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It seems that many cisgender birthing units take umbrage at the use of progressive terminology which respects gender non-conforming individuals. The abuse appears to be predominantly aimed towards trans women. Many cisgender womb carriers refuse to accept that trans women are women, and that we (are) entitled to be treated as and referred to as such. They send abusive messages, designed to undermine our existence, such as: ‘Look, as a lesbian, I don’t wish to have sex with someone who has a penis’, and: ‘Erm… but you’re not a lesbian’, and: ‘Please stop sending me photos of your “lady dick”.’ Notice they put ‘lady dick’ in inverted commas as a way to question and therefore diminish the validity of my female penis. So it really comes as no surprise to me that these forward-thinking organizations are facing the same amount of hostility.

LOL. Well done Jarvis.

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A worrying trend has emerged recently of non-trans uterus owners demanding the removal of inclusive language when dealing with gender-related issues.

I laughed out loud at this first sentence! Then reading the article, the "me, me, me, I, I, I" got to me (irritated wise). Please tell me Jarvis is being satirical. Shouldn't he be focused more on his reflection, than on other people's words?

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Yes, it's satire. Jarvis Dupont is a fictional character made to satirize identity politics.

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I think Jarvis shares a flat with Titiana McGrath.

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Convincing! :)

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Yeah, it's getting harder to distinguish satire from reality when it comes to TRA.

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It really is, isn't it. The language the TRAs use is absurd to such a degree that when someone uses it in jest, it is genuinely difficult to spot it as such b/c you are so used to seeing the ridiculous buzzwords all over the place.

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And, unfortunatelly, it works the opposite way, too. They are so ridiculous that it's easy to dismiss real TRA rethoric as just jokes or, as they love to say, as lies from bigots.

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I swear it looked real

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OH THANK GOD. I thought it was real.

...and you know TRAs will think it is real.

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I'm so glad we can post Spectator articles on this site. Was a glaring injustice on old GC. The Spectator, despite being right-leaning, is a major publication that fearlessly publishes Meghan Murray and other GC viewpoints and voices. I don't see why we can't share and enjoy those articles.

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I agree with this. This is no time for censorship or political ideology separatism, IMO!

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Yup. On old GC, there were a few tempts at pushing us towards ideological purity. Those were put down fairly hard by the community. Still important to resist that mindset.

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The best thing about being away from reddit, the dopes with 100x subs on powertrips are still content on their astroturf pad over there. Theyve also started banning more domains from submissions, and pretty soon redditors will only be allowed to link to CNN and mod-approved articles about sexuality.

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