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Secular Jews consume their own poison, and most of them they are mentally deranged. Orthodox religious Jews are different, but they are also mentally deranged in their own way.

Israel is a very secular country where Jewishness is basically just an ethnic identity and justification for the nation-state. Tel Aviv has one of the largest concentrations of faggots in the world (and consequently, of HIV rates).

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^ high on own supply + Israel immunized somewhat by ethnoreligous influences

Doesnt prevent them from being the gayest country on earth or being a "haven for pedophiles"

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How would Israel not banning pornography somehow debunk that Jews control pornography? So you're claiming that if Israel did ban pornography that this would prove that Jews control pornography, and the fact they don't debunks this notion? Explain your logic. I don't even have a strong opinion on the Jews control pornography claim, but Israel banning or not banning porn has no bearing on it.

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I agree with both oligarchracy and Islamofascist. It has no bearing on the central claim. That being said there are more restrictions on porn in Israel than the US. I believe they require a note from head of household to the ISP to open certain domains.