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First of this comes as a shock because I was never under the impression the non whites and their associated races could ever come up with any breakthrough innovations, yeah the Japanese can iteratively improve technologies our race has already invented, but a groundbreaking new invention made by races like indians is surprising.

Don't do this dude. Even Hitler knew how to separate race from hatred.

Different races have different IQ levels. It makes perfect sense that a country like India which has a billion people, there will be those in the top 1% who are still smart.

Is anyone else concerned that the non white races have learned to not only innovate, but also invent technology that is capable of matching even talented white people at cognition? How will they use it against us in the future?

The problem is not non-whites innovating, it's Western countries handicapping themselves by electing ignorant people who try to regulate it.

Compare this to other places like Japan where they are happy to embrace new technology.

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What difference does it make? Would you prefer if the technology used to genocide your race was created by buttgoy white engineers instead of an assortment of buttgoy engineers who aren't white?

If white men were the only ones creating AI technology it wouldn't magically liberate white people from jews, it's literally completely irrelevant.

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The irony is A.I is more likely to liberate us from the current world order.

Automating all labor would ensure that illegal immigrants can't steal jobs anymore. Robots would work faster and are cheaper than they are.

Western society has been taught to hate science and technology so politicians are doing their hardest to stall progress. Because even they know time is running out before A.I can replace the government as well.

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Just because a, ‘shortage of jobs’ is the current excuse to ship in hordes of non-Whites, doesn’t mean they won’t stop when all jobs are automated. They will simply move onto the next excuse and continue the process.

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Agreed. "Shortage of workers for 'tough' jobs" is just the latest fake reasoning for whites to share their spaces. In the past it was 'they help us get resources from other lands' or 'look at all this land we aren't using!' or 'the poetic melting pot makes us unique' or 'they're Catholics/protestants just like us!'. When I was young I heard the argument that since we have so much 'abundance' then it's our duty to share it. (LOL they don't use that anymore because it's hilarious to say we have abundance when half of the country can't survive a financial strain over a 1000 dollars.)

When robots are doing all the shit jobs and there's very little space there will be a new excuse brewed up. They are already starting to use the new narrative. It goes something like, 'non white people are having the babies that we don't want to have!' or 'non whites are have more morality, more vitality and fertility! They inject our genes with strength! We don't want our society to die so these black and brown people are really just extensions of us!'. It's bullshit of course but it's baked into the cake of every tv show, movie, public school lesson, and government policy. It's oppressive, it's genocide, and it's everywhere.

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I 100% agree with where you're coming from. However, you still need to look at the bigger picture and understand all these arguments come from a pre-automated world.

A lot of immigration today is because black and brown countries are ran by incompetent people. If these nations are ran by A.I then even the retards would be out of a job. And these people could start feeding themselves since scarcity no longer exists.

There would also be other major upgrades to their society as well, such as automated healthcare, schools, police systems etc.

Immigration would only be about which geography you like best rather than "other country has more food and safety".

And in regards to "not having enough babies" that too would be seen as archaic after automation. We'll have robots that can take care of the elderly and everyone will have UBI making pensions redundant.

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The difference is they would no longer have the profits to justify it.

1 robot doing the job of a thousand Pedros or Tyrones would collapse the immigrant market overnight.

It would boil down to the government to go against the grain. But as I mentioned, A.I will come for them eventually.

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I looked up Aidan Gomez to see what other work he's done. This paper came up, and even though he's not one of the authors (I guess it appeared cause it cites Attention is all you need) it perfectly illustrates what you're talking about, just look at the names of the authors:

“Subverting the Jewtocracy”: Online Antisemitism Detection Using Multimodal Deep Learning

And yeah, I am also very concerned with non-whites catching up to the West technologically and even beginning to surpass us. It makes me especially angry knowing that a lot of these people also got their education from Western universities, and so benefit from the academic and technological legacy of the West to make their own people stronger, with our governments doing nothing to stop it. It gets even worse when you look at zoomer social media, and see how much Arabs, Indians, Africans and other English-speaking non-whites are beginning to displace whites as the main online crowd. TikTok is filled with quick and easy algorithm-exploiting semi-automated clickbait and engagement bait channels for a quick buck run mainly by non-whites.

But so long as we are ruled by hostile elites who hate us and our civilization, deliberately sabotage our societies, and who are aided by their brainwashed bugmen collaborators, not much we can do. I can only hope that when NASA goes to the Moon again and then Mars, and the private space industry really takes off, it will lead to a renaissance of Western industry and technology.

Btw there are a lot of Chinese people in my university, and I think it's insane that our governments allow them to study here.

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When you pay darkies pennies on the dollar they tend to want to kill you.

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I imagine the main reasons are:

1) The US and probably Europe as well prioritize educating non-Whites as a matter of policy. Because as Ron Unz says, college admissions are ethnic warfare. Jews want to disenfranchise Whites so they cook up all kinds of admissions BS to admit as many non-Whites as possible.

2) There's a LOT of Asians (Indians and Chinese).

The US got fucked hard by admitting all these foreign students and workers, who promptly sent everything they learned back to their home countries. The US and Europe completely owned tech by the 1960's. Now we can't make an airplane without Chinese chips and Indians software engineers. We could obviously reverse this overnight if more Whites would wake the fuck up.

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AI as it currently stands has to purposely be fed false information to stop it from simply stating the obvious on things. So if it has to be fed false info on a reality that does not exist I'm not concerned with it being dangerous