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I note it all the time. The propaganda is at a level now that I've never experienced. Yet, on the sad flip side, people are dumber than ever. I watched I think what was MSNBC present a special on how 'not to forget your child in the back seat'; one suggestion was, 'keep something important in the back, so you don't forget the child'....

Another aspect of the special report was that car companies now have sensors that have dashboard warnings to 'check rear seats'; Hyundai actually has a car coming out, that if it senses motion in the rear seat 15 seconds, or more after the car is shut down, that it will start honking the horn, and blink the lights until the door is opened..... Now that could get embarrassing real fast!

My point though in mentioning all of this is a very trivial point. In combination with the increased propaganda(no doubt there to cause chaos, and to cause people to lose their minds due to not having a firm base for reasoning), the masses are dumb as a box of rocks. Sure some people are waking to at least question the reasoning behind a lot of this, but we/they/them are outnumbered.

Think about that, America loves zombie movies, the enemy is clearly defined, and you get to keep whatever you may find. What we live in though, is the real horror movie; the zombies-the masses-the NPC's, are all around, willing to eat each other, and especially those who've got an original thought. The obvious clincher though, we can't do anything legally about it, and on top of that, anywhere you look is real abundance, yet we can't access it, because the very very few who own that, control the zombies.

I find solace in the fact of how I view life though, gotta laugh sometimes.

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The media is designed to dumb us down, so I wouldn't look to it as an indicator of how dumb people are. But I get your point. I think all the smart people are mostly staying quiet because things are so obviously broken as of late they don't know what to do or say, perhaps. Everything's so volatile in US culture lately (because of the inflammatory news media) and people are mostly just avoiding confrontation in their day-to-day lives, I think.

I think a lot of people just feel powerless, and are taking a "wait and see" attitude. But I think instead they should be communicating their ideas online. But it's hard when all the comments and votes are so nonsensical like on reddit, it looks like a madhouse, so why even bother shouting in to the void? That's the feeling the propagandists wish to create in the genuine and thoughtful users, as they go around destroying forums that were previously places of high-level communication. In this way they can control the overton window on the internet, which was previously not possible. By just destroying the opposition, by filling it with cultural garbage. Forcing those websites in to cultural irrelevancy. This is why so many sites have had to disable account creation in the last week or two.

It's a clever tactic, but also very evil and destructive. Things like this are why IQs are so low. Because US culture has become a situation where IQ is a liability rather than an asset.

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Everything feels markedly volatile because large groups of people base their opinions and beliefs on the theatrics of corporate media. Television and broadcasted propaganda via mass communication in all social mediums including public gatherings, schools and eateries creates a hive-mind of conformity and cognitive dissonance. That doesn't mean that what they broadcast is truthful or even real.

The world really isn't as crazy or chaotic as the media and intelligence agencies paint it out to be. They destroy your crtitical thinking with propagandist (public relation) pundits who propagandize inflammatory information that feeds conflicting biases in order to create division, strife, and open up opportunities to enact/pass unconstitutional laws. This comes from both the left and right, who are controlled by the same terrorist masters. The divisiveness between these two groups is merely political theater; soap opera for the sleeping.

Sometimes these stories fictional (legalized via the "Smith Mundt Modernization Act") or real are simply used as a campaign to effectively spread a false state of fear and angst -- an active process that serves to cloud a persons values and principles so that he or she may be influenced subconsciously. To be made malleable and vulnerable to suggestion -- that he or she may find comfort in the hive mind. It also bolsters pride and unity. Pride as a sin, and unity as a destructive mob mentality that serves the Hegelian dialectic. We are in the reactionary stages of a global transformation in this Hegelian dialectic that doesn't serve anyone but the well placed scum at the top of the pyramid scheme. I believe, wholeheartedly, that the absence of God is the reason for a collapsing society. Not everyone agrees with this point of view, but look at atheistic communism for reference. Personally, with God and Christ, I can observe reality through spirit and not flesh. Flesh being a sinful nature. So many people idolize media, celebrities and the flesh.

We can not have media in bed with governments and corporations dictate what we should or shouldn't believe. After all, they were created for this devious purpose.

The most devious emotion is apathy, which occurs at the end of a dying society. Apathy manufactures consent in those who understand the deception. Self-censorship then becomes the norm.

The obvious agenda, today, is Alphabet/Google, Twitter, and Facebook working hand-in-hand with Govt and Intelligence agencies.

Scenarios are being created to get people to demand they be regulated by government via private contractors and intelligence agencies. Once that happens, a precedent will be set whereby Govt can interfere with free speech of private entities. That’s always been the agenda.

Whether we like Google/Facebook, if you value free speech you should absolutely oppose Govt getting involved in how Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. operate. But that's sort of the point, government is a corporatocracy run through a revolving door of cronyism. So people are willingly calling for government to socially regulate speech, which will only make these tech giants in bed with a corporate government more powerful.

As private entities, this is not a 1st Amendment issue. Don’t fall for the trap - the real target has always been us. This is the goal.

"wait and see" attitude.

Apathy and self censorship...

But I think instead they should be communicating their ideas online.

Everywhere, with your neighbor, in your community, etc.

But it's hard when all the comments and votes are so nonsensical like on reddit, it looks like a madhouse, so why even bother shouting in to the void?

That's intentional. Nearly half of them are probably bots and hasbara and intelligence shills.

That's the feeling the propagandists wish to create in the genuine and thoughtful users, as they go around destroying forums that were previously places of high-level communication.

Well they buy them out or go after the CDN and ISP's. They nonetheless create scenarios in order to have people advocate for censorship.

In this way they can control the overton window on the internet, which was previously not possible.

That's been the goal for quite sometime.

By just destroying the opposition, by filling it with cultural garbage. Forcing those websites in to cultural irrelevancy.

And controlling the opposition.

It's a clever tactic, but also very evil and destructive. Things like this are why IQs are so low.

MY IQ is 260, jk. But IQs don't really tell you everything about a person's wisdom and skill, nor his spirit and righteousness, which we need more of. Some people with low IQs can see right through this deception.

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Well said. I dare say most people are frustrated and don't know what to do. If they were able to freely express themselves when it comes to what they see is wrong in society without bothering with meaningless side vs side tribalism, I'm sure things would be a whole lot better for everyone.

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Agreed fully, I was looking at two links:

I don't know what to think about the changes, if true, and I feel they are, then we're dealing with an open insurrection.... Meaning these guys could be linked back to the left, and Antifa from there; yet it's being blamed on the 'every guy who's still got a gun'.

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The PD and Fire department conducted an active shooter drill a day before near the alleged shooting, coincidence?? Is it also a coincidence that El Paso FIRE and PD want new departments built and facilites on the 2019 ballot and call for a freaking 1 billion dollar bond with added security measures. And they just so happen to have an alleged shooting that looked more like an active shooter drill than a real shooting, w/ media already staged at the mall. In Ohio they had an active shooter drill that day in the same area as the shooting. These are not coincidences theories. Stop riding the media rollercoaster. They want you to believe these events are real. Just go onto ABC Youtube, CNN, USAtoday, MSNBC, FOX and watch these witnesses and the interviews. Just watch them. Pick one witness and watch multiple interviews where the contradict themselves and display duping delight.

I'm sorry but these are fake shootings, which are legal by two CFR members. They are not false flags where people died which is pushed by controlled oppositions; nobody died, and nobody including the police and firemen involved who call for a 1 billion dollar bond in 2019 would advocate for real death. They'd totally be down for free money with a staged event, and have the motive to do such a thing.

Here watch these, please:

Fort Lauderdale Shooting -- Prelude

Terminal 1 (not 4, my bad) Terminal 2: Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Mockery

Setting up the Narrative

Annika Dean; just so happened to also be at Parkland, where her son lost multiple best friends, yet he laughs the day of the event. Completely fine with his friends being dead. This was at 6 pm. Later on in the day. Annika Dean also just so happened to be face to fave with the Fort Lauderdale shooting...

Wrapping up Fort Lauderdale

Short video illustrating what happened to real truth seekers.

Short Video illustrating some criminals and actors involved in Orlando:

Meet the Cast of the Orlando Shooting: Parts 1 - 8

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And to clarify, by "sites getting attacked" in the OP I mean information/culture attacks, where people create many false accounts and try to overtake the culture of the website by upvoting themselves and posting a LOT with their preferred narratives, with the goal of overwhelming the site's culture. We had such an attack last for 3 days, involving dozens of created accounts, but sites like voat are enduring attacks like this lasting weeks, with no breaks. Website culture hijacking, basically.

This is the type of attack that seems to be going crazy the last couple weeks all over the internet, and is certainly why zerohedge had to shut down their comments too. It's not a new method of attack, but it seems almost every controversial site on the net had to turn off comments, or disable account registration, to combat these culture attacks in the last couple weeks.

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Sounds like the real goal is to suppress public sentiment. This could be a positive sign.

It could mean that they are losing control of the public mind.

Conversely, it could mean that a huge false flag event is being planned, and they want to minimize the chance of leaks...

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Russia arrested 800 protesters, china and hong kong is getting bad, the US media is trying to force everyone to have a meltdown about these most recent shootings. I'm sure there's other things going on too. And this is all on the heels of the epstein stuff

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I'd say that (at least) the shootings (as with most things "they" do) have a dual purpose:

1) Distract from Epstein

2) Feed into the "Conspiracy theorists are terrorists" tripe that magically comes out at the perfect time...

Plenty of other side bonuses, but those are the "active" ones, rather than "passive" like:

3) Gun Control

4) Psychological conditioning etc etc etc

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I agree. I'd add:

5) Inflaming the democrats vs republicans rhetoric even more, right before an election

6) Aiding in divide and conquer other ways, like race, religion, xenophobia, etc

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And when you know they're fake it makes it all the more obvious. But those reasons, are nationally, locally El Paso police and Fire want a 1 billion dollar bond for 2019. Hence why these stupid officers went on TV to claim just this and say that the shooter also tried to light the place on fire. Predictable.

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I think reddit has it way worth then saidit. I guess we're lucky we mostly go under the radar. However I don't know about the future, how will saidit require more quality over quantity, because propaganda strives on quantity.

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I agree with that.

Makes me think having a post limit per day per user on saidit might be a good idea, like I've discussed before. For example 7 posts per 24h per user max, but infinite comments.

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This would be wise, imo.

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What's to stop multiple accounts from posting 7 times each?
This would likely only affect legit users.

You could also have a "X" post limit for "Y" weeks/months/etc.

Or start with "X" per day, and increase by +"Y" every "Z" Weeks/Months/Days.

Or increase the number of available daily postings by user Karma, etc.

Or some variation...

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I'm not sure about the number 7, however it something that should be tested, see what's the ideal number.

Like u/Tom_Bombadil said there should be a way to prevent people bypassing the rule from multiple accounts, I don't exactly agree with him on the karma thing, if reddit is an example, karma farming tends to attract the wrong type of people. Some propagandists might use that as a sign of credibility to their employers.

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however it something that should be tested, see what's the ideal number.

We can adjust it after it's put in to place, for sure. I came up with the number 7 based on my experience with the site, but it can be tweaked as we try it out. No problem at all.

Like u/Tom_Bombadil said there should be a way to prevent people bypassing the rule from multiple accounts,

We could make a rule similar to "no upvoting yourself" about posting too much. For example: One person can post up to 14 posts a day across all their accounts. (implying 2 account's worth of posts a day, if they chose to do that)

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Good stuff, keep up the good work.

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Are changes being considered because You recognize opportunities for improvement?

Or is there another motivation?

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Are changes being considered because You recognize opportunities for improvement?


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Splendid! ;-)

[–]thefadd 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children) was an original news and discussion site predecessor to reddit. The second of its kind after the original grand daddy of them all slashdot. Carl Stedman purchased the site from Automatic Media after AM failed to survive the ‘01 dot-com crash. There were many of us who complained about karma farming even back then (2006).

Since Carl was running the entire site himself, there were often month long outages with no notice to most of the community. During a particularly acute outage, I organized a team that designed an alternative discussion site which was never as popular but always had excellent discussions while it lasted because of a small number of dedicated users who relatively knew one another without ever having met. Actually I guess once upon a time some of us might have met at meetups.

To bring it back to the karma farming point. This was a major concern of ours. On, comments could only range from -1 (or something like that) to a max of five stars. But karma accumulated uncapped based on both comments and submissions (I forgot if they were capped as well or if you even got points for them). I will say, on Plastic, you had to reach certain thresholds in order to see the karma of those at or below your threshold. So, if your karma was 2692, anyone with 7,500, 9,000, or 24,000 karma just looked to you like they had 5,000 karma.

For the alternative site, we developed a formula wherein your score was also capped to reflect an approximate average of the score of your submissions/comments. I say approximate because part of the formula included slowly allowing older karma to expire away from the score.

Alternatively, as I’m thinking about it, what might be a good idea is to make karma increasingly difficult to attain, the more of it you attain. Diminishing returns as it were.

I never did like reddit’s Scoring system. It was supposed to “democratize” things but an insightful user could always tell from the beginning that it was just going create a race to the bottom.

I strongly prefer this site’s scoring system where all the votes are transparent. A typical heavy user who just wants to come chat and exchange ideas every day typically will care somewhat about having their score reflect their contributions but they won’t care about it to the degree that someone trying to game the system through karma farming will care.

The brilliance of the chan’s is that there are no rewards except to the degree that you’re able to distinguish yourself and become recognized through your writing style. The downside, of course, is that without at least nominally rewarding quality content, you get a ton of shitposting and trolling.

So, yeah, I think a formula that reasonably throttles karma accumulation is your answer.

The other thing that both and our alternative site had was a submission queue. This meant that every article submission had to go through an approval process. This, in and of itself was always somewhat controversial but when it worked, it worked well. Site members with a high enough karma score could vote and provide short feedback to submitted articles.

Editors then, at their own prerogative (supposedly taking guidance from users), would then accept or deny a write up. Sometimes write ups might be revised and resubmitted 3, 4, and 5 times. Obviously this puts a lot of onus on editors to be timely about things people want to discuss as they happen. And editors could and would simply approve things without feedback if they were timely and well down.

Of course this led to charges of favoritism and cabals etc but it also gave power users some sense of ownership over the site when used well. This also made for more of a magazine style since even important articles might take too long to come out but then the discussion might continue for a week.

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The other thing that both and our alternative site had was a submission queue. This meant that every article submission had to go through an approval process.

Built in censorship. Not cool.

Also, the mechanics seem a bit convoluded.

The elegant simplicity of Saidit's format make it more difficult for schemers to game the system; relative to other platforms.

The current system is quite robust. I mentioned the alternate account posting, cause I like to play the devil's advocate. I don't really think it's an issue; beyond spamming BS posts as a disruptive nuisance.
We've had to deal with this in the past, and a former nuisance is now a welcome ally, and posts quality submissions regularly.

The upvoting from multiple accounts is a major concern. This topic has been discussed in the past, and I think that the current system is working well.

Unless, I've overlooked something recent...

It's interesting to hear about the early predecessors. Is there an availabile history of what worked well, and what didn't. That would be interesting.

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Yes, there was a degree of censorship to having a submission queue. One might attempt rules that kept the bar very low.

One thing people today complain about tons is “noobs” invading/changing the culture. An old guard submission queue does allow for a slower integration. To be clear, I’m not arguing for it. It slowed discussion a lot. There weren’t many other games in town circa 2003.

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The elegant simplicity of Saidit's format make it more difficult for schemers to game the system; relative to other platforms.

I agree. And I can’t speak about what has been done to address growth. I was simply addressing the issue of karma farming which I do think warps any discussion platform. See: Reddit.

So many of these “discussion” sites sell themselves as games to be games when your quality users don’t want games and don’t care about karma. Saidit addresses that issue about as well as our old alternative I’d say. And they were top two but they are/were on the smaller side. You always have to look for how things will scale.

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There was once a wiki were we discussed and planned the plastic alternate. It was full of spam but it’s possible I have an archive. I do have an archive site of some static plastic pages that only went offline recently which I’m working on putting back.

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Well, what If I want to post various posts based on one topic? For instance, the Bolshevik Revolution. I think a post limit is a bad idea, but maybe, it isn't. Comment limit is annoying though, and deters discussion.

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Yeah I wouldn't touch the comment limit, that stays where it is for sure. Just talking about post limits, to help encourage quality posts.

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Okay, good, becasue that was probably the most annoying thing about reddit, excluding the censorship. It makes it impossible to have a decent debate with someone.

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Yeah I agree. We're also in the process up writing up new mod rules that limit mod power a bit, so subs don't become censorship echo-chambers. Mods being overpowered and unchecked is the biggest driver of the censorship on reddit imo

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Only limit link posts, allow infinite self posts.

[–]Snow 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

The population quality.

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The Last American Vagabond is also expressing interesting insights:

Iran Seizes New Tanker For Smuggling & FBI Now Wants Social Media Tracking BEFORE Crimes Committed

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Fucking stupid. All these narratives are about censorship. They want a monopoly on the internet.

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The preparations for a war against Russia and the 2020 elections.

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War with Iran (and maybe Syria) I would say, rather than Russia, and yeah probably that and the 2020 elections like you said.

And maybe war with china. This trade war thing is kind of getting serious unfortunately... but hopefully it's mostly posturing and the ruffled feathers will be resolved soon. But with the way China is behaving toward HK... there are a lot of tense situations right now, but some of those may resolve without bigger problems, who knows.

[–]Jesus 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

That's if the Neocons get their way. Also, the US would have to be really, really stupid to start a war with Iran. I honetly, don't think it will happen, UNLESS, a false flag is conducted. Plus the international community would hate America and everyone would start to dedollarize.

Now, we know they predictive programmed us in various films depicting the buildings collapasing in NY and airliners flying into buildings. Most of these films and comics were created by a few group of producers that all have ties to Mossad and Israeli and US intelligence such as the CIA, when the neocons controlled it, such as John Deutch.

If you watch the films and childrens shows that these same producers and their friends create nowadays, you see hints of a nuclear attack. All this nuclear talk is making me think they have a nuke planned in the future to be blamed on Iran or Russia. That's if they conduct such as false flag, which they'd have to be insane to do. But they did conduct 9/11 and kill 3,000 people, sooo.

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Yes. Iran will be the area where the fighting will play out. I think that Iran will get some help from Russia and maybe even from China. And this will probably escalate.

I don't know if China will be involved. I think that China needs oil from other states. For oil-strategy they probably need to work together with Iran too.

Venezuela and Syria will be on the list too, because oil. And Crimea. But that will be after the elections I guess.

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The good thing about China is that the US is having all these disagreements strictly through trade. These are the two most important economies in the world and they are intertwined in extremely complicated ways. There are simply too many people who would lose too much money to see millions of Chinese die in a war with America.

The only way war with China happens in anything close to the near term is if China attempts to take Taiwan and then China retaliates against US assistance to Taiwan. And the world would absolutely be forced to intervene because Japan would have no choice but to intervene on Taiwan’s behalf.

Even this would just be a proxy war, though, fought on Taiwan. People forget Japan’s interest in such a conflict but China does not. Once they get Hong Kong under their boot, it’s possible China may begin to turn their attention toward Taiwan. Their invasion would have to be insanely fast and overpowering, however, which would be nearly impossible given the western mountain region that is more impenetrable than Afghanistan and the fact that every single man, woman, and child in Taiwan is 100% prepared for invasion and regularly participates in invasion drills.

And the US and South Korea would likely make it a two front war by bombing every single North Korean to death.

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I think the core of every these things is automation...Many people becoming jobless.

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I think it's about half automation, and half labor oversupply. At least in the US

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It's a different story in China, most of the jobs in China is replaceable by robots. Therefore, they scared as hell and keeping to bitching on other nations, including Taiwan.

Saying "robots grab your job" to them would trigger 95% Chinese people become crazy and rant to others, I tried many times. The leftover 5% don't know what is "robots". This nation has a very awful welfare system.

They way they rant to others sucks.

And US government also have to have fun with CCP since automation.

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There was a Hillary video released. Must draw attention anywhere else.

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What was the hillary video about

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This is all I've got. Idk where to find it. I have no evidence this is real.

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Let me see that Hilary video?

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I'd be more careful with what I labeled as propaganda. News outlets in the u.s. are only a couple rungs above tabloids, but the thing that separates the two is that the major news sources usually just spin and exaggerate truths, where tabloids are just fiction. Propaganda, as I write this and think through it, does seem to be a close likening to un-named american news sources. However

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China. #Tiananmensquare

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More context?

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Not really,

Dayton was the 250th mass-shooting this year in America so /care [le videogames and le internet are the problem xD]

Hong Kong are people protesting their government, maybe it's a bit hyped because of China and cyberpunk lasers. No country is going to care what happens there.

And finally these sites that are attacked and only a attack for 'new peeps' checking it out, real users know what's what especially if there is communication from higher up if needed.

In The Netherlands it is now the so called 'komkommertijd' 'cucumber-time' the time in the summer where there is nothing else to do.

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There was a mention of /r/politics in /r/watchredditdie and I was shocked at how, well, propagandistic (, so much of /r/politics was.

[–]magnora7[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Oh it's unbelievable. It's literally a curated propaganda echo-chamber, and I'm not exaggerating at all. It's been that way since 2016. Organic opinions are basically not allowed in most major subs on reddit