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I've been posting in s/books, s/asksaidit, and s/aww thus far. Will keep an eye out for others I might have something to add to.

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I assume you mean s/writingprompts

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Yes.. Corrected.

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The huge sub numbers on some of these despite no actual participation is weirding me out

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it used to be that new accounts were auto-subbed to everything, that's why some are so high

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Thanks for creating s/WritingPrompts. It looks even better than the reddit version.

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We are going to make a great place here.
I really liked wrtingprompts when it was not well-known on reddit.

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I submitted plenty of stories there before it became [WP] You are part of a society with an absurd system and you fall in love with a girl opposite to you while you can see numbers floating over every person's head and also aliens are attacking.

I'd suggest leaving the subsaidit more open instead of the strict regulations the original had.

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I will try to post once every day in /s/TIL since TIL is one of those things I really appreciate with Reddit. I'll see how long I'll have content for it and how long I'll go on. I can't promise that I will not repost things that have been on Reddit previously; I reckon it is still better than nothing at all. Obviously it will be stuff that I consider interesting, so we'll see if the rest of you will like it.

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TIL I need to check out s/TIL at least once a day.

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You can also browse the most popular sub list:

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I spent so long being afraid of the inevitable downvotes that it is going to take a bit before I start my own threads...and that was in non-political subs. Writing that is an odd revelation for me since I left, in part, for the subs I wasn't subbed to rather than the toxic subs that I was subbed to.

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I suspect that on Reddit, when you make a thread and notice it quickly gets downvoted, whats actually happening is someone else just posted their own thread and downvoted all the other ones on /new in hopes boosting visibility of their own thread. And all the authors of all the other threads on /new did the same thing, leading to every thread initially being heavily downvoted. Probably one of the reasons why Reddit removed seeing how many points below Zero a thread gets.

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I've been doing that with /s/obscuremedia , chill place to post any media just shy of mainstream.

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Well, update two days later.

It looks like s/TIL is on fire and s/asksaidit is pretty good place as well -- it'll always have at least a few political questions and stuff about the Reddit wars, but now it has a few other things going. I'll just check it every day, and if looks like it has a lull, I'll pitch in a question. . . It looks like s/aww has enough for a once a day check, so you've down well to get the log rolling. I feel like this wave of new users has been a success.

Other than that, when my two weeks is up I'll be start setting up some subs.

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Does anyone see or have any interest any useful stock and economics discussions? The only reason I still go to reddit is wallstreetbets. And I hate how blue pilled they’ve become.

Obviously politics and economics are almost inextricably intertwined but I prefer my economic discussions to place the Econ first and leave out too much ideology.

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It's going to take time to build up solid communities so everyone is filtered into the main page for now.

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/s/animemes getting bigger would make me very happy