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And? Now post the main composition of positions, and of high power and its relationship with Zionism. How many of these Catholics are part of CUFI (Christians United for Israel), and which of these are funded by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)?, btw, you even know what is AIPAC? Cmon dude, there's no point in spewing arguments using philanthropists' websites to denigrate Catholicism, you don't know 1% of what the Catholic religion is, much less do you know its history. Once again you are confusing religion with ethnicity, they are different things. And to complete, i leave here a quote from a famous Jew from the 70s/80s, Harold Wallace Rosenthal: "Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since he has been our man", and even Netanyahu admitting that "America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in our way"

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lol explain the anti-Zionist policies of the government and its funding of anti-Semitic extremists. Total cope.

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What anti-Zionist policies or anti-Semitic extremists? either you are a Jew or an atheist zionist, if you continue consuming websites that are funded by Judea, you won't learn anything.

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Interesting number: 33 Jews. That was the age of Jesus when the Jews demanded: Crucify him! He was 33 when he was nailed to the cross.... and he was a Jew. He is also the Christ. The Jews crucified their Messiah.

I like how the statistics separate the Catholics from the Christians.

469 Christians

148 Catholics

33 Jews

This astrophysicist helps explain what it means to be Catholic.

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lol, what do you mean by that? Didn't you know that Hamas was financed by Israel? Soros's relationship with Israel is pure controlled opposition, similar to the UN. Obama anti-zionist? really? Wait, are you trying to victimize Israelis by linking them to vaccines? Do you even know that the owners of most vaccine companies are Jews?

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Soros family boosts Israel critic Pramila Jayapal with max donations to reelection campaign. (WE, July, 2023)

This is nothing new, Soros has always been critical of Israel. Thats why political attacks were sanctioned against him, despite Soros being Jewish. Soros was a favorite target for Alt-Lite figures like Alex Jones.

Obama's anti-Zionist records. (National Post, 2013)

The Obama administration was not as pro-Zionist as the Trump or Biden administrations, but its kindof a stretch to call him an anti-Zionist. The biggest blow that Obama dealt to Israel was his refusal to authorise a U.S. invasion of Syria, despite his 'red line' speech about chemical weapons. His refusal to invade resulted in very heavy criticism from Zionist media.

Evidence of the Israelis being targetted as part of the genocide plan involving the vaccines under the Mossad.

This is true, surprisingly enough. Israeli Jews died from adverse reactions to the vaccine at roughly the same rate as everyone else. They were not sparred from the mass vaccination campaign.

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There's even evidence of the sterilization effect against them...

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And not a single one belongs to the 30% of Americans who are religiously unaffiliated. Not a single Pagan either.

But tell me again how muh atheists are the problem.

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Funding those groups just gives them a reason to continue funding Israel. Which seems to be in line with the foreknowledge of the recent Hamas attack that was allowed to happen.

Now if they cut off both sides, then you would hear about how wrong it is.

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33 Jews out of 534 gives 6.18%. That's over 2.5 times their percentage of the population.