Lesbian Rights Group banned from New Zealand Pride because the group has no male members – GenderTrending by Susiesmum in DownTheMemoryHole

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TMW an attempt to being inclusive ends actually excluding an entire group.

Those who were banned elsewhere: What were you banned for? Share your censored viewpoint(s) here. by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I got pretty close to being banned while another user was permanently banned for defending that there are only two genders.

It's very frustrating this topic is still up to discussion and even more frustrating that even viewing only two genders is being considered hate. For the record, I can't consider gender a personality. Gender is a biological thing, or at least attached to biological sex. It's related to your chromosomes, to your genitals, to how you interact with the other gender, to your anatomy, to your physical characteristics, and even to your own mentality and experience.

Hence why I believe there can only be two genders: male and female. The chromosomes always differentiate them; the genitals are always different; males can only breed with females and vice-versa; males and females have different anatomies; ales and females are born or grow different physical characteristics. Any other human gender doesn't have any physical evidence of existing.

Agender and bigender aren't third and fourth genders, they're just like either a mix or an absence of the two existent genders. I still find them both nonsensical because all people display and don't display characteristics associated to one or other gender. I don't show any male drive most of the time, I am still male because I was born one and I don't reject it.

Intersex (non-XY, non-XX chromosomes) people are also told to be a third gender. However, I consider intersex to be an anomaly. No one would ever argue people with Down syndrome are a different species than human.

I admit I kinda sympathize with transgender people who really hate the gender they were born as. Gender dysphoria is a thing and life is already unfair for them, so I'd support considering them to be the different gender from their assigned. Still, gender remains attached to all mentioned features and even the genuine transgender people pursue them.

Why I am deeply alarmed by reddit censorship by Jizera in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's bad reddit didn't have any significant competition as a primarily anon website for debate. If other communities like saidit appeared earlier, there would be a more equal distribution of users among these communities and so when reddit go down the path of censorship we could just migrate there. Instead, because of the monopoly, reddit will always come up as the first option for people looking for an anon website.

It's a private company. We can only try to bring as much users to join alternative communities enough for them to compete against reddit even though it will take a long time to happen.

Is this like r/books? by houndoom in books

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I do hope it doesn't become filled with HP (although, some few posts about it is fine). If we could share more books here, that'd really help.

Another ban wave just happened. by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Remember: the majority of the people would be banned in Reddit if they ever genuinely exposed their views there. It's very possible we can reverse the tide and eventually the toxic trans community will realize they're a very small minority.

Another ban wave just happened. by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Fuck! Kinda makes me really want to make this community the best possible for the newcoming victims of the "trans" bullshittery.

"We can no longer allow any content that shows POC as the aggressor." - r/JusticeServed by avena_sativa_3 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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WTF? The man clearly threatened her and even the treats could have been tainted. How come he gets to play the race card?

Bill de Blasio is also an asshole ruining someone's life for popularity points.

"We can no longer allow any content that shows POC as the aggressor." - r/JusticeServed by avena_sativa_3 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Seeing this, I imagine the dystopic future when you can no longer report a POC as the aggressor to the police, even if you're being literally murdered.

What subreddits do you think are going to be banned soon? by cloudrabbit in AskSaidIt

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/anarcho_capitalism goes down for sure. Probably any rightwing economics sub because "capitalism is hate speech"

What SHOULD be taught in schools? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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Emotional intelligence. It's really concerning none of the subjects help the students have better self-esteem and self-control.

Blacklist and Whitelist for Twitter (now for programming-code) by zyxzevn in censorship

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Yes, I knew about the Spanish one because it's the same in Portuguese. I have yet to see someone offended here for being called that word.

Anyone else is an aspiring writer here? by Fictionsaur in Introductions

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I don't know exactly how to categorize what I like writing. I'd say fairly dystopian/apocalyptic, or rather just slice-of-life.

Seekers of non political content, unite by PurpleAmathea in whatever

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I submitted plenty of stories there before it became [WP] You are part of a society with an absurd system and you fall in love with a girl opposite to you while you can see numbers floating over every person's head and also aliens are attacking.

I'd suggest leaving the subsaidit more open instead of the strict regulations the original had.

Seekers of non political content, unite by PurpleAmathea in whatever

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Thanks for creating s/WritingPrompts. It looks even better than the reddit version.

Blacklist and Whitelist for Twitter (now for programming-code) by zyxzevn in censorship

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WTF? Are they going to rename colors now?

Are you afraid of death? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I'm honestly afraid of time. I want to live long enough to accomplish many things, but not long enough to see myself lose my energy and spirit.

The 30 SciFi Stories Everyone Should Read by muad_dib in ScienceFiction

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From these, I have only read Blindness by Saramago. It looks more like a polite apocalyptic fiction, but still pretty good if you have patience for 3+ pages wide paragraphs.

I am very glad I could find free ebookd in Amazon and that includes Frankestein and a large variety of H.G. Wells books. I'll probably start reading Frankestein.

TBH I'd be willing to read anything from the list. Goddamn, all these books look interesting.

Thank you for the list!

So, how'd you pick your screen name? by theFriendlyDoomer in AskSaidIt

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When I entered this site, I knew I couldn't pick my preferred username. I'm part of one heavily pro-trans and pro-SJW website amd if they found me here I'd be permabanned for sure. I also don't plan to abandon reddit yet so I don't want to be found there either.

I came to this website mostly wanting to join communities aimed towards fiction lovers, and that includes: writing fiction books, reading fiction novels and watching fiction movies and series. I'm kinda very fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, so I decided to make my username related to dinosaurs.

I hope we can build a strong fiction community here to the people who were marginalized for thinking different.

Anyone else is an aspiring writer here? by Fictionsaur in Introductions

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I think I'm very lucky the writing communities I joined barely ever talk about politics. I was part of other communities with a section specifically for politics. That section was always the most active, even when the main purpose of the community was vastly different, and theu'd even apply those politics directly on the community. Most of the time I had to stay shut, it seems like the whole section was about roasting Trump and any other republican. However, there were times I couldn't stay shut. One time I said there were only two genders and I almost got banned from the community (ebded receiving only a warning), while someone else who also argued with me ended indefinitely banned. The other time they decided to ban a word directly attached to the community just because some people were uncomfortable, meaning no one could use a certain word that was used frequently in the past 10 years. Whoever argued against it, including me, got harassed by the other community members. Those were not the only times, I know I have been a lot of times harassed for expressing a different viewpoint.

Again, I am glad I didn't have to go through this in a writing community. It must be really demotivating being met with that kind of harassment from people who otherwise share the same principles. I know I have seen writing communities who had a thing against Lovecraft for his history on nazi. I completely don't share his views either, but I understand he's a person from a different time and has different fears, and that's what makes his works great, right? I feel like the SJW writers forget the most important thing about being a writer: being open to many ideas, ways of viewing the world and feeling the world. They want to be as woke as possible but they forget even the people they deem villains are human beings with fears and desires.

I believe that the fact you're here, acknowledging where it went to far, already gives you a better potential to be a writer. I hope you can return to writing and feel more open to express your way of viewing the world. You have your own fears and desires, you can definitely work woth them.

Anyone else is an aspiring writer here? by Fictionsaur in Introductions

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I have recently finished reading Writer's Workshop by Stephen Koch. It was a pretty great read and much more informative than the usual Wattpad guides. The book also gave a list of plenty of great books about crafting fiction:

Poetics - Aristotle

On the Sublime - Longinus

Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott

Becoming a Writer - Dorothea Brande

Aspects of the Novel - Edward Morgan Forster

The Craft of Fiction - Percy Lubbock

Writers on Writing: The Paris Review Interviews

Playwrights at Work

Beat Writers at Work

Women Writers at Work

The Writer's Chapbook

Letters to a Fiction Writer - Frederick Busch

On Becoming a Novelist - John Gardner

The Art of Fiction - John Gardner

On Moral Fiction - John Gardner

Zen in the Art of Writing - Ray Bradbury

How to Write a Novel - John Braine

Narrative Design - Madison Smartt Bell

Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction - Patricia Highsmith

On Writing: A Memoir of Craft - Stephen King

One Writer's Beginnings - Eudora Welty

The Writing of Fiction - Edith Wharton

Inventing the Truth: The Art and Craft of Memoir - William Zinsser

How to Write - Richard Rhodes

The Forest for the Trees: An Editor's Advice to Writers - Betsy Lerne

A Writer's Notebook - Somerset Maugham

If there's a public library near you, you can research for these titles and see if you can find any. Trust me, you won't regret getting invested.

If you're looking for something easier to find and quicker to read, it probably shouldn't hurt to find a Wattpad guide. Although most of the Wattpad guides aren't very informative, they have the superpower of making ideas emerge on your head (just like the above titles do).

EDIT: Sorry, format.

I Came Here Because I Love The Freedom I Have Here. by Mikeakogu in Introductions

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Haha it's so great to be comfortable posting whatever you want. I love how we're here for the same reason.

What are you in the middle of reading right now? by PurpleAmathea in books

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Currently I am reading the collection of Lovecraft stories. Recently finished The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. It was hella confusing at the start, but I sorta picked it up at the end.

I had read Call of Cthulhu but I didn't understand a thing, but I heard from my friend he understood it better when he listened to the audiobook, so that's what I plan to do.