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Version A

A man called A. Swartz said "I've had it"
And rescued the web by making Reddit
But the kikes took control
Turned it into a shithole
While denying the man his due credit.

Version B

There once was a man whose creations
Include web feeds and news aggregation
But the kikes had him murdered
And his site was subverted
Now it's used to spread misinformation.

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There once was a young man named Tim

And no one paid attention to him

So he grew him some tits

Just for giggles and shits

And turned into a Reddit admin

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Saidit is a vampire named Mable

whose periods are eerily stable.

Thus every full moon

she gets out a spoon

and drinks herself under the table.

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There was a mod of a sub Who gave himself a big rub Every time that he banned By the stroke of his hand But he was really just a neck bearded grub

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New here. I don't know the inner workings of this platform, and so all cuteness aside (quite talented rhyming btw)
What is anyone's complaint with the mods here? Annoying sods doesn't give me too much to go off of, cause being a misanthropist... that's most the world to me.

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On Reddit, not here.

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There are few admins and mods remaining, though names of some of the older, missing ones are still listed in some of the subs. In the past some of them were often mad at me for my political views. Those who've remained in the past few months or past year have focused primarily on restricting calls to serious violence and obvious spam, perhaps because they don't have the time or interest to do more than that.

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10-4, check check. What do you think more needs to be done?
And there's quite a bit of obvious spam.
Bone conducting headphones anyone? Fun times.
I deplore the derogatory "race" epithets, but society cannot pretend "free speech" without such buffoonery. They're like the clowns who run around, "pee pee poo poo" "boomer"

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Just need nicer people who want Saidit to develop. Both are lacking.

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All you ever do is whine,
You've been banned so many times,
Go fuck yourself shill,
Choke on your blue pills,
And roll around in some landmines.

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Yeah, the racism posts are pretty low IQ, but if you're able to ignore them, there are a lot of gold nuggets to be mined on this site. The trick is that you have to put the effort in to figure out which stuff rings true.

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They lock perfectly good posts. Make really anal rules about what you can and can't post. Will permaban you at the drop of a hat, insult you, and then mute you. And if you insult them back, they report you and Reddit permabans you! Seriously seriously anal. They're bastards

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So that's all reddit though, right? I mean, saidit is surely better, I'm hoping?

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This place is more wild west like the internet used to be. If you don't threaten violence or post porn, you're pretty much left to do what you like.

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I think most people or most thinking people would choose that over the walled garden/protective bubble alternative.
But sadly, the numbers here don't prove that to be true. Reddit remains hugely popular, whereas Saidit maybe has it's beauty only because it is not popular.
AOL died because it was a walled garden, yet the masses choose facebook/reddit/twittr. Go figure.

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Reddit remains hugely popular, whereas Saidit maybe has it's beauty only because it is not popular.

Agreed. There is a lot of shit here, but the signal to noise ratio is much better for my purposes than Reddit.

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That's really rather encouraging. I've seen some troubled laments by this JasonCarlisle or Carson and he's pretty bummed that this site isn't a great success.
But if you've made it home, and others, maybe there's something here worth preserving.

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Yeah, Jason seems to be a good guy. He has a lot more revolutionary fire in his belly than I do, so I understand his frustration that Saidit's potential isn't living up to his vision. I see this place as somewhere to learn, share, and discuss with others, especially those I don't agree with. I doubt we will change each others' minds, but the act of engaging with your opponents rather than shutting them down is a personal win in my mind.

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I guess. I take a while to warm to people.
What have you noticed that he is "revolutionary" about?

And for yourself, if you don't mind my asking, what sort of things are your passions that you might clash with the "normies of reddit" over (not that they are normies, just mormal for over there) ?

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Jason is very much into organizing alternative communities to oppose the mainstream narrative in his physical location. That seems to extend to his online goals as well.

I just don't like that I could easily get banned from Reddit for saying the wrong thing. It's already happened on one or two subs, and I have no appetite for being told how to behave.

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Yeah none of that on Saidit at all. Only problem here is the rampant racism 😂

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recheck the number of syllables.

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There was a young man from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan.
And when they asked why,
He said "I do try!
But when I get to the last line I try to fit in as many words as I can."