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I always thought the Holocaust was real. The thing is, I don't care. I still think the Nazis should have won.

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What do you want me to say?

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The Holocaust refers to the systematic extermination of European Jewry by the Germans and their collaborators during the Second World War. This policy was carried out by mass shooting, gassing, enslavement (and overwork), and deliberate deprivation. At least five million Jews died as a result.

Right off the bat Mr. Cockerill has framed the entire debate to his advantage.

The Holocaust refers to the systematic extermination of European Jewry by the Germans

Hitler openly said he wanted Jews out of Europe. Nobody denies that. No Jews in Europe would mean Jews would be 'exterminated' from Europe. Even though the language is inflammatory and hearkens images of killing insects it's still somewhat accurate to say Hitler wanted to exterminate a class of people. The reality though is that ethnic group was acting as a criminal class and Mr. Cockerill fails to address that in his opening thesis. You know who else said that they wanted to get Jews out Europe? Zionist Jews working on forming the state of Israel. Signed in 1933, we know through the Haavara agreement that the National Socialist German Workers party worked with the Jewish authorities in Palestine to facilitate emigration there. By Cockerill's framing this is 'proof' of the holocaust. History shows that the NSDAP 'collaborated' with Jews to get Jews out of Europe so by agreed upon history Cockerill is saying the Jews are part of the 'holocaust' of Jews?

This policy was carried out by mass shooting, gassing, enslavement (and overwork), and deliberate deprivation. At least five million Jews died as a result.

This part of his statement is the most manipulative. The modern holocaust claim is not that Germans shot, gassed and enslaved Jews. The modern Holocaust claim is really a story. That story goes that EVIL Hitler 1. had no reason to do this but blind racial hatred! and 2. did it systematically, cruelly, and industrially (modern claims are over 21 million jew deaths!) like some type of evil psychopath. This narrative is what modern 'denialism' is trying to correct. The modern holocaust myth is part of a coordinated racial attack to make whites, who are prone to moral thinking, deeply ashamed. This shame building done by jewish marketing, media and government schools creates a layer of protection from modern Jewish fleecing of economies of majority white nations. This fleecing was the same thing the Jews were doing to Germans before militant parties arose and attempted to expose and expel the criminal jews for their criminal acts. Getting angry and getting even with criminals is not a "holocaust" by any means.

I haven't finished reading the entire article but right away Mr. Cockerill does not seem to be in good faith. I can guess what's in the rest of the article though.

Did Hitler gas Jews? Yes?

(Most likely; there's proof of several facilities where Germans experimented on using carbon monoxide to kill the infirm.) There could have been hundreds, maybe thousands of people that died this way but it was not a method that was used to get Jews out of Europe. We really don't even know if any of those infirm were Jewish. It was simply part of the German philosophy that the weak should be shamed and pressured to improve or die/leave society. There's no evidence that the NSDAP considered doing this on millions of people or on Jews. The experiments were abandoned (but seized upon by Jewish narrative builders post war). The only people to use 'gas' on their political enemies were Jews themselves when Russia was slipping into civil war. 10's of thousands of political enemies of Jewish Bolsheviks were killed by gas vans. This is probably where modern Jewish fake historians and story tellers built the German 'gassing' myth from.

Did Hitler shoot Jews? Yes.

Obviously. A war was going on and jews were caught in the fighting. There were incidents where German commanders sometimes killed groups of Jews but this was not a general German war machine policy. In fact the German army was quite disciplined. Many reports shows the Wehrmacht raped and killed far far less than other armies. (All armies rape and kill civilians in war; it's a shame but it's a part of war).

Did Hitler enslave Jews? Not really.

By German and American standards no. They were simply creating political sanctuary so Jews wouldn't be killed in a war zone. The US government did the same thing in California and Arizona with the Japanese. By Jewish standards (a cultural standard that avoided labor at all cost) then yes Jews were 'enslaved' but this is not the agreed upon standard of what imprisonment or enslavement means. As always Jews are playing with words here to build self shame within whites and to inspire non whites to hate us.

At least five million Jews died as a result.

LMAO. With these words Mr. Cockerill is now a denialist himself because the Jewish narrative is 6 million or more and anyone that departs from that is a denialist.

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SS: I know this is a key question and nuanced, so I'm interested. However, nothing Germany did to Jews 80 years ago is going to affect my opinion on Whites having an absolute right to defend our homelands. Whites being bludgeoned with "the" holocaust guilt is a crime.

Of course the comments section is a riot.

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At least Matt Cockerill's arguing in better faith than leftists that would drop everything the moment it's questioned. The article's brought some wealthy discussion about.