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Beats me. I noticed that the servers were alive again, so I undid the redirect.

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Thanks for all you do D3.

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Where is M7? If these servers are his responsibility and he maintains ultimate control over whether saidit lives or dies, we need to understand better what's going on. There are some productive conversations on here (amid the usual 99% crap of any site), but the instability of not knowing if this is a durable platform does create a lot of stress.

As the others have said, thank you D3 for being the most stabilizing force on here.

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this is one of the main problems with a sole proprietorship.. if the owner dies, the entire business crumbles.

this website should be setup to have multiple directors or some other similar structure.

rest in peace, m7

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Particularly when the purpose of the venue is the group interaction, I agree that sole proprietorship is a weird model. That said, it's also hard to see how to maintain relatively consistent guidelines without a single guiding mind maintaining a unified philosophy. I can see it both ways.

But from a practical point of view, it may be more pressure than any individual could handle.

If you read this, M7, I do deeply appreciate the effort you have put in here and hope you are well. If the stresses of the position are overwhelming you, I recommend letting it go. Other speech venues will appear one way or another. It's not worth destroying yourself over.

Just let us know what to expect moving forward.

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M7 is waiting for a buyout offer for saidit.. if saidit were to become a noticeable nuisance for the other major social media outlets, it would be reasonable to think that he could receive a twenty five million dollar buyout offer.

M7 is waiting for the money, nothing else.

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Thank you /u/d3rr!!

Btw, a new modest mouse song just came out!


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oh shit thanks man!

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Great song imho, didn’t expect a new release at all!

Hope you dig it. Thx for the being the homie and making everything right, nearly always as of late.

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I dig it! Another one dropped today:

This all feels way less personal than older MM albums but I'll hang in there.

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This sounds almost like an 80’s new wave song lol! I dig this too, but it isn’t something you’d expect from MM at all, I could see a fan not liking this one for sure.

It seems like the album is gonna feature some kinda story telling about life/death/the in-between as well as have a “the nature of nature” theme going on. I like it so far, although it’s different for MM for sure.

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I almost saw them live in Austin in 2001, I think. Sold out.

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You fuck!! I didn’t even know of them In 2001 lol, I was in elementary school.

By the time I hit highschool I found out about them because of MySpace during its final years. I would have killed for a concert. They broke up maybe two years or a year after me finding them?

Early bird gets the worm, that’s what isaac (the lead singer) would say lol.

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I heard them from outside the fence if that counts for anything.

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It definitely does, I’ve been there 😂 A local popular theater for bands is literally an open stadium floating on the beach. You can hear everything while sitting on the beach there!

Sometimes it’s more fun to hang out in the parking lot and listen to the artist live with a few friends and a blunt or two. Especially if it’s an open stadium.

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Thank you d3rr, really appreciate your attention and help!

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Why does it keep linking back to that perverted spam bot shithole reddit?

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Where would you rather it redirected you to?

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