Indiana principal to be fired over ‘annoying award’ for autistic boy by IkeConn in byebyejob

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It should be pointed out that calling a child annoying by an award is damaging. It shouldn't be just because the child is autistic, which seems to be the case here.

Elderly Construction Worker With Balls Of Steal Explains How To Get Out Of Vaccine Mandates by Noam_Chomsky in VaccineSkepticism

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Chicago Backs Off Impending COVID-19 Vaccination Deadline for Employees - Unvaccinated Teachers and Staffers Can Keep Working if They Agree to Weekly COVID-19 Testing by Drewski in Education

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Barely a win, they still have to jump through a hoop to keep their job. These people need to refuse the tests. Covid ain't shit, and treating people like walking bio hazards is wrong.

Mom isn't the first word out of this kid, wait for it. by x0x7 in videos

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Black people perpetuate racism and hypocrisy every day by keeping the word in their daily lexicon.

Texas Says 'No!' to Covid Mandates - Ron Paul by magnora7 in videos

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We need to stop every person in the executive branch of being able to use emergency powers, it needs to fucking stop. It's so out of control, we now see the abuses of an idea meant for protection and good. We have a government that rules by legislation, not by decree

Do You Remember Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover Who Fainted In 17 Minutes, Dead In 10 Hours, Covered Up By Lying MSM. by JasonCarswell in VaccineInjuries

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I bet you are the same type of person to point out to others that you can't press charges if victimized, and go in to a long diatribe about how only the DA can make such a decision.

There is more proof that she is dead than she is alive.

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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I respect your right to make trite comments, however it's counterintuitive.

I bet you have to always make a comment that people can't press charges when they mention that they should have, or are doing so.

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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Nah, I was responding to the mod how I would react to a government treating me like the Nazis did to the Jews. They brought it up, and hated the answer, because it insults their heroes.

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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Yes, child pr0n too, that's pretty fucking illegal.

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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I doubt it, it was a mod knee jerk reaction to them getting challenged. Their ego got in the way of understanding the message. You should always be able to describe with impunity how you will deal with someone forcing something unconstitutional. There is a veiled threat in the constitution, and it is violence. Sometimes you have no choice.

There's a difference in declaring your lines in the sand and saying that you want to commit violence purposely, or ask someone to commit violence purposely.

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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As long as you have mods you will never have free speech.

A mods job should be to only remove spam, such as robots advertising, and removal of obvious calls to violence.

I got banned from debatealtright because those people are fucking retarded. I mentioned that I would shoot anyone in the face who came at me and told me to put on an arm band to mark myself like they did the Jews. That is not a call to violence, and is a true heartfelt response to stop an atrocity at the roots. But for some reason the nazi loving mod banned me for that.

I will use this opportunity to point out that the alt-right movement is a Trojan horse, and in no way do they sit on the right side of the isle. They are leftist turds full of racist ideology and love for the nazi party.

Fox Hosts RAIL Against Free School Lunch For Children by TheAmeliaMay in SecularTalk

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You are right, I'm with you on this.

There is only one perfect society, the utopia is communism MINUS human nature.

Until we eliminate our humanity within us, capitalism the best government ever tried. If there was a better way, I'd be the first in line.

Fox Hosts RAIL Against Free School Lunch For Children by TheAmeliaMay in SecularTalk

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Agreed. You give them the opportunity to take advantage of a handout, they will allocate their use of money elsewhere. All too often people think that they are deserved luxuries such as cable TV, internet, cell phones. When in any capacity you can do without if you really wanted to be independent. It just doesn't happen, and there is enough proof to show that handouts do nothing but enable people to be leeches.

At one point in history churches picked up this slack, that's why they got tax exemption. Churches do all of fuck-all now.

NHS 'gaslighting' patients over trans women on female-only wards, nurse claims by jet199 in SuperStraight

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No surprise, the problem is yet again with men dressing as women and invading their space. I am convinced that the majority trannys are perverts who want to invade female spaces. There are very few who are actually suffering from a mental disorder.

YouTube bans all anti-vaccine misinformation. | The New York Times by JasonCarswell in censorship

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That's where I do my viewing. Very rarely do I look at anything on youtube.

bitchute is my favorite. It's the last wild west of video platforms, there is some crazy shit there.

Alex Jones keeps losing lawsuits over Sandy Hook by Popper in conspiracy

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When you have control over all the information of SH and refuse to release it, you cannot prove that it was a hoax. They have redacted everything, used legislation to prevent getting anything related to what happened. The whole thing stinks to high hell. They are just giving arbitrary awards to anyone suing Jones as an open wallet, it's fucked up. He has to admit it was a mistake or they sue him over and over again with an automatic award.

You know how you make it all go away? Show the pictures of the dead kids piled up in the closet. Show Adam Lanza's dead body and autopsy. Show his mothers dead body and autopsy. They can't, because they do not exist, and it never happened.