Some people on SaidIt are exactly the same as on Reddit: cringe and blue-pilled. Why do some wokies and troons insist on using SaidIt, when they would probably have a much better experience on Reddit? by Godknight in SaidIt

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I mean...did I miss the memo where SaidIt was meant to be a repository for a certain kind of user, like a more formalized 4chan? The rules are more lax here, so naturally the front page is overt racism and the like, but does that mean it's automatically off-limits for people of a certain political leaning?

Kind of an interesting thought experiment. If you say "yes" to any of the above, what's the implication there? I don't expect any answers, I'm only half-serious.

They're probably here for the same reasons you are. Personally I'm here because I think the voting system on Reddit is oppressive and has enabled a culture where users argue for fun because the site itself validates their pettiness and childishness. If Reddit removed downvotes sitewide, a large majority of the subreddits would improve overnight. There's nothing a downvote accomplishes that vigilant content moderation and simply ignoring undesirable content wouldn't also do.

Saving culture by rubberbiscuit in whatever

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Be the change you want to see in the world

What’s with this Tranny Uprising shit? by 1Icemonkey in whatever

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Yes, but to what degree are they successful? Statistics say that transgender people only make up less than one percent of the US population at the most. So even if they do manage to convert a lot of kids, they're still a hilariously small portion of the population.

That's not much of an uprising to me, maybe if they get into double digits then we should really get worried. They make an awful lot of noise and have an outsized influence online, but data shows they still pale in comparison to ordinary folks in sheer numbers.

Man gets 3,000 years in prison for raping girl every day for 6 years by Musky in news

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I like how the article says he'll be available for parole after 1500, subtle joke on their end

What’s with this Tranny Uprising shit? by 1Icemonkey in whatever

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I want to say it's basically a nothingburger, but at this point...who knows. Feels to me like a strictly online thing that's bleeding into real life. Because I doubt very many people outside of Twitter and etc. honestly give a shit about even half of this, but people are getting so worked up over the controversies online (e.g. Hogwarts Legacy) that it's becoming a tangible thing.

In other words it's all bark and no bite, there's no trans uprising, just your average ordinary mentally ill person.

I Never Cared by 1Icemonkey in whatever

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Same. Like, why should I care? You've given me a reason to care now, YOU did this, not me.

Do you think trans are a big problem in the US? by 8thmonitor in AskSaidIt

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Hard to say. I do see trans people who don't pass from time to time while I'm out, trans men more often than trans women actually, but it's not as though they're everywhere, not like other minorities in the area. Usually I'll catch a FtM while I'm at the gym or the mall or something, seldom do I see the kind of totally non-passing men we cringe at online. Trans children are basically non-existent here as far as I can tell, I've seen a few starkly effeminate younger boys but I'm not sure if that qualifies as "trans" per se.

But I honestly do not have much of a social life outside of my wife and my handful of friends, and I do not personally know any school-aged children. Most of what I know about this stuff is learned through the internet. As far as I can see, where I live 99% of people appear to be perfectly ordinary folks, so from that perspective I'd say it's a growing concern culturally more than it is truly a problem.

Kids find forbidden book by 1Icemonkey in whatever

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There's not a movement per se, no. Not yet at least.

But all it takes is a little time scrolling through social media and it's plain to see that a lot of people actively misunderstand and fear what it says. You're telling me you haven't seen anyone say something to the effect of, "Christians are usually the worst people I know"? I see this kind of sentiment quite often. I hate to play into the slippery slope paranoia but today's young people are building a palpable resentment to religion, and the day may come when it escalates.

“Trans women are biological females”, “Hormones and surgery change biology” It’s both worrisome and sad that they truly seem to believe the BS they spew by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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The real kicker about it is I don't think many people would give a shit how anyone identifies, trans or whatever. But it's when you start saying stuff like this that you force people to have an opinion on the matter. I have no problem being able to respect their chosen identity, it's honestly whatever to me, but you can't change the facts of reality. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Glad I never got into transformers by shadeviking in TumblrInAction

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This is why I'll be intentionally showing my children older cartoons and programs. Never mind the politics, they were good on their own.

What do you eat in a day? by sneako in AskSaidIt

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Human Food Pellets, you get them in the pet aisle at the store

Defined goals vs. an endless crusade by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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They have some goals, but it's also the case that the identity categories like non-binary are still controversial.

I don't think the crusade will ever end specifically because of the expanding identity categories, because it's turned into a totally arbitrary thing that you can make up on a whim.

Gay, straight, bisexual, those are clear and easily defined categories with a long history of common sense observation, things that people are and always have been. But non-binary, asexual, stuff like that? Basically doesn't exist. Truly non-binary people would be a person born as a medical anomaly, the exception that proves the rule, a hermaphrodite, and those people are vanishingly rare. Asexual? Don't even get me started, I'm sorry but that's just another word for a person with little to no sex drive. I guaran-damn-tee you those asexual people have thoughts they'll never share that better define their sexuality.

It's the grownup version of games that children play where you pretend to be whatever you want and everyone pretends along with you. Their goal now is the unquestioning acceptance of any identity real or imagined, with a few exceptions, because in their minds they are completely blameless and justified in their pursuit of validating a perceived slighted minority.

Duality of reddit by Mazurro in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yeah I agree with the men's rights thing in principle or theory, but in practice the guys who are actually into it are some serious weirdos, they're just as bad as their polar opposites to me. Can't stand 'em. A lot of them are literally obsessed with circumcision and foreskins too in an extremely gay way and I've had enough debate about both of those things to last a lifetime, it's incredibly bizarre.

Trans people make up 0.03% to 0.06% of the U.S population.Why is society so obsessed with talking about these people? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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This is why you can go for years never even seeing a troon in the real world, yet they appear to be everywhere online.

Maybe it's where I live but I feel like I see them more often now. Not often in a general sense but because most of them don't pass very well or at all I have noticed them out and about more than I used to.

Has anyone watched the Sandman on Netflix? by beerghal in TumblrInAction

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See, I knew something was fishy with this show. (Sorry for late response, new to Saidit)

I've yet to read the comics but for some reason I thought to myself while watching this show that something felt off about the casting. It sounds racist as hell I know but I just couldn't help but feel like there were just...too many, you know? Even with the Death character, granted I don't know what the comic character is like but she didn't really embody what I'd imagine the way the others did, and her presence in that flashback was emblematic of that.

God damnit. Lol. I really want to like this show, and I do, but urgh.