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Obviously when a person says they are the opposite gender they are suffering from a delusion, but slapping "Vampire" on there raises so many more question. Can Vampires be transgender? When you're a sexless walking corpse who only finds pleasure in blood, does the concept of human sexuality hold much meaning beyond a means to an end?

When something is only a fairytale and there's no hard and fast rules for it, it always urks me more when someone claims to be that thing. Like, when you're sitting down to a sandwich and a glass of water, and it's obviously not blood, are you justifying it in your head each time? When you have to catch a bus at 1pm and it's full sunlight, are you just chalking it up to your powers being weakened during the day... And you choosing not to use them at night?

I'd love to get all the people who think they are Vampires to sit down and find the rules about Vampires they share between them and see how much overlap there is given that 90% of the things we attribute to Vampires they simply aren't meeting.

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Sounds like he is an actual vampire, not a trans vampire.

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But is he a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania?

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Actually, the character in that fictional movie committed murder as well. And was executed for his many crimes.

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Who could've possibly seen that happening?...

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If only there was some kind of sign!

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Headline gets wilder the further you read.

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Nope, not a mental illness.