. That you are invisible, that no one sees the truth, because that is what transition truly does to people. I’ve seen it happen.

If anything I have said here has reached you; run. Run away from the community that has lied to you, told you to drug and cut your body. Run as far away as you can. Find people who will live your real truth, not this awful destructive narrative. You can get out, if you want to.

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Your use of the word ‘cisgender’ implies that ‘transgender’ is a real and legitimate thing. I’m not an idiot, I understand the etymology, I disagree with the premise.

I reiterate it is a made up word that people use to legitimise the abuse and mutilation of mentally ill people who have been brainwashed into thinking it’s possible to change sex by creating a fictional “other” in the form of cis vs trans.

The truth is that there are no cis or trans people, just men and women.

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No because trans IDd people are people on medication. Medication which is unnecessary and harmful to their health. Your argument is essentially something like “well I really like taking meth so if the doctors could just accept that and treat me like something who just naturally has all this methamphetamine in their body that would be great.” Extreme example, the same thing though.

The argument you’re making here is the exact problem OP is talking about, it is extremely wishful thinking to suggest that a medical professional treat a male on spiro and estradiol the same as a woman. Not only is it wishful thinking but it’s also stupid because biology doesn’t move around for feewlings.

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We can better “treat” “transgender” people by letting them know it’s impossible to change sex.

Cisgender is a made up word for a normal human being, used to other and distance gender confused people from the rest of the populace. Seriously don’t recommend using it in a place like this cause we will laugh you out of here.

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Source, though? I kinda doubt medical professionals would blame a broken arm on HRT BUT there might actually be something to that since changing dominant sex hormones actually affects bone density, with cross sex hormones leading to decreased bone health in some individuals.

So tbh, even if you’re telling the truth, doctors might know something we don’t. Cross sex hormone “therapy” is extremely dangerous, we don’t need anymore people underplaying it’s risks.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Biological Boys Who Are Trans Shouldn't Compete in Female Sports by purrvana in GenderCritical

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That’s nice but if he’s taken seriously as a Republican any common partisan opposition to the trans narrative will essentially be moot. This is basic, it’s superfluous to the problem.

Republicans have already vetoed several laws that had PASSED preventing the abuse and mutilation of gender confused children because they can’t even find a united front on an issue this basic. Jenner is a direct contribution to that, in my opinion.

Republicans will not even able to say “men can’t be women” if Jenner is in a position of power. Trans support will become bi-partisan. And that looks a lot like game over to me.

And yet another Reddit post is locked down because it had an opinion against Transgenders by [deleted] in WatchRedditDie

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I agree with your sentiment but this particular issue is so chaotic and far reaching... it’s my opinion that part of the refutation of this particularly nasty brand of gender ideology has to do with the calibre of the people contained within it.

Is the idea dumb? 100% but people don’t care about facts, people don’t care about logic. You can yell that sex change isn’t possible and the people doing the transing don’t give two hoots. It’s at that point I don’t think we can ignore that there are several personal failing that crop up with alarming frequency in trans communities. Sexual abuse, pedophillia, the grooming of teens and children, other co-morbidities like obvious narcissism, as well as transitioning to gain solical/political/athletic clout etc.

Those things aren’t precise but they are repeating patterns and they’re worthy of note to me, but I do agree that they are extremely difficult to argue on, as the whole topic has become.

And yet another Reddit post is locked down because it had an opinion against Transgenders by [deleted] in WatchRedditDie

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Posts that could even possibly be construed as less than worship of the Amazing, Valid, and Highly Attractive trans community will be removed.

Last time I was in the Rulag (6months ago) there was a joke post quote; “How you would feel if your girlfriends dick was bigger than yours?” The comments were pretty funny, I left one saying we had about 2 hours before it was pulled, but I was wrong! We actually only had about 30 mins before the trans police arrived to remove any fun we may have possibly been having.

Elliot Page Says 'I Knew I Was a Boy When I Was a Toddler': 'Absolutely, 100%' by Femaleisnthateful in GenderCritical

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Ah yes, she knew when she was a toddler, that’s why it took 30+ years to manifest. Perfectly sensible, not at all the same self justifying argument heard time immemorial.

Personally I think she’s just traumatised from Juno. There is nothing masculine about Ellen Page, this whole thing is just sad to watch.

Man Penis Cut Off and Fed to Pigs after He Allegedly Tried Raping his Niece by format in news

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He’s a Real Woman now. These sex change surgeries are getting super creative.

I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex by Chipit in Documentaries

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I mean I’m in agreement that “gender” as a term has very little bearing on physical human beings, as we are a dimorphic sexual species.

However I don’t understand your argument because this is my point; no one agrees on what to call it. Call it whatever you like. Whatever it is and whatever it does do, what it categorically does not do is make a male body into a female body.

So in my opinion it does not change sex, it does not reassign it, because I don’t believe “sex” is merely the state of someone’s genitals or their hormone levels.

Edit: Hence I oppose the language, not like willing to die on a hill for it but just generally I think the notion is disagreeable.

I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex by Chipit in Documentaries

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You’re right that most of the men who transition just put on a weave and go, the number that have “the surgery” is a significantly smaller percentile.

However I did want to add that “SRS” is guilty of exactly what /LarrySwinger2 worried about because it’s not neutral. The term “sex reassignment surgery” implies that you can “reassign” sex whatever that means, the approval is inherent in the definition.

There’s legit no term for the operations that anyone, be they GC or trans, can agree on. Everyone wants to call it something different or just not whatever it’s currently being called.

Personally I don’t have an issue with people calling it mutlilation because it’s the only word that has stuck to these operations since they came into conception. Also I think they’re in violation of the Hippocratic Oath but that’s neither here nor there.

Maya Forstater: ‘I am fighting for the right to say men can never be women’ by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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Yeah, speak to truth. Biology isn’t something we can rearrange, we need to stop deceiving people and encouraging this baseless way of thinking.

It’s going to be a real Darwinian test to see how people fare and how the next generation of children will be born in this New World where biological sex isn’t real.

We have to keep speaking with dignity, it’s not malice to offer the voice of reason. Biology does not move for anyone. This unnatural medicine sterilises people. We are not God. Our actions have consequences. Etc. Etc.


Richard Dawkins asking why transgenderism is valid, but transracialism isn't by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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I was thinking about this comparison earlier today, and comparing it to Stalking Cat a man who did intense body modification to resemble a tigress. At no point did anyone turn around and say to Stalking Cat “oh you’re a real cat and I can tell now because you had these body modifications” no, we all understood that his body modifications were intense but they were his choice and what he wanted. He wasn’t attempting to deceive people or lie about being a human being.

Maybe transracialism is too hot a topic, and instead we should take a closer inspection of trans-animalism. Seems pertinent considering how rife the fury community is and the overlap between all sorts of rather sordid fetishes like ABDL, trans-furs, baby-furs, etc.

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Not being able to stop thinking about her cock is not always transphobic. It can be admiration, jealousy, fantasy.. or even kinky.

I lost 1.9 million brain cells while reading this and I’m pretty sure I could have used them for something, anything, better.

Good news - Endocrine Society comes out with a statement: biological sex is real, measurable & dichotomous (only 2 sexes, not a spectrum). How sad & frightening that in 2021 doctors stating the obvious about biological sex is considered COURAGEOUS by BEB in GenderCritical

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I keep posting this link on YouTube and YouTube keeps auto-deleting it 🙃

‘Bout to start praying for the youth since not only do they not know their science, it’s now a censorable offence to talk about it.

How will the young TQ+ cope with bodily aging? by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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They’re beyond anyone’s reach! I have frown lines on my forehead and smile lines forming around my mouth. Ageing is a sign of having lived, growing old gracefully is letting inside beauty shine through. Looks are fleeting!

I know what you mean too, we were already cut off and locked into the online bubble and it was awful. The best parts of my childhood were outside playing in trees, in the dirt, sneaking out to get drunk in a park at 16. Are the kids even doing that anymore? And don’t even get me started on the iPad babies, it makes me really upset to see 4 year old like zombies on devices.

r/TrueUnpopularOpinion - If you think you kids should get "gender affirmation surgery" or hormones, you're a moron. by WildApples in GenderCritical

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It’s tempting to think that way but I believe it’s a gateway to further identity problems and eventually cross sex hormones.

I knew a lot of people who identified as non-binary to went on to become True Trans, it’s known about in the community.

Why Girls Become Boys - Shrier / PragerU by absoluteblasphemy in GenderCritical

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I’m just as concerned about the young men being effected by this as I am the young women, but Shrier is staying in her lane talking about RODG and gender dysphoria in females which is a new phenomenon. And what she wrote a book on.

If she said what she did and then also said “it’s bullshit for boys too” people would have even more reason to scream she’s a TERF. And you know male gender dysphoria and transition has been established for some 40 years, she’s pointing out how fast the change has happened and the discrepancy.

It’s rough, I feel your point but you know it’s more complicated than that.

Why Girls Become Boys - Shrier / PragerU by absoluteblasphemy in GenderCritical

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Posting because I’ve been arguing in the comments like it’s Major League Baseball, however aforementioned comment section is an excellent exhibition of the sheer levels of group think and sociopathy perpetuated by gender extremists.

Good luck out there.

How will the young TQ+ cope with bodily aging? by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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Ah yes I do generally know the definition of words that I use, thank you Twaniac I’m not sure what exactly you are getting at here. As I and several other people here pointed out the kids and teens really do seem to think that we are geriatric by the time we hit mid twenties.

50 is considered decrepit, 70+ and you’re basically half dead and useless. That’s the gist I get from not just the youth youth but a lot of my generation too.

How will the young TQ+ cope with bodily aging? by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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Well that makes me feel slightly hysterical but less surprised than I really would like to be. These are also the kids that think Orwell’s 2+2=5 is the people who are telling them men can’t become women.

Don’t think I’m the only one wishing we could resurrect Huxley and Orwell to set the record straight.

Transmaxxing: The Incel to Trans Pipeline by WildApples in GenderCritical

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The trans community NEVER want to deal with the people who question Their Holy Narrative of being “born in the wrong body” be it Incels or the many detransitioned women speaking out. They just cry “you’re not the real trans!” but there is no real trans, just people with different levels of denial and double think.

How to help women imprisoned with men -"at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, there’s fear. Inmates say guards have warned them that “men are coming” and to expect sexual violence." by BEB in GenderCritical

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I hope they get shived by the prison’s top butch.

Am I the only one beginning to wonder if we should bring back mental asylums? It was very brave and kind of us to get rid of them, but what exactly have we unleashed on the populace by allowing insanity to not only be condoned, but celebrated in the mainstream?

How will the young TQ+ cope with bodily aging? by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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Yes, this. I got distracted because I’m so sickened by the plastic surgery hype, but I do want to add that we are probably going to see the younger gen go on a completely transhumanist warpath. They’re going to want bionic bodies, or digital worlds, without time or age.

And I also want to say that this is not separate from transgenderism, the trans movement is just laying the groundwork of how much we mess with people’s bodies and how socially acceptable the denial of reality is.

How will the young TQ+ cope with bodily aging? by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to be in my 20’s, it’s like a golden era of time that you’re still spry but you also have independence and freedom!

I wonder if they just wholesale absorbed what the press said about us. We went from “oh those blasted millennials ruining everything” to “zoomers are just so precious and the bestest” LIKE okay... I’m fairly adjusted to being kicked in all directions, but it does hurt most coming from the younger gen.

I want to help and mentor them the way older generations did not do for us, and they’re fully not interested.

As for the Communism, that’s very curious to me. I was watching an Atheism panel from ‘09 yesterday which touched on this brilliantly and it talked about how the gap left by Christianity is filled by other religious streams of thought, usually; radical islam or Communism. I would say transgenderism qualifies too just on a smaller scale. Check it out if you’re curious; https://youtu.be/48V0m2lia5U

Maybe in their Brave New World the state will pay for your rhinoplasty and boob job. Make every body like a cookie cutter, no better way to strip people of their individuality than physically carving it out of them with a scalpel.

How will the young TQ+ cope with bodily aging? by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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As u/BEB correctly pointed out it will 100% be plastic surgery. And here’s the kicker, especially for older folks here, the majority of people have no idea how bad it’s gotten because they’re not on the same platforms as these surgery obsessed kids.

I’m 26 and I’m still young I swear mom!! But basically I’m a Boomer to these Gen Z kids especially when I’m on TikTok yelling (lovingly) at these young women that they don’t need surgery, what they need is to acquire some self worth and some dignity that isn’t based in appearance.

Kids growing up watching Kardashian’s, looking at shopped images, and TikTok is literally just... I don’t know maybe China’s global agenda? Pure evil? Interspaced between funny haha videos there’s young women having completely unnecessary surgery and arguments about how communism is good actually. I must be getting old if my thoughts are primarily along the lines of “where the hell are your parents???”

I saw a young woman the other day who was obviously very anorexic, she looked about 17 and maybe 35kg, complaining about how flat her chest was and how she was booked in for breast implants.

It broke my heart, I don’t know what we can do to reach these young people. We are failing them as a society right now.

Instead of antagonizing others, we should share the red pill with as many people as we can regardless of class or race. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Trying to feed people the red pill is like that video of people trying to give Ryan Gosling the spoonful of cereal.

All we can do is attempt to expose the double think, the lies, the propaganda, and hope people have at least two brain cells to rub together.

"Trans Women Are Men … Including Me" - Debbie Hayton by JustWhy in GenderCritical

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Yes, excellent comment. This is something I find with even the most agreeable and quote unquote “nice” trans identified people; they seem to not have much in the way of understanding where their thought paths lead when absorbed by younger generations.

Moving away from the problem of what his transition did to his wife and children, which I’m in full agreement with you and others here about. Debbie likes having children, young TIMs are basically not going to have that option, at least if they’re transed as children. Lots of TIMs won’t do sperm donation either because their dysphoria, uwu.

And whomst exactly do we think pushed in this legislation for mass transition and social acceptance if not the OG transsexuals? There is still a lot to be answered for.

This is why I reiterate that it’s a pathology.

Also don’t get me started on the TW who think they’re worthy of having their genetic material passed on. Or having women carry and raise their children. Actually just enrages me beyond rationally, let’s not further burden our evolutionary progress by producing offspring for men who chose to sterilise themselves, please.

Edit: ahhhhhh words

"Trans Women Are Men … Including Me" - Debbie Hayton by JustWhy in GenderCritical

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Super interesting video. If all trans identified folk thought like this we wouldn’t be in such hot water right now.

Thought it was very poignant how Debbie says he wouldn’t have wished to transition as a child because then he would not have had children. It’s very counter to the huge swathes of the trans community are pushing for early transition, because testosterone “ruins” them or some such, they don’t understand what it is to wipe out people’s fertility for no good reason.

I saw a video from a TW the other day who had been on hormones for a few years, and he seemed to genuinely believe that he could become fertile again because his doctor told him so. Literally never happens, Gigi Gorgeous and Blair White both took time off estradiol/blockers and it didn’t happen.

Never heard of it happening in the short periods TW come off hormones, only ever for detransitioned men post a couple years.

Doctors need to be laying out very clearly this is basically a one way street to sterility. AND that it seems to benefit trans IDd people to spend at least a portion of their life trying to live as their biological sex. I hope someone is taking notes.

The joke that is r/ActualLesbians by FuckTheHypocrites in GenderCritical

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Seems to me the closest half of these boys have ever gotten to a real woman is their anime waifus. Which goes a long way to explaining why they’re like that.

Many many people are so proud to be getting their "1st dose" of some unnecessary experimental mystery shot by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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Honestly thought this was talking about the trans phenomenon and cross-sex hormone therapy because the same applies. Big pharma just wants us all hooked to their product, it’s happening in so many ways now, we learned nothing from the opioid crisis.

Warning against my account from admins for being mildly pro-gun by madcow-5 in WatchRedditDie

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Yeah, they basically are keeping us unarmed and unable to defend ourselves. While militant Islamists are slowly taking over our country too. Just look at the Grooming Gangs cases that are coming to light here, estimated 20k white British girls targeted and victimised. Likely way more than that. I don’t think it would have happened if we were armed as a populace.

If the US wants a warning what not to do just look at the weapons and self defence laws here, there’s a reason why we have a significantly higher rate of sexual assault, as well as robberies, burglaries, and break ins, etc. It’s not empowering to disarm good, honest members of society. Which is what I see Biden pushing for in the states.

Warning against my account from admins for being mildly pro-gun by madcow-5 in WatchRedditDie

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I’m in the U.K. where self defence is basically illegal. Can’t even carry mace so I have a legal carry knife (>2” non-locking). I’m female so I want to be able to feel like I stand half a chance of defending myself, if I was in the US I’d have a gun. They are excellent deterrents.

Now I don’t wish for guns in the U.K. (we really don’t have the police to deal with what would entail) but I’ve gotten into REAL arguments with my country fellows about gun laws in US. It’s bullshit that you don’t have to worry about self defence without guns. Are people insane?

Y’all keep your guns. Keep your safety, keep your right to defend yourself and your property. It’s written into your constitution for a reason.

Celebrity TiM Chelsea Manning "we need a “trans day of rage...” (wouldn't that be every day?) by BEB in GenderCritical

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I think Manning and other ex-military TIMs highlight a lot of the very apparent problems with transitioning. Lots of men unable to cope with the kind of masculinity or trauma that comes to them in military situations, attempting to escape into Anima led fantasy.

They worry me the most because they’re often people inclined to anger or violence, and now the trans identity and the trans cause is the only way it’s able to manifest.

It’s honestly disgusting that a profession as prone to PTSD as the military allow people to go through with transitioning. It’s endemic, it’s reactionary.

Do you reckon if you told half of these lads when they joined that they’d leave as a “woman” that they would see any sense in that? Highly doubt it.

TIMES UK - "A French-American academic has alleged that the philosopher Michel Foucault was a paedophile rapist who had sex with children while living in Tunisia in the late 1960s." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Ugh guys this has me feeling actually physically nauseous. I used to be deep into breadtube before half of them decided to trans themselves, woke me up real fast, and these people lots of them now TW and they LOVE their Foucault. It’s burrowed in that particular brand of ideology, very Hegalian too. I wonder if that correlates somehow to how often they talk about BDSM.

"Gender confirmation surgery" usually does NOT mean genital surgery. Only 5-10% of TIMs in the US get genital surgeries. Hence, "girl dick." by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Good post. It’s hard because ultimately men who think they’re women are out there and I would prefer for them not to have dicks if they’re in my space, it’s my last thread of compassion to these people that I don’t tell them to just go get their dicks cut off.

Lots of TIMs I’m noticing, especially the AGPs, like their genitalia and seem to really want women to like it as well. Strange that! I heard a male lesbian the other day talking about how his relationships “had the benefit of male genitalia without the confines of patriarchal masculinity” ... like what, WHAT. That’s right ladies now you can have men who are free from being men because they forgot they were actually men, like WHAT.

I don’t want to feed the trans machine, sex changes are just a lie, propagated by the media, enforced by our current social climate. But yeah SRS is the rare choice, most of them still have weenies, people forget.

REDDIT MOD U/DREWIEPOODLE offering a 13 year old child estrogen ("SUPER GIRL JUICE") shots in his apartment, admitting that he does this OFTEN. This is grooming. by fuckupaddams in WatchRedditDie

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And people wonder why we have a problem with TIMs moderating. All “””Amelia””” has done since he got here is apologise for trans people’s shitty behaviour. The last comment I saw from him was defending pedo tran Aimee.

Amazing, great job. Not trying to change the tone at all.

Request to reinstate r/GenderCritical on Reddit by yipopov in GenderCritical

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It’s not that I don’t see your point, but “troons” and other actual derogatory slurs directed at people help nothing. I don’t use them anywhere, not even here. So just be careful, what exactly do you think you’re defending when we here say maybe using slurs is not a great look? I don’t think that’s unreasonable, check your position.

Request to reinstate r/GenderCritical on Reddit by yipopov in GenderCritical

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This is true, it is bad optics, we need to be on our best behaviour. Which is very frustrating, yes, but it doesn’t change the fact that we can’t allow the GC position to be dismissed as mere bigotry when I think majority here are mostly just concerned about the women and children being eaten by the trans machine.

Which is going at 200 miles an hour, affirmation only, hugboxing, with serious irreversible medical procedures abound. Idk just in case a trans ID’d person sees this and thinks it’s ironic, it’s not, these concerns are legitimate.

44 black intellectuals have written a letter of protest to Smith College for their treatment of low-paid white staff workers. “We didn’t march so that Americans of any race could be presumed guilty and punished for false accusations while the elite institution that employed them cowered in fear.” by Chipit in politics

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Where’s the incentive? Except y’know being honourable and decent. Various American states are already working to legislate FREE MONEY to black people under the guise of reparations for slavery or redlining etc. As if that’s a solution for current racial tensions, and not about to exacerbate them.

Even good folk won’t say no to the promise of free money, even good folk can become enraptured by the power and authority theories like white fragility and CRT provide explicitly and only to people with more melanin.

I’m not hopeful, but god bless these folk, and all the black intellectuals that see where this road is going and speak up.

Challenor is no longer employed by reddit. I'm surprised reddit actually did something. by TurtleFuzz in WatchRedditDie

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Omg guys it’s a real male lesbian, grab your cameras.

Legit “sis” do not take a word that is for female homosexuals and then say “I’ve never claimed to be a bio female” you’re already doing it, muppet. This is why we think majority of trans people are retards, you don’t even realise what you do or how you look to anyone with an IQ over 70.

Reddit drama over Chanellor now hitting the papers and media. Everyone basically saying "WTF were they thinking?" by GConly in WatchRedditDie

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Well this is absolutely delightful. In the past few days I called attention to my disagreement of having any trans identified individual moderate here on saidit, citied on the grounds that I thought the trans identity was pathological and affected people’s ability to moderate fairly. Plus we’ve already seen what having these trans identified mods has done to the tone of Reddit.

Now here we are with one of Reddit’s trans mods (of which there are so many) who is basically a pedo, his dad is a pedo, his husband is a pedo, he self confessed to writing erotic fiction involving children. And doesn’t seem particularly concerned with that?

Sorry “Aimee” the world just isn’t ready for MAP acceptance.

I thought that I was putting on my tin foil hat when I said I thought transgenderism would be used to smuggle in pedophiles and pedophillia acceptance but like look around. The correlation between P & T continues.

Reddit is already censoring necessary discussion by banning people talking about the crazy pedo, who is on their moderation team! If we can’t condemn a sexual deviant just because he identfies as a woman well, I think I’m just going to become a Nun. Fuck it.

Edit: hopefully more coherent, still thinking about being a nun tho

Can cisgender women (biological females) be autogynephiles? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I wouldn’t imagine actual women experience this psychological condition. Autogynephillia if we break down the word means self-woman-attraction/fixation and it’s categorised as a paraphillia because of the sexual arousal or satisfaction that manifests imagining oneself as a woman when one is not female.

Males and females have different patterns of sexual response, the autogynephillic response is noticeably influenced by testosterone, it’s why a lot of trans women claim they “grow out of it” on estrogen. Because the estrogenic sexual response is not the same, it’s less intense.

So taking some markers from autogynephiles would be “I’m aroused at the thought of having breasts” Okay, most women are not aroused when they are growing breasts, nor by the presence of them on their body. What the breasts indicate is that a woman is of reproductive age, sexuality usually follows that rather than preceding it.

But the point of the thing is that autogynephillia always begins with a thought of having something which is not natural to their body, it is inherently cross-sex. The example of breasts is interesting because I think it marks the paraphillic desire to become sexually available as a “woman” even if only to oneself. Which is not usually the behaviour of autogynephiles, they usually also identify as lesbians and expect to be accepted there.

The female equivalent is autoandrophillia, women are certainly capable of being pathological and self aggrandising but autogynephillia as discussed by Blanchard is a male typography.

Aimee Challenor and the danger of transgender politics | The Spectator by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Nepotism, pedophillia, and transition as a fast track to climbing the political ladder. Interesting how all of these particular kinds of cases involve men that think they’re women, it’s almost like transgenderism is a power grab for males. And not particularly good or worthy males, at that.

San Francisco school board member facing calls to resign over racist tweets: Many Asians use ‘white supremacist thinking’ to ‘get ahead’ by Happy_Blueberry3910 in politics

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God why the fuck are people so rude on here, are you trying to have a civil discussion or are you just hear to jack off being a rude cunt.

This is a small comment on a fringe social media site, criticising actual anti-asian racism being propagated by the media, in favour of merit based systems and discussion. You get an F for effort, asshole.

I think that my blood is actually boiling: NEW YORK magazine launches an attack on Abigail Shrier & us - claiming our feminism is based on "scientific misinformation and cruelty." by BEB in GenderCritical

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This is pure projection. Personally what I believe to be “scientific misinformation and cruelty” is telling delusional people that their delusions of being the opposite sex are true, SCIENTIFICALLY VALID, and then physically carving the human body with hormones and a scalpel to make it look a bit more like that. That’s fucking abhorrent.

I’m very genuinely here out of compassion and concern. These people were my friends, I don’t think transition helped them, I don’t think it helps the vast majority of people with gender identity disorders.

Of course they have to say garbage like this or the entire jig is up, they transed an entire generation of people extremely wilfully. Regret rates are soaring, this is completely pathetic.

US TV "60 Minutes" doing a detransitioner segment & trans activists are freaking out by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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The only reason r/detrans was allowed to remain open (under heavy censorship) was because of big names on either side of the argument spoke out that these people deserve community and support. If Bardfin had his way r/detrans would have fell to the ban hammer already.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles gender clinic admits it offers puberty blockers (chemical castration drugs) at 8 and mastectomies at 13 by BEB in GenderCritical

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But “children aren’t being transitioned” like okay... I really want to ask the Gender Extremists how, if a person is so young they cannot consent to SEX, how are they able to consent to having their SEXUAL ORGANS removed or permanently modified by cross sex hormones?

I don’t like to get full tin foil hat wearing levels of conspiracy but I seriously suspect the trans movement is going to open the gates for literal pedos. If we consent to modifying the sexual function of our children, and of manipulating people to have sex with trans identified people, I really only see it as a matter of time before this snowballs into something even more evil and ugly. Make no mistake about it, these people are after our children, I think recent news proves that.

US TV "60 Minutes" doing a detransitioner segment & trans activists are freaking out by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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Detransitioners are going to be the thing that topples the Transsexual Empire, that’s why the trans police on Reddit have been trying to shut down r/detrans for a good year now. They’re terrified, of the truth.

Really sad to see the the men and women there who made it out of the trans cult have their voices and opinions gaslight out of them because Reddit is so pro-trans that even if it destroyed your life you’re not allowed to be angry.

Canadian Father Arrested for Referring to 14-Year-Old Biological Daughter Using Female Pronouns by TonyDiGerolamo in news

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A true socialist Utopia, everything going great, really we should ALL be taking notes from Canada here. Business as usual, continue smashing that patriarchy. Girl Power so strong they prescribe their 14 year olds steroids.

In 6 years, it went from "I just wanna pee" to "... folks in media, the term "biological males" is a serious anti-trans slur. You should not use it without noting that." by BEB in GenderCritical

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But they’re not trying to destroy the idea of biological sex guys, c’mon they’re just saying that you should literally never mention it ever, and if you could also stop teaching children about it that would be great!

Extremely reasonable, rational, fully thought out demands.

Remember trans women are women, they know about biology and it’s A HUGE DEAL FOR THEM BRENDA because their biology not matching their brain is FORCING them to transition. That’s why they want to be let into women’s prisons, and into lesbian spaces, and women’s bathrooms, rape shelters, women’s roles in the workforce and the arts. Because they know what biology is, they really understand how it works.

Compared to them we are merely pleb tier cis, our understanding as gender based on biological sex is simply outdated compared to the new eunuch wave of the future. Godspeed.

It's almost as though it's a serious mental illness by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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So disturbing. There was a guy from the U.K. who got himself nullified abroad, complete removal of the male genitals, he was butchered. I mean what can you expect from the ethic and ability of a “surgeon” willing to do that. There is no safely removing people’s entire sex organs, they’re important.

U.K. National Health Service wouldn’t touch him. Don’t think I’ve seen the British public go so quiet in a long time, like what do we do with that? This is the extreme but logical conclusion of the trans movement, complete insanity and complete disregard for the sanctity of the body.

And it’s not even the first I’ve heard it.

Saidit's 'free speech' is under attack from the new admin, who is of course a tranny. Check the moderation logs and see individual user posts to see what is being removed and ask yourself "is this level of censorship in line with saidit's rules, or are they serving a personal agenda'. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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Cautious, definitely. Think I’m one of the few females that role outside of GC spaces, I’m not there for the feminist bent lmao the gender bullshit has nothing to do with feminism imo. It’s a pathological medical, psychological phenomenon.

I don’t say that lightly, like... I knew people in the trans community intimately, I cared about them, they were my friends. But they are regressed, addicted, validation seeking, looking for answers in hormones and surgery. Why are we not laying down clearly that what needs to happen is maturing to the point of accepting we can no longer play as the gender we’re not. It stops people self actualising just like any belief that gets corrupted.

That’s my observation, so I think in that regard reasonable doubt should be shone on whether a person with enough cognitive dissonance to believe they’re the opposite sex is capable of moderating justly.

If we see a dramatic tone shift then you know. I just don’t believe this stuff should be breathed, it’s like rophypnol that makes you think a man can invert his penis and become female.

Polling from 13 States Reveals Widespread Disapproval of “Gender Identity” Policies — Women's Liberation Front by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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Ahh thank you, I think I twigged it because I had just seen a poll showing women 1% in favour of males in women’s sports. And I think the wording was something like “Are you in favour of transgender women being be able to fairly participate in female sports?” Something leading, I was more enraged than I cared to be because the men were a few percent against!

If I had more patience or the mind for it I think it would be very interesting to compile and compare polls, numbers are so easy to bungle.

"Dysphoric" (2021) - A documentary about gender identity ideology and the harm caused to children who undergo medical transition by reluctant_commenter in Documentaries

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Trans phenomenon is psychological, not physical. 70 years in the future and quacks are still quacks.

Amazon Bans Books Framing Transgenderism As ‘Mental Illness’ by Chipit in censorship

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Wonder if this will include David Icke, or is it just outcry about Abigail Shrier?

Antifa attacked feminists holding a march in Paris on Women's Int. Day. The feminists were accused of being TERFs & Islamophobic. One of the marchers was told, "Don't show up to the demonstration if you don't want semen from a trans girl in your face." by Chipit in WorldNews

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Big yikes, but we still can’t say antifa are terrorists? Hmmm okay, guess it’s cool and progressive for men to threaten to... whatever “trans girl semen in your face” means. One can only hope these guys end up cutting their dicks off.

Polling from 13 States Reveals Widespread Disapproval of “Gender Identity” Policies — Women's Liberation Front by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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Interesting, I’m concerned the polling was biased though. The language used in the questions while accurate and certainly the language I would use, suggests the poll is already in favour of our position. People who’ve swallowed the gender ideology blue pill would dismiss this as a “transphobic” questionnaire because of its phraseology, which while annoying is a real thing.

Very slippery trying to get ahold of people’s opinions.

Pregnant Halsey Thanks Fans for Support After Changing Pronouns to She/They by Rationalmind in GenderCritical

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Wow, like can I just say? Stunning and brave.

By which I mean this “coming out” is about as milk toast as her music.

Canadian father, Rob Hoogland from British Columbia, will be arrested March 16th for contempt of court for for opposing his daughter's medical transition and refusing to stop naming doctors responsible. His daughter is 14. by xxPhoenixRising in GenderCritical

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I wish I had money to give. I don’t know if this man will ever seen my comment but I am praying for him and his daughter. It is so abjectly awful that this is happening, but I am so thankful to see a man do this, please do not stop fighting.

It should not be illegal for a father to want his daughter to grow up, for her to be able to sing and speak in her natural voice, for her to feed a child with her breast if she chooses to be a mother, for her to BE ABLE to be a mother.

A life as a transitioned person is a half life, a monstrous, creaturous life, a lie to self and others. People begin realising that very quickly when it happens to their child, if they haven’t already swallowed the blue pill.

Thoughts and open discussion on the intersection between Pedophilia and TRA by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I just read the whole thing and I am completely nauseated, this is the EXACT same playbook people are using to push ““trans rights”” the manipulation, the reframing, the social pressure. All of it.

The section on “pedophobia” follows the exact same mantra and line of thinking as “transphobia” The idea that the “””phobia””” is “emotional not logical” is the same shtick trans people hit us with when we say “males cannot become female” they accuse us of being the ones holding immaterial, emotional beliefs. Pure projection. The framing of trans IDed people being “terribly oppressed” by the “bigotry” of biological reality and especially anyone who dare mention the fact.

Even the framing of the discussion around these things as “phobic” already applies the emotional onus. It can be abused, it is being abused.

Honestly this shit keeps me up at night.

Looks like YouTube added word "homosexual" to profanity filter and now comments with this word are automatically deleted by ColoredTwice in GenderCritical

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[robot voice] there is no homosexual, there are only trans

TIF complain that's TIM turn every conversation about them even when it doesn't concern them by FineIWillDoItMyself in GenderCritical

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Really just hurts me to be honest looking at what these girls are going through because we didn’t catch the trans propaganda fast enough. Transsexuality was and still should be a much more commonly male problem. Females, we don’t get to run away from our biology and our reality like that.

Case in point, this young woman here still experiencing... being female. Can’t delude or dress or medicate yourself out of it, really.

Batshit misogyny: "Trans women belong in women's sports, AKA: I miss roller derby so much" by censorshipment in GenderCritical

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This is true, of course. No problem with TIMS or trans women whatever being in male spaces, playing on male teams. I was thinking from the stand point of “TIMs aren’t going to be able to complete with men if they have no testosterone” as their excuse. But we know the males that try to colonise women’s sports were second rate athletes there to begin with. Why they don’t want to play the men’s league, really, they know they have no chance.

After all the steroids and medical drug related scandals that come out of sports, I don’t understand why professions aren’t looking harder at this.

Men are the most oppressed women ever by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Yes, I have to wonder if it’s purely political for these older women, political corruption as well as in-group out-group thinking don’t discriminate. By which I mean women have been known to sell each other out, intentionally or otherwise.

Very grateful to have Baroness Nicholson in the U.K. to stand as an older female voice on the issue, as well as prominent progressives like JK Rowling who have influence. We’re now seeing a lot more men speak up here, and Keira Bell’s case was heard in the US senate too. That gives me hope the dialogue may change, it does seem to be a problem that doesn’t translate well into US politics.

Batshit misogyny: "Trans women belong in women's sports, AKA: I miss roller derby so much" by censorshipment in GenderCritical

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TIMs are so entitled, they can’t evn conceive of the idea they might not get to play sports if they transition. Like I’m sorry but twans women’s feewlings are not more important than female people getting to be excellent at their sport. This is hurting female athletes, everyone knows it, very few care, fewer still can do anything about it.

Men are the most oppressed women ever by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I really have to wonder if these guys think talking like this is “helping their cause” and then I remember how many women are handmaidening “yasss guurl” over disgusting comments like this.

I just despair, I need coffee and a cigarette lmao.

Period tracker CLUE doesn't seem to know which sex gets periods - "Not all people who menstruate are women...." WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Why the push to erase women by products that are FOR women? by BEB in GenderCritical

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I’m pissed off. Literally millennia of being told how disgusting our natural cycle is— for this? Not even allowed to call what is honestly a fairly integral part of being an adult human female, as being female, as being about women.

Men don’t bleed once a month CLUE, like they just really don’t.

"Whxn will mxn rxalize it doxsn't mattxr how mxny x's thxy do or dxn't add to the wxrd womxn thxy're alwxys going to be fxcking mxn." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Serious question; is it still transphobic if I say trxns womxn are mxn

I miss Magdalen by bradjohnsonishere2 in GenderCritical

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Her videos are so succinct and clear cut, I still watch them from time to time because she’s the OG, how can we not stan?

Other YouTube content I can recommend for the GC viewer are KingCritical, Kellie-Jay Keen (aka Posie Parker) Vanessa Volky Radfem, and Waffling Willow

The GC presence on YouTube is growing, watch this space ladies, the fight is only just beginning.

The ACLU has another mantrum: “Sex work is work. It's time to treat it that way.” by BEB in GenderCritical

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Well let’s just buckle up for when they inevitably begin legally whoring us out.

Are YOU female with NO CASH or CREDIT? Don’t worry! It’s now legal for men to pay to use your body, so why don’t you get on that? It’s just work like any other job! We’ll say you have to be 18+ but we all know that we’re not going to check that hard! Sign your daughter up for our 16+ hooker finishing school, today! /s

Twoxchromosomes on Reddit now posting transition pics, and is basically a trans sub now. by GConly in GenderCritical

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I really tried to read all the posts but something very strange happens to me while I’m scrolling twochromosomes, it’s like I can feel my brain cells dying faster.

So sad to see female spaces decent into worshiping the transitions of these narcissistic men. And people wonder why whenever a trans comes into a female space the women start leaving.

Twitch apologiezes for using "Womxn" to be inclusive to transwoman due to the later finding it offensive & invalidating since it "others" them. by FineIWillDoItMyself in GenderCritical

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Man just wait until these guys hear about XX chromosomes.

Protecting a child from gender nonsense by Matroskin in GenderCritical

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As other commenters have mentioned this is a very online thing, but it’s offline too. In general be wary of any “trans” friends your child makes. We have evidence that it’s a social contaminant, especially amongst kids and teens, so it’s difficult to confront that.

When it comes to kids I don’t personally have any but I would always like to impart to younger people that our bodies are very precious and important and that we shouldn’t cut or hurt bodies. That’s the kind of intuitive thing kids get rather than the complex conversations we have here. Having this boundary and sense of my body stopped me from transitioning even I was in deep with the trans mob. I think a lot of people that opt for trans surgeries or get sucked into sex-isn’t-real land they have no sense of their bodies, or other people’s.

Ha, the best antidote to the trans ideology I’ve got; self love and good personal boundaries. What a miserly, hateful TERF I must be!

FEMALE DETRANSITIONER Waffling Willow reviews ‘Irreversible Damage’ by Abigail Shrier [video] by absoluteblasphemy in GenderCritical

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When the cat comes out of the bag I want heads to roll. I don’t know who exactly is to blame for the current situation we find ourselves in, but I would not like to be the doctors and surgeons who carried out “transitions” on judgement day.

There’s a lot to answer for how we let this happen to young and vulnerable people.

Formerly respected health/science news outlet, STAT NEWS, publishes an op ed full of LIES about Rand Paul's questioning of Rachel Levine, and about trans "healthcare" for kids in general. SHAMELESS by BEB in GenderCritical

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This one is difficult but I’m also in agreement. I’ve been watching content recently of trans identified males talking about their SRS and it’s always the same story “first I was like what have I done but now it’s actually just like so great and people have told me how great it is”

I’ve heard this story three times over and that’s just off the top of my head. The amount of community and self gaslighting is intense. As we may expect from a group of men that think they’ve become women by inverting their penises, you can’t let yourself doubt that for even a second.

Formerly respected health/science news outlet, STAT NEWS, publishes an op ed full of LIES about Rand Paul's questioning of Rachel Levine, and about trans "healthcare" for kids in general. SHAMELESS by BEB in GenderCritical

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Agreed, that’s why it’s so insidious, people really believe they’re doing the right thing by being proponents of extreme trans medical care.

BEN SHAPIRO (US conservative pundit) goes full on Drop the T & TERF in discussing the Equality Act. Shapiro sounds like one of us - maybe the tide is turning? by BEB in GenderCritical

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Yes I agree, I was thinking of munchausens by proxy when I was writing this, but I believe it’s deeper than that thinking about the cases of mothers who are transing their children then “adopt” other “trans children” that aren’t being supported by their parents. Which is less visible than the women crying about how their sons are so brave for having heir genitals surgically altered but still happening and even potentially an extension of munchausens. The social phenomena has grown very complex.

FEMALE DETRANSITIONER Waffling Willow reviews ‘Irreversible Damage’ by Abigail Shrier [video] by absoluteblasphemy in GenderCritical

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Wasn’t sure if this had been posted before, but a very good watch if anyone hasn’t been able to read Abigail Shrier’s book on the trans phenomenon, or if you have but you want a closer look at someone’s experience of the book who personally went through this. Willow is very honest and intelligent with how she handles the dialogue.

She has some more recent videos dissecting the trans identity and ideology as a cult based on the BITE model, they’re very interesting. I think more people should hear the things she’s talking about.

Formerly respected health/science news outlet, STAT NEWS, publishes an op ed full of LIES about Rand Paul's questioning of Rachel Levine, and about trans "healthcare" for kids in general. SHAMELESS by BEB in GenderCritical

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The trans agenda needs to get people’s children involved. Then it can basically piggyback on the love mothers feel for their children and entangle it with something that is completely ideological and harmful to people’s bodies. Look how invested people are, this isn’t rational and there’s so much falsity.

BEN SHAPIRO (US conservative pundit) goes full on Drop the T & TERF in discussing the Equality Act. Shapiro sounds like one of us - maybe the tide is turning? by BEB in GenderCritical

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Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan are seriously pulling heavy weight with the gender stuff at the moment. I have to be thankful for them, a few years ago men had been very quiet about the issue, now I feel like we’re watching them pick a side.

I’ve noticed in the case of trans kids it’s always the dads who are reluctant. I’ve never seen a man driven to trans their child. It’s nearly always women who are driving this on a ground level. And I feel like those individuals we can reach more than the doctors and the shrinks that are perpetuating this.

Men don’t fold to social pressure about “right things” as much as women are inclined to, I’m putting a lot of bank on that now because a lot of female voices are being shut down. Doctors and TRAs are not even taking seriously the surge in female detransitioners speaking out about what happened to them.

I don’t think any 21st century woman wants to ask men for help but I’m feeling like HEY this gender ideology is targeting women and children and we need bigger guns. So in that respect very good to see men doing the thing they are most excellent at and upholding some fucking structure around here lest we all completely lose our minds.

Whiny -- I feel as though all my hobby spaces are now impromptu venues for gender-centric therapy by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It’s everywhere in female centric spaces. The fan communities are especially intense on the gender bullshit, they have to indoctrinate us young and thoroughly, often with pornography, to basically get us to forget that biology is real.

Even in my craft communities like knitting and crochet there’s gender nonsense. On Reddit a few weeks ago I read a post that was talking about how hard it was to be a “nonbinary transgender man” in this heavily “women dominated” space. It was all I could do to not tell this person perhaps the reason they’re interested in a traditionally female craft and then having such a hard time dealing with the fact that other female people around them are being happily women was because they were female. Maybe that a nonsensical, false sense of self was more likely why they were feeling isolated rather than some imagined oppression.

But you know it’s illegal to be concerned or to have disagreements. Of course the person in my story gathered bountiful praise and validation. This stuff is transparent, not transgender.

Descent into Hell - "my partner is trans" by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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You hit the nail on the head. They brainwashed with me “how to be a good ally” and just unequivocally accept trans people.

I’m a bisexual female who dated primarily women, so I’ve always been in the LGB alphabet community. Right now there’s a lot of pressure on women to accept this gender ideology and take the trans girl dick.

Descent into Hell - "my partner is trans" by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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They really called it that, of course they did. Now I’m not suggesting that all trans identified people are as bad as the particular crowd I fell into but there does seem to be running occult themes.

Like if I had a penny for every satanist trans catgirl I’ve seen on Reddit, I’d have a whole lot of pennies. I don’t know if people understand that we’re tapping into something very primal when we use occult symbolism and ritual like this. We’re not living in times where we understand it well.

And when I’m thinking about it how far away is SRS and the mythology surrounding the idea you can change sex from other ritual practices we’ve seen in humanity? Castration comes to mind.

I don’t have any good answers but I think the religiosity of the trans movement is something that is very clear even without stories like mine.

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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Yes, it makes me so glad to see women in STEM speaking out. It’s tragic to see science become both falsified and dogmatic in the discussion of trans medical care and human biology.

Keep your kids close, this stuff is really insidious at the moment. Much love and respect to you for sharing.

Demi Lovato brands gender reveal parties 'transphobic' by Spicylikegumbo in GenderCritical

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Another Disney child parroting The Agenda, are we surprised?

Descent into Hell - "my partner is trans" by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Thank you, honestly I just got lucky. I was deep in the trans stuff, even wondered if I should transition myself, played around with a male role because uhhh all the men around me thought they were women and I was on a considerable amount of drugs... It was basically like living in upside down world, and it was completely horrific.

People say the trans stuff is like a cult but I’m tempted to say that it’s worse than we even know with the way these people use sex and drugs and even occult magic. It’s as insane as it sounds, I knew people that wanted to summon demons, people that did blood letting rituals. Like what the hell.

No idea how I got out, even in all the chaos my mind had this penny drop moment that these people I was around, that claimed to be women, weren’t really acting like women, but they sure as hell were treating me like one. And a one they thought extremely little of, at that. I had an experience once of just being so strung out and dissociated I felt as though I was forced back into my body, forced to see the reality.

And I saw that in my effort to have a super cute queer uwu inclusive sparkle gender relationship I had fallen into the oldest trap a girl can and allowed cruel addicted men to warp my reality and abuse me physically and sexually.

It was very destructive, very painful, but it was an internal revelation. I wish I could speak to these women and reach them, but we are on different sides of the looking glass.

Descent into Hell - "my partner is trans" by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I’m not religious but reading this story the word “demonic” springs to mind. What breaks my heart and riles me is that this isn’t even an uncommon story for the women who are dating these trans identified men. Drug use in the community is shocking. Obviously it’s a very painful place to be in this level of denial, I wish I knew how to better reach people that you know... they don’t have to contort their own realities to please frankly, delusional, people.

Source? I used to date two “trans women” one was post op and I never touched that thing. It was nothing remotely resembling any human genitalia, it freaked me out and I’m bisexual LOL. The class most likely to date a trans. Guess I’m only into healthy human genitalia and not post surgical penises that somewhat resemble a vulva in nothing but appearance.

Both of these people are still engaged in heavy drug use, as I was too at the time, several years ago now.

'Now I use the men's bathroom, but it's still uncomfortable' by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I’m 25, I say our older people in reflection thinking of my grandmother and my grandmother in law. I do consider “our older people” to be much like “our young people”, as in to be belonging to the human race and in need of differing levels of care depending on age. It’s just how I express my love and care, sorry if that’s offensive in some way to you, it’s really just a lighthearted comment on saidit I’m not really up for debating tone when we’re transing 5 year old girls. That’s my primary concern here.

Daily Mail Blowhard, PIERS MORGAN: There's nothing equal about Biden's transgender order President Biden - all it will do is destroy women's sports, damage women's rights, and turn people against the trans cause by BEB in GenderCritical

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No surprise, I’ve even seen the general tone on reddit begin to shift. Lots of guys pissed they’re being told they have to like dick, you know very briefly before the Reddit trans police comes to prematurely end the conversation, but still.