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Ignoring the obvious solutions I can't post here, Arctic Circle countries would simply have to lock down their borders and let the third world melt alive as their lands become more fertile.

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Indeed. If it's all that they drum it up to be, it seems that humans will just have to accept, short of some major technological breakthrough, that much of the world will become unlivable. (And that a heap of wars will probably be fought by people from unlivable areas trying to take areas that remain livable: watch as China desperately seizes Siberia from Russia.)

I don't know about India, but neighbouring Bangladesh is one part of the world that is already believed to be suffering from the alleged effects of climate change. If these effects worsen, watch as a deluge of Bangladeshi climate refugees flood into Burma, China, and India. Another place is the densely populated island of Java, where intense flooding in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, is often blamed on climate change. Who knows where Indonesian climate refugees will go.

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India has already been undergoing desertification slowly so by the time climate change has significantly changed the earth it'll probably be something like the sahara. The tfr has rapidly fallen though so climate refugees may be smaller in number compared to africa or latam. The major issue is stopping that flow really.

watch as China desperately seizes Siberia from Russia.

China's West and Northeast will be livable enough, if they retook Mongolia then they'd be set for a long time without need for Russian territory. They will probably try to take control of at least some of it if/when the current Russian regime collapses

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Is globalism required to solve it?

That's almost funny, since it's exactly how cosmopolitan humanist types would frame it: 'Give us the global government that we want, yes, give up your cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and so forth, and become consumerist, individualized humanists like us, and then we will "solve" this problem that we are constantly fearmongering about'.

No realistic 'solution' outside of something like carbon capture technology becoming vastly more effective. There are only hypothetical ones that will never actually happen, such as the first-world forcibly preventing the third-world from 'developing' or everyone simply accepting a big hit to their living standards. The Left would become the biggest climate change deniers almost overnight if any of those solutions were seriously entering policy agendas. 'The climate situation is not so bad that it justifies racial discrimination!' It is not the case that for every problem there are one or more solutions that are conveniently there just waiting to be implemented: that would be to make the metaphysical claim that the cosmos is structured in such a way that there can be no such things as insoluble problems, rather like how we already believe that there are no such things as causeless effects.

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Carbon tax might work for rich people and corporations

Oh, it most certainly does. They make lots of money off of things like the Chicago climate exchange, a scam organised by Al Gore and Maurice Strong.

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wtf you can trade carbon credits

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Your source says

Global warming is a conspiracy to stifle capitalism and redistribute wealth.

This is a good thing.

Also, it doesn't say anything about carbon tax.

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If we were to presuppose that the cllimate is warming, and that it is directly attributable to human activity (two things which are not at all clear), then there are far better options at hand than the fake solutions proposed by Globalists. Believe it or not, the Earth itself has its own natural feedback cycles that keep its climate stable. These feedback cycles are why the Earths biosphere has survived for billions of years.

Project Vesta is one possible option. It would accelerate the carbonate-silicate cycle, and remove excess C02 from the atmosphere. This can be done simply by dumping large quanitys of volcanic rocks into the ocean. Methods like this are cheap and easy solutions to a climate change, and require no changes to peoples lifestyles. This is why they are completely shunned by the Globalists.

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There is no solution.

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I think there is. The world teamed up to save the ozone layer. Surely something similar can be done for reducing pollution.

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That's nowhere near the same thing.

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Population control. As in Africans no longer are allowed to have 10 kids a family

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as in Africans only exist in scary stories in two centuries