Done with apps. Shooting my shot by gencritLesbo in Lesbians

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I'm almost definitely in the wrong part of the world but you and the pup are adorable!

[Spoilers] D.E.B.S. (2004) — Film of the Week by piylot in Lesbians

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I kinda love parts of this movie but also acknowledge it's not very good. It's one that I think should be a prime candidate for a remake. With a good budget and cast (bring back Holland Taylor though), it could be great, sort of Mean Girls style.

I like the villain, and the story, the execution was just really lacking.

How do you normally start conversations on a dating app? by wherethelonelyroam in Lesbians

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I usually comment on something on their profile (like a hobby, job, pet etc) cos it's a good convo starter and shows you've actually READ their profile. As for keeping conversation going, IMO this should happen naturally, otherwise it's probably not going to work out. Each person should be doing 50/50, if I find I'm the person who always has to initiate conversation or ask ALL the questions, I lose interest quick. I think the key is finding common ground and interest early on.

Discord for the lost lesbians of the queer generation by HelloMomo in Lesbians

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Keen please!

Lesbians that don't call themselves lesbians by carrotcake in Lesbians

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It took me a long time to get comfortable with calling myself a lesbian just because I'd always heard the word used to describe porn or something else pervy or dirty. It's super sad. Now I say it with pride, but it took a bit to overcome. Still, more lesbians aren't going to call themselves that until the rest of us 'normalise' it and help dissociate 'lesbian' from the gross associations it has had in mainstream culture.

If you could have any pet in the world (including wild and extinct animals) what would it be and why? by IamWomanHearMeRoar in Lesbians

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I'd love a bat! One I could carry around with me like a private with a (n upside down) parrot.

According to the TRAs “lesbian culture comes directly from trans lesbians” by bastetkat in LGBDropTheT

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Interesting way for them to say that lesbians would be nothing without straight guys

Pansexual is the narcissistic, pseudo-virtuous version of bisexuality by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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So true. I have no issue if people wanna be poly but how it became associated with LGB is a mystery to me. Having multiple partners and being same sex attracted have nothing in common (I guess same as TQ+ but I can understand how that wormed its way in to an extent)

What Sports do you Follow/Watch? by CJLez in Lesbians

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I love cricket and women's MMA. The men's MMA doesn't interest me, but I really enjoy watching the women duke it out. Something about that raw female strength and fearlessness is so captivating.

Discord Servers by SplendidTwenties in Lesbians

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I'm keen! Didn't manage to get an invite before TL closed :(

Lesbians on r/AL actually try to discuss the issue of Lesbophobia. Mod locks the thread of course. by yousaythosethings in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah the number of references to bi-lesbians begs to differ too

Lesbians on r/AL actually try to discuss the issue of Lesbophobia. Mod locks the thread of course. by yousaythosethings in LGBDropTheT

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So infuriating! Also the defence of 'bi/pan lesbians' no no no. Lesbian doesn't have a pre or suffix. It's one word with one definition dammit.

What sort of lesbian stories would you like to see? by writerlylesbian in Lesbians

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I love the sound of the dark fantasy! I'd love a dark fantasy novel where there are lesbain protagonists and there's conflict but none of the conflict is caused by their sexuality. There's no coming out. Just lesbians living their dark fantasy lives.

Do NOT Panic! by [deleted] in Lesbians

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This is amazing news! are we coping with this fiasco? I swear I had a small heart attack. This feels like war. by MsHurricane in Lesbians

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I really hope common sense comes swiftly to the overly woke. Due to some trauma in my youth I spent years battling with internalised homophobia so only publicly came out last year. I've never felt better or more comfortable in my own skin and yet now an entire community of those just like me is banned because we're... What.... Women who exclusively love women. It's devastating.

I worry for young lesbians who are going to feel like they have to conform to the woke brigade... I can't imagine the damage that could do (actually, yes I can because I lived it). are we coping with this fiasco? I swear I had a small heart attack. This feels like war. by MsHurricane in Lesbians

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I'm really upset by the ban. Look at all the deplorable, violent, sexist subs that are allowed to remain and yet we get banned because we're not into men... It's so messed up. I'm not sure how they can even justify banning TL when we didn't advocate for violence or discrimination... Just the right to choose who we got into relationships and/or had sex eh.

Do NOT Panic! by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I'm devastated we got banned! I finally found a group of people I could really relate to and felt comfortable with and they ban us because we're women who love women. I hope we all get into the discord!