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It's obvious bullshit. Turks in Germany have cost the German state more than they've ever contributed. This is true for Middle Eastern and African migrants -- and their offspring -- in every single European country.

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I'd argue Japan already suffers from social trust issues, which is why their birth rate is so low

Literally what? Low birth rates is more due to economic reasons and values. Not social trust

Ambiguous at best. If Japan's entire national identity is based on remaining over 98% "pure" and being racist towards immigrants, then they're doomed anyway. Just from a genetic standpoint, you can only interbreed for so long...

So having a homogenous population is "inbreeding" now? Japan has had roughly the same pool of population for thousands of years now and it's worked just fine, why would it doom them?

Ignorant of immigration practices- education requirements are often checked by the respective immigration system for approval, based on what is deemed a requirement

Okay this is just extremely naïve all you have to do is look at the education levels of immigrants in Britain to see that's not true

I'm pretty sure there are varying sets of morals in any country, including Japan, but for sake of argument we can agree that there are some shared social "morals" (norms). Sometimes different "morals" need to be introduced for a society to progress. Using Japan, American and Western "morals" were introduced during the post-WWII rebuilding. Japan had been a militaristic tyrant, based on feudal codes, with a focus on conquest. Introducing new "morals" caused Japan to evolve and adapt to a focus on work, advancing existing technology and engaging economically globally. Most would say Japan progressed following the influence of foreigners. Now they are clearly at a point where they are stagnating, both from an economic/ innovation standpoint and socially as seen in the declining birth rate. Introducing new members to their society, may progress their antiquated views on immigrants, women and work culture.

Neoliberal imperialism at work here. "Japan isn't exactly like the US or other nations? We must force them to be like us"

Essentially fuck redditors

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Man, whatever leftist/shitlib wrote this must really hate Japan and Japanese people. These are the same type of arguments they use for Western countries out of anti-white hatred. "We must forcibly bring in millions of immigrants from all over the world into your country, as a punishment for past atrocities committed by your evil ancestors, and to suppress and erase your problematic culture."

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OP is salos. Stop feeding the troll.

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So having a homogenous population is "inbreeding" now?

They always mention an inbreeding depression but never an outbreeding depression.

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Go away.