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Reality check:

There is no extreme heat in Spain. The air temperatures are kind of normal for that time of year.
What is reported are the ground temperatures, which are more influenced by nearby roads and roofs.
Some measurements are actually on top of hot roofs.

The ocean surface temperatures are similar. Now the Sahara sand is blown onto the sea, the surface temperature is slightly higher. While a few meter below it is normal.
We also had several big solar flares that are responsible for temporary heating,
but due to the FAKE science, it is hard to see what influence it had.

Additionally we have idiots at ESA who do not understand how satellite-images correspond with reality.

This is all done for the GREAT RESET, where YOU OWN NOTHING.
The weather agencies started to use more frightening colors
and started to use ground temperatures.

At /s/ClimateSkeptics you can see the full overview of frauds that were done by the technocratic WEF The EU is fully supporting the WEF, because most are directly working for them.
They are probably in it for the "free money" that the banks are printing.

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    WEF retard

    (mirrored reply to demonstrate that it is not a valid argument)

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    Exxon actually knows climate change is real. They've known since the 1970s.

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    You can literally look up the temperatures yourself and see this.

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    Alex, is that you?

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    Technocrat WEF puppet? Is that you?

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    It is sad that so many of the alt-light parties are die hard anti environmentalists. It is questionable what they can preserve while using imported fuel to destroy their environment. The populist impulse isn't really ideological. Their plattform is they don't like taxes because they are expensive. They don't like arabs because they create trouble, they want cheap fuel because they want a low price at the pump. There is no motivation beyond the short sighted individual need of the boomer voting for them.

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    Dumping coal in the river to own the libs. Populism really is just nothing more than appealing to the lowest common denominator. It's a road to nowhere.

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    It is sad that so many of the alt-light parties are die hard anti environmentalists

    At what point did you decide that climate skeptics are anti-environmentalists? You think that because someone rejects climate alarmism that they must therefore hate the environment? You were making the same kindof stupid arguments about the vaccines, back when that was still a hot topic.

    It is questionable what they can preserve while using imported fuel to destroy their environment.

    There is no need for imported fossil fuels, at least not in North America. Canada and the United States both have massive deposits of fossil fuels, more than enough to last them for the rest of this century. The fact that Canada and the U.S. rely on imported Middle Eastern oil is due to the political whimsy of the Jewish Elites. They don't want the U.S. to be energy independent because then there would be less incentive to get entangled in the Middle East, and less incentive to intervene on behalf of the failed state that is Israel.

    they want cheap fuel because they want a low price at the pump

    The low price of oil is an illusion. The U.S. spent trillions of dollars to prosecute the 'War on Terror', which was largely motivated by a desire to maintain the Petrodollar system.

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    US conventional oil production peaked in the 1970s.

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    Poor example of rationalization, i.e. 'Vox did poorly but they would have done better if they followed my public policy preferences'. Typical 'silent majority' theory.

    It seems remarkably clear that people for whom climate change and abortion 'rights' are deal-breakers aren't prospective 'Far-Right' voters. I doubt that anyone out there really thinks: 'I'm Far-Right on everything except on abortion "rights" which are so important to me that they outweigh all of my other preferences combined such that I'll now have to vote for some other party with which I disagree with on practically everything else.'

    Likewise, imagine someone reasoning: 'I'm Far-Right on everything, but climate change is so important to me that it outweighs everything else, so now I'm going to vote for [insert other party].'

    Let's face the obvious fact here: Spain is just another of many (possibly all given time) countries lost to degeneracy. Spain is particularly egregious on feminism. Now, degenerates aren't going to vote for remoralization of any kind because they stand to lose from it, hence the constant fearmongering about the 'Far-Right' (codeword for 'revitalization' or 'those who might force us to be better people') coming from the Western media in this election. They do, however, benefit from further degeneration all round, since the more that all types of degeneracy are entrenched, the less likely that remoralization will ever target the types of degeneracy that they personally engage in. (Hence, for instance, the Left openly pushes for child trannies because this obviously helps to safeguard battles that they've already won on like homosexuality: those who otherwise might attack homosexuality are fully preoccupied with investing energy into child trannies, who are serving as a sort of 'shield' absorbing the impact from attacks that would otherwise be directed at less extreme degenerates.)

    As for the actual results, people went back to the two-party duopoly. The main factor is that the almost defunct 'centrist' (but also centralist/anti-secessionist) Cs party's voters overwhelmingly went to PP because it is the closest to the Cs, with some going in the other direction to PSOE. One factor might be the departure of Cs leader Albert Rivera from politics, with Cs being a personalist, poorly institutionalized party going through the usual troubles that such groups go through when their leaders are gone.

    Likewise, regional parties lost voters to the two-party duopoly. Those voters overwhelmingly would have gone back to PSOE, probably because of fears that the election would be too close for third-party voting to be a good idea. This is especially so because PSOE is also centralist/anti-secessionist, meaning that regional party voters can't trust that their third-party vote would lead to the PSOE+regional parties coalition that they otherwise desire, and thus settle with the hope of a PSOE majority government.

    This would also explain the losses in Sumar's (Podemos plus some other loony-Left parties) voter share which, again, would also explain the rise in PSOE's voter share, except that it's scared Far-Left voters rather than scared regional Leftist voters who are fearing that a PSOE-dominated coalition is unlikely and therefore have settled with the hope of a PSOE majority.

    Vox voters would have undergone the same reasoning but from the opposite direction. Seeing that Feijoo is dragging the PP to the Left, making the possibility of a PP-Vox coalition less and less likely, and yet preferring a PP majority over a PSOE majority, they have simply settled on the idea of giving PP a majority so as to avoid the problems that might come out of cobbling together a PP-run coalition. This was probably exacerbated by the fact that Feijoo keeps ruling out the possibility of a coalition with Vox, naturally driving into Vox voters the fear that if the PP doesn't get a majority it will mean a PSOE-dominated government.

    In short, elections expected to be close lead people to re-embrace two-party duopolies. The end results are completely disastrous and unavoidably so. The regional parties won't support Feijoo and want a wildly disproportionate level of influence in return for supporting Sanchez. More than what he can give them. My final guess: Sanchez's position is weakened but he stays on as Prime Minister in charge of a highly chaotic minority government over which regional/secessionist parties have great influence. To reach 50%, Sanchez would need all of the following on side: Sumar, ERC, Junts, EH Bildu, and EAJ. That's practically impossible, since Sanchez continues to rule out the possibility of serious referendums on independence, and, if he allowed them, they would win. PSOE would go down in history as the party that destroyed Spain, and they are too centralist to accept that. But Junts is particularly insistent that it will not support anyone without a referendum. Meanwhile, Feijoo/PP have no path to 50% whatsoever. A new election also won't solve the problem unless more regional voters switch their vote to the two-party duopoly.

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    Likewise, imagine someone reasoning: 'I'm Far-Right on everything, but climate change is so important to me that it outweighs everything else, so now I'm going to vote for [insert other party].'

    No, they didn't vote.

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      the right won big in spain actually

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      The numbers changed?

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      vox is a minor party in spain this would be like dunking on liberals because the green party doesn't win majorities in the senate.

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      The conservatives in Spain are as useless as the GOP or the Tories.

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      true that's a whole other issue

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      Vox did alright but I have no real faith they would be anti-immigration.

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      I was also thinking that.

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      As was I. Given the recent path Meloni PM of Italy seems to have taken, I am finding it hard to trust anyone lately 😁