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Sounds like the same article she published in the Guardian a couple of days ago.

‘It’s impossible to be feminist if you exclude trans women’

It's impossible to be a woman if you have functioning testicles. Who elected her queen of feminism? Why does she get to decide who is and is not a feminist?

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It's impossible to be a woman if you have functioning testicles.

Males whose testicles aren't functioning, or who have lost both their testicles, still aren't women, though. No one considers Lance Armstrong half woman cuz he only has one ball.

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I couldn't think of a pithy enough phrase that wasn't 'It's impossible to be a woman if you're not a woman' but I realise now 'It's impossible to be a woman if you're not an adult human female' works equally well.

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We'll probably need a definition for "girl" too now that they're transing children. "Girl: minor human female" -- "minor" sounds insulting somehow. Help me out here.

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Girl is a juvenile human female, or pre-pubescent human female. Do those work?

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It already exists

a female child from birth to adulthood

A female child is concise enough as well. Female adolescent also will do.

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and we haven’t banned repairmen and emergency workers yet.

Yeah, we did actually. Male repairmen and emergency workers don't get to be housed in womens prisons when they commit crimes. They don't get to just go into womens change rooms whenever they like, or play on womens sports teams. Male doctors aren't allowed to perform an intimate procedure on a woman without another woman present because we don't trust them. We banned ALL men from the things "transgender" men want access to, and for good reason.

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All trans women are men.

MOST trans women are not even trans.

I think the percentage of transbians/transtrenders who are even autogynephiliacs is shrinking ; the men who plop on a wig and a dress to get into women's shower rooms, changing rooms, and rest rooms (not to mention women's prisons, homeless shelters, DV shelters...) are increasingly just predatory, misogynist heterosexual men. As more predators get away with feigning transness to gain access to vulnerable women, the percentage of trans women who are actually trans, or who are even "sincere fetishists" aka autogynephiliacs will shrink : that cop who laughed and joked about "identifying as a woman" is the wave of the dystopian , nightmarish future.

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None of them are trans, they are all AGPs.

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1) But we have the right not to let repairmen and emergency workers into our homes. Plus, there are all sorts of safeguards in place in these industries to weed out bad actors; they all have to carry and show ID; they and their employers are subject to insurance standards and safety protocols; and we are fully within our rights to call their employers to verify who they are and precisely why they need access before we finally decide whether or not to let them in.

2) What's more, the issue at hand here isn't about repairmen, locksmiths, firefighters, police and paramedics occasionally coming into private residences and work places in order to be of assistance! The issue is about public communal facilities meant to be female-only "safe spaces" becoming open to all males, including males who might be up to no good and are out to do harm.

Solnit seems to have no clue how many dangerous or just plain creepy guys are out there who are into leering at, spying on, perving on, intimidating, menacing, stalking, secretly recording, assaulting and raping girls and women. Guess she's never heard of spy cam porn either.

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And yes, men who want to harm women could dress up as women, but they could also pretend to be repairmen or emergency workers to get into our homes, and actually have, and we haven’t banned repairmen and emergency workers yet.

Indeed. The only difference is that those men are now as valid as any other transgender, and they have same right as any other transgender to go into private spaces where they have no business to be. And they are legaly allowed to do all of this misconducts. And if it needed preparation and set up to get as repairmen into private spaces, it is much easier to abuse self-ID laws and get into private spaces as "fake transgender" - you just need to say at loud "I am a woman" (or send SMS in some countries).

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Many of us have read Solnit pieces/books in the past, and for the most part, were probably much impressed. And until i read this piece a few days ago, I just assumed that as a well known, popularly distributed, feminist journalist, she was a mix of liberal/radical at best, but more likely, a liberal. This piece of pro-trans propaganda places her firmly in the liberal "feminist" camp. I mean it's not even in the least subtle in this regard. The only thing remarkable then about this piece, as opposed to her many others, is that here she's flipping off her more radical readers while, at the same time, aligning her thought & career more pointedly (indeed) within liberal feminism.

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Yep, I was one of them. Very disappointed in her.

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Xy chromosomes and socialization as male since birth. Yes, we can exclude them.

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And the whole penis thing.

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‘It’s impossible to be feminist if you exclude trans women’

No it's not, I'm doing it right now. Would you look at that.

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The National Center for Transgender Equality, a transgender advocacy group, released a survey of 28,000 US transgender in 2015. You can find it online.

It found that 89% of transgender "women" kept their male genitalia and 63%, almost 2/3rds, were attracted to women in some way.

Also, studies have found that transgender "women" have a 19-65% lifetime incarceration rate in the US. The general population has a 3% and women much less than 1%. (find this in the journal PRISON HEALTH, June 2018)

Anyone want to tell Rebecca Solnit that her (?) beloved TIMs are very likely to have their full package, get horny when exposed to naked female bodies and have a propensity to go to jail?

She (?) probably already knows this, and like all of the people spouting this tripe, is just shilling for the $$$ she's (?) getting from Trans, Inc.

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I’m so sick of this shit. Allowing self ID will open up a legal Pandora’s box where every man will have access to every woman and woman’s space at any time.

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Not men. Man is an ideal that not all adult males attain nor even strive for.

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I caught a similar one yesterday, about wanting to keep gender because trans, but abolish gender roles. What does this mean gender is?

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I feel this is relevant here - woman raped by TIM husband and says it's totally not the same as being raped by a man but is totally the same as being raped by a woman -