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Being anti-China is not politically incorrect. It is mainstream and accepted among both leftists and right-wingers.

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Correction, being anti-Chinese GOVERNMENT is mainstream. Being anti-Chinese as a people will still get you called racist & likely cancelled, possibly arrested. At least In my country.

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Because as long as niggers in White countries act like niggers and the jews handwave that in favor of making whites feel guilty, any race or ethnic group that looks remotely "reasonable" (supposedly) will be ignored, or worse, desired.

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What do Chinese spies have to do with diversity?

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They want our universities to be diverse, yet they also know that it invites national security risks

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National security risks have nothing to do with diversity. Historically, the majority of spies have been white. Most Chinese people are not spies. That is a racist stereotype. Diversity is our greatest strength. If we want to prevent Chinese spies, we should do a better job of screening ALL students, including the white ones. The enrichment that Chinese people bring to our nation outweighs the cost of potential security risks. We can't punish Chinese people because of their government. In fact, we can spite the chinese government by taking in more Chinese students.

This is how they think

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You're right. The mental gymnastics are insane.