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Children are overly diagnosed these days as Autistic when they are not. They are spoiled rotten assholes that the parents are desperately reaching to figure out why their kid acts this way. Instead of blaming themselves and their shitty helicopter parenting, they find some shrink to diagnose them as autistic.

This picture shows all the main catalysts of "Autism". Single mother, screen addiction, entitlement.

Your kid isn't Autistic, he's an asshole.

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My kid's got the condition. Eight years without a single spoken word.

You know what assholes do? They say asshole stuff. They don't just tiptoe around the house. Literally tiptoe, because God forbid your heels touch the fucking floor.

And yeah, he's screen addicted. You know what he does with the screens? He watches songs about the alphabet. Five years now I've been listening to songs about the alphabet. Millions and millions of songs about the alphabet.

You know what he does if you take away his screens? He bounces his head into a yoga ball for six hours. Fucking progress, am I right?

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This sounds depressing.

In my experience assholes lie, cheat and do asshole things. The biggest assholes don't leave a lot of evidence of them being assholes.

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Yeah, it's exceptionally depressing. Eight years I've taken care of this kid, and he's never talked to me, he's never told me he loves me, he's never been excited to learn something new, he's never pretended he was a superhero, he's never done all the funny and stupid and adorable things kids do.

Until he was five, he mostly just shit his diaper while I pushed him on a swing we mounted in the kitchen. Ten hours a day, pushing a swing. Back and forth, back and forth. Little breaks to wipe the shit from his ass.

I've got no idea what kind of life it is, because he can't tell me. But I sure know that mine went to shit.

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I've got no idea what kind of life it is, because he can't tell me.

He doesn't live. Why would he "love" you? That would require him to be happy and content first, which, if you can't speak (and are behind with peers), can't ever be the case.

Euthanasia would be the best option, because not all lives are worth living.

I don't have the impression you love "this kid" either, so why would he? It's resentment, not love.

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Did his behaviour change after he got vaccinated as a young kid? (I mean regular vaccined from before covid.) They are linked with autism. Check out the documentary Vaxxed.

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No, he never regressed. He just didn't really progress.

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Eight years I've taken care of this kid

Ten hours a day, pushing a swing. Back and forth, back and forth. Little breaks to wipe the shit from his ass.

The words of an actual parent?

GTFO. Fake shit.

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I love him, but it's been fucking hard to see my life unravel like this, and sometimes you've gotta vent. And since venting to my family is out of the question, a website full of white supremacists seems like an appropriate venue.

But I don't know why I'd bother explaining myself to you. You think I'm a Jewish AI who's being paid by George Soros to turn you gay.

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That's a weak straw man argument.

I never said anything about Jewish Soros or turning gay.

I'm pretty sure you're a retarded bot.

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Well, I have to say, Tom, I'm impressed. You knew that "straw man" was two words. People like you almost never know that.

You don't know what a straw man argument is, but you know how to type it. So, you know, halfway there.

What you saw there was not a logical fallacy. It was simple mockery. You're a paranoid man who thinks his world is populated by Jews and robots with secret conspiracies to do him harm. You're not entirely well, and you proudly wear that on your sleeve.

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/u/binaryblob and /u/Hematomato

A shill duet

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You must be really good at the alphabet by now... I'm going to check if this story is true. No Google!

What's the letter that comes after P?!

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Q’s for quartet—that means there are four.

And q’s for quintet! Just add one more!

A set of four singers is called a quartet.

A quintet means that there are five in the set! Five in the set!

Quiddily quiddily diddly doo—this is a song that is all about q.

Quiddily quiddily diddly dee—q is the letter that comes after p!

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Damn... You ARE good! Okay, story is true.

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That's the most depressing comment I have ever seen. If a movie about your life would be made, this would be the closing scene.

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You and hema are a shill duet.

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Stop posting propaganda and people might like you.

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The tiptoeing thing is a developmental issue associated with autism. They used to look for those kind of physiological markers for autism but then pushy activist groups stopped them because they wanted to pretend everyone is included in some spectrum rather than there being specific disorders with specific symptoms.

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TIL: Bots have children narratives. In

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Sounds to me like you have a REAL child with autism, not this catch all bullshit they are throwing at kids. Or maybe you created this child to be autistic by definition from being a hands off parent and not engaging with your child. Get off the internet and spend more time with your screen addicted child. Being with them, and getting them off that screen means you can play with him and keep him from bouncing his head in to a yoga ball. You can sing songs about the alphabet with him. You can go buy a keyboard and play songs with him. You can go by coloring books and color with him. There is so much you can do every moment you are around them and help them grow. Autism can be curtailed.

It amazes me how often parents with mentally deficient parents think their life still matters over the one they created that is struggling. That's what I get from your response, and that somehow there is not fault on your end and that you should have to do anything about it.

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You can sing songs about the alphabet with him. You can go buy a keyboard and play songs with him. You can go by coloring books and color with him.

Sounds like you have no idea what an autistic child is.

Of course I've spent thousands of hours, singing to him and playing piano to him and drawing letters for him. He rarely responds to it or even gives me any sign that he knows I'm doing it.

Though there was the time he decided he was delighted by "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode. The first ten times, I was, like, overwhelmed that he liked something I played, but by the two hundredth time it was like: 'ugh... kid... my throat is sore and I don't even like this song that much... can I play literally anything else?' And the answer is: no. If I play literally anything else, the attention just fades from his eyes and he's mindlessly stimming again.

And yeah, it's super easy to say "Well, your life is over, you're just an Everything Counts jukebox now" when you don't have to live that reality. I'm sure in your mind, you think you'd nobly play Everything Counts until your fucking fingers fell off. I guess we'd have to see how that aligned with your actual reality, eight years in.

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Sounds like you have no idea what an autistic child is.

Cute conjecture.

As you continue to write, the more you expose yourself as intolerant of your child. You are acting like it's a huge burden and a prison sentence. This makes me sad for your child. I suspect the same of you I suspect of other parents of "autistic" children. You created the problem and aren't smart enough, nor interested enough to help navigate them out of their bullshit. Severe autism is real, and mostly caused by vaccines. The rest is just parents who aren't smart or interested in their child and shove a screen in their face as you have admitted.

Good luck, you need it, and some patience too.

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I'm still adjusting to saidit. It's a lot like the old Internet, where everyone competed to be the world's biggest piece of shit, just for the lulz.

This one's pretty good. I'll give you that.

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He cannot be touched!

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I'd be a smidge worried about how he sees the dog. If he doesn't like to be touched by people, I'd just make sure he doesn't see the dog as an object.

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Mom:."Doctor, my 8-year-old son won't sit still. What's wrong with him? Does he need medication?"

Doctor: "There's nothing wrong with him. He's a normal 8-year-old boy."